So this girl tells me not to contact her cos she doesn’t know me and I’m too old for her. I did know her when she was knee high to a grasshopper. It feels like women hate me for no good reason. I know not all of them do. Conversely jesus loves me for no good reason too. Why do I scare some women by weirding them out and making them uncomfortable. What is it about me that is so despicable and horrible that my workmate won’t even go out on one date with me even though I don’t joke about having sex with her like my boss and other male coworker. Do women like to be treated like dirt. why does the media tell women to chase bad guys or to suspect good guys of bad behavior. Why are some women more comfortable talking to a homosexual than a straight dude. Why is it i can have a long deep and meaningful conversation with a woman and then the next time I see her it’s never the same or she gets the creeps when she hears from someone else that I like her. Im still dealing with old wounds. I’ve got plenty of them. I offend people so easily im beyond pussyfooting around walking on eggshells hoping i don’t crack a fragile ego.


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