deflated birthday balloon doesnt reflect the enthusiasm it still inspires in my blessed heart <3 :)

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when you insult me i choose to be silent

at first

then i find fury rising up in me


if id addressed your rudeness would i still be booming after getting ticked to the same degree

God only knows the cause of my hostility

i have no ability to obtain deliverance

from my affliction prior to death sans in temporal intervals

thats when i ride the waves of joy filled oceans

plunged into times mist

copyright minus the cynic 2021 ❤ xoxoxo

incandescent dawn :

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tractor beams might bring me home to you my love

sore eyes sure ive seen you round this town before

smash the fighting by delighting in the One igniting love

moonlighting as an ordinary human was always impossible for Him

Beyond The Farthest Star
art by thomas and zachary thomas kinkade

acetate :

flavorsome biting wit

rediscovering therapeutic beauty in your face

sarcasm is a substance dripping from our teeth

we cautiously celebrate illusions of a return to normality

sanctity and sanity are such elusive creatures

you find them in the shadows when you ignore the awakening of shivers

shimmering sparkling atom bomb

crumpled origami heart :

its so awkward when one friend attacks another and i love both equally

i am the piggy caught up in the middle

in the process of being trapped this quarrel caught some of me

he comes against my friend spitting ignorance

if exegesis were arm pits his would reek of apathy

religion aint the cologne of fools

providing its our triune source of all souls deliverance

alas angeles :

they locked up all the angels in the city

they clipped their wings but their voices still soar

their harps play sweet melodies as their dexterous digits pluck their strings

how much blood will flow out their bodies into the streets

before our world retreats from letting panic slice our feets motion up like meat

making a meal of our productivity as we entreat our leaders to listen to reason

ideological antibodies :

kids in the classroom crying for their friends

some laughing cos the bullies gotta stay at home

teachers giggling with more time on their hands

cops wasting state and federal funds getting paid to lay back on their buns

we’re in a holding pattern
counting down the seconds til normality returns

or just scrapping hope of finding solace in this world and planning for heavens nature to envelope earth

resuscitation :

scurrilous spider making her bed

where the wee birds come to get fed

twisting about the wires holding a platform her gossamer threads

creeping crawling dawdling where beady eyed bugs fear to tread

if they caught her chilling in their section

would they organize an insurrection

should she try to claim their pad as her own

might an intervention be in order

or fierce beaks released while heads are jerked sideways to toss accusing stones

before your crown shoes you gotta pop out your toes

give me divinely granted hair extensions

none that require human assistance to grow

spirit buoying ticket to a supernatural dimension

possibly only a prayer away from becoming our world

throw the bullying leaders behaviour in the ocean

i want them to stay alive and in charge of something other than my state or country

they offer me no hope

their love is a thorny thing with strings attached to it

clamping my wings

yet like Yah said to pilate theyve no control over my lifes cessation continuation or worship

carnal desires reverted to sacred :

noshing steps stuck still

abrupt retreat from sweet plans

delayed transporting

blood pressure rise high

smash through roof caress the sky

nutty leaders bleed

our choice is ignored

our voices snuffed out like flames

we’re fictional folk

we only exist

if prestige or power trips

us into their sight


lies lions lyres lymph nodes

who are we if we cannot breathe in peace

what is our lives if we are ruled by fear

so much that we never permit our minds to be unchained

by what our eyes lie to us is fiction or those who wish to mask them perpetually to the truth


check out zewe lanji music on youtube if you want to hear the owner of this fantastic face