the reality of death doesn’t disprove the existence of God

just because God allows evil to exist it doesn’t mean He is the one that causes it to occur.

that would be contradictory to HIs nature.

it is in fact impossible for HIm to sin because He is pure goodness.

He tells us not to sin in our anger.

that doesn’t mean it’s sinful to get angry.

there is a godly way to be angry.

God expresses anger in a godly way when He punishes evil doers.

He is as angry at us for sinning as He is at the devil for taunting us with our past mistakes and haunting us with present temptations.

it says in HIs word that He is not the author of confusion.

also it is HIs will that none should perish.

it is the devil who desires to rob kill and destroy us.

he is jealous of us cos we possess the possibility of redemption while we remain breathing and that ship has sailed for him never to return back to his port.

we shouldn’t feel sorry for the devil cos he had the opportunity to be the second in command in heaven.

he was the chief worship leader but that wasn’t enough for him.

he was self absorbed and greedy for power and gain.

he was jealous of the attention being given to God and he wanted it all for himself.

when God talks about destroying HIs people or His creation please understand that it is not HIs desire to destroy us.

it is with a heavy heart that He arrives at this decision and draws this conclusion.

it is with great reluctance that He permits the devil to strike a blow against His beloved children.

He weeps when He sees HIs children becoming children of the devil when they sin and He rejoices when they transfer their allegiance back to heaven whenever they repent fall down on their face , beg HIm for forgiveness and enable HIs grace to manifest and begin its powerful outworking in their lives by redeeming their souls and transforming their nature from carnal to honouring HIm.

God only laughs at our plans if our plan is to destroy HIm.

He is not a malicious or capricious God.

He finds those kinds of thoughts disgusting not delicious.

He doesn’t take delight in spewing us out of HIs mouth cos our souls are lukewarm to HIs taste like the church of laodicia.

He wants us to be on fire for HIm.

it feels like a knife cutting HIs heart when He knows that there is no way He can bring us into HIs throne room cos our sin builds a wall that keeps Him from removing our shackles when we are burning eternally in hell.

the knife twists and jabs and stabs deeper every time we deny HIm or try to make out like the devil’s doctrines or false theologies and philosophies are truth.

we cause HIm to ache like a thirsty baby roaring for its milk when we make laws that attempt to justify sin and punish those who promote truth calling them hateful and close minded.

a little baby reaches for a lemon.

despite its disgusting taste he keeps on craving it more and more.

this is just like it is with us and sin.

even though we know sin is no good for us we still desire to eat it and lie to ourselves that we can’t live without it.

sometimes we lie to ourselves that it’s our identity, it’s part of us, it’s our orientation, it’s an inescapable piece of the puzzle that is us and when we partake of it the mystery of who we are is solved but that simply isn’t true.

cos if it was true you wouldn’t feel sick in your stomach when you indulge in it.

you wouldn’t feel pricks like a hedgehogs quills piercing your conscience when you take part in it.

you wouldn’t feel guilt stabbing in your soul when you allow yourself to be controlled by it.

those who don’t know Christ tell themselves they can stop sinning any time they like but they are only lying to themselves .

it is only when we invite Jesus to rule and reign inside our hearts that we are able to crush the head of the snake under our feet.

sin is a snake.

it hisses around us and attempts to convince us that we need it wrapped around our neck and invading the control room of our brains.

if we let it be our motivation it brings impurity into all our interactions.

an act of generosity is made devious by its entrance into our thinking.

it causes us to only do good for others so we can get something out of them.

it causes us to be machivellian in our thinking and use people and take advantage of them.

in this mindframe we treat them like grapes chewing them and spitting them out of our lives when we are done with them.

why do we desire that which we know hurts us and only causes us pain?

are we so quick to forget it’s ill effects ?

shame and self blame can either be used by God or the devil.

when God puts HIs finger on your heart about something that needs changing in your life He is very specific.

this is terrific in both its senses of being scary and awesome or exciting and wonderful cos it may hurt and be frightening to change a habit or change something about your life that seems like an inescapable way of being but once you start to live without it you will breathe a deep sigh of relief.

you will jump for joy.

you will feel so healed and whole inside.

there may be a relationship in your life that God may want you to get rid of.

there may be movies you cant watch any more or music you cant listen to cos you are overwhelmed by the desire not to defy the wishes of your messiah Jesus .

when you truly love HIm you will only want to do what pleases HIm and you will never again feel comfortable returning to the vomit of your old sinful self.

the more you focus on Jesus and doing what brings HIm joy the more victory will become a reality in your life and less of a distant dream ā¤

enjoy your journey with Him šŸ™‚




why miracles are reasonable and science and faith are not mutually exclusive :

in salman rushdie’s the satanic verses one of his characters claims that there is a disparity between reason and miracles, suggesting that it is unreasonable to believe in miracles.

in actual fact in every situation in life a miracle is the only reasonable rational explanation.

we often take for granted the miracles occurring in seemingly ordinary mundane situations.

if it was not for God we would not be breathing and our hearts would not be beating.

that is two miracles happening in your life every second of the day til you leave this world of mortals.

the first miracle God did for you was causing a sperm to hit an egg and develop into you and enabling you to be extricated from your mother nine months later.

the second miracle God did for you was give you the ability toĀ  roll, then walk then talk.

He is the one that caused your teeth to develop from nothing but a gummy mouth which is extremely painful for little baby when he or she gets their first set then onto the second adult set .

he is the one that caused your gender to change from female to male in the womb or remain the same.

he is the one that caused your eyes to be born blue and stay that way or change immediately afterwards.

He is the one creating the miraculous occurrence when you see a baby that is born of dark skinned parents who starts out with a light pink layer of skin then sheds it within the first year of its life as if it has been scorched by an invisible sun that follows it around everywhere it goes.

He is the one who causes your language to develop from gurgling and nonsense talk to actual words.

( this is not including those times when adults get drunk or are dead tired and sound like they are talking utter gibberish).

He is the one that convinces a girl to fall in love with a boy.

I have to choose my words carefully here.

I do not believe He forces the will of a woman to love a man but He can engineer it so the two of them have encounters with one another.

those who think it coincidence that they stumble across someone with common interests are robbing themselves of a chance to do what we were created to do which is to praise God for HIs miracle working ability.

ofĀ  course it is not just common interests that draw couples together.

sometimes it is a common experience.

if both are working together or surviving a war or live in the same street.

don’t you think it’s God working behind the scenes that chooses to stick two people in the same neighbourhood?

I know couples who lived in the same street who crossed the world to work as missionaries then found each other on the other side of the world.

why do you think they didn’t find each other earlier?

only God knows the answer to that question but i’d like to think He was keeping them from each other until they had matured spiritually enough and were ready for each other.

now I must discuss the topic of science and how it involves faith lest I be accused of misleading by giving a clickbait topic that doesn’t bother to explore its teasing headline.

if you look into the history of science the majority of the major scientific breakthroughs of note that have taken place in history have been discovered by bible believing Christians .

those who didn’t believe in God also had their own faith because atheism Is a religion.

it takes faith to believe the world was made by aliens or that we were the result of monkeys doing the horizontal tango or a massive explosion.

it’s impossible for a single cell to change its structure without outside interference.

it has never been proven that mutation of cells occurs independently of outside interference.

this necessitates a law of first causes.

life cannot proceed from non life.

it doesn’t matter whether God created the chicken or the egg first but it does matter that the chicken had to have an intelligent designer.

the universe is too complex to be constructed by a mere force.

it must have taken divine breath.

in the case of humans it also took a pair of divine hands.

it is not necessary for empirical proof in order for a statement to be true.

we can prove Jesus rose from the dead cos there were people who hated Him who could not deny the truth of what happened.

it would have been impossible to get past a bunch of sleeping guards and a stone that was extremely heavy and rolled in place.

these soldiers would have had their heads sliced from their necks if they let Jesus be spirited away into the night so they had a vested interest in keeping HIm where He was lying.

not to mention the fact that no human on earth has ever been known to survive having their side pierced with a spear and being nailed to a cross .

there is so much evidence supporting the belief in a creator and saviour that it would be crazy to think otherwise.

the fact that Jesus performed miracles should be evidence enough that He is both God’s son and the father Himself.

it always made me laugh when I would hear atheists or agnostics thank God for something and then backpedal trying to justify their worship.

the reason they were thanking God is because they knew in their heart of hearts that there was no other way they could have managed to accomplish what they just did without divine intervention in the lives of humans giving us a strength beyond ourselves.

how else do you explain the strength that overcomes a mother when she needs to lift a car to rescue her kid?

do you think she ran off to the gym in a minute to pump iron and gain the muscles required to do this task?

homie please šŸ™‚

that adrenalin rush is an injection of help from heaven just like the body’s ability to recover from disease and heal wounds .

truly that is not something that exists outside of the intervention of God but it’s something that only happens because of it.

God works through doctors but He doesn’t need doctors to work.

the greatest doctor is the creator and saviour of the world Jesus Christ aka God Elohim and the Holy Spirit.

grace and peace beautiful humans ā¤


the art of perfecting our offline human avoidance techniques

our neighbours like to listen to grease.

they were doing so the other day.

they don’t like the fact the banana trees a previous occupant of our house planted dropped its leaves in their yard and destroyed their trees.

that’s not our fault we didn’t plant them so it’s not our responsibility.

too bad too sad.

there is a lady who does aqua aerobics with my mother who declares herself to be the most positive person in the world but my mother thinks she is more likely the most negative.

little boy plays in the pool with a ball like object.

he has two of these objects one is blue the other is green.

he throws these objects at a young lady who appears to be his sister though perhaps she is his cousin.

I think she was smiling at me but that could have been my imagination.

he managed to accidentally throw this object into the lane I was swimming in two times.

he apologized twice but I only believed him once.

if he was really sorry he wouldn’t do it again.

aha I catch myself see how this is just the way I am with Jesus.

I find myself continually apologizing for my sins yet I am doing them over and over again.

I never seem to learn my lessons.

the only thing I seem to get better at is manufacturing excuses for my mistakes.

I’ve been wrestling with a monster for two decades.

I want to live outside its clutches.

it does me no good.

I never thought it could help me.

I know it only hurts me.

maybe sometimes I convinced myself that it helps me but deep down I know it doesn’t.

it just makes me feel guilty immediately afterwards.

when I cave into my cravings it always leaves me feeling worse not better.

a temporal pleasure rush is quickly followed by the come down.

like a little kid sliding on a bob sled down the mountainside.

yes I find adrenalin rush in it but also nightmarish dependency.

there is the fear that I will never be rid of it.

it is addictive like a liquid substance that persuades its user it can’t live without constant imbibing in it.

loneliness and frustration at the way the world is convinces me the monster is inseparable from me.

yet I know those who suffer mental health issues have found love before.

some can transcend the trap of constantly reliving the past and dwelling in the land of regret.

they prove their capability to be so much more than a flower withering away in the shadows of the soul.

there is hope here and purpose as well but I can’t see my situation changing anytime soon as much as I believe in miracles.

I’ve tried so hard to change who I am yet I find myself slipping back into the same old cycle of bad habits.

I haven’t completely given up but it becomes exasperating to endure each morning knowing that I have to face people.

there is no human on earth who does not possess the potential to be scared or angered by who I am inside even though I have no control over what the beastly nature within me does.

it’s the worst thing to cop the blame for something that has latched itself onto me.

I take full responsibility for my slug like laziness.

I know I am responsible for the way I treat women and for the way I behave to everyone around me.

I know I could be a more generous person.

I know I am petty and make mountains out of molehills.

just because my church refuses to accept my gifts doesn’t mean another church in this country wont .

im glad I still have some friends who appreciate my gestures of benevolence.

I wont say what they are cos I believe the truth of the bible that we mustn’t let our left hand know what our right hand is doing.

if we give good gifts in secret our father in heaven will reward us openly but if we do good works to be seen by men then we will have our reward in this world and there will be no treasure waiting for us in heaven.

I don’t think this means we have to keep all our acts of generosity aĀ  big secret but we should not have a boastful or a prideful attitude when we do so.

if we are only doing it to seek the glory or approval of humans then we are sadly mistaken in our motivation.

God can still use the cheerful giver’s actions when the cheerful giver is seeking attention from humans and wants them to see what an awesome and wonderful person they are but I believe there is a greater blessing to be obtained from those good deeds done in the shadows when only the eyes of God can see what you’re doing.

to me that is far more noble than performing acts of charity for the flashing of cameras.

all of us gain a thrill of pleasure from the attention others give us to some degree.

those who pretend not to care about anything get their thrill knowing their club of those who don’t care about anything care about them.

we are all attempting to appeal to somebody or something beyond us be it an invisible force or a crowd of onlookers or an all seeing all powerful being who desires to have a personal relationship with us and a corporate one with all the inhabitants of this planet simultaneously.

just because im able to call some people on their hypocrisy if they throw their darts or glares at me doesn’t mean I will ever pull that card cos that wouldn’t be a godly thing to do and I aim to reflect His nature.

just because I could blackmail someone into revealing the business going on behind the scenes between him and those he is negotiating with to organize a deal for his rap career doesn’t mean I will ever stoop so low just to help the interests of my client cos I know it will be like a spooky ghost who comes back to haunt me later down the track.

fear is a great motivator for holiness but the biggest one is gratitude for Christ’s sacrifice

selah ā¤


G T Dyne Music Review – How is G T’s personality revealed through his music?

first up we have his track #ego . g told me this track was about his experience doing a paid gig.

on this track you can hear g use Japanese and Spanish.

it is interesting how he is saying goodbye to his brothers.

to me this symbolizes the damage ego tripping does to friendship and the divide it creates between friends.

the more we are consumed by our ego the less reachable and approachable we become.

g is talking about how the other emcees he is sharing a stage with are whack.

often we perceive ourselves as the best emcee in the world or the g o a t ( greatest of all time) when in fact we have a long way to go and need to sharpen our skills.

it is g’s observation that the other emcees he listens to still need some training in the lyrics or performance department.

g uses an interesting metaphor when he talks about a golden ticket.

his acknowledgment that he made it out the trap is an encouragement to others who are stuck in the same predicament he once was in that there is hope for them, that their future doesn’t have to be stuck in a place where they don’t want to be with no foreseeable exit strategy.

when he talks about humble kingz he is making reference to his radio show which is available through mixcloud as audio or as a video broadcast archive on facebook.

when he makes reference to urban voice he is talking about a project he is involved with which gives bikes to immigrants and the impoverished in his community.

warzone talks about how people have dismissive attitude towards up and coming artists.

g makes reference to scarface talking about the last of a dying breed and how people are like zombies with his shout out to the walking dead.

it is true that in this day and age there are many who have allowed their senses to become dulled.

we are living in a day and age where we are losing our compassion and uniqueness.

the more we imitate other people the more we become like an army of clones.

when g talks about lacking vision it brings to mind the verse in scripture that tells us for lack of vision my people perish.

when he is talking about being emotional I am assuming he means the pretence of representing emotions you don’t actually feel to maximize the impact of your performance which although compelling to watch is something an emcee should never attempt unless he wants to be accused of crying wolf and fail to find sympathy when he is truly in need of a shoulder to cry on instead of just a volley of rapturous claps or clicks.

he uses a clever metaphor for drunkenness when he talks about being three sheets to the wind.

I first came across this expression when I was reading filth by Irvine welsh.

crash landing on the rock speaks of the security we find in Christ as much as HIs wrath is something we should fear if our heart is not right with HIm.

g asks a good question of us when he queries why the world is such a mess and follows it up by offering excellent advice for dealing with pressure when he advocates that we should just dust it off.

he challenges us not to be biased by pointing out his own prejudice.

he also admits to being a contradiction and by doing so encourages us not to follow in the footsteps of his failings but only his successes.

he makes an interesting choice in cranking up the volume of his voice to wrap up the track.

on #conflicted g poetically refers to hearts colliding in a relationship.

this is a confessional song about how g was forced to deal with his unfaithful girlfriend.

g serves us a brilliant metaphor when he talks of his dreams being in a coffin or laid to rest.

we feel pity for his heart ache and anger for the injustice he has suffered.

he gives us an interesting line when he talks about being crowned by splendour and furnished by the fruit of his endeavours.

the crown of splendour is referred to in God’s word as a woman’s hair so perhaps g is trying to tell us that his woman is like a crown on his head.

when he speaks of his woman being wounded we assume he is not speaking of literal wounds but emotional ones which influence her behaviour in their relationship.

in the chorus g reminds us of how we often chase after things that are unnecessary or harmful to us.

Christ is the all consuming grace g speaks of who paid the price for our atonement and who consumes all our hurts

g speaks of the fear many of us face where we are reluctant to go to church in case we are forced to deal with rejection or judgment.

he talks of a feeling we all get sometimes as if we will always be perpetual losers.

he talks cleverly of trying to find hope at the bottom of a bottle and wrestling with the desire to destroy his mind with marijuana.

g lies to himself that ganja helps him in his battle but truth be told it actually is destroying him.

this brings to mind Angelina jolie’s tattoo which says that which nourishes me also destroys me.

ganja creates an illusion of nourishment even as it pulverizes its users ability to think straight and articulate themselves coherently.

g is on point saying that our egos steal our crown.

all of us wrestle with pride and it is often our pride that prevents us from attaining the future God intends for us to have.

when g speaks of bloodied hands he does not mean he literally killed someone but that all of us are guilty and filthy thanks to the sin we willingly participate in.

it is interesting how g talks of how when you are betrayed it motivates you to show disloyalty to others cos you feel a sense of injustice.

it is true what g says that sometimes we are spreading devastation but we are not always aware of the impact of our actions on ourselves and others.

if we were though would we live life any differently?

when g talks of turning over stones looking for answers to a riddle he speaks of being clueless and frustrated.

it is a good question g asks us when he queries whether we know what our hearts need and points out the fact that hearts don’t always tell the truth .

g is right in saying that we all seek fulfilment .

may we all look for it in the right place.

if someone is making you feel happy and doing what you want it’s easy to convince yourself that they are the one for you or the most beautiful person in the world but it’s hard to hold onto those feelings when they are angry at you and treat you like garbage so you have to build a relationship on something more solid than the temporary euphoria you experience during those first moments of becoming better acquainted with them.

on #winnin feat ogi kidd g t comes hard in the first bar with an oft quoted pearl of wisdom from snoop dogg about paying the cost to be the boss.

it amuses me to hear g comparing himself to a horse although being thoroughly bred can have multiple implications and innuendos .

e g G could have been bred to be thorough in his approach to life and the rap game.

when g talks about staying hungry he doesn’t mean you should starve yourself to death he is talking of the truth that hunger can push you to make an effort whereas the well fed have no motivation to get out of bed cos they know where their next meal is coming from , those starving in the streets don’t.

when g talks about a throat full of thunder it makes you think of him as a man of power.

it also forces you to ponder the power of our words and the affect they have on people.

as he has done previously g alludes , ( this time more explicitly) to the difficulties he has faced in life by mentioning that he spent time living a hand to mouth existence on the street .

I guess that’s why he’s so motivated to help build hisĀ  community and help them live out their dreams.

I find g’s talk about smashing clichĆ©s a personal challenge as that is one of the hardest battles for a writer to fight besides gaining recognition- that of the tournament we are continually engaged in to avoid repeating ourselves and or sounding like a carbon copy of all those who have come before us.

we often have negative people in our lives tell us doom is upon us but g encourages us to rise above that draining talk surrounding us and embrace hope.

when ogi talks about a red bone he is referring to a light skinned African American woman who is so light she might easily be confused with being of European extraction.

he identifies with a woman’s struggle and speaks of one who has high standards . presumably this is the kind of woman he aspires to be with or is with.

it is my hope that women who hear this track will be discouraged from baring it all and exposing themselves and instead choose to value themselves enough to see merit in their character and personalities more than their physical assets just as guys should when appraising their quality as females.

this track speaks of a lost world.

all of us feel lost sometimes but with Christ in us we possess a reason for living and we have something solid to hold onto that guides us through this world til we reach heaven.

the word lets in the final phrase let’s keep winning is rushed out so fast it’s almost a blink and miss did they say that or didn’t they moment.

on #royalty feat jayC33 ( who I just met yesterday) we are given a little more time to get lost in the mellow groove ( which has plenty of tension and liveliness in it) before jay hits us with his declaration of passion for the king of kings by announcing he belongs to HIm .

this track makes me laugh cos I have often used the phrase royalty is loyalty in my own rhymes and g is embracing a similar concept on this track.

g tells us that he plans to inherit the kingdom of heaven.

he doesn’t mean he plans to kick out the owner.

the concept he brings up of commanding excellence is an interesting one.

my school motto used to be committed to excellence.

excellence requires commitment in order for it to become a part of us .

I love it how he says raise theĀ  stakes stack the cake straight dominate.

don’t get it twisted like they did with chick filet he isn’t talking about straights dominating men and ladies of other persuasions but simply being the best at what he does which is motivating others through his speech and actions.

most of the problems that arise in our lives stem from the fact that we don’t possess or know our identity in Christ or recognize how to live it out beyond the four square walls of the church.

jay does well to remind us that our generation has been chosen to live out God’s purpose for it instead of deciding to slack off and ignore the destiny God intends for us as His beloved bride, kids and friends for life.

when g talks about requiring honesty that sounds like a simple enough request but it’s a sad truth to admit that in this world today many people don’t consider honesty to be the best policy but instead believe in twisting the truth to their own advantage and exploiting others for their own profit instead of seeking to better the world around them including the face they see in the mirror by living a life of integrity.

the line about being pre elected by a prophet is a mysterious one.

the advice just do you makes sense cos none of us were born to be anyone else but us.

it is a sad life for those who were never given nothing in life besides what God already providedĀ  them with at birth.

the question asked in the song is one I have often wondered myself- how do people who don’t know Jesus manage to get through life without having a relationship with HIm?

it doesn’t sound like any kind of a life to me.

I know that knowing Christ makes my life better and richer.

when we believe in Jesus He adopts us into HIs royal family as kings, queens and priests.

this means that all of us who know Christ are on a level playing field whether you own a beamer or a beat up truck , whether you live in the gutter or a mansion, whether you went to seminary or you flunked grade school- all are one in Christ .

the line you better get back boy could be talking about a dude who has strayed from the faith or a direct volley against satan telling him to get behind the emcee like Jesus told peter when he said He wasn’t gonna get nailed to a cross so HIs will could prevail in us.

#40XL feat t barlow is an intriguingly encrypted title for a song.

g did this because he wanted to speak of excelling.

heĀ  called it forty x l because x l is the roman numerals for forty

I thought the title referred to having a booze up.

i’m glad I was wrong.

t barlow’s song beautiful jew el has been featured on the wanda monet show.

he does a podcast called biblical and reformed spitters as part of the biblical and reformed podcast network or b.a.r .

this also has nothing to do with alcohol much as it may suggest from the acronym .

it also has nothing to do with black and reformed which t’s friend dawain is constantly having to explain to the ignorant.

t is a co host of humble kingz with g t dyne.

this track opens with a compelling sample of a guy describing his love of a sound.

g talks of inertia being unable to stop him.

inertia is when you keep on moving in the same direction with nothing else making you do it so I guess g is saying that he is choosing his path for himself and he is his own best motivator.

when g speaks of alimony it is no metaphor. he has been forced to deal with divorce and is admirably raising a kid on his own instead of leaving them for someone else to take care of.

we are not told g’s age from his lyrics other than the fact he hasn’t hit the big three o yet.

often we confront anxiety as we rush over ourselves to achieve our dreams.

he is accurate in saying no one can stop him from doing well in God’s sight.

it’s only we who stop ourselves from reaching heaven it’s nobody else’s fault if we don’t get there cos God has written eternity on our hearts and is able to reveal Himself to us even if we come from a country where there is no public acknowledgment of God and believers are forced to go underground and hide their faith in the shadows of themselves.

it’s crucial what g says about trusting God’s vision.

lack of trust in God is the root cause of all the problems in the world.

it is not money that is the root of all evil but our love of it can destroy our souls if we make it god by choosing to make moves in life that earn us the fattest wad of greenbacks even if we have to displease our creator and saviour by doing so.

what t says is challenging.

we shouldn’t just praise God in the sunshine but also in the showers.

He has lived this out in his own life by dealing with death and sickness in the family and still continuing to keep his head held high and his eyes focussed on his heavenly prize.

if we were really awake for forty nights and asleep for forty days it would probably make us a little crazy in the head.

we would be liable to explode in anger or do something stupid at any given moment.

it’s not natural to sleep all day.

your body finds itself wanting to stir and engage in some kind of activity.

this is a normal life if you are a shift worker and never see the sun in your working hours.

I love how t reminds us of the feetĀ  that are beautiful for bringing good news.

another translation says blessed.

there is beauty in the blessing.

without the blessing there is no beauty and vice versa.

too often we are bearers of sad tidings.

this is ok but we should always convey the good news of Christ’s ability to redeem every moment for HIs glory and inject the strength of HIs spirit into every instance.

t talks about the crucifixion cleverly talking about Jesus being suspended.

it is true that since the fall of man God intended to get the world out of the trouble it had created by bringing Himself to earth as the second adam.

like t I will be one of the ones hollering loud and proud when Christ returns.

I love how he talks of his voice by referring to his collar bone.

there is a double meaning when t talks of daddy being home cos like g he is also a father and the return of Christ signals the return of both father and son encapsulated in one majestic essence.

some say when God looks at us He only sees HIs son.

this doesn’t mean He ignores our sin.

it does mean He sees our potential for purification through HIs blood.

t is making reference to God being a lamp to our feet and a light to our paths.

also the eye is the lamp of the body so our bodies are given direction when HIs spirit indwells our own.

unless g is self identifying with noah I still don’t get the reference to forty days and nights but that’s ok.

you don’t need to understand all mysteries in order to appreciate quality sonic art.

on #Midas ( alchemy) we are reminded from the title of that fabled Grecian who destroyed his own chances at establishing a legacy of his flesh .

everything he touched turned to gold including his beloved kid who upon hugging him spoiled his chances of being able to rest easy in the confidence that his dynasty would continue beyond his own life.

alchemy is an ancient method of turning objects into gold.

those who attempted to do this were never successful.

often they involved themselves in satanic rituals.

the most famous alchemist in literature is rumplestiltskin who took a lady prisoner cos she refused to be given in matrimony to him.

he was known for turning straw into gold.

in the same way g takes threads of inspiration and churns them out into gleaming spectacles of lyricism for the world to marvel at.

this track has the longest build on the intro.

I’ve noticed a trend in listening to g’s tracks that quite a few of them are designed in such a way that they give the listener a little breathing space before he hits them with that hard and cold funk.

you wouldn’t exactly call this a chilled vibe but it is more compelling and sonically interesting than if you get slammed with the lyrics from the get go.

g gives us an excellent challenge when he says don’t just talk about it be about it.

often we make ourselves liars with our mouths by not being consistent in walking out our talk and sticking our money where our mouth is.

when people speak of righteousness some of them just mean going to church on sundays and paying your tithes and offering but it’s more than that.

we see from g’s music that true righteousness means being the same person around everyone you meet those who know you and those who you just pass by in the street.

this is why they called david a man after God’s own heart not cos he never made mistakes but cos he was always willing to acknowledge them and spend the majority of his time spilling his guts to God and just loving on HIm in private and public.

it’s interesting how g compares himself to Patrick Swayze.

im guessing this isn’t a reference to ghost or dirty dancing.

I seriously need to bone up on my Swayze movies.

putting God over everything is a superb motto for our lives.

too often we can let other things take the place of God in our lives.

He must always be first and we must always be third or placing somewhere below everyone else in our lives.

g made me crack up again cos he talks about being sucker free.

I once did a track about being one hundred percent sucker proof.

I know I ripped that line off someone but I cant remember who.

im guessing when g is talking about the greatest story ever told he is making reference to the bible not referring to his own life besides the greatness God brings out in it on the daily.

I figure in this song g is trying to tell us that it’s impossible for gold to be brought out of our lives unless we have God in us otherwise we are just wasting our time like a clock eating alchemist.

forgive me g if I spell this wrong but it looks like the next track is called #praey feat nate scott.

I believe the title refers to the fact that we are prey for the devil to destroy or he is our prey if we stay locked in the heart of Jesus and are used to crush his head.

g gives us a deep soulful vibrato that would rival barry white or Pavarotti.

g hits us straight away with acknowledgment of our fragility in comparison to God’s awesomeness- our smallness when placed side by side with HIs bigness .

I love it how g tells us this world is broken pieces that God makes something beautiful out of .

our peace is broken when we war against God but it’s found again when we’re restored back to how He originally designed us to be in HIs celestial factory.

it’s true we don’t know how to trust live or love without God’s guidance and all of us are imago Dei ( made in the image of God and born to reflect His heart) .

g reminds us how meditation can heal us like medication.

we are made in the image of the potter but sometimes we act like the clay came up with the blueprint.

not everyone recognises the concept that our belief moves the earth.

we are not the ones who make the world go round but we are able to influence what happens in this universe by the power of life and death contained within our tongues.

it’s beautiful how he sings about God drying our tears and that we should have no reason to be terrified.

g goes into lawyer mode when he urges his listeners to wake up to the truth that without Christ in us we are totally powerless.

he encourages those who have been scourged by injustice that there is a God who sees their pain and He is fighting their battles for them.

God is not a man that He should lie so unlike humans He always keeps HIs promises.

it is moving how g speaks to the plight of widows and orphans and all kinds of unnamed victims in this world.

this shows he is a dude who is passionate about making the world a better place and pointing its attention to Christ .

nate stirs us on to put our faith into action by quoting Frederick Douglass’s famous testimony of striving to receive an answer to prayer for two decades until he started to live out what he believed by attempting to help out those around him snap out the cage of slavery.

lets hope love hasn’t given into greed and fear.

Jesus said war and poverty would always be with us.

war is not a problem as long as we remember our war isn’t against flesh and blood but the armies of the devil.

some who don’t have enough money to feed their families may feel like they are burning in a lake of fire but the pain we experience in this world is nothing compared to the torture we will endure down there.

it’s correct that we are hopeless and wretched without JESUS.

there are no ifs buts or maybes about it those who possess self control will definitely be the next ones to run this planet.

all of the wealth doesn’t belong to the rich but it’s easy to feel that way when you have an impoverished mind state or you have spent your life looking at others prosper while you wallow in regret and never make any effort to change your situation.

this world definitely needs a saviour but moses isn’t gonna cut it cos only Christ is pure enough to qualify for the salvation of every nation through what He endured for us on the cross.

the visual imagery of blood being turned to roses is simultaneously grotesque and beautiful and for me is reminiscent of the agony our world making beloved groom endured when He was nailed to a tree for the sake of all humanity being freed from the enslaving insanity of seeing God as self.

#rise ( high ) feat one life and alexa is an extremely compelling track for me.

I love the opening which is reminiscent of a bunch of Gregorian monks chanting in a cathedral instantly followed by a call and response of higher and ground which is immediately infectious drawing this listener in and completely absorbing him in its sonic world.

it’s true God makes life better and He’s in charge of the weather.

He does have the ability to elevate you from poverty to riches or from ignorance to knowledge of HIm which is actually something which isn’t valued enough in this world but which the whole world needs.

in the sense that our souls are preserved by Jesus we are bullet proof.

this doesn’t mean we won’t blow into bits if we catch a bullet between our teeth though- you hear that Bruno mars?

that is deep wisdom that none of the riches of this world compare to the beauty of God.

Christians can be winners because of Jesus and we have no reason to fear death cos we will wake up in heaven when we lose our breath.

like one and a I too await the coming of that glorious dawn of Christ’s return.

the contrast of high and low pitched singers makes for an addictive sonic gumbo.

I love g talking about his juice hitting us like a wave of inspiration.

I have never seen g rocking a tie but it would be an eyecatching fashion statement if he did.

he is calling out people living for the turn up.

by this he means those who care more about their physical appearance than burning in the fires of hell.

we must heed his warning before it is too late for us and get our lives right with Jesus Christ .

matching shooting for the stars with being on the rise is pure genius.

I had to play back the last verse cos he was going faster than a Japanese bullet train.

when he talks about living for the cash route that is deeply convicting cos it speaks to all of us who attempt to worship money instead of the one who spoke and grew the trees in a single breath.

#roar speaks of the evil of racism.

sadly it is not just heathens who act racist but g gives us an interesting challenge- if we call ourselves Christians can we act racist and still claim that title- personally I don’t think so.

it was the devil who created the problem of racism when he introduced sin into the world at the garden of eden.

how does that work you may ask there was only one ethnicity then?

well my friends when humans first started sinning they created the potential for the devil to gain entrance and tempt us into exalting what shouldn’t be exalted and seeing as beneath us what should never be perceived that way.

hitlers folly was trying to create a perfect human that would rival God called the uber mensch or super man.

the only man to ever be super was the one and only Jesus Christ who was fully man and fully God when He walked among us.

if we give the devil an inch he will take a mile that’s why we must be vigilant to resist him in every area of our lives.

there is a disproportionate amount of European americans who possess wealth compared with those who live in poverty and identify as African American.

when g talks of his voice being drowned out on social media he is referring to an incident he faced where he lost a vast number of friends who blocked him just because he talked about discrimination in America.

its an excellent point g makes about how bitterness and unforgiveness plagues the human heart and ultimately destroys all who it infects.

flipping I cant remain silent to remain silent I cant is pure genius cos it changes a statement into a conversation with those who are pushing him to zip his lips about injustice.

I got a chuckle out of g’s wisdom when he described those who think slavery is a choice as being shackled themselves and I totally agree with him cos the only choice for anyone taken into bondage and made a slave is to wear the manacles or die trying to resist.

Christ’s reformation of our hearts enables us to be generous instead of greedy which is the natural default setting of who we are outside of knowing HIm.

like g I want to live in a world where we are free from the toxic soul scarring blight of racial hatred.

I do get what g says that we are tempted to act as if racial hatred and oppression doesn’t exist because it doesn’t lie within the realm of our personal experience ( at least not for enough generationsĀ  linked by the nearness of experience to us for it to be present in our mentality or handed down in memory form of a fight faced round the clock to keep your head above the waters of shame over your skin colour and station in life).

we are often condemned for having critical spirits by those who fail to exercise their critical thinking capacities and analyse what is happening in the world instead of letting it just wash over them like the waves do a seashell.

g’s usage of the word boy in this song brings to mind the old world of the slave master with his whip cracking the back of a poor African American and infantilizing him even if he had been on this planet since before his owner was a bun in his mommas oven.

I am very happy that g stages categorically that there are some good European americans out there who do not hate an African American because his skin is a shade darker than theirs.

it is witty how g compares racism to an elephant in the room that everyone knows is there but they ignore its presence.

you can only do this for so long however before the elephant becomes impossible to ignore because you bump into its fat butt or its ears flap in your face and you cant brush it aside like a whale does the tide as it streaks off its hide.

g speaks of that subconscious racism that exists where people are racist without even knowing they are being that way.

it is sad that the only way some African americans can get ahead in life is if they have a friend who is European American who is helping them fight their battles and beat the odds of a system which appears to be stacked up against them.

there was a time when the reverse was also true in hip hop where a European couldn’t get an audience if he didn’t have some friendship connection with an African American who had either grown up with them or just saw potential for success in their flow see for example house of pain and tommy boy records or Eminem in his early days.

I can relate to what g means about being considered guilty by association at least when it comes to the elements of African American culture that have become a part of hip hop because I have been mistaken for a muslim terrorist cos I wore a hoodie and for that same reason I have been confused for a drug dealer by cops and those who were trying to score a hit from the bong.

I know I can always take my hoodie off and an African American cant rip their skin off so im not saying my problem isn’t self created but also it’s stupid that people associate hip hop with gangs cos there are plenty of rappers out there aiming to better their society instead of revel in its garbage.

I agree with g we need to make the world safe for the babies growing up and also I am with him one hundred percent that black face is an evil abomination that should never be perpetuated and needsĀ  to be uprooted out of every culture straight away just as much as white face does cos pretending to be a culture other than the one you were born with is just stupid.

it’s also an insult to the people who are born into the skin you are imitating.

hip hop is different cos you can be true to the roots of hip hop culture and still celebrate your own culture.

of course an element of imitation or homage to African American culture must always be a part of what hip hop is because they are the ones who created it .

g comes cold and hard like krs when he talks of a genocidal government selling lies.

it has been proven that the u.s government killed African American soldiers and they have participated through democrat and republican complicity in the destruction of millions of beautiful African American babies in the womb and just outside of it thanks to a mindset perpetuating the myth of overpopulation in a world that contains plenty of resources and a scarcity of compassion.

when g speaks of no chance of repentance he doesn’t mean God cant forgive the sins committed by criminals against society and individuals he means that for those who do jail time there is a permanent destruction of their reputation.

they are prevented from getting jobs and they are marked for life as no good nicks so they are likely to reoffend cos they are bereft of options re their future outside bars.

g posits the idea that the one who spilled HIs blood to save the world didn’t have pink skin blue eyes and blonde hair.

he is quite right Jesus had an olive complexion and HIs hair is described as being woolly like a lamb.

I don’t know why g didn’t vote for trump but I do agree with him that leaders should be honest just as their followers should be.

personally I am opposed to Donald but I agree with the policies of his party.

racism is definitely no hoax.

g is definitely being tongue in cheek when he finishes up saying you can blame it on me but just don’t blame it on white privilege.

none of us should go around shifting the blame of the burden prejudice has placed upon our ability to relate to one another onto the shoulders of one culture alone.

we all have a responsibility to build a better world by seeing the beauty in each other instead of the ugliness.

on #sauce ( pride) there is an interesting personification where g compares himself to a plane by talking about taking off the runway.

when g talks about the son saving him he definitely isn’t referring to the star in the sky that helps his wet clothes to dry on the washing line but the one who made your life and mine and grafted us into HIs vine self.

when g speaks of boss waves it makes me think of his influence spreading around the world just as the ocean does.

g speaks of raising the standard followed by discussing the idea of keeping black magic on your Instagram.

by this he doesn’t mean celebrating the occult but rejoicing in the beauty of African American culture.

g definitely raps like a heavy weight but despite his comparisons he raps better than john cena ever could.

side note I knew a horse in fiji named john cena.

even the real john cena could rap better than that beast.

when g talks about the bossman in this song he is referring to himself.

on #sweet aroma rmx temptation we are greeted by a deep growling distorted rumbling voice contrasted with g’s pleasant intonations.

then we hear a chipmunk telling us that sipping sin will change our lives.

this song is of course meant to teach us the opposite lesson that it will make life worse not better if we see the devils poison as some tasty cheddar.

this sounds like a song about drugs cos g is talking about taking hits and speaking with slurred speech.

its true sin does taste delightful to our spirits at first but it is a dark fruit and the sweetness is instantly followed by sourness the second we devour it and it begins to overpower our resolve to resist it.

g displays his knowledge of greek mythology by referencing the sirens of lore who will devour a man who they seduce into following them under water with a sweet syrupy song that overpowers their ability to think straight and holy.

seeds laced with coal is a cerebral way to speak of the danger inherent in caving in to sin.

we should all take heed from g’s warning that forsaking God’s word entices us to chase the world.

we do burn down bridges if our heart isn’t with it.

I can testify how friendships have been destroyed in my life cos I haven’t been committed to those who chose to love me or those who were superglued to me thanks to d n a.

when g speaks of a mind being gone unready for being enthroned he reminds us that greatness isn’t obtainable unless we keep a clear head and follow a straight path.

obviously g isn’t saying that fake it til you make it is a good life philosophy but by reciting it he is reminding us of how easily this path leads to self destruction.

we often let the hurt of the past dominate our present and destroy our futures.

we shouldn’t tread that road but so many of us do.

whats the cost of gaining the world when the fire take that man?

what is the cost indeed?

the cost is too heavy for this little piggy so im gonna live holy and skip the char grilled future thank you very much.

on #take off ( excel) feat andre right we are reminded of the second coming of Christ.

I assume when g says they’re scared of us he is talking about his fellow believers in JesusĀ  and the rest of the world shaking in their boots at the thought they might be right that Jesus is the only way to heaven and they might need to repent in order to avoid being turned into the devils rotisserie roast.

we will always face rivals when we attempt to break out the mould that we or others have put us in regarding our identity as rappers.

g excels in this song when he reminds us that we are not meant to be pawns and how God wants us to demonstrate HIs perfect love to others.

this enables us to be lifted up above our circumstances which is what g means by levitation.

it is humorous as g reminds us and Jesus did before in scripture how we stress about where our food is coming from or who’s gonna mug us when He cares for the flowers in the field just as He looks after us.

it’s dope how dre talks about the devil having him cuffed and how he got out that cell.

he does a brilliant job of elevating spirits when he tells us that we don’t have to stay stuck if we feel we are at the bottom.

I love the way God helps us beat the odds stacked up against us.

to the world we do seem like b real from cypress hill insane in the membrane.

it’s helpful to be reminded that when we mess up God comforts us and sticks us back on the right road headed towards HIm instead of away from HIm .

on #XXL ( intro) we are treated to a tiny squeaky voice calling out ohs at us.

this is quickly drowned out by g proving his ability to stimulate our souls with his prowess at painting mental images.

no one in the music industry wants to be called a liar but g has to tell it is like it is to encourage the truth to be shot out others mouths instead of deception which assists no one.

winding up in a stretcher wont be a metaphor for some people.

plenty of folks have died as a result of pointless unnecessary wars.

the world would definitely be different if everyone was caring.

as humans we are prone to mistreating each other and wanting more than our fair share.

the streets are mean for sure but the music g makes just might be the cure to the manure and stingy mindedness in them.

on # of course remix g makes up his own word to describe what happens when friends up and leave you.

you have to use your imagination and fill in the blanks with your own words occasionally.

this is a fresh approach to writing rap verses that distinguishes g from the pack of other wolves out there .

g never needed to worry about money neither do any of us.

we let ourselves get vexed about what doesn’t matter instead of concentrating on what does which is knowing God and making HIm known.

g speaks of the wilderness in this song an experience common to all of us who have felt lonely or deserted by the world or needed to spend some time alone with Jesus in order to discover ourselves and or who He is.

he gives us expert advice when he encourages us to concentrate on our craft.

he throws shade on trashy rappers without stooping to the slimy low of other rappers and striking blows below the belt on wax by calling out names.

it is tragic when people cut others down like logs in the forest.

this is something g aims not to do to others cos he knows how it feels to experience it himself.

when g speaks of a king wearing a crown of thorns to me that means you have to endure the sting of heartache and suffering before you are able to obtain success.

it is tragic that we live in a world where some people don’t care about how others feel, by the same token we shouldn’t let others critical feelings towards us stop us from shooting for the stars .

g possesses the potential within him to be as he says a meal ticket to the grammies for someone special in his life of the female persuasion.

the best thing about this song is the challenge to us just before the last chorus to be among those who reach the lost instead of just preaching to the previously converted.

Jesus said it well you don’t give medicine to those who don’t need a doctor.

on III art of war we are reminded that a lack of knowledge is to humans what arsenic is to pigeons- extremely deadly.

the lively marching band almost carnival atmosphere of the backbeats perfectly suits the lyrics.

this is the first time in my life I have ever heard a baby in a manger be used to refer to a metaphor for not getting caught sleeping instead of to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

g is good at taking familiar concepts and putting his own uniquely flavoured twist on them.

I admire how he challenges us to be careful what decisions we make cos even a single wrong one could cost us for the rest of eternity.

g gets what a lot of homies miss that knowledge is only power if you apply it.

nas once said that hip hop is dead but if that is the case then g aims to be the ghost or resurrection of it.

although this world isn’t actually an illusion what g means is that the spiritual world is more real than the physical world and the two worlds continually intersect with one another.

it is only in moments of stillness or when we are obviously going on the attack or defence against the enemy rather than pretending to be neutral which is the same as being on his side that we notice the truth that we are continually at war and this battle will never cease until the return of Christ and destruction of this world in its current form.

on VIII dreamer we are treated to a mysterious chorus opening the song about a fire of destiny burning inside this gorgeous sounding lady .

g provokes us into action by reinforcing the truth that God never planned for us to live an average life .

by average i’m sure he means unfulfilled or not living out God’s intended purpose for us.

it’s tragic that g grew up without a father figure.

little wayne and sean carter are bad role models for little kids.

i’m glad g’s music is part of a revolution that is bringing positivity to the airwaves and encouraging little ones to look to Christ for guidance instead of the world.

when g talks about being covered in the blood he isn’t talking about the dead body of someone he killed but the blood of Christ who has the potential to redeem every soul that is willing to be changed by HIm.

by thug g doesn’t mean those who strangled their victims in india ( the original thugs ) but the African American gangsters who called themselves by the same name .

I am sure g’s momma is pleased he keeps his pants up.

this line reminds me of that dude in American idol who wrote a song about kids running around with their pants on the ground.

you know a guy is truly talented when he doesn’t have to exploit his sex appeal to fill a stadium.

g composed a brilliant original line when he talked about being driven by the father’s will.

this is his father in heaven the maker of us all.

although a simple truth it is often glossed over that we only need faith the size of a mustard seed to make a mountain throw itself into the sea.

some people think they need to have a ginormous amount of faith to make a difference in this world but all you need is enough to believe you can change one more life every day.

I love how g takes a familiar refrain much loved by red hot chili pepper fans and takes it in a holier direction than busta rhymes does by going straight from give it away repeated 3 x to show me the life show me the truth show me the way now .

it has been said before by bono that love means giving yourself away and that’s precisely what Christ did on the cross for us, He paid the ultimate price to give us freedom from the fetters of demons.

for many of us our faith walk can be a tight rope over a precipice like g says his life is.

we do not have to fear being stuck in this situation cos God is holding onto us and catching us each time we drop off that cord.

when g talks about desiring to change lives when he hits the mic he is describing in the best possible way his motivation for being in the game and the main reason why you should check this guy out if you haven’t already.

submission to Christ looks different for everybody but the best way to know if you are doing it right is to ask yourself is this what Jesus would do before you do anything and is this how Jesus would think if you are thinking something and you can guarantee that if it contradicts HIs word then it isn’t something you should be participating in or chewing on in your mind.

where david finishes I will fear no evil in psalm 23 with for thou art with me thine rod and thine staff thou comfort me g switches it up by saying giving thanks for every moment of breath.

how often do we forget to thank God for the little things or even the big things yet how often do we find ourselves badgering HIm with yet another shopping list of requests?

it’s probably true what g says that there are some who dream themselves into the grave .

we should not let our dreams die with us but try to give them flesh while we remain breathing.

this is best accomplished through the power of God’s son working in us.

like g says your passion pushes you to succeed .

I think we would all love to have a money tree growing in our backyards but I also reckon that life is more rewarding if we have to face challenges and sweat a little in order to gain success.

when g declares that he runs on faith it reminds me that I need this fuel also to be a constant part of who I am instead of something that I only fuel up on sunday mornings.

I love how he says aint no way im gonna make it on my own so I keep my eyes on God staying focussed on the throne.

we only win if we remain part ofĀ  or join team Jesus .

on x my black history an addictive beat tickles our ears before g hits us with that hardcore truth about how he didn’t value his education and learned to treasure it somewhere between being a youngster and this current moment.

I can relate to that.

I never appreciated the value of school til I was done and dusted with it.

I am sure g will touch a lot of hearts as he talks about how in his early days his self identity was shaped by those surrounding him who didn’t look like him so he felt like he was one of them and didn’t appreciate who God made him to be until later on.

it’s devastating for g that he had to experience being a victim of violent brawls in the school yard.

it’s crazy that he had to go to the louvre in order to learn about slave ships.

perhaps there is a fear that if African americans possess knowledge of their heritage they will rise up and rebel or people are so afraid of talking about the evil that occurs in history in case they upset anybody that they would rather just push it under the rug and act like it never happened but we do ourselves no favours by denying truth and suppressing information .

the reason some African americans hate on others is because a self segregating system was initiated by favouring the lighter skinned African americans over the dark skinned ones.

it requires a conscious effort for African americans to rise above the sludge of the past and not perpetuate the racial mistreatment of each other but embrace the spirit of brother and sisterhood and see that we are all made in the image of God , we are all precious in HIs sight and there is no reason why we need be jealous of each other just cos someone has something we don’t cos God can bless us just like He did them and if He doesn’t well then knowing where you’re going when you die should be blessing enough for all of us cos none of the treasures of this world can be taken with us when we leave it and none of them compare to the splendour waiting for us up there of HIs glorious face.

it is crucial truth how g says the n word leads to the point of no deliverance.

this evil word has held folks in bondage for centuries encouraging them to use the same words that were used to make their people feel like lesser than the pink skinned folks against themselves.

there is nothing pleasant about this word.

it is always an insult and never helpful or necessary but always harmful to everyone who uses it.

I believe the root word is niggardly which means someone who is stingy or miserly .

it has often been used to describe males in hip hop culture moreso than it has been applied to females.

we can all learn from g’s word of caution not to judge someone before we know them.

some would say not to judge at all but that word in the bible is misunderstood by some people.

judgment means to dismiss all potential for redemption not to point out where there is error in someones life that needs fixing.

you wouldn’t shake your fist at an optometrist for telling you theres something wrong with your eyes and you need glasses would you ?

well then don’t hate on people for bringing godly correction in a loving manner in your life.

g makes an excellent point when he talks about not relying on other folks to feed you if youre African American.

this truth can relate to all people groups.

they say give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day teach a man to fish and he’ll eat forever.

g talks about problems with the education system .

I guess that’s why some would call it a miseducation system.

it would be better if Christians weren’t forced to use their tax dollars to pay to prop up secular schools they don’t even use.

its interesting how g says trying to bring unity just brings about division.

I will have to chew on that one for a while but I think he means that constantly making a big song and dance about how people are different from one another under the guise of celebrating our uniqueness may have the potential to do more harm than good if we allow our differences to keep us locked in bondage stewing over the ways in which we have done acts of injustice towards each other instead of focusing on what we have in common and how we all make each others lives richer.

the backbeat for this song is best described as middle eastern influenced.

I agree with g there is a degree to which all of us are locked in slavery .

the only way out of bondage is through the blood of Christ that’s why we need HIm to guide us through each step of our lives.

if you would like to investigate g t dyne’s music please check him out on facebook under g t dyne musiq . he is on reverb nation and soundcloud and can be found on youtube on the page of showcase tour .

just look for g t dyne.

he is easy to find.

stay lifted gifted individuals.

selah ā¤






lacey has trish written on her left arm

those of us who sin should fearfully anticipate being burned by fire yet never completely consumed.

when we sin we trample on the body of Christ and drive nails into HIs hands and feet and push a crown of thorns onto HIs undeserving scalp.


some of us may think we would do a better job of running the country than the president until the opportunity presents itself to step in their shoes then suddenly weĀ  find ourselves fearful and becoming a pawn to lobby groups and our resolve is crippled by our parties lack of trust in our ability to conduct ourselves respectably in public and compose sound judgments.

why is the media so hypocritical in only allowing one point of view to get the majority of attention on television phone and computer screens.

lets also include newspapers in that mix cos there are many people that are too poor to own a phone television or computer.

I don’t believe that illegal immigrants should be given voting rights .

I think their children should be deported unless they somehow meet the needs of those families desperate for little ones to adopt as their own.

it is tragic that in the state of new York more African American babies are killed in the womb than allowed to breathe for more than one day outside of it.

I have no problem with governments raising taxes as long as they pay back the debt that already exists.

in the world outside of politics if we owe a man a thousand dollars we do not have a thousand more dollars to play around with.

if we have no money we have no money. we have nothing to spend. we have to find some way to earn fresh income.

I believe certain drugs should always be illegal cos they damage the brain cells.

morphine dulls the senses same as marijuana but it is has never been linked to inducing brain damage although obviously if used excessively it can do you serious damage.

it is criminal that we live in a world where doctors and nurses refuse to treat you orĀ  make every effort to save your life when you reach a certain age yet they are more than happy to pickle your organs and stick them in the body of someone younger.

I think plastic surgery should only be given to people who are victims of burning or acid attacks or who are born with physical deformities or extra appendages not those who are just vain and want to change something about their body.

it is a sad result of plastic surgery on the face that you lose your ability to contort your face into different facial expressions so part of the beauty is lost in communication. you cannot show someone you are happy upset or angry with them if you cant move your mouth and you cant show surprise or worry if you cant use your eyebrows.

some women who have gotten their breasts enlarged have faced problems with their backs cos their vertebrae cannot support the extra weight they are carrying on their chest.

I used to think jessie Jackson was a hero until I found out he was chanting down with western civilization and responsible for creating a giant hole in the university education system of America.

I used to think all preachers were trustworthy.

sadly this isn’t the case.

I used to think all Christians agreed with one another.

it is also tragic that we are faced with an internal war within the body of Christ that has lingered for over a millennium.

we can take comfort knowing He will rule and reign for a thousand years and there will be only serenity on this earth during that time and a time is coming when there will be no more war and poverty no one will be hurting each other with their words or their fists no one will rob from anyone else or cheat them out of their wages or lie to them or have sex with their spouses or kill them or push them around and treat them like dirt.

no one will abuse their children or throw them out their house cos they cant afford the rent or turn off their electricity and water supply cos they don’t have enough money coming in to keep the dreaded cousin Williams away from their doorbell.

we can experience this when we die and go to heaven or later on if we live to seeĀ  the rapture come and the restoration of heaven to earth when the earth returns to its original God intended design.

we must not allow our electronic devices to do all our thinking for us.

God gave us discernment for a reason. He gave us consciences and the ability to distinguish for ourselves between right and wrong.

we are given plenty of chances during our lifetime to get our lives right with God.

we only have ourselves to blame if we suffer for the rest of eternity for thinking God was wrong when He said He was the only way to heaven and when He said that sin causes us to be placed into bondage to the devil and results in everlasting torture and undying pain. there will be no cessation from our fearful state of being in that place. we will continuously be taunted and haunted by our regrets over all the things we could have done differently and all we said that should have been kept locked within our lips or better yet never agreed with using our brains to connect with the enemys way of looking at the world.

we do not know what it is like on this side of eternity to possess no hope.

those in hell do.

that is why there is no stillness.

there is no water to soothe the scourging of fire on the tongues of all who are there.

no there is not loneliness they will find plenty of company down there

but it will not be pleasant or desired

it will be detested and resisted yet to no avail

for all must join in the groaning chorus of the damned

those departed souls that know not the peace that passes all understanding found in the souls of those who live and die obedient to Christ in every action and thought ā¤

when the devil offers a gift let the buyer beware it is constructed out of a trap for your own blood



the nature of the devil

I wasn’t planning to write anything today cos I didn’t have anything to say.

then I had my arts council meeting and I found I had plenty to say after my friend questioned the nature of evil or what constitutes it.

she was trying to say that the devil is excusable for his actions cos she has somehow swallowed the false idea that the devil was asked to bow down to adam.

this never happened.

there is no way God would ever command the devil to do evil cos that would be a contradiction of HIs pure holy nature.

my friend was right in saying that we are the ones who decide whether to give into evil it is not the devil that forces us to do evil but she could not see that it is evil for the devil to tempt us to do evil or she appeared to see him as more of a hero than a villain which is completely ridiculous.

we are not the ones who tempt ourselves.

the devil is the one who tempts us and that’s what makes him evil cos he has allowed evil to invade his nature to the point where he is no longer able to choose to do good cos evil has completely possessed him.

my friend tried to say that venus means the same thing as lucifer.

neither God nor the devil are the authors of evil.

evil has always existed since the beginning of time.

the devil was full of pride and he wanted to be God instead of God so he organized one third of the armies of theĀ  angels and tried to take over heaven but God would not let him succeed.

He cast him down to earth and also to the pits of hell.

the devil is allowed to roam this earth but he is never allowed to have the final say on what happens in it.

although it is true that people choose whether to give into temptation or resist it tempting is not the only thing the devil does.

he is also constantly engaged in warfare whispering lies about who God is, trying to change our minds about religion and our relationship with God, trying to warp the way we see the world and the people in it.

he is constantly trying to use our past against us.

he never quits trying to reinterpret scripture.

if he cant get us to abandon our bibles he will try to get us to change the meaning of their contents in our minds.

he attacks us by encouraging us to fight with our family and friends.

he causes us to make mountains out of molehills, to magnify tiny incidents and to let them fester like puss filled wounds inside our souls.

he works on two fronts when it comes to religions.

he tries to get us saying hateful things about people from other religions and he tries to get us to believe that all religions are the same.

he works two ways when it comes to culture.

he will get us thinking our culture is inferior to another culture or superior to another culture.

he will encourage us to celebrate the parts of our culture that worship him and he will discourage us from focussing on those parts of our culture that are intended for the glory of Christ alone.

some may argue that he will bring fear to peoples hearts . he will keep them thinking that they couldn’t possibly use popular secular songs and add Christian lyrics to them cos his power is in the melodies.

this way he makes sure that his name is glorified when people are too scared of association being made through memory with the sinful activities that took place when they listened to specific songs in the past or simply the worship of satan in most impure form that took place when they gave him praise by uttering profanity or blasphemous words about the king of kings.

all culture was intended for the glory of God. that’s why culture and worship come from the same root word ethnos.

it drives the devil crazy when we worship God that’s why he will do everything he can to try and distract us.

if he cant stop us from attending a worship meeting he will try to encourage us to undress a beautiful human with our eyes or fill our mind with thoughts of how we are hard done by and try to switch our focus from giving glory to God for HIs goodness onto feeling sorry for ourselves cos we are not the king or queen of the universe and we might not live in that mansion down the street.

little do we know that the woman who lives in the mansion down the street may long to strangle herself with a telephone cord cos her husband beats her black and blue every night after coming home drunk from the pub where he wastes a vast portion of his pay flirting with the bar maid and attempting to squeeze any pair of bum cheeks he can get his filthy hands on when they belong to somebody of the female persuasion.

it is too easy for us to look at others lives and think they are a bed of roses when we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

unlike the devil while we are breathing and our brains are functioning we will always possess the potential for redemption.

the devil has shot his opportunity to enter heaven in the foot .

we should never have sympathy for him cos he knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

my friend was right he is referred to as the adversary in the bible and also the father of lies who longs to rob kill and destroy us.

if we are wise we will never listen to him but always ignore him cos his only intention towards us is evil just as God’s only intention towards us is good.

Jesus was right not to bow down and worship him.

why would the creator and saviour of the universe worship a lowly created being?

that’s just nonsense

why would the creator worship a foul creature who had tried to destroy His creation ever since they were first brought to this planet?

the devil knew that he was the snake spoken of in genesis and Jesus was and is the seed of the woman that will crush his head under HIs feet.

victory is ours as long as we remain in the will of God.

if we love good and hate evil we will always be on the winning team and never be defeated.


yesterday required a spade

when I was talking about sexual sin yesterday I had an incorrect notion that tamar had married three of Judah’s sons which I didn’t share here.

today when I was perusing genesis 38 I saw clear evidence to the contrary that although tamar was supposed to be married to Judah’s third son shelah this never happened cos Judah was afraid if shelah was given to her in marriage he would die like er (Ā  who ironically erred) and oman his elder brothers.

she must have been a pretty desperate woman to seduce her father in law.

some women in her situation wouldn’t bother to attempt reformation with a family who had rejected them.

perhaps it was a sense of destiny that compelled her to risk being punished as a whore by sitting on the side of the road in her veil ( a sign in that culture that she was a woman who earns her money from the act of copulation) .

it is funny to think of all the little incidents and seemingly insignificant people who play a role in major events occurring in our lives.

if tamar was never told where her father in law went to shear sheep she would never have gained the opportunity to ensnare his heart.

it is possible that had Judah not given her his signet ring cord and staff he may have reneged on his agreement to provide for her a lamb to consume on a later occasion.

it is funny that he was ready to burn her in punishment for being a whore and getting pregnant until she revealed to the world that the baby was his cos of the items he had left to her in broken promise to compensate for their loveless tryst.

it is funny that her firstborn Zerah came out slightly before ( by a matter of hours or seconds) his brother perez with a crimson thread tied to his hand.

what makes this thread interesting is it was also a crimson cord that saved the life of rahab who was linked to him by his family tree through ruth the moabitess and was rescued from death by her lowering of aforementioned rope from the wall of Jericho .

her life was spared cos she chose to shelter the Israeli spies putting her own life at risk in that moment when the city guards were hunting these intruders down baying for their blood like savage wolves.


although I do not know what lies within the heart of every human I do know we were made to worship God so it makes sense that the natural default setting of every human heart is to give God praise and to call upon heaven for assistance during a moment of crisis.


just as tamar was shocked by Zerah pulling his brother back into the womb so he could pop out first life can throw us some unexpected curveballs.

I did not anticipate my friend getting involved with my love life and organising for me to make friends with a woman by talking up my good qualities.

she didn’t know about my bad ones at that stage obviously.

I wish I could say that I am done completely with flirtation involving multiple women with my heart simultaneously but I still have a lot to learn and am In a journey of growth in that department.

although Christians can struggle with sin we should never see our sin as being part of our identity or make excuses for it.

the second we sin we should make every effort to get right with God lest we be held accountable for our idle words and thoughtless actions.

sometimes you can get away with procrastination if you have an innocent look on your face.

i’m not saying such abominable behaviour is ever justifiable by the way.

if we are waiting for a moment when we are perfect before we begin a relationship we will never be ready for one.

it shouldn’t matter how much trash we have involved ourselves with in the past cos we are washed clean by the blood of Jesus .

some pastors isolate themselves by bad mouthing other pastors and churches.

this is not healthy.

we as the church must take responsibility and ownership for being part of the body of Christ.

there are some areas of doctrine where we can agree to disagree on and still wind up at the same final destination.

on other issues however such as the Lordship of Christ and the fact of His resurrection we must be absolutely united or else we are not part of the same bride body just pretenders claiming to be something we are not.

ditto for those who refuse to accept the whole bible as true.

I do not subscribe to the slow earth theory.

I choose to take the bible literally unless it gives me evidence to the contrary such as descriptive language which can only be associated with dreams parables or figures of speech explained as metaphorical depictions of key players in future events.


today in the book shop someone was trying to pick up on my friend lucy by calling her lucy in the sky with diamonds in her eyes.

I think his flattering words were working their magic on her but she was still sufficiently guarded to completely be swayed by his purple prose.

there is one lady at a church I go to who always offers me bread.

she is elderly Italian and kind of short.

she wouldn’t make my garden gnome look like a giant standing beside her but she would probably come up to the height of my shoulder without standing on her tippy toes.


sometimes our moment of greatest triumph can seem like a disappointing letdown of an incident that leaves us crestfallen if we are not careful to rejoice in what we have achieved instead of staying bogged down in the ” it could have been so much more ness” of what we haven’t.

life is a lesson I will never stop learning til the day my mortality becomes replaced in importance by the journey of my spirit and gets jettisonedĀ  completely in the bowels of the earth .