Generation y bother

Each previous generation presupposes either an ability to relate to the successive generation an alienation from their mores and values, a superiority to them or illusion of inferiority to them.

However we are more like each other than we are different and any thoughts to the contrary are merely a marketing construct to apply the old colonialist methodology of conquering by spreading seeds of division through mocking, derision and bad old fashioned hearsay and conjecture or slanderous gossip.

We are held hostage by social media giants and massive media monsters that attempt to control what we think under the guise of tolerance, acceptance and embracing diversity.

This sounds like noble ambition we all want to live in peace and harmony don’t we.

Yet when you examine what they really mean when they say we must avoid prejudice and bigotry and their message becomes clear – you are welcome to think exactly what you like as long as it’s exactly what we want you to think.

Challenge the perceptions of the world you are presented by the media.

Are you just dished up an unpolluted serving of well researched facts verifiable by multiple sources or is some overpaid hack who is too dishonorable to deserve the title of journalist spoonfeeding you hackneyed cliches and biased dribble dictated to them behind the scenes by the powers that be who have a vested interest in keeping the world revelling in ignorance so they can continue to bring it further into disrepute even as we drown up to our eyeballs in the fetid excess of their endlessly recycled garbage.

Do you seek multiple versions of events or just take it as a given that you are being told the truth and no one stands to benefit from sensationalizing disaster, scandalous celebrity behavior or a vulture like dissection of family grief in the lives of mr and mrs famous for five minutes thanks to the golden handshake of cash for comment.

We do not know the power of life and death that lies coiled like an eager worm beneath our tongues ready to leap out like a frog springing to attack a fly snack at a moment’s notice.

We have seen an erosion of trust in known historical facts by the mainstream media.

In our eagerness to question everything under the sun we have destroyed our certainty in the stability of language and cultural and societal institutions we need to have some measure of trust in if we hope to avoid ending our days in an agrophobic madhouse of paranoia.

Although some might say all truth is equally valid the foundation and base of that erroneous statement crumbles when faced with the stark reality of yielding all legitimate right to protect the wife ,house , kids or car from being driven off, tested out or occupied by an equally fluid morality minded corrupt individual who shares your misguided belief in the flexibility of ownerships interpretation.

We can’t be christians only when it’s convenient.

We are in a covenant relationship with Jesus.

This means we have an unbreakable contract that guarantees our place in heaven if we take every thought captive that exalts its ugly head above the glory of God.

Most people if they use their brains will know you can’t make a bowl of cereal fill itself out of thin air and yet some of us still stupidly continue to perpetuate the lie that it’s possible for a human to take the place of God.

We have become far too infatuated with ourselves.

Anything we give or ascribe worth to or spend most of our time thinking about becomes an object of worship.

If we use our money more often for others than ourselves and give to causes whose founders are devoted to building up God’s kingdom instead of tearing it down we find ourselves becoming a little more like Jesus in our actions and thinking patterns.

Don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

They won’t all the time even if you have only ever encountered yes ladies and gentlemen which I strongly doubt they may find themselves mentally walking in the opposite direction without sharing their diametrically polar position out loud for fear or upsetting you or in resentment that you have dared challenge their thinking patterns with a fresh way of looking at the world.

Your friends and enemies may surprise you in their fidelity towards you once you open up your mouth and start speaking your mind about all we will take with us when we depart this life and all that’s left behind. 🐱🐑🐃🐓🐭🐣🐁



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