The bothersome indoctrination of apathy via tolerance of only one worldview

I don’t know how i got that scratch in between my left eye and my nose.

It’s a mystery that I’ll probably never solve until the day i die.

People are often apologists for morally problematic social groups which they personally don’t have to deal with every day.

It’s easy to preach our need to get along with everyone when it’s not us being robbed of a grandchild or watching your sister go through and possibly eventually to hell if she doesn’t turn her life around and wake up to who God made her to be.

She forgets those moments of confusion she had in her youth.

She tells herself lies that she always had clarity in order to cope with the fact that she chose to lump herself with an instant family when she decided to become an adulteress and a homewrecker.

She doesn’t see the damage she’s doing to herself.

She didn’t always accept her behavior as normal.

Once she felt pressured as if this other person was trying to turn their friendship in a reciprocal relationship when her gentle friendly goodbye kiss on the cheek was mistaken for a far more sinister declaration of affection by a lonely misguided soul who didn’t know how to stand up for themselves.

If you want to see your friend performing in his choir you shouldn’t let your girlfriends opinion influence your decision to go or remain at home.

When you get over the milestone of childhood you should be grown up enough to make decisions for yourself.

Yes she was right about the ethics of vampires with sparkly crystal eyes.

I should have learned that lesson before I saw aaliyah in queen of the damned.

I guess you could say I’m a sucker for a beautiful African American woman even if she wants to pierce holes in my neck.

Some people watched clueless for Alicia Silverstone.

I watched it and the tv show primarily for stacey dash.

My mates covered coolio – gangstas paradise at school.

They flubbed the lyrics but I was hooked on his skills for life.

It was only years later i found out he had borrowed the chorus of stevie wonders pass time paradise.

I think coolio might have been my entry point to Steve.

I  do remember ja rule covering do i do but I’m pretty sure that was later in life though I’m also fairly certain mum and dad raised us on their own version of isnt she lovely.

I’m pretty sure I was into coolio before I discovered will smith.

I was familiar with boom shake the room but I didn’t know it was his song for years cos I got into him when he came out with getting jiggy with it off his seminal release big willy style.

The first hip-hop album proper i owned was dc talk free at last.

My mate pablo got me into gospel gangstas.

Before that I was into deezer d and cypress hill.

Being the ignorant little kid that I was i thought n trance wrote do you think I’m sexy not rod Stewart.

I was a stupid sheep as a kid.

I played sex on the beach which embarrassed a kissing couple on my art and biology camp.


I used to dig for coins in the mud when other people tossed them off the balcony.

I ate a live ant which bit my throat as it went down cos someone dared me.

I used to go down several flights of stairs in the Lotus position clutching onto the railing to enable myself to move.

when my crush ignored my comics i buried them in dirt.

I was a pretty extreme kid.

Still am in different ways.

I couldn’t handle rejection well.

I was a weird kid.

I used to draw monsters and demons on the back of my exam papers.

I was one of the smartest kids in my class in year 7 .

Then in year 8 I crumbled and everything’s been going downhill since.

I wasdiagnosed with aspergers syndrome in grade 10.

I think one of my friends might have it but she’s in deep denial.

It manifests differently in women anyway.

You can tell some people completely obvious truths and they will still fight you tooth and nail over the validity of it.

I told my soul sister i would keep my lips zipped if people asked about what happened to our church but I lied or it slipped my mind.

It’s very difficult to avoid blabbing secrets when the person asking you is a beautiful young lady or you just have some hot gossip too juicy and tasty to keep locked inside your head.

When my friends daughter watches tv she wants everything she sees on TV .

If she got her own way her house would have to be the size of space to find storage room for all her stuff.

I feel bad when someone hurts my mom.

It’s worse when the person causing her pain is a family member.

Even worse when they’re older than me so I have to respect them though they lack courtesy, decorum and appropriate behavior re my mom.

I wonder sometimes if I can keep on going when I only hear from my beloved honeysuckle once a week but it’s still better than nothing.

When the one i love more than anything else in the world is sick it  makes me wish I was in her shoes instead lying in that infirmed bed.

We are supposed to get married next year.

I hope i can please her jn bed as well as everywhere else we go together.

I don’t believe even the worst criminal deserves to have their star messed with on the Hollywood walk of fame

It seems there is a double standard with hatred for celebrities mostly concentrating on those who would put themselves directly in the camp of the moral majority.

Does anyone else seem bothered by noones bag of flaming poop ending up in the face of convicted pedophile roman polanskis statue.

I do not always go hunting for trouble.

Sometimes it finds me when I’m just keeping to myself minding my own business when suddenly it sneaks up on me.

I wish I knew off by heart the entire mental library of every book i have ever read.

To me saying goodbye to a well loved character in a book is like being forced to conduct the funeral of a friend.

We may feel like part of our childhood dies when the authors we adored turn out to be possible residents of the east end of London or mafia/ yakuza members. .

I may struggle to keep my eyes open but at least they haven’t been gouged out yet.

Sometimes I may make decisions then later end up regretting them like every path or fork in the road I’ve chosen except for Jesus and my fiance.

You don’t always plan who you find attractive but you can definitely have some level of conscious choice in selecting a partner to while away eternity with.

I was told boys don’t cry.

I feel for this dude  cos he was obviously never allowed to publically display his turmoil.











































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