Various above neck body parts

Why do those pictures on the net always seem to be calling look at me even when I can’t see their faces. My pool sountrack on Sunday purely in my mind was mxox everything sucks when you’re gone. My mind isnt entirely pure 100% of the time. Let’s go with 50% even though that’s possibly being overgenerous and falsely proportioning an abundance of good nature over my bad side. It’s not easy loving women especially when theyre semipermabently based overseas what sounds to me like the voice of reason can sometimes be the voice of evil.

Leaves blowing around doing a little wind inspired happy hurdygurdy on the concrete slab

Oy brat we’re doing the charleston get it right one of them disaffectedly mumbles

I was raised to be an elephant

Im talking memory not wrinkky skin and saggy baggy bottoms

I veer between the sublime and the ridiculous

I think we all do though most would prefer to acknowledge the former rather than the latter

Hair like water is far better as a metaphor and a song title than its actual lyrical contents

I’ve been fighting a losing battle to convince the magpies to remove themselves from our premises

It’s gotten worse since our dog died cos they don’t have any competition to chase them off

There comes a certain point where you have to stop engaging in a losing battle for a relationship that’s going nowhere


I don’t think ive reached that point yet

Im so glad God and my fiance haven’t given up on me


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