I remembered when I first heard stevie wonder.

It was his song i just called to say i love you used in the movie the woman in red.

I always used to sing that to my ex even though I barely knew more than the chorus.

Same deal with my girl by the 4 seasons and  my cherie amore ( which I altered slightly to rhyme with her name ).

I knew yellow by cold play slightly better cos it had less words.

I used to sing her shanks n big foot sweet like chocolate which I changed from boy to girl which messes up the rhyme but it suits my sexual preferences.

Her bigger sister used to like smashing pumpkins.

She noted in her diary her sisters erroneous observation that Corgan was flipping someone off in the video for 1979.

She was friends with the dad of an r and b singer only famous in Australia who was named after God’s name for the Jewish people  ( literally meaning people of God ).

She washed dishes and served food at a retirement home.

She did sponsorship package promotional work for world vision.

She was part of their support network one year when I did 40 hour famine.

She taught Sunday school in America and Canberra.

She lived in Melbourne for a while.

She thought her chubby Korean friend was intimidated by me.

I was freaked out at Christmas time when her nephew was running around in the nuddy.

It was sweet of her to include my name on Christmas presents i had no part of buying.

I have no intention of doing that for anyone.

Her first word was duck.

She was trying to say her dad’s name.

When I met her her dad was on radiation treatment.

He needed a wheelchair to get around.

Later he needed a poop bag.

When they went to perth for treatment they locked themselves out of their apartment.

I locked the keys in the car when dad and I went for a camping trip at cotton tree caravan park several car replacements ago.

One time I got my sister’s anne of avonlea book damaged cos I left it in the rain outside our tent.

I often bent pegs over backwards when I hammered them into the ground.

My friend from sri lanka who is no longer in the land of the living read out psalm 117 in royal rangers cos it was the shortest one.

He had to get his mum   to make him a replica uniform cos he couldn’t affordto pay for one.

That was probably my first brush with poverty though I didn’t know it at the time.

We had more druggies in our school than I was aware of while i attended it.

One guy in a few grades above us got suspended for taking a ganja leaf to school.

It was only in a soup kitchen in brisbane that I heard indigenous people call it yandy.






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