Relinquishing control

In my dream i was collecting for charity.

It wasn’t cancer but I said cancer by mistake.

I climbed up the stairs.

One young man had no legs only stumps.

He said come in and take my jar of coins.

In the jar was a mixture of copper, silver and gold coins.

He had a little table in front of his balcony.

It was shaped like a circle.

He cried out can you stay n talk I’m so desperately lonely ?

But I had other houses to visit so I had to say no.

Then his father came chasing after me in a loud roaring voice.

Before he could lay a pinky on me his voice became the storm and I woke up with a jolt

I am not afraid of what I ideologically oppose otherwise I wouldn’t bother to confront it

My chief aim in life is to do the opposite of what’s detestable in God’s sight.

It’s not fair or right or even accurate to compare or equate the struggles of homosexuals who often choose their burden with the tribulations of africans who have more often than not been born into oppression.

No good scientist who has thoroughly investigated chromosomes genes and brain chemistry will conclude that anyone was born with homosexual desires within them.

We don’t make allowances for this erroneous conclusion when claiming the means by which we arrive at our religious identity.

We are born again but we had to be born in the first place.

God’s creation is made.

God’s children are created by the new birth we allow to take place when Christ impregnates His Spirit within us.

Unless we have Jesus living in our hearts we have no basis for our morality.

God gave us a conscience but it’s easy to ignore it or for it to be warped or put on mute if we allow our will to be bent by the whims of society instead of the desires of Gods heart.

I struggle not to be overwhelmed by despair or overcome with anger which achieves nothing unless I team it with the most highs logic.

El Shaddai is moving in my spirit.

HE motivates all the actions i make that dont contradict His will.

He heals and restores.

He makes everything beautiful in His perfect timing.

Ecclesiastics 3:11.

I am well aware of the fact my soul subsists on oft chewed meals of what may well be perceived as stale bread .

God has hidden His word in my heart.

That doesn’t supersede my need for daily manna and fresh inspiration from heaven on the regular.

Christians in the music world seem to be more into inclusiveness n making people feel comfortable about their sexual proclivities than sharing hard to swallow truth n teaching apologetics even to the found sheep yet alone the lost ones.

I fight against spirits in church urging me to be angry at a sermon I know I should be agreeing with cos it’s good n right n loving and holy n not just nod my head at the social justice aspects of the sermon while plucking out the heart of the message which is our universal necessity for salvation via the soul redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.

We can share the truth of how God sees the world without judging others if we degree to define passing judgement as completely writing someone off without choosing to see their potential for redemption.

It is a tricky challenging business and a life long lesson to know how to successfully speak the truth in love.

We shouldn’t deliberately go out of our way to trample on feelings but we shouldn’t avoid confrontation if we perceive it as a divine necessity either.

We should determine this necessity based on whether the lives of those around us are lined up with the will of God.

We are all accountable for our own sin not others.

This is not a truth that negates our responsibility to share God’s perspective of sin in order to save the world from the consequences of righteousness n judgement.

8:28 am.

Is all well with my soul.

I feel like it’s in a constant state of disrepair undergoing renovations or in the process of being cleaned up.

Why do I find it so hard to be just friends with beautiful young appropriately aged and spiritually aligned women who live overseas. ?

With God’s help all things are possible.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me- Philippians 4 : 13 .

According to an old song this includes riding my bike doing my homework and  (kidself shudder ) eat my vegetables.

I mostly love vegetables now except for taro, rock melon n cooked banana.

N nothing in this world will convince me to appreciate mouldy blue veined cheese though I will tolerate it now if I accidentally discover it embedded in my pizza.

I swing like a pendulum between depth and shallowness.

Intricate complexity and simple things are hidden within one another’s hearts.

Some people are scared to be themselves on social media.

That’s no longer an issue for me.

My only issue with myself is the all encompassing conundrum of how i go about becoming more like Jesus every day.

I don’t want to be that home wrecking type of person who lacks the wisdom to respect boundaries in relationships.

I have tried to steal girlfriends away from their boyfriends if not husbands away from wives.

One relationship is no less legitimate than the other or right in God’s sight if both halves of a coowned heart are walking in God’s will for their lives.

We must not attempt to do God’s job for Him and be the ones who determine right from wrong.

His word is the best assistant for our conscience and the greatest determining factor in discerning our most appropriate lifepath.

I would highly recommend kika ashanike’s books Intimacy and the delivery room.

It took her a great deal of time pain and personal expense to write them.

Very few masterpieces of Christian literature come into being without the oft dreaded combination of excessive blood, sweat and tears.

You can connect with her on

I wouldn’t plug a woman this intensely if I didn’t believe in what she’s doing so much.

God has used her to guide atheists n non christians towards Christ.

She has a background in legal studies n financial consultancy but she chose instead to pursue God’s calling on her life into ministry.

I appreciate her bold stance against fornication or having sex outside of Gods design for a marriage covenant that reflects His pure righteous heart.

I also admire her for advocating her readers to only listen to music that pleases the Holy Spirit.

We must be so careful what we feed our minds through the gates of our eyes n ears cos once it gets in us it becomes tricky to extricate.

It requires prayer and sometimes plenty of fasting to change the way we think so we no longer have the desire to guzzle poison for our spirit and pretend we’re gulping back on crateloads of ribena instead.

We must retrain our brains to love the things God loves and hate the things He hates.

We must never hate people but we shouldn’t just pat people on the back and encourage sinful lifestyles either with our silence or blatant blanket blank minded approval of the anything goes mentality of our modern regressive world masquerading as progressiveness.

If a wheel does a revolution or spins around back to where it was we do not pretend it has moved ahead to a different point or angle degree.

Why do we play mind games with the state of play of our social structure but not basic laws of maths, science and physics. ?

Sex should only be offensive to us if its outside of Gods plan.

As kika says if we lack patience to wait for it before marriage and we agree with God’s definition that love is patient then how can we have love if we lack the patience to wait for it?

I wish I had this book years ago so I had a better argument to present to my friends who are still having sex before marriage inside God’s framework.

I tried to tell them that marriage was a more real kind of love than the sloppy second alternative to God’s best they are still settling for.

This approach was not helpful or useful however cos they still haven’t changed clinging like a rock to its mountain n boulder brothers.

The only positive change i can see in their lives is that one couple now has a greater hunger for the things of God in their movie watching habits.

The female half of the couple does anyway.

They say women generally speaking have a greater hunger within themselves for authentic expressions of God entwined spirituality.

Perhaps guys just express their love for God in less obvious ways.

I wouldn’t class myself as a typical guy but then again I fail to be convinced that he even exists.

Although I’m not the best example of an honest guy there’s plenty of them out there so please ladies if you’re considering giving up on guys altogether don’t quit pursuing them or allowing yourself to be pursued by them.

I’m probably gonna get shot or eliminated or excommunicated from some church circles for saying this but I don’t think it’s an either or thing, I see it as both and . 😃

Other than the concept of holy war we have no word in the English language that perfectly sums up the concept of jihad.

Possibly our best equivalent would be crusade by that is loaded and tainted by inappropriate usage although it can also be applied successfully to social justice issues if you ignore the etymological roots of its heritage.

Which is a bigger and better priority for our countries unlimited immigration into our borders or free university education for all secondary education graduates and residents of our country cos economically I doubt any of us are in a financial position to avoid both outcomes. ?

Some fail to see how you can hate a candidate but still vote for him based on his choice to tow the line n abideby his or her parties policies.

I want to live in a world where no babies get aborted no fully grown adult or  child gets raped or molested nobody gets robbed or killed for a kings ransom or a pittance nobody feels they have to lie to justify their actions or possesses any concept of falsehood, no little child gets enslaved or kidnapped from their parents, no woman or man is taught to hate their body by themselves or society no religion has to hide underground for fear of persecution jail or death and nobody is living outside of a relationship with Jesus which is the only way any of these nightmares will be vanquished from the furthest extensions of the 4 points of a compass.

It’s true that we should look for the treasure in others but we must also be lionlike bold and courageous enough to point out their trash so God’s clean up crew can do a work on them n extricate the mess they have allowed the devil permission to make of their lives n hearts by yielding control to him.

Like it or not we can only choose to give control of our destinies to God or the devil.

We can never decide for ourselves independently of the influence of either one if not both simultaneously.

Jimmy needham expresses this truth well in his song which says if I have the ability to decide what to do with my life for myself if I truly think independently why do I inevitably choose to do the things that please the devil not God.

There’s no such thing as a decision made independent of an external spiritual being beyond ourselves just morally neutral decisions and those with eternal consequences.

Some of us are puppets on strings who live and die in denial.

It’s not simply a choice of puppet masters cos the devil doesn’t respect our rights to choose our future for ourselves only God does.

The devil is constantly trying to bind n blind our minds to his will n devices and remind us of wrongdoing he has advised us to participate in.

If he can’t get a cloud of guilt and condemnation to constantly hover over our heads he will try another tactic and try to convince us our sinfulness is good and right n even trick us into thinking hell is heaven if he can.

I wouldn’t put it past him though I hope no one is that stupid susceptible or easily duped by his devious devices.

He is cleverer than many give him credit for yet far clumsier than he thinks he is.

He constantly refutes the truth of his future cos he doesn’t want to face it although we know he will eventually have to whether he likes it or not.

Like us the devil once had a choice about where he will spend eternity.

Now his sinful actions have taken his choice away from him.

Only God knows who is closest to His heart but I know for sure those who believe in the existence of His son and His power to change our lives by the redemption of His blood are guaranteed to spend eternity in His flawless sick and stumbling free home if we walk blameless in His sight and keep our conscience clean of the stench of sin.

It’s easier to be full of holes than holy but I’d rather be the ship that makes it safe to shore or paradise harbor rather than be that poor misguided vessel that allowed itself to be riddled with immoral bullets cos it couldn’t see its maker and designer had crafted it with the innate ability to navigate treacherous waters and be led by His guidance back home.


Jah b me antidote to g

I hate it when chicks lie just cos they’re angry at a fella for breaking up with them so in their minds they manufacture up a criminal activity to involve him in.

For the record as if I need to defend myself i have never been charged with a crime nor was I involved in the specific activity this hateful ex accused me of which was to blast our private business or more specifically words she had shared for my eyes only with someone else.

I value others privacy even though my own clearly means nothing to me or else I’d never get involved with the confessional world of unpaid professional social networking.

I know why the devil is attacking me through my ex cos my music career is just starting to take off .


So I just learned something from scripture in my devotion time.

Of course i knew that part of romans 5 in verse 8 that talks about Christ loving us while we were yet sinners but my mind previously deviously ignored or refused to hold onto the truth contained within the same passage that God  also called us friend even when we remained ignorant of His existence or intentionally rebelled against Him or called Him enemy.

This means whether you like it or not whether you acknowledge HIS existence or not God considers you to be His friend.

The difference between christians and non is we are more than friends of God.

We are far more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him.

We are His beloved His bride His betrothed His intended His marriage partner His precious adopted kids and He is our exceedingly great reward waiting for us at the end of loves tunnel scattered with sprinklings of darkness n light.

He is sitting with us in our love boat keeping it from sinking by the power of His breath alone.

🐀 selah

It’s amazing to think when we become christians He automatically makes us pillars in His temple.

His temple is constructed from HIS body which is us and His soul redeeming blood.

He doesn’t Dwell alone in temples made of bricks and stone but in the heart of every human who desires to surrender their will and desire  before HIS SACRED majestic throne.

🐶 selah

I eagerly await that glorious day when heaven comes down to invade earth.

God doesn’t love how we love.

We don’t love anyone who we would consider a perfect stranger to us yet alone love our enemies in the way that He prescribes and desires for us to follow.

Yet if we hope to be  known as imitators of Him and walk in His presence that is precisely what God requires for us to do.

It could be as simple as a smile or a wave or 3 little soul saving potential filled words Jesus loves you.

We make sharing the gospel so needlessly complicated.

We malign or condemn others for how much of their flesh they reveal in church or the character attributes they choose to display in front of us forgetting man can only view other humans from the outside appearance but God sees beyond even that part of us that is revealed to the world via x-ray machines.

🐕 selah

Only God knows the thoughts and meditations of the heart.

Sometimes you can catch a clue by the comments people connect with their own pictures.

For example the super controversial naked selfie may be an attempt to bait and trap a man into a relationship then be a female panda or it could simply be an exercise in self empowerment for a suicidal girl who falsely think she needs other people’s praise to build her self esteem instead of the Lord’s unconditional guaranteed approval of her physical appearance if not every aspect of her life particularly those areas that flout His law, spit in the face of His grace and contradict His will for our lives.

His desire is that none should perish without knowing Him.

We are all on a journey.

I prefer honesty to dishonesty.

I know God does too.

If you can only think of Him as friend but not groom lover and Lord you are further along on your journey and closer to heaven than those who have completely rejected Him but you are no less in need of salvation while your heart and soul still remain undeclared as belonging to His ownership.

Because we are in a state of war while we live and breathe our only certainty of salvation is how recently we asked Jesus to forgive us for our sins and meant it sincerely from the heart.

We shouldn’t just be sorry we got caught.

There must be a strong desire in us to turn our heels round away from our wicked ways and begin an abundant life in relationship with Him.

We must beware of the wicked one who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking yet another souL to devour.

As if he hasn’t already got enough of them in his clutches that nasty old greedy guts.

His appetite will never be sated til he destroys every last one of us.

But he will not succeed in his evil devices.

He will be caught n tossed in the same fiery lake / pit/ trap he lays out for us.

Do not be too comfortable in your own state of holiness lest you should slip into the many ambushes he has waiting for us attempting to trip us by slipping us pride pills often under the guise of discovering some amazing incredible new fangled method of doing Christianity.

Ever heard of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? .

Of course you have 😃

There i go again making assumptions about people that may or may not be true.

🐰 selah

I’m just going to be totally raw and real.

Without mentioning any names (which is a mistake my homie r advised me against but I chose to ignore his sound advice to my own moral detriment perhaps )i would like to discuss my personal trauma resulting from the actions of 2 so called friends who misused my name n tagged it on Facebook.

If you follow me on Facebook you would know who i am talking about anyway through my notifications.

One of these people has apologized which is awesome as this perverted post was the one that rattled my cage and disturbed my spirit the most cos it suggested that I might possess an iota of attraction to the opposite sex n that I would be the type of guy who openly solicits sexualactivity in a public forum which I’m not.

Anyone who knows me personally knows how shy and reserved i am around girls.

I use gift giving as an excuse to get them to open up n talk to me.

Some people paint a false image of me as a player but I’ve never made a virtue out of owning a cheating heart not that even such a thing is possible.

Which is not to say i don’t possess those proclivities and inclinations cos I do.

But God helps me in my struggle to become a truer reflection and better representation of imago Deo.

Just the other day my friend was instagramming about being an ambassador for Christ.

To do this we must cause the world to focus on the oft neglected fear of the Lord which is wisdoms beginning as well as the freedom from the consequence of our sin if we ask Him to release forgiveness to us that is the most valuable n mind boggling gift of His grace

🐱 selah




Tuff gong chile

I dreamt one of my school chums had herpes.

I heard a dude whisper about her thinking i couldn’t hear his words but in my dreams i have ears like a dog able to pick up low frequency volume.

In another room in the same place aforementioned rumor was uttered I saw a wooden sculpture made to resemble a stereo system of record player n speakers with a rendition of Robert nestor marleys face plastered on one corner.

Some people were mad at me for overhearing the secret but they should know i would have no intention of spreading it even amongst the dream replicants of real world inhabitants who offer the dubious pleasure of action without consequence unlike how it is in real life.

The guy who spread the rumor in my dream is a youth group leader in real life so maybe he was only telling someone else about this girls problem for the purpose of praying for her.


Some people prefer to travel in their dreams or their minds than they do in real life.

There was a show about horrible stories which happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

One guy was turned into a head fed intravenously through tubes n connected to the Internet playing games 24/7.

Actually I think his body was cut off just below his hands.


Lack of preparation combined with my willingness to yield to temptation is quite often my biggest weakness.


When you have friends with babies who have to rise at the cow milking crack of dawn n cock crow hour to lead worship an hour down the road or you have ministry requirements that demand your attention before the television breakfast crew but not the radio equivalent you revel in the luxury of being able to stir from slumber at an hour of your choosing when the occasion permits.


An angry God can still be a loving God.

When a parent punishes a kid for doing wrong they still love them.

They are still being loving towards them.

If they don’t punish them they are being unloving.

Our God showing His wrath is just as much an expression of His love for us as His greatest act of grace and mercy bleeding to death in agony over our sins on the cross.

We cannot say we love God if we only love Him for the ways He spares us from the legal requirement of sentencing in the belly of the beast for our errors in judgment that allow the devil entrance in our minds and control over our lives.

We have to love every aspect of His character n personality.

We can’t just pick n choose the parts of His nature we wish to accept n junk the rest.

You wouldn’t do that with your friends and family.

You love every part of them the good you know exists in them as well as what you perceive as the bad and the ugly.

Far more many are comfortable with calling Him homie than Lord.

Acknowledging Jesus as my homie doesn’t require me to make a sacrifice of my time n money or put His desires and will above my own.

We don’t however tend to call our friends liars.

We believe them when they tell us something about themselves.

We don’t require that they prove their existence or provide us evidence of the truth of their statements.

So why do some of us do this in regards to Jesus. ?

He said in john 14:6 – I am the way the truth n the life noone comes to the father except through me.

In another verse He says i am the ressurection n the life.

In other words if we want to experience the best kind of life beyond the grave n we want to live in our mortal bodies with joy and peace ever present we need to have Him living in our hearts.

We cannot call Him friend unless we also call Him Lord.

A friend doesn’t stick their fingers in their ears when their buddy is giving them advice especially when it just might save their lives.

We would consider it foolishness to ignore that kind of wisdom but so many adopt a different attitude when it comes to where they plan to spend eternity.

They put off until tomorrow what they should be dealing with today instead of making hay while the sun shines cos tomorrow may bring fire, flood, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, blizzards, desert storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis or monsoons.

Or something as mundane for the rest of the world yet devastating for you personally like your cat or other best friendly pet falling out of a tree.

We should not wait until we’re crestfallen to call upon the healing soul cleansing delivering powerful mighty wonderful unconditionally loving name of Jesus.


As long as we live we carry the potential to shoulder the burden of sin on our backs as much as we vainly attempt to shift responsibility from ourselves onto others spinal cords.

We play with fire then shake our fist at the sky cos God didn’t see fit to plant a wall of angels in between us and our mommas oven.

While rules exist it’s the nature of man to try and break them but what we fail to recognize is God’s borders and boundaries exist around the edges of our lives for our own protection just like an electrified fence prevents a cow becoming a mashed up freeway burger.

Why is it that we try to run our own lives when history proves to us time and time again that we are always better off when we simply trust that our heavenly father knows what’s best for us.

Is it a lack of gratitude for what Christ accomplished on the cross or a lack of awareness of His availability to purchase our freedom while blood continues to pump through our veins our brains are technically functional and we still remain breathing.

Should I be thanking God that government policy isn’t determined by the ever shifting tides of public or minority represented majority ignored media opinion but mostly based on the 10 irrefutable commandments which govern our social structure and overshadow every area of our lives. ?

Our oneness with our creator is not against the universe but a force n voice for goodness in it

I dreamt i went out the train straight into a body of water.

In Australia our Canadian designed trains have a tiny gap between the platform and the train.

In my dreamstate this gap was wide enough to incorporate a river.

Consequently my phone n 2 p.cs were soaked yet in the beautiful land of fantasy they worked perfectly without needing to be dried out under an air conditioner unlike the device i am currently cradling pon my open palm.

My dad was there to greet me in a blue n white chequered shirt

Looking grumpy yet slimmer n more well endowed with follicles above his monocles than before.

It is possible i went wandering without permission.

My mind does that frequently especially when a beautiful woman is attempting to convert me to a worthy cause that enables her organization to empty copious amounts from my bank account on a regular basis.

We are rebels with a cause.

Sorry james dean.

Your romantic idealistic suicide n self silencing n ability to b an effective influence on our generation has been robbed of its power.

Plenty of us flirt with danger n death n put our lives on the line on a regular basis.

Our battles are just spiritual and mental rather than just physical.

It’s liberating to know the battle belongs to the Lord.

Say to yourself i am Israel

God is prevailing and winning victory over the obstacles and demons in your life.

I no longer fear persecution from humans.

Even though the antagonism and attempts to confuse my mind n distort my vision are far less than those in some countries who find it near impossible to escape it is still a real wrestling within n without to overcome the threat on my wellbeing posed by ill will.

There are many who secretly sympathize with the cause of disputed territory yet desiring to be independent nation states currently being claimed by multiple countries .

To be compassionate towards those travailing against injustice doesn’t make you unpatriotic or a traitor to the common wealth and livelihood of your country.

It just makes you slightly more humane than those humans who choose to attach kind to the end of human without adding the essential suffix ness.


Many today would frown upon a forced marriage or a marriage of convenience yet we think nothing of being in bondage married to our conveniences , slaves and chattals to our electronic devices unable to think for ourselves for fear of the ostracism resulting from holding a different belief or opinion to the norm that more closely corresponds with God’s design for our galaxy.

For some this is a more life threatening choice than others.

Let little girls become educated n wed before they get knocked up n pregnant.

Let them have limitless choices for career paths in life.

Let opportunities be made available for them to pursue any option they might consider fits their personality like a bodyglove.

Some dreams are achievable in our lifetime.

Others wait to exist beyond it.

I don’t know about you but I’m living for heaven and in the meantime trying to make this earth look more like an expression of His holiness instead of a pungent stench to His nostrils.

Yes you can be wheelchair bound or bedridden n God can still use you as an effective tool of ministry.

Not all of us know sign language but deaf people can communicate with us by using pen and paper.

This is why we must not become the dystopian future my homies envision where no child is able to write even his or her own name.

Imagine the security risk if all cheques were signed with a few clicks of  a button.

We don’t see how the more convenience increases the more danger we impose upon ourselves.

Of course there is great benefit from the increase in convenience of our modern world compared to the ancient one.

Communication is instantaneous.

Travelling long distance at most takes a couple of days flight compared to many months by boat , camel, train , foot or horse.

As the world becomes more frenetically fast paced when we can’t even spare an hour to be apart from our electronic devices so some genius minds eliminate the risk of impatient kids frying their brains while their phone or tablet is recharging by creating a charger that does the job within a matter of minutes we have forgotten the purpose of pausing to reflect on how life is.

We have lost the art of selah.

The most effective and productive meditation comes from sitting still eliminating all distractions n going somewhere God can speak to us.

This may look like swimming or jogging or mountain climbing or simply lying on a beachtowel with your earbuds blasting urban hymns in a futile attempt to postpone the apocalypse.

The element of control that exists with us is our ability to select our own eternal destination not based on the balance of our virtuous deeds versus our villainous ones but by the miraculous combination of faith and repentance.

Focus on what you do have rather than on what you don’t.

This is the path to true happiness and contentment.

A woman may desire to show love without desiring to have a relationship with someone.

I never expected my ideal dream bunny woman would just fall out of the clouds into my lap.

I will burrow deep inside myself before that ever becomes a reality.

In Japan geisha originally meant the same thing as artist.

Though she was an artist with her fingers in many pies.

A calligraphy artist, musician, operatic dancer , tea pourer and carrier of rolled into one.

Often thrust into this life through human trafficking she would be forced to buy her way out of slavery ironically ceremoniously upholding the honor of a glorified more glittering house of ill repute than some which only exist for the purpose of satisfying physical pleasure which exists in greater quantities within the sacred boundaries of the marriage covenant.

Never lull yourself into a false sense of security.

You could lose your woman to another player anytime so you’d better treat her right.

I’m not a player in the form of being faithless but all of us are players in one way or another in the game of love.

The only difference of substance is that some of us have hope beyond the grave n the possibility of reunification with our loved ones whereas others do not.

Our response to this knowledge shouldn’t be smugness but getting down on our knees for those in the second category.

We need to work out our salvation with fear n trembling on a daily basis.

We need to be the face of Gods love so we don’t chase others into the scorching shadowlands where the fire and torture doesn’t ever cease especially when they would otherwise be piqued in their curiosity and potentially handpicked by divine digits for paradise.


I can live without snapchat but I can’t abide existence without Jesus

If you want to be a male nurse in Pakistan you can only work with men.

If someone blows themselves or someone else up over there many will turn a blind eye because it has become an almost daily occurrence.

Pakistan has many secret believers and those who sympathize with Christianity within the military, government and wider civilian society.

There is pressure from Muslim clerics and other members of society to more strictly apply sharia law to Pakistani society.

A Muslim man can marry a Christian or a jew but never a hindu.

Muslim women are forbidden to marry anyone outside their faith.

Some girls are killed upon birth in Pakistan.

This happens to such a large extent that there has now become a severe shortage of available brides.

Another reason for this is honor killings where a woman is killed for allegedly dishonoring her family.

This supposed crime can be as simple as merely conversing with someone outside her family who she hasn’t been betrothed to.

Arranged marriages are common in many parts of the world today.

Child brides and sex trafficking are a notorious scourge upon our world.

Sad to say those men from traditionally Christian European backgrounds or countries are among the biggest destroyers of the innocence of little girls and boys.

Many police are more interested in making a fast buck by ignoring sex crimes than pursuing the scoundrels to the full extent of the law.

There’s some native kuwaitis coming to Jesus.

Praise the Lord.

One couldn’t understand the language of urdu he just came for the worship music but God opened his eyes and increased his understanding and he became a Christian soon afterwards.

His family thought he was crazy and sent him to a mental hospital .

They drugged him to prevent him from hearing the voice of God but they didn’t succeed in their quest.

Praise the Lord. 😃

It is possible for our country to recognize the existence of a homosexual relationship without giving them the right to marry each other and turn a house of God into a house of blasphemy.

It is not right that any pastor should be legally obligated to ignore their conscience.

Neither is it right that they be locked in jail or fined or gag ordered into suppressing themselves from standing up for what they believe in.

I do believe when a homosexual dies their partner deserves an equal share of their inheritance along with their families in accordance with the wills and wishes of the deceased.

This is a privilege afforded us straights so it’s only right that they should get the same chance to claim what rightfully belongs to them.

Please correct me if I’m on shaky ground morally but I don’t think this point of view contradicts the bible.

Some people get scared if they hang out with homosexuals too much they will become them.

This view affirms and confirms the biblical truth of by your friends you shall know them.

It’s possible to remain yourself in that situation but it’s also easy to persuade yourself to cave into curiosity and allow it to absorb your personality to the extent that you struggle to see yourself as behaving or thinking any other way.

If you seriously consider how you might be selling yourself short by pursuing a homosexual lifestyle and robbing yourself of the chance to raise a family that has emerged divinely and naturally from the loins of you and your partner miraculously combined within the sacred sanctuary of the marriage bed you might think twice before you increase your risk of sexually transmitted disease ( there’s no getting away from this fact though p.c police have often attempted to smokescreen its truth ).

I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a pastor to preach about his vasectomy.

I wouldn’t recommend he make it the entire subject of his sermon as the aim of preaching should be encouraging your brothers and sisters in Christ to pursue holiness and godliness not to become a mere megaphone for getting your tubes tied or being a shill for drug companies advertising the benefits of viagra or Valium.

The former of which can shrink your winkydink ditto for steroids and the latter which provides a euphoric state of being we should be able to achieve by supernatural means simply by concentrating on worshipping Jesus.

Some don’t agree with me that christians are allowed to drink wine.

None have actually told me it’s sinful.

The closest we get to a commandment against it is not to be winebibbers which I interpret as wisely forbidding excess drinking of copious amounts of alcoholic beverages in one sitting  ( yes this includes chocolate liquers  ) instead of merely having the occasional snifter or meager dram.

Obviously alcohol is responsible for a lot of the carnage that goes on in the world.

So is gambling and smoking.

Alcohol in excess may damage your liver.

Cigarettes may make you skinny but they also control your mind and make you cranky varying from mild grumbling to a full blown hot headed steaming psycho volcano without them as well as giving you heart and lung cancer.

We should depend on Jesus not drugs and alcohol to solve our problems for us.

Some people’s poison can’t be guzzled or inhaled.

Some worship women to the extent they are willing to throw their morals down the toilet for them.

A godly woman will encourage the godliness to come out her man even if he takes a million years to emerge from the chrysalis.

She who perseveres in patience and faith shall reap reward