Do abortionists ever thank God they weren’t aborted like i do

I met a homeless dude without any shoes reclining near the bus station.

One bespectacled lady gave him a cup of coffee and a toastie.

He worships every God with particular admiration for mary.

He is on the list for help from vinnies and the salvos for a place to live.

One guy recommended to him.

He wears a necklace that is either a picture of mary or Jesus.

I didn’t get close enough to be able to make an accurate assessment.

He talks to God every day.

He sees Him as His friend who loves Him unconditionally.

He says mary lives inside of him.

It’s funny how we can be so close and yet so far from the truth.

It can be right under our nose our whole lives and yet we fail to see it or ignore its demands for our conscience to follow Jesus when we do or the 3rd and best option we pay attention to it and allow it to transform our lives.

He said i was a warrior and I said he was too in regards to prayer.

Prayer is a powerful and effective weapon against the enemy when you pray in faith with a clean conscience.

God can forgive every transgression and silence the voices of the oppressor and our minds which seem to be born with nomad feet.

They love to wander off topic and become easily distracted.

I met a south Asian looking reggae guitarist and singer from London.

He was busking in the tunnel at the train station.

He gave me a guitar pick when I bought 2 of his albums.

I couldn’t afford any more than that.

He had 4 altogether.

He believes love is a force.

I believe love contains all the power of God in its purest most uncorrupted form.

His uncle told him his happiness lay in doing what he loves.

He was the one who advised him to take up singing as a profession.

He doesn’t blame others for the choices he has made in life.

He didn’t elaborate on exactly what they were so i didn’t pry.

His friends have been helping him make records for 14 years.

They donate their instrument playing skills to him for free because they love him.

They get paid for other gigs so they say that allows them to give him their time and skills scot free.

He started playing guitar when he was 15.

Now his hair has a little snow on the mountain peak but he has no plans to quit anytime soon cos he’s doing what he loves for a living.

He can play for 3 hours nonstop.

He was doing gigs once a month in the uk.

He only listens to the news every couple of days because it makes him feel depressed.

He says brisbane is the best city to be a busker cos he doesn’t get harassed by the cops like he did in other places.

He is a fan of Curtis Mayfield.

Something landed on curtis .

He winded up in hospital.

Now hopefully he’s entertaining Jesus with his vocal skills and guitar instead of dodging the other guys pitchfork.

I suppose it’s better to give food than money when people ask.

I have only ever had one lady ask me to buy her a pie.

I suppose people can spend money on drinking, strip clubs, porn, whores and drugs or ammo and weapons for gang wars but i’d like to think most people listen to their conscience most of the time and only use their moolah for things that either benefit their spiritual life or someone else’s if they take the time to acknowledge the nonhuman source of their benefits who motivates others to stretch out a helping hand just like He did when His were nailed to that cross 2016 years ago.

I heard a guy who made some really spot on points about politics and economics but I was too shy to ask him to post on here but he was too busy and then too gone by the time i worked up the courage to open my quivering gob.

My friend said something dope about forgiveness but all I heard was what she said about letting go of the hurt.

I missed my chance to share some devotional materials with the first born of all creation.

I can feel my mind switching tracks from clean to dirty.

Sometimes it’s a heavy uphill struggle and I keep sliding back down again.

At other times it’s as simple as shooting up a breath prayer like heaven help me and I’m back on my definition of the road to success which is keeping my heart in the right place with God.

This guitarist said he would like to eat with me and philosophize but I have to catch him when we are both available which may not be easy.

I was his first sale of the day and hopefully not his last.

He has plenty of stickers plastered all over his guitar including the Australian indigenous flag and dora the explorer.

He said if I didn’t like his cd he could always give me a refund by buying me lunch.

He said I would probably think he was mad but I told him I didn’t think that.

I saw a ukulele band.

They covered john Farnham -you’re the voice,  his fellow brits men at work ( land down under ) Olivia newton John , the seekers -i still call Australia home, banjo Patterson – the man from snowy river and waltzing Matilda  ( Queensland version ), Peter allen – tenterfield saddler , give me a home among the gumtrees, billy Thorpe and the aztecs, daddy cool – eagle rock, the wiggles – wake up jeff and big red car, the play school theme song, skippy the bush kangaroo, the vegemite song, aeroplane jelly, gangajang – dumb things,  botany bay and the band played waltzing Matilda and yothu yindi-treaty.

Some of the songs were just bits and pieces incorporated into a medley.

John Farnham kindly allowed youth with a mission Europe to use his song the voice for mission promotions royalty free.

Some people call God the universe.

I say He made the universe.

Some fools think the universe is inside themselves.

I say we are too small to fit a galaxy or quadrant in our pockets but God isn’t.

Today I was meditating on how God can hear all our thoughts simultaneously and how tricky it is to multi-task and do more than 2 things at the same time yet our awesome God manages to juggle the whole of existence past present and future in His hands.

People don’t understand love if they think it is possible to have affection for someone who reminds you of all the hurt and rejection the opposite sex has caused you every time they look at you.

If your so called love or assumed gender identity is just a reaction to pain then it doesn’t really exist at all.

You have just used relationships as a coping mechanism for your own insecurity about who you are and what the future holds for you if you continue down the putrid path of showing contempt for God by rejecting the person God intended you to be.

Your reasons for being with someone should be stronger and more logical than hatred of the opposite sex born by anger created from the ashes of abuse which God has helped you rise above.

But remember the serpent was only ever a vessel of the savior.

It was never meant to replace the savior Himself.

Those who have been physically, sexually , verbally, emotionally or spiritually abused inevitably end up abusing others without divine intervention.

There’s a child in every monster and a monster in every child to paraphrase Gregory boyd.

We are influenced by movies, music,  tv shows, music videos, politicians, parents, teachers, preachers and celebrities from the world of sport, science,  business, history and philosophy.

Most people in the world have a mixed bag of spiritual influences.

Even the disbelief in spiritual things is itself the result of evil spiritual beings blinding the minds of its innocent or willing victims to the truth.

If I am a Christian my actions and reactions must change unless they mirror that of Christ.

The homeless man i met was playing a red plastic recorder.

The ukelele band i saw are yet to record an album but they plan to do so at their next concert.

I’m going to wait for a question from my audience requesting information about companies that offend me because of their lack of respect for diversity in regards to opinions or beliefs regarding sexual preferences.

If nobody asks i will assume nobody needs to know or that God will provide wisdom to individuals regarding their purchasing decisions without input from my personal research being necessary.

Ditto for what I think specifically about the dubious activities of religious groups which misrepresent or malign Christianity through direct attack or encouragement of indifference via sidelining or false accusations of irrelevance.

For the purposes of our discussions it will be necessary to agree with me that atheism is a religion more or less identical to humanism and only slightly removed yet definitely distinctive from agnosticism, all theism or anything goes except ascribing to a definition spirituality.

This singer i met today says he chooses to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Unless we pray to the one true God we are like a bowman or archer shooting all his arrows in every direction but at the target.

I have no interest in prolonging discussions with people who disagree with me.

They are simply a waste of my energy.

If I disagree with you i will either walk away, change the subject, stay on a similar track or look for something in your statement i agree with and run with it.



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