Get your cat to grow a mustache

You can’t always rely on people in this world but you can always count on God to never let you down.

He is not the cause of your hurt and disappointment.

He just allows them to occur in your life to bring your heart closer to His bosom.

We have to be prepared to suffer the consequences of our actions from time to time.

We cannot always expect to get away with murder.

Upon occasion we may be obliged to pay for it.

If we break things they don’t fix themselves.

They either get tossed away or someone with more skills than we possess has to do it.

It’s possible that I may never get married and have kids but that has been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember.

I scare some women off by discussing topics which they no longer consider relevant to their life.

I may remind them or the background or upbringing they have been spending most of their adult existence trying to run away from.

If I say i cannot tell a lie that statement itself is an erroneous falsehood.

It’s far less erroneous and more accurate to postulate that though I am capable of speaking dishonestly I prefer to tell the truth as the God i serve is essentially pure truth, grace and love.

So in aiming to be honest though my feet may oft fail i am attempting to emulate His holy nature.

We may look at the way the world is going and think it’s the beginning of the end but beyond the end of this world a new better country awaits.

This world was ending since its beginning anyway.

We started dying from the first breath we took since we popped out our mothers tummy like crispy muffins bursting out the toaster ready to embrace the first of many brand new days and take on whatever challenges come our way.

It’s easy to let disappointment and tragedy get the better of us but we must not let it.

That’s why God gave us a pair of knees and a mouth to seek His face for positive change.

You will never have enough money to be a savior to all the hopeless causes of the world but you will always have enough prayers.

Even if your faith seems feeble God hasn’t rung the death knell on it yet even if you have.

Don’t give up on yourself.

Your prayers have the power to change the world for the better.

There has been numerous instances where someone’s life has been pulled aside from the brink of disaster through the wonder of prayer.

Perhaps we expect a charismatic individual to always be the one which anointing follows like a cheeky brood of eager pooches does a butcher with a trail of sausages dangling from his grubby blood soaked hand.

But that is not always the case.

Some of the greatest and most effective vessels for Christs use in pouring out His blessings on others have been mild mannered unassuming studious types who barely raise their voice above a whisper yet they make their words count as well as their days.

The power and authority of heaven is behind every syllable they utter.

Their lives are a sacrifice of worship blazing on God’s holy altar.

It is necessary for us as christians to engage with the world yet we must not compromise and lower our standards when we engage with the culture around us.

We must fight against the system and not become absorbed by it .

It’s impossible to live your entire life without being influenced by someone or somebody somewhere.

None of us were raised exclusively by tubes and placed in isolation beneath a molehill in a completely self contained environment inaccessible by any other lifeform.

We all have to interact with people at some point in our lives.

Whether we follow in the footsteps of God or the devil depends as much on how we were raised as much as it does to our personal response to everything that’s going on around us and how much we include the necessity of pleasing God in our decision making process.

We may not all run massive crusades bursting with people pressed side by side against each other like sardines in a can but we can be the catalyst to get them there or take them further in their walk with the Lord through discipleship training or simply being open to hearing their complaints and being open for opportunities to steer conversations in the direction of heaven.

If I was running one of these crusades I would think twice about the way we do altar calls if people’s bodies have been crushed in a fervent buffalo like stampede to the altar.

I believe the massive block or spam prayer by a pastor while people sit or stand where they are can be just as effective in calling down heavenly fire and bringing Jah’s kingdom to earth.

We are not meant to live in fear but to dwell in unity and faith.

The only good kind of fear is holy fear.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

What does this look like in practical terms ?

God has the power to kill us or let us live so both out of respect  for the fact He could  squish us like a bug (which our sins and occasionally callous or cavalier attitudes make us richly deserving of) and gratitude for what His death accomplished for us on the cross we are compelled to avoid like the plague every idea, thing or person that exalts themselves above His holy throne.

We must be careful in what we say and do that our thoughts and actions line up with the desire of His heart to see all humanity come into fellowship with Him.

He is the only conquering king in history that won the ultimate decisive victory by laying down His life out of love for us.

He displays mercy to us though we spit in His face and deny His  existence though He will not be patient with us forever.

We must prepare to face His judgment.

Psalm 30:5 His anger lasts for a moment but His favor lasts for a lifetime. Weeping may endure through the night but His joy comes in the morning.

Mandisavevo -search for He is with you.

My hyperlink skills leave a lot to be desired.

When our situation seems impossible to fix we must continue to remind ourselves nothing is impossible for God.

I do not want the organs of another sentient being be they human or animal inside my chest.

I do not want my life preserved, lengthened or assisted by bits of babies severed bodies squished and injected into my own.

I do not want to be switched off if I have to be connected to a life support machine cos I know my miracle working God can bring me back to life again just like He did for Lazarus, Jairus’s daughter and the little boy Elisha lay upon to be used as a divine conduit to ressurect his life.

If governments can afford to waste money waging wars they can certainly spare the expense to preserve life for as long as someone’s brain remains functional.

That person is still experiencing life either in a dream like state or they are temporarily visiting Jesus or the other guy. 😈

Why do we always do the things we know will increase our pain?

Why do we legally protect some forms of immortality yet prohibit others. ?

Something can still be a sin even if it’s no longer considered a crime in the eyes of the law or society at large.

Remember as christians we serve a higher law than that conceived by human minds or written by human hands.

This world may seem  hard going in times but compare it to enduring the agony of crucifixion and it will suddenly seem a whole lot easier.

We joke about having our crosses to bear but few of us could survive the torture Jesus went through to buy our freedom.

We can all do our bit to make this world a better place even if it’s smiling at that nasty neighbor across the street who cussed out our mother.

Jesus said turn the other cheek.

This means speaking only when it’s a matter of standing up for the convictions and principles of your Christ like conscience.

In all things be guided by the Holy Spirit.



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