psalm 72

give your love of justice to the king O God and righteousness to the king’s son

help him judge your people in the right way , let the poor always be treated fairly

may the mountains yield prosperity for all and may the hills be fruitful

help him to defend the poor , to rescue the children of the needy and to crush their oppressors

may they fear you as long as the sun shines , as long as the moon remains in the sky, yes forever

may the king’s rule be refreshing like spring rain on freshly cut grass, like the showers that water the earth

may all the godly flourish during his reign

may there be abundant prosperity until the moon is no more

may he reign from sea to sea and from the Euphrates river to the ends of the earth

desert nomads will bow before him , his enemies will fall before him in the dust

the western kings of tarshish and other distant lands will bring him tribute

the eastern kings of sheba and seba will bring him gifts

all kings will bow before him and all nations will serve him

he will rescue the poor when they cry to him , he will help the oppressed who have no one to defend them

he feels pity for the weak and the needy and he will rescue them

he will redeem them from oppression and violence for their lives are precious to him

long live the king , may the gold of sheba be given to him

may the people always pray for him and bless him all day long

may there be abundant grain throughout the land flourishing even on the hilltops

may the fruit trees flourish like the trees of Lebanon and may the people thrive like grass in a field

may the king’s name endure forever , may it continue as long as the sun shines

may all nations be blessed through him and bring him praise

praise the Lord God, the God of Israel who alone does such wonderful things

praise His glorious name forever

let the whole earth be filled with HIs glory

amen and amen

( this ends the prayers of david son of jesse)

selah 🙂

no king can be just or express righteousness without God’s help.

no good king can ever claim that title unless he treats the rich and poor with equal amounts of fairness.

the hills and mountains are only fruitful and prosperous because God brings forth fertile produce out of them.

those who oppress the poor must themselves be suppressed of their ability to cause harm to others.

this psalm is by Solomon.

he’s so good at writing metaphors he makes me jealous.

we should never cease to fear the Lord.

we should always have honour and reverence for Him and respect Him both for His ability to make the world and His self control and love to resist sin whenever it attempted to ensnare Him cos He knew the purpose of His life was to save us from the evil lurking around us.

if a king’s subjects are refreshed by his reign that means they must appreciate him being in charge cos he is a generous person who is nice to know, who is everybodys friend who is gracious in defeat and humble in victory, who is loving to his enemies as well as those who lick his feet who is faithful to his wife and always willing to spend time with his subjects even when he is being rushed off his feet with busyness.

those who have Jesus living in their hearts are the only ones in the world who are truly prosperous, to claim to possess peace and joy without HIs presence is purely preposterous .

every king wants to be in possession of a vast amount of land, riches and subjects willing to be dominated.

any king who doesn’t want to own land should probably abdicate cos governing people in a godly way is part of the job.

nobody tried to attack Solomon while he was king, probably cos he married all the daughters of the queens in the lands surrounding him to ensure he had established treaties and alliances with those nations to protect himself from attack.

this was a smart move. worshipping the idols of these foreign ruler’s daughters however was a costly mistake that put his soul in bondage to the enemy of all mankind.

in verse 10 we see direct reference to the queen of sheba paying Solomon a visit.

she is thought to be the dark and lovely brown skinned woman who captured his heart in the book of song of Solomon or song of songs. ❤ one of the greatest love stories ever written apart from Jesus’s death on the cross ❤

Solomon sounds arrogant when he says that all kings will bow to him unless you think that he may be making an allusion or a prophetic utterance about Jesus who is king of kings and Lord of Lords who will cause every knee to bow in worship before HIs throne.

God is our defender even when no one else lifts a finger to come to our aid.

He rescues us from our spiritual and physical weakness. He helps us out in our times of sickness making us well and healthy again. He helps us recover after we give into temptation and want to avoid HIm like the plague cos we are feeling guilty because of our sins…. or else we suppress our guilt and just revel in our wickedness and in both cases don’t want to have anything to do with HIm even though He wants to have everything to do with us and never turns HIs back on us.

God frees us from oppression and violence by either allowing us to die or removing us from the situation that causes us pain and suffering or He gives us the strength to deal with whatever life throws at us. He puts His words in our mouth to help us to fight another day. He helps us to refrain from speaking if need be and helps us to vocalize our inner torment and helps us to speak loud to counteract the lies of the enemy that bind people to remaining slaves of truth’s opposite which is never its reflection in reverse.

the wisest thing Solomon ever said was not what he wrote in ecclesiastics about nothing being new under the sun, though that runs a close second but here when he tells us that just like every single one of us he is in need of prayer for guidance and direction in life.

this is the way we can all help each other. we don’t need money to meet our needs. we just need Jesus.

food and water is not an essential but a want. Jesus is our only true need in the universe. physical nourishment is only a need if we remain breathing without being intimately connected with the king and saviour of the universe.

Solomon was the most financially prosperous king in all of Israel’s history.

he flourished because of his dad’s obedience to God earning him favour by virtue of his family connections.

it also helped that although he worshipped idols he built a temple of worship to Jesus to honour his father’s wishes as his dad was a man of war so God constrained him when he wished to build HIm a house to honour HIs holiness and show gratitude for His continual deliverance from evil, even though He allowed his first child by Bathsheba to die and permitted war to go on during his reign, He gave him many other children and helped him gain victory far more often than he suffered defeat.

even today people know the name Solomon because of the Solomon islands.

in the time of Solomon the people were so prosperous that silver was considered nothing cos there was so much gold in the land.

Solomon was humble enough and correct enough in his thinking to acknowledge that everything he had gained came only because Yahweh the one true God had permitted it.

in this acknowledgment of the roots of his wealth he made both his heavenly and earthly daddies proud.

God gave Solomon a divine revelation when he showed him that the whole earth is filled with His glory.

in fact all creation sings in its own way of the beauty and amazingly ingenious ability of our incredible creator whose beauty defies all ability of the human imagination to grasp and whose kindness is far greater than even the most compassionate human on earth. WIN_20171202_13_47_40_Pro


psalm 71

O Lord I have come to you for protection don’t let me be disgraced

save me and rescue me for you do what is right

turn your ear to listen to me and set me free

be my rock of safety where I can always hide

give the order to save me for you are my rock and my fortress

my GOD rescue me from the power of the wicked

from the clutches of cruel oppressors

O Lord you alone are my hope

I;ve trusted you O Lord from childhood

yes you have been with me from birth , from my mother’s womb you have cared for me

no wonder I am always praising you

my life is an example to many , because you have been my strength and protection

that is why I can never stop praising you , I declare your glory all day long

and now in my old age don’t set me aside

don’t abandon me when my strength is failing

for my enemies are whispering against me, they are plotting together to kill me

they say ” God has abandoned him, let’s go and get him for no one will help him now”

O God don’t stay away, my God please hurry to help me

bring disgrace and destruction on my accusers

humiliate and shame those who want to harm me

but I will keep on hoping for your help , I will praise you more and more

I will tell everyone about your righteousness, all day long I will proclaim your saving power, though I am not skilled with words

I will praise your mighty deeds O sovereign Lord

I will tell everyone that you alone are just

O God you have taught me from my earliest childhood

and I constantly tell others about the wonderful things you do

now that I am old and grey do not abandon me O God

let me proclaim your power to this new generation, your mighty miracles to all who come after me

your righteousness O God reaches to the highest heavens

you have done such wonderful things, who can compare with you O God?

you have allowed me to suffer much hardship , but you will restore me to life again

and lift me up from the depths of the earth

you will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again

then I will praise you with music on the harp , because you are faithful to your promises O my God

I will sing praises to you with a lyre, O holy one of israel

I will shout for joy and sing your praises

for you have ransomed me

I will tell about your righteous deeds all day long

for everyone who tried to hurt me has been shamed and humiliated

selah 🙂

God sometimes allows us to be disgraced to teach us to be humble.

there is nobody currently breathing who God isn’t capable of rescuing from hell.

God is always listening to us.

we are the ones who sometimes stick our fingers in our ears and ignore HIm to our own detriment.

when horror and putrid things surround us we can always focus our thoughts on God and escape mentally into a comforting bubble of His love.

God will always rescue us from our enemies, if not by spiriting us away to glory land He will do it by influencing their thinking patterns and either turn them into friends or people who are completely indifferent to us so they don’t care whether we live or die.

we can always trust God and make HIm our hope.

sadly there are plenty of people who let the seed of faith that was planted in their hearts in the days of their childhood become stunted by doubt, lust and false teaching.

God was looking after us even when we were inside our momma’s womb.

I love david’s heart attitude of continually praising God round the clock no matter what the circumstances. I hope to emulate that pattern of behaviour in my own life.

I want to be a positive minded person perpetually oozing with the love of Christ.

God has always protected me from harm and given me the strength to endure each morning.

I could curse HIm for allowing me to be robbed if I was a total idiot or I could praise Him for giving me friends I could stay with and sparing me from the embarrassment and possible quick trip to heaven of being home when we were getting jacked so I could avoid smashing someone in the face for being a monster and depriving me of the ability to access poems that are now gone forever as well as a precious cd rom from my birth town.

it helps to have an attitude of gratitude if  I focus on what I have got instead of what I haven’t.

society is not kind to the elderly.

often their ability to contribute positive to society is ignored cos they don’t do things as quickly as they used to and their performance may not be as good as it once was.

God never sees them as useless though.

He has a use for everyone no matter what their age.

God never abandons us.

that’s just an illusion we create in our own minds.

we should not judge the existence of God or His willingness to intervene in our lives by basing our opinion on circumstantial evidence cos He is the same yesterday today and forever.

His compassionate nature and ability to intervene and control the goings on of the universe never changes.

God does not always help us in a hurry.

this is not cos He delights in seeing us suffer but cos He is continually engaged in battles against the enemy.

the angel was delayed in helping Daniel cos of his battles against the demon named prince of Persia ( modern day iran).

we should never attempt to humiliate or shame those who love God for in doing so we will only bring harm upon ourselves and heap burning coals of fire upon our heads.

sometimes in life the more bad things happen to us the less we wanna praise God but those times when life is a struggle is exactly when we need to praise God the hardest.

only He knows how many seconds away we may be from our spiritual breakthrough.

I definitely have to take a leaf out of david’s book and tell more people about God’s righteousness.

it’s funny that david composed some of the most beautiful psalms or songs known to man and yet he said he was unskilled with words.

this could be him just being humble or it could be a conscientious effort to acknowledge his limitations as a flawed human vessel and draw attention to the fact that it’s only God who gives us our abilities, we always flop like a dolphin in the ocean jumping off a diving board without His mighty help ❤ 🙂

God is just even when it seems like justice isn’t being done in our lives, country or world.

we must boldly boast about the goodness of God everywhere we go to everyone we meet.

it is possible that david wrestled with the feeling that God was forsaking him because his family had treated him that way.

we know that he was often neglected. his family didn’t even consider lining him up for inspection when Samuel came to choose a potential future king of Israel, they had to run out of the house to get him and fetch him from the fields where he was guarding his sheep.

even when it seems  people aren’t willing to listen or the kids of today seem to be speaking a different language we don’t need to dumb down the truth of the gospel or twist the truth or filter down or compromise the message to make it palatable.

we simply need to stick with what we know which is the truth of Gods word and try our best to use the words that are already there and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to make it come alive and get kids excited about it.

when kids can see that prayer actually works and read the bible for themselves and see how it is full of fun and exciting stories that can relate to their lives  and help them in their struggles then they will have no problems passing on the wonderful message of Christ’s salvation to their kids… and so on and so on 🙂 ❤

no one can compare to God cos no being in the universe is God except for God.

some people are afraid to be honest with God.

they are afraid to talk to Him about when their life sucks, when they have misrepresented HIm, when they are angry with HIm when they hate themselves or when they hate others.

we should not be this way.

God can read all our thoughts anyway but He wants us to be transparent as cellophane with HIm cos He wants to have a relationship with us.

that’s why He created us.

we were born to worship HIm, give HIm glory and show HIm love with the fruit of our lips and limbs.

God is always a source of comfort.

we just don’t always utilize the resource  of His affection readily available at our fingertips.

He is always a simple whisper or a heartbeat away from helping us.

we can praise the Lord with musical instruments and allow Him to use our lives as an instrument of peace.

God has pulled our souls out of the fiery pit in the future present reality.

we should never stop talking about God’s miracles, thanking HIm for what He’s done, what He’s going to do and what He is currently in the process of bringing to pass right now.

God is like a momma bear.

you mess with her cubs she’s gonna claw your face off.

in the same way God looks after us and destroys our enemies ❤ WIN_20171202_13_47_22_Pro

psalm 70

please God rescue me

come quickly Lord and help me

may those who try to kill me be humiliated and put to shame

may those who take delight in my trouble be turned back in disgrace

let them be horrified by their shame for they said ” aha we’ve got him now”

but may all who search for you be filled with joy and gladness in you

may those who love your salvation repeatedly shout ” God is great”

but as for me I am poor and needy , please hurry to my aid O God

you are my helper and my saviour , O Lord do not delay

selah 🙂

there were countless times in david’s life when he needed God to rescue him from lions and bears and giants and evil minded people who were jealous of his divinely ordained right both to succeed the throne from saul and to maintain his position as king.

he faced attacks from foreign fighting forces as well as members of his own family.

his own children turned against him and tried to usurp his authority.

that is a problem we are facing today when children are being disobedient to parents and being a law unto themselves- forgetting the blessing tied up in doing what your folks tell you to do unless it’s contradictory to the word of gOD E.G -worshipping idols or acting racist by shunning someone cos of the color of their skin ( which sadly still happens today in our partially enlightened world).

the philistines were humiliated after they stole the ark of the  covenant when God made them all sick until it was returned.

God also proved HIs victory and the truth that He is the only true God when He  caused the fish god/ idol worshipped by the true Palestinians /Phoenicians to be broken to pieces in its own temple with no outside help from humans.

let us not be those who take delight in others trouble.

let us be those who have our brothers and sisters back even if they call us enemy.

let us see the whole world as our brothers and sisters.

let us be loving to everyone we meet and treat them like family.

let us be those who come alongside those who are in trouble and act as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ showing love and  compassion to them in their time of need.

the angels marched in the mulberry trees and came to david’s rescue in times of civil unrest when the country was in an uproar and divided amongst itself.

in the same way God can rescue us from our calamity if we call upon His holy name and trust that He is capable of redeeming us and making the future better for us.

anyone who truly finds God will have everlasting happiness within their heart that cannot be destroyed even when disaster strikes cos we always keep our eyes glued to our heavenly prize.

praise for God should never cease to leave our lips but it should continually flow from them in an unceasingly replenished wellspring of gratitude for Christ’s transforming work on the cross.

the richest man in the world is not the one with the most money in the bank but the one who knows where he is going when he dies.

the same rule applies to those lovely ladies out there who adore our precious Lord ❤

God is more than our persistent assistant. He is a servant hearted leader but He is not our servant. He is always our boss and our bodies are His temple made to glorify HIm in our thoughts and actions.

although I wish God would delay His second coming until I’ve got a wife and kids honestly He could come back right now and I would be filled with His joy cos I have this certain hope that I am going to heaven when I die cos I believe He died for my sins and rose again on the third day to conquer the grave.

Hallelujah ❤ may the author of earth and heaven ever be praised !!! 🙂WIN_20171202_13_47_07_Pro

psalm 69

save me O God for the floodwaters are up to my neck

deeper and deeper i sink into the mire, i can’t find a foothold

i am in deep water and the floods overwhelm me

i am exhausted from  crying for help my throat is parched

my eyes are swollen with weeping waiting  for my God to help me

those who hate me without cause outnumber the hairs on my head

many enemies try to destroy me with lies demanding that i give back what i didnt steal

O God you know how foolish i am , my sins cannot be hidden from you

dont let those who trust in you be ashamed because of me

O sovereign Lord of heaven’s armies don’t let me cause them to be humiliated O God of israel

for i endure insults for your sake, humiliation is written all over my face

even my own brothers pretend they dont know me , they treat me like a stranger

passion for your house has consumed me and the insults of those who insult you have fallen on me

when i weep and fast they scoff at me , when i dress in burlap to show sorrow they make fun of me

i am the favorite topic of town gossip and all the drunks sing about me

but i keep praying to you Lord hoping this time you will show me favor

in your unfailing love O God answer my prayer with your sure salvation

rescue me from the mud dont let me sink any deeper

save me from those who hate me and pull me from these deep waters

dont let the floods overwhelm me or the deep waters swallow me or the pit of death devour me

answer my prayers O Lord for your unfailing love is wonderful

take care of me for your mercy is so plentiful

dont hide from your servant, answer me quickly for i am in deep trouble

come and redeem me free me from my enemies

you know of my shame scorn and disgrace you see all that my enemies are doing

their insults have broken my heart and i am in despair

if only one person would show some pity , if only one would turn and comfort me, but instead they give me poison for food , they offer me sour wine for my thirst

let the powerful table set before them become a snare and their prosperity become a trap

let their eyes go blind so they cannot see and make their bodies shake continually

pour out your fury on them, consume them with your burning anger

let their homes become desolate and their tents be deserted

to the one you have punished they add insult to injury , they add to the pain of those you have hurt

pile their sins up high and dont let them go free

erase their names from the book of life , dont let them be counted among the righteous

i am suffering and in pain, rescue me O God by your saving power

then i will praise God’s name with singing and i will honor Him with thanksgiving , for this will please the Lord more than sacrificing cattle , more than presenting a bull with its horns and hooves

the humble will see their God at work and be glad , let all who seek God’s help be encouraged , for the Lord hears the cries of the needy, he does not despise His imprisoned people

praise Him O heaven and earth, the seas and all that move in them, for God will save jerusalem and rebuild the towns of judah , His people will live there and settle in their own land

the descendants of those who obey Him will inherit the land and those who love Him will live there in safety

selah 🙂

it is definitely a challenge to our faith to stay faithful to the Lord even when we are almost at the point of completely losing our ability to breathe because the waters of despair are swirling all around us and we are quickly approaching our final heartbeat.

we can often feel the cares of this world pulling at us urging us to sink down on a lower level than the one God intends for us to be on.

every screamed so much your throat is hoarse? i have for entertainment purposes

i have also screamed in pain but never to the point of losing my voice

i have wept rivers mostly because i didnt get my own way and more rarely over how my sin stabs the heart of God and yet more commonly when a woman broke up with me as a lover or dumped me as a friend cos i treated her like trash or she misunderstood the fruit of my good intentions.

i have more of an issue regarding those who hate me without cause rather than those who have a genuine reason to despise me cos i threw shade on them or i didnt treat their family right.

the only thing i have been accused of stealing that i didnt steal was the ownership of my facebook fan page which i set up at the request of my beloved ex girlfriend sherry.

just being real and honest though i have taken things from my friends and returned them without them knowing about it.

i will take those details to my grave.

lets just say i made it right and my  conscience is now clean before God but im not throwing myself under the bus if i can help avoid it- just being transparent about my imperfections in the hope that it might make somebody else more honest.

it was something personal and precious but it wasnt anything that would get me locked up in jail.

i can hide my sins from everybody but Jesus.

i dont want to misrepresent the gospel.

i dont want people to look at my sins and judge the church because of me.

i consider it an honor if i get criticized and condemned for standing up for my beliefs in Jesus but not if i suffer humiliation as a result of my own stupidity.

i can’t imagine how david must have suffered being rejected by his own flesh and blood.

i couldnt handle that. that kind of treatment would drive me crazy.

it should hurt us when people mock and disrespect Jesus.

we should feel like our heart is being stabbed cos this is our Lord and master they are talking about. this shouldnt be something we easily dismiss or shrug our shoulders about.

i wouldnt let people say nasty things about my girlfriend and get away with it. even more so i should be bold in standing up for Jesus when others malign Him or connect Him with values and causes His teaching chooses to disassociate Himself with.

nobody should mock those who weep or fast.

i have been mocked for crying told i was a girl or told that big boys dont cry but big boys or grown up adult men should be in touch with their sensitive side. we are not meant to be cold unfeeling hard as nails types. yes we do need to be strong for our women so they can lean on our shoulders but we also shouldnt be afraid to be vulnerable with them and weep in their laps like little babies cos we need mothering and nurturing too.

we should never gossip about others or slander them to their faces or stab them in the back..

we should talk to Jesus about our problems instead of pushing them on others all the time forcing them to carry our burdens for us.

we should make sure we are dishing out our own burdens and not burdens that belong to someone else.

we can take a malicious delight in the juicy hot topic nature of gossip.

no news travels faster than bad news but it should be the complete opposite.

the best way God answers our prayers or the pleas of our heart is by saving us from the fires  of hell through the shedding of HIs most precious blood.

the best way God can save us from those who hate us is if we focus on God who loves us instead of those who hate us.

we must become so obsessed with God that we have no time to focus on those who hate us or misunderstand us.

the more we think about Him the less time we have to think about our problems or those who see us as the reason why the world is as messed up as it is.

the pit of death will devour us all but if we believe in Jesus there is a shining bright light at the end of the tunnel guiding us home to heaven.

God’s forgiveness is unlimited.

God doesnt always answer us quickly but He always answers and makes things beautiful in His perfect timing.

the enemies we need God to free us from isnt racists, sexists, ageists , heavy jelly butt or belly haters but the devil that feeds these people their perverted thoughts and rides them like kids do donkeys on a pebbly british beach.

my heart has been broken but others insults but i have not permitted them to destroy my resolve to continue because Jesus lives in me and He continually breathes into me a strength beyond myself.

His power is so immense the universe cannot contain it!

we should take pity on those who are less fortunate than us.

we should be Jesus’s hands and feet and comfort those who need their spirits picking up who are wrestling with depression who cannot see any good in themselves or potential for redemption of their souls.

when we see someone struggling with their sexual identity or having sex before marriage and we just pat them on the back and just tell them God loves you the way you are without pointing out our common human need to change and hand over authority of our lives to God instead of throwing ourselves in the fire attempting to be our own boss it’s like we are shoveling poisoned candy down their throats.

it seems palatable but it makes you sick to the stomach and sends you to an early grave.

the fact that david mentions being offered sour wine for His thirst could be a prophetic reference to the then future event of Jesus dying for our sins on the cross.

remember He was thirsty and the roman soldiers gave Him wine mixed with vinegar or gall to drink?

it is true that prosperity as it is defined by the gaining of material possessions is the worst kind of trap.

we can put so much confidence in our jobs or our riches that we let them define who we are and become obsessed with chasing after our pounds and dollars making them our gods instead of worshiping the one true God Elohim.

my body shakes continually but it is not always related to sin.

sometimes it causes me to sin or puts me in a position where i am more vulnerable to sin but God always provides a door of escape from that position the devil pins me in trying to crawl his way inside my brain and infiltrate the control room.

people usually shake from cold or fear.

occasionally its  cos they want to twerk or they are getting withdrawal symptoms from missing out on their caffeine or nicotine fix.

we should be careful not to add to the pain of those who are suffering as a result of their disobedience to God or because of their obedience to God when they are being tested to see if they will prove faithful when the trials and fires of life come their way.

instead we should always seek to make other peoples lives better by showing them the love of Jesus and being careful to always use our words to build people up and not tear them down.

we may condemn what they are  doing. we may bring the Holy Spirits conviction by  vocalizing their sinful lifestyles but we should always combine our statements with the proclamation of God’s open arms of love which are always available to give us hugs and point us in the right direction that will lead us onto glory and not cringe and winge due to our everlasting torture and shame.

we dont need to demand that God does HIs job and refuses to allow folks who have condemned themselves to hell by their actions a way out beyond their last hope of redemption in their dying breath.

He won’t contradict His nature.

His love has no limits but there is a time when He is forced to dispense HIs wrath instead of displaying HIs grace cos we leave Him with no choice.

should we assume that our names are all written in the lamb’s book of life until we sin then they get scratched out?

gOD VALUES the sincere sacrifice of our every waking thought more than He credits the sacrifice of a billion jackasses.

all of us need God’s help but we dont always seek it out.

we should continually adopt this attitude of humility.

God is always at work on our behalf.

in these moments where we are facing crises in our lives, at those times  when we are more aware of our desperate need for Jesus than others, when we are aware of what filthy wretches we are without the beauty of His grace transforming us into true internal and external reflections of His holy image we can take heart and be gladdened by the miracles that He is doing all around the world twenty four seven – working in the lives of those who are His faithful soldiers as well as those who dog HIm out and disrespect Him continually. that is the way He loves us- far better than we could ever hope to successfully emulate. we have a mandate from HIm however to love relentlessly with no conditions attached to our willingness to show love so we should go and do likewise.

God takes  care of our physical and spiritual needs.

He puts smiles on our dials when we are sick in hospital or in prison.

when the rest of the world writes us off and dismisses our potential for redemption He is always willing to bring out His best in us.

He is wrapping HIs arms around those who are locked up right now and rehabilitating their spirits.

HE IS guiding home the ones who are hungry and thirsty for evermore of His righteousness whose passion for more of HIm never runs dry in the desert like arid waste land moments of life.

some people in prisons are stored under ground in dungeons where they cant see the sun but when we are keeping our lives centered in Christ then the son of God can cause us to rise up above our circumstances and the sun is  caused by Him to rise with healing in its wings. ❤

we should adopt the heart attitude of Jesus and see the nature of God in people even when they are cussing blaspheming former prisoners or current residents of the penitentiary system who only know a life of crime, who use drugs to cope with the demons that bug the living daylights out of them, who are not bible literate so they are at a disadvantage of not having God’s word hidden in their heart continually acting as a useful tool preventing them from sinning or lessening its chances of gaining dominance over their thinking patterns.

verse 35 points to the event that occurred in 1948 when the people of israel God’s chosen people aka God prevails ( the living proof in the physical evidence of human beings) were given their own sacred land.

as glorious as this moment was it’s gonna be so much better and so much more awesome when we die and Jesus takes us to that new jerusalem of His heavenly home that celestial city more pretty than words can possibly describe dazzling with its display of jewel encrusted gates and the splendid glory of God which is so beautiful it would leave you breathless and blind you with its stunning glow if you saw it with your normal human eyes ( which is why we need new ones when we get to paradise- apart from the fact that we have decaying corrupted bodies thanks to sin).

as long as we love Jesus we will always have safety in the form of its truest definition cos our future residence in God’s heavenly kingdom is safeguarded by our continual choice to walk in obedience to His laws and precepts. ❤ WIN_20171202_13_46_48_Pro

psalm 68

rise up O God and scatter your enemies , let those who hate God run for their lives

blow them away like smoke, melt them like wax in a fire

let the wicked perish in the presence of God

but let the godly rejoice, let them be glad in God’s presence let them be filled with joy

sing praises to God and to His name sing loud praises to Him who rides the clouds

His name is the Lord rejoice in His presence

father to the fatherless defender of widows this is God whose dwelling is holy

God places the lonely in families He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy, but He makes the rebellious live in a sun scorched land

o God when you led your people out from egypt , when you marched through the dry wasteland


the earth trembled and the heavens poured down rain before you the God of sinai, before God, the God of israel

you sent abundant rain O God to refresh the weary land

there your people finally settled and with a bountiful harvest o gOD YOU provided for your needy people

the Lord gives the word and a great army brings the good news

enemy kings and their armies flee while the women of israel divide the plunder

even those who lived among the sheepfolds found treasures – doves with wings of silver and feathers of gold

the almighty scattered the enemy kings like a blowing snowstorm on mount zalmon

the mountains of bashan are majestic with many peaks stretching high into the sky

why do you look with envy O rugged mountains at mount zion where God has chosen to live, where the Lord Himself will live forever?

surrounded by unnumbered thousands of chariots the Lord came from mount zion into His sanctuary

when you ascended to the heights you led a crowd of captives

you received gifts from the people , even from those who rebelled against you

now the Lord God will live among us there

praise the Lord praise God our saviour , for each day He carries us in His arms


our God is a God who saves , the sovereign Lord rescues us from death

but God will smash the heads of His enemies , crushing the skulls of those who love their guilty ways

the Lord says i will bring my enemies down from bashan i will bring them up from the depths of the sea

you my people will wash your feet in their blood and even your dogs will get  their share

your procession has come into view O God – the procession of my God and king as He goes into the sanctuary

singers are in front musicians behind between them are young women playing tambourines

praise God all you people of israel , praise the Lord the source of israel’s life

look the little tribe of benjamin leads the way , then comes a great throng of rulers from judah and all the rulers of zebulun and naphtali

summon your might O God, display your power O God as you have in the past

the kings of the earth are bringing tribute to your temple in jerusalem

rebuke these enemy nations – these wild animals lurking in the reeds, this herd of bulls among the weaker calves

make them bring bars of silver in humble tribute scatter the nations that delight in war

let egypt come with gifts of precious metals let ethiopia bow in submission to God

sing to God you kingdoms of the earth  sing praises to the Lord


sing to the one who rides across the ancient heavens, His mighty voice  thundering from the sky

tell everyone about God’s power , His majesty shines down on israel, His strength is mighty in the heavens

God is awesome in His sanctuary

the God of israel gives power and strength to His people

praise be to God

selah 🙂

we are warned in this psalm that those who hate God will be punished and judged accordingly.

the presence of God is equivalent and far beyond the power of the fiery furnace used by king nebuchadnezzar to toss in everyone who didnt bow down before his image.

the difference is when God throws us in His fire we won’t burn up instantly we will be slowly seared and continually consumed by the side effects of refusing to repent for our sinful lifestyles.

if we love Jesus we always have a reason to celebrate cos He saved us from burning in hell and we have a glorious kingdom waitin for us full of angels and departed love ones and more importantly than anything else  the wondrous presence of God our maker and rescuer.

when the sun shines through the clouds we are reminded of the glory of God bursting through His creation pointing to His power and majesty.

regardless of whether we are widows, orphans or otherwise inclined God is taking care of us filling the role of those who have been taken away from our lives, bringing comfort to us, healing the holes in our hearts, strengthening us and encouraging us to keep on trucking.

God gave all of us family members and for those who have been disowned by their own family you should always be able to find family in God even if you have to search for them online cos its illegal to be a christian in your country without getting your head chopped off.

i used to be a prisoner to sin but then i found Jesus so now i am free and am able to cope with whatever life throws at me .

just because i live in a sun scorched land it doesnt mean im rebellious.

this psalm reminds us that we will only prosper spiritually if our hearts belong to Jesus otherwise they will starve to death from dehydration and lack of nourishment from His living waters and His everlasting love.

God miraculously provided for His chosen people in the sahara desert and He always makes sure that a remnant of His children are preserved in this world.

God always makes sure that we have everything we truly need in this life.

God stores up the wealth of the wicked to bless the righteous.

God makes sure nobody in His kingdom is neglected even those who are usually downtrodden or forgotten or pushed to one side to the rest of society cos their contribution isnt as valued or they do not play a prominent role continually getting in front of the cameras and drawing attention to themselves.

noone is insignificant in His eyes.

He cares about all the tiny little details of our lives and wants us all to unravel our balls of yarn in HIs awesome everlasting ears.

He always has time for us. He is never too busy to sit us on HIs lap and hear us out even if it takes us years to empty ourselves of all our tears, fears, moans and groans.

anyone be they pauper, commoner or leader will ultimately be destroyed if they attempt to rise up against God and usurp His authority.

the privilege of being a conduit for the Lord’s anointing is far greater a thing worth celebrating than any of the plaudits of mankind or the escalating heights of success available to us.

i can only assume the limitless chariots mentioned are the same as those ridden by angels en route to the spiritual battlefield mentioned in 2 kings 2:11 and 6:17 respectively when elisha saw elijah being carried by chariots of fire into heaven on the former occasion and when God opened the eyes of his servant gehazi so the angels of heaven riding chariots of fire were revealed to him on the latter so his heart would be filled with courage when they were surrounded by enemy forces on all sides and God caused the eyes of the aramean enemy to be blinded so they were unable to attack the israelites.

our worship is a gift to God.

it’s a sweet smelling fragrance to His mighty nostrils.

we see a wonderful demonstration of God’s kindness and graciousness in that even when we are acting sinful He is still willing to accept offerings from us , He is still able to use the talents He gave us for His glory even if He is unable to bestow salvation upon us in return until we walk with a spirit of repentance and completely surrender our lives into His keeping.

it’s a beautiful picture of God’s love- the fact that He carries us and cares for us just like a mother does her babies, feeding nurturing and comforting them.

none of us can escape from death but we can escape from the pits of hell if we ask Jesus to forgive our sins and believe that He is God.

it is funny how sin makes us feel guilty but often we love it too much to give it up or we think that we are incapable of changing so we dont even bother trying to alter our lives.

i am telling you today that it is possible to change.

God can put His strength inside you to help you out when you are weak and fill you with His supernatural power so you can fight your battles and overcome them.

dont let anyone lie to you that it will be effortless . that isnt true. but neither is it impossible. He wouldnt have told us to be perfect as He is perfect if it were not possible to walk in a state of sinless perfection, a perfect reflection of His immaculate heart.

when the psalmist refers to benjamin leading the other tribes i am reminded of Jesus’s words that in His kingdom the last shall be first and the first shall be last.

God has a way of honouring and exalting people that dont often fit within the confines of our box of expectations- and the world is so much the better and richer because of it.

God uses the weak vessels of the world to shame those who are wise in their own eyes who are truly fools cos they only trust in their own strength , forgetting they wouldnt have any if He hadnt given it to them in the first place.

some people delude themselves into thinking God stopped performing miracles when the bible had finished being written conveniently ignoring all the facts of people around the world who are continually being raised from the dead or given sight or miraculously transported from one corner of the world to the other.

i dont know a nation on earth that doesnt delight in war which is probably why God has scattered us more than once in the course of human existence cos we caNt seem to stop beefing with one another or we can we just refuse to use His help and continually available door of escape from the temptation to greedily snatch one anothers land start meaningless wars or smash one another in the face.

the only war worth fighting is the one we continually fight against the devil and his demons.

this psalm proved to be prophetic cos the land of cush or ethiopia is now famous for surrendering its spiritual sovereignty to the leadership of Jesus Christ.

they have kept the jewish culture alive in exile there for many centuries and are still friends to benyamin netanyahu today in gratitude for his help in repatriating ethiopian jews or falushas and flying them to israel.

God speaks with mighty thunderings but He can also speak to us in a quiet little whisper inside our souls , barely perceptible to the human ear yet always detectable by the discerning Spirit guided heart.

God’s will has always prevailed in preserving the lives of His people israel.

the fact that the jews have had the odds stacked up against them for countless centuries, the fact they have overcome holocausts and glasnots and countless attempts to wipe them off the face of this planet treated like snot on a camels face and yet they have continually prospered even in the middle of persecution this is testament to the glory of God preserving the lives of those who honour HIm even when they turn their backs on Him and act like hypocrites worshipping false gods in secret, He still remains faithful to them and preserves a remnant of faithful ones who do not compromise their faith or kiss the enemy’s lips.

God gives power and strength to all of us.

sometimes the biggest demonstration of His omnipotence is in how He enables us to be still and remain calm when the sharks of doom , doubt and restriction of our religious freedom in the name of tolerance are surrounding us.

if we cling to HIs joy the enemy cannot succeed in destroying us! ❤ WIN_20171202_13_46_31_Pro

psalm 67

may God be merciful and bless us , may His face smile with favor on us


may your ways be known throughout the earth  your saving power among people everywhere

may the nations praise you O God

yes may all the nations praise you

let the whole world sing for joy

because you govern the nations with justice

and guide the people of the whole world


may the nations praise you O God , yes may all the nations praise you

then the earth will yield its harvests and God our God will richly bless us

yes God will bless us and people all over the world will fear HIm


God always bestows His undeserved favour on us we just dont always recognize His hand moving behind the scenes and sometimes stupidly and blasphemously write His assistance off as coincidence or fate or luck but it is always providence aka His divine provision guiding our lives and protecting our steps from stumbling.

i want everybody to know that Jesus can save them from the evil lurking around them trying to take them over before its too late and we aint got no chances left to reform our devilish ways.

it is my longing for people in every tribe language and tongue to praise and worship the Lord using the unique design of the way He has manufactured their part of the blueprint of human culture.

too many of us try to ape and imitate others cultures or accents when we should simply b uncompromising imitators of Christ who follow In His footsteps only and are willing to lay down our lives for the sake of the propagation of the good news of His saving grace and limitless love.

people dont always love on God cos of the way He chooses to dispense justice but we should cos it’s only by trusting in HIm and living a life that makes no excuses for sin that we  can escape the flames of hell and walk on those golden streets of paradise.

one day every nation will join in celebration of the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

that’s what heaven’s gonna look like and what earth will too once Christ restores this earth back to how it was originally intended to be before we caved in to sin and messed it up for ourselves destroying the  beauty of our environment with the ugliness of our lack of self control and willingness to yield to temptation.

remember it’s not a sin to be tempted- just to let it get the better of you and gobble up your conscience.

never use God’s grace as an excuse to allow sin to dominate your life.

just because Jesus forgives your sins up until your last breath doesnt mean you should take the chance that He will wait to come back til you got your life right with Him cos it aint necessarily so toots- Jesus Christ is coming like a thief in the night, He could return any moment so we’d better live like we are wed to Him like we are His faithful bride ready to get beamed up to heaven by a tractor tug of holy light. ❤

it’s true that praising the Lord causes our plants to grow.

it’s a medical fact that when you sing to flowers you help them nurture and find nourishment.

the best way to guide our spirits towards health and flourishing exuberance is to give credit to the most high El Shaddai for causing us to excel and prosper in this life and beyond.

when people sin it proves that they do not fear God or have any respect for Him.

knowing God can permit our destruction at any moment should be reason enough to walk in reverence towards Him but if you need extra motivation just think of the nails that were hammered through HIs hands and feet.

think of the fact that your sin is what put HIm up there on that cross.

think of how He is capable of removing the burden you are carrying if you simply decide to die daily to selfish  desires and walk that sometimes hard but always rewarding road of putting HIm first before everything else in your life.

He is God made manifest in human form.

He came to destroy all the power of the enemy over our lives.

revel in HIs freedom.

dont let the devil lie to you that your past is your identity.

you are capable of having a bright and awesome future thanks to Jehovah God.

when war is raging all around you , when floodwaters are rising and there seems no escape , let Him be your peace, let Him be your helicopter that removes your mind from your circumstances and takes you to a better place where there is no more pain no more guilt and shame no more lames trying to pull you down and hold you back from your destiny only His relentless love who didnt take the blame for you but He took away your need to be controlled by your sin and ruled by the evil desires of your heart. He made a way for us to be free from the shackles of sin and a death experience separated from HIs ability to flood us with HIs joy and glory.


psalm 65

what mighty praise O God belongs to you in zion

we will fulfil our vows to you for you answer our prayers , all of us must come to you

though we are overwhelmed by our sins you forgive them all

what joy for those you choose to bring near

those who live in your holy courts

what  festivities await us inside your holy temple

you faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds O God our savior

you are the hope of everyone on earth even those who sail on distant seas

you formed the mountains by your power and armed yourself with mighty strength

you quieted the raging oceans with their pounding waves

and silenced the shouting of the nations

those who live at the ends of the earth stand in awe of your wonders

from where the sun rises to where it sets you inspire shouts of joy

you take care of the earth and water it making it rich and fertile

the river of God has plenty of water it provides a bountiful harvest of grain

for you have ordered it so

you drench the plowed ground with rain

melting the clods and leveling the ridges

you soften the earth with showers and bless its abundant crops

you crown the year with a bountiful harvest, even the hard pathways overflow with abundance

the grasslands of the wilderness become a lush pasture

and the hillsides blossom with joy

the meadows are clothed with flocks of sheep and the valleys are carpeted with grain

they all shout and sing for joy

selah 😉

God helps us to keep our promises and remain faithful to Him and others.

it is just as easy to make a promise as it is to break it but if we rely on Gods strength instead of our own we are capable of being devoted trustworthy honest people who reflect His glorious heartbeat.

God always answers our prayers even if He doesnt answer them in the way we expect HIm to.

we all must be dealt with by God’s throne of judgment – He is the one who decides whether we proceed from this earth to heaven or hell.

we dont get to choose whether we are judged by HIm or not only where we end up spending eternity.

there is no sin too horrible that God can’t forgive it.

we should never see our identities as bad but only as reflections of His holiness.

how we choose to perceive ourselves and what we believe about ourselves determines our eternal destination and the location of our spirits in the hereafter for us.

God chooses to bring all of us near to HIs side but all of us dont choose to follow Him to our own detriment.

sometimes this is cos we put christianity in the too hard basket when truly our yoke is easy and our burden is light cos He helps share the load and carries the weight of the world for us so we dont have to bare it all on our lonesome.

His strength and energy take over in our moments of weakness.

we are gonna have the biggest celebration in the universe when we get to heaven.

think about all the angels rejoicing over the sinner who repents  and having a block party whooping it up flapping their wings in glee playing all manner of musical instruments  overflowing with jubilation for the redeemer of all nations has carried us home to glory land in that future present tense. ❤

if we feel hopeless all we’ve gotta do is look to Jesus for inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose.

God made the mountains with His breath. He spoke them into life. if that doesnt blow your mind you’re not thinking about it hard enough. 🙂

think how powerful the waves are, how easily they can destroy a ship and tear it to shreds, how much we are seemingly at their mercy when we are tossed about on them like a plethora of flotsam and jetsam.

now consider that God can stop the waves from moving without even lifting a finger.

we try so hard to control the water of the world with dams, lakes, dykes and reservoirs but all God needs to prevent it from going where He doesnt want it is His tongue lips and teeth.

actually He can just think it into doing HIs bidding He doesnt even have to open HIs mouth.

sometimes He just does that for our benefit so we will listen to Him and help ourselves to avoid hellfire by our obedience.

think about everyone in the world screaming simultaneously.

now consider that God can make everyone in the world shut up with just a single syllable from HIs perfect mouth when some of us can’t even make a baby stick a cork in its gob for the benefit of its stressed out mother who sometimes wants to flush their bundle of joy down the toilet cos they give her a headache but she wouldnt ever cos they are as much a part of her as her spirit is caged within her body.

everywhere in the world at any given moment you will find somebody praising the Lord and gaining His joy in the middle of their despair.

we can say the water came down to us from condensation and vapour.

we  can say the rain comes from the waters of lakes and rivers, oceans, lagoons, waterfalls , springs and all manner of streams rising up into the air becoming evanescent effervescence and then pouring down on us when the clouds get constipated but we have to ask ourselves where did the water come from in the first place? who makes it rise up and fall down? who tells the oceans to only go so far and no further? why God of course 🙂 this world doesnt make sense without HIs awesome brain blowing input ❤

i dont get why God makes flood plains the most fertile.

i guess He just designed the world in such a way that we should build our homes far from water sources or far enough away that they dont get flooded but close enough so its not a burden to carry water for miles and miles like they still do in many places in the world and most of the places where they worship God in spirit and truth in the most uncompromising way.

maybe in gaining progress and leisure we have made ourselves more distant from God.

perhaps the more ease and luxury we have in our lives the harder it is to find heaven in our ordinary moments.

the more we rely on God to supply our every need, the more aware we are of our universal dependence on HIm the less likely we are to rebel , go our own way and deceive ourselves that we can be our own masters without thieving our futures of the glorious inheritance gained for us through HIs soul cleansing all powerful omnipotent blood.

some people may shake their fist at God cos they are experiencing drought right now but we must hang onto the promises of God and know that He is always capable of providing relief for us .

there is no plot of earth too clogged with clay that it can’t be penetrated by the awesome power of our almighty God.

i love the way God provides delicious fruit and vegetables and dead animal carcasses fried and grilled to perfection as well as beautiful sweet smelling flowers for our enjoyment( they can also have a soothing menthol effect when crushed into your teapot).

i love how david talks about the meadows wearing sheep as if a patch of grass is wandering around wearing a woolly lamb coat.

Jesus makes allusions to this when He said solomon in all his glory wasnt arrayed as beautifully as the flowers in the field.

if i was a farmer i would definitely be rejoicing if my valley was carpeted with grain instead of barren fallow ground.

although we cannot hear the ground cry out Jesus is Lord we know that in its beauty and in its produce it brings HIm glory.

stay faithful to Jesus homies. remember no matter how bad you make HIm look by association He never quits fighting for you before His daddy’s throne in heaven ❤WIN_20171202_13_46_06_Pro