Bloopers reels are my everyday life

My second last girlfriend was born in Singapore, raised in dubbo and Cambodia and is ethnically Filipino.

Her uncle is welsh and another uncle has malay Chinese blood so she is truly an internationalist.

When I wastelling my malay friend from kota kina balu that I had the rumble tums she thought i was referring to the fruit rambutan.


My ex wanted me to sign a petition against a guy who made an email against Filipinos but I decided to leave well enough alone cos I didn’t want to add fuel to his fire.

At sea world we kept chasing the polar bears cos they kept disappearing above or below the water when they saw us coming.

We were not adequately prepared with fish to distract the unwitting mammals.

I think I need a jolt of 50000 volts to give me a much needed energy boost.

The garment of praise is  a great way to deal with a spiritof heaviness.

It’s easy to get caught up in Christian culture but hard to live out.

Love isn’t sweeping sin under the carpet and denying you have allowed it to worm its wiley wicked way into your spirit.

Love is confronting evil wherever you may find it inside and outside yourself and using the bible to lead people away from amorality and situational ethics into a glorious life of hope and promise in this world and the one to come beyond the grave or when heaven invades earth and completely transforms it into a place of purity and perfection.

Don’t feel bad if you have a friend who won’t listen when you tell them not to kill themselves.

Jesus had the same problem with judas.

When Jesus communicated with his father he was completely open and transparent, which makes   sense considering the impossibility of being unfamiliar with his  own thoughts.

We may  find with age we don’t want to take risks like we did as little kids.

Sure i was scared of plunging to my death off the treetop walk at Mount tambourine but I didn’t let my fear stop me from clambering up in the air even though my knees were knocking together  i know my God has rescued me from hell and He will use my life for His glory though I may be forced to lose it in order to win souls for His kingdom.

My sister used to do tambourine dancing for the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

She was trained by a lady who was fascinated by Jewish culture.

She was better than me at cross country and realistic drawing.

She got a toy gorilla as a reward when she entered the race to the finish.

I wonder sometimes if I’m adequately prepared for the afterlife.

Sinning just seems like second nature to me so I need Christ to occupy my mind so the desires of my heart are switched from evil to good.

James says the tongue is set on fire by the abode of the damned.

Before we know it we may find ourselves challenging the authority of our maker or blowing our witness by indulging in the pleasures of this world.

We may find ourselves saying things that we may later on regret that’s why we must bridal our tongue and be careful what comes out of our mouths.

Unlike the world we do not laugh at our weak moments where we lack discernment and self control but we use these experiences as lessons and stepping stones to motivate ourselves to imitate Jesus instead of the destroyer of our innocence and corrupter of our God designed destiny.

We do not always see the value in spending time with those who raise us hopefully not to be carbon copies of themselves but individual seekers of Gods holy truth.

It is important to research other religions and cults to know what you believe but we must be careful not to fall into the trap of indulging the lies of the enemy more than we listen to the instructions of our loving saviour who only wants what’s best for us.

It’s important to prepare ourselves for the conflict zone of the outside world.

Sometimes we fight in our prayer closets behind closed doors.

At other times God will call us to risk mockery and proclaim His name in a public place.

We must be grateful to God that in the west we still have the luxury of worshipping God in our own homes.

In North Korea they have no such rights.

I worry at songs which may be inadvertently or deliberately promoting a universalist agenda.

One song sings about a girl catching faith from her dad.

Faith isn’t like catching a cold.

Someone else’s faith can influence our decision making process but we are the ones who have to grab onto it for ourselves.

I do feel like unforgiveness can block the Holy Spirit in my life.

So I try to consciously remove all mental blockages or psychic hindrances during worship time.

Silencing the voice of the enemy is an important step in finding wholeness.

Our life’s purpose remains unfulfilled until the moment we come to know Jesus.

The reason why good christians don’t drink more than a couple of glasses a night or grind up on each other on the dance floor is because we don’t want to lose control of our inhibitions or wind up saying or doing something we might later on regret.

It’s only when I make a conscious decision to resist the voice of the enemy that I realize his voice is not my own.

A good way to tell whether it’s God or the devil speaking to me is to look at God’s word and see if the 2 statements match or widely diverge.

It’s important to look for deeper confirmation than one isolated scripture.

Read scripture in context by reading the verses preceding and following it otherwise you will get the same result as the boy who had a cat and baby brother both named tom and when his mum went away and left a message on the fridge don’t feed tom the cat ( cos the neighbor was doing it ) young Gunther chang only paid attention to the first 3 words and within a week had to explain the hole hastily dug in his dear mother’s prize geraniums.

It is a sad stateof affairs that many stories kids read these days seem to have heroes or heroines that glamorize naughty or occultic behavior.

There seems to be a push by some unsavory elements of society to bring monsters out from under the shadowy realm of under bed or in cupboard and paint pretty pansies on their cheeks to distract little ones from the horrors of their blood soaked teeth.

Any books that encourage children to lie, cheat, steal,  indulge in perverted sexual behavior or disrespect the ones who brought them into the world  ( God and parents ) should be avoided like the plague.

It is funny how we hero worship some people and countries and ignore those out of the lime light as if something worth hearing was only to be found in the mental chambers of mr and mrs popular.

Why is it we just quote the media verbatim and take its message on face value when so many journalists have been exposed for badgering, bullying behavior or gross incompetence when it comes to accurate reporting of the facts unhindered by potential toxic reprisals from fringe groups which falsely claim to represent the voice of the majority even as their support withers into dust like a cherry tomato in a dry hot scorching wind that couldn’t get a cloud to spit in its direction if it offered all the tea in China as compensation for the meagre dribbling of its mouth.

You would get a 2nd opinion from doctors if they want to cut you open so consider everything the media says is an attempt to perform surgery on your brain.

It’s very dangerous to have your mind exclusively moulded by someone who may not share the same spiritual background as you.

They might not necessarily have your best intentions at heart.

In fact you can pretty much guarantee it’s a safe bet if  they don’t love Jesus they won’t.

You can still be a good person and not love Jesus but loving Jesus is the only way that you can hope to get to heaven.













4 thoughts on “Bloopers reels are my everyday life

  1. This was simply jam-packed with cool stuff! I particularly liked what you said about reading the Bible, reading in context, and getting multiple verses on the same subject to get a picture. My pastor always tells us “Scripture interprets scripture.”

    Your comment about not taking news claims as established fact reminded me of something I wrote in 2014:

    Thanks for so many thought-provoking nuggets!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind words. God helps us live up to a higher standard than we are capable of struggling all by ourselves. Dial 777 for life long assistance 24/7 😁 after hearing of bill nyes beliefs it grieves my heart that my otherwise godly science teacher didn’t use material from ken ham or a similarly reputable resource instead. Just as a prayer quicky evolution is prerequisite teaching alongside creationism in order for our Christian schools to be applicable for funding. Covert brain washing through manipulation. ? I’m with you on fossil records too. I saw how quickly an island can be formed out of volcanic lava in Iceland in recent times. I admire your countys creationism museum. It’s not exclusively a Christian issue. Plenty proponents of intelligent design are non christians. It can be a nudge towards Jesus though 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have heard of that island. Similar issue with an exploding volcano.
    That’s wonderful how God can create new life out of situations of destruction
    That gives me a profound sense of joy and hope


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