Breaking free of self imposed limitations on creative expression

They say negotiations make strange bedfellows.

That means sometimes we choose to ignore the things we disagree with someone about and choose to focus on common ground for the purpose of achieving the realization of a greater good.

I was trying to stress the importance today of the marks of distinction of our faith not inherent or present in other faiths that respects the right of other people to have different beliefs even if it sends them to hell as a result.

It boggles me that anyone would turn their back on the religion they were raised to follow but I can see why some people get put off by having God shoved down their throat.

Indoctrination of darwinism can also induce bile.

We all have to know God for ourselves and make sure we’re serving the right one.

This line from an old hymn plays currently in my mind – with my hands lifted up and my mouth filled with praise with a heart of thanksgiving i will bless thee o Lord.

One guy has a daughter who believes in Jesus.

He is not a Christian but he connects with those who are through men’s shed.

He does sausage sizzles and sells cokes for them outside bunnings warehouse.

My dad always used to butter the bread he wrapped around his sausages until it got too time consuming and expensive.

I thought one guy was going blind but he just needed glasses for reading.

I thought I had offended him but he wasn’t so cut that he had lost all appetite for a 2nd sausage.

He had waited too long however for by the time he returned there was nary a sausage to be had.

Sometimes we criticize people for their benefit,  sometimes we just do it cos we love starting beef , giving others grief and having a go at them.

People may see criticism as detrimental or necessary for their growth on their journey to becoming a better person.

It’s all in the tone or phrasing you use to enunciate the need God points out to you for change in that persons life.

It’s better to bow out and quit your platform as the public face of Jesus’s hands and feet as a minister if you are misrepresenting Him in your talk, thoughts or actions.

What you fund or promote represents what you worship.

Whatever you give worth to or spend time with is what you bow down and make sacrifices to and for subconsciously or otherwise.

It has happened that God has redeemed those who have fallen from grace but if they continue in ministry unrepentant and unwilling to change it is dangerous to support them as each dollar we give them comes with a little message attached that says it’s ok to sin.

People will look at the life of that person that hasn’t been disciplined or stood down from ministry and think if they can get away with it so can I.

I must qualify that I believe in private discipline not public criticism in front of the church designed to shame and humiliate.

I can say this because I’ve tried it both ways and I know which one is more likely to yield the result of genuine change instead of anger at the one who brings public discipline which often results in further disobedience.

Learning from watching my dad’s experience as a pastor the best way to tackle an issue is to talk about it in general terms.

I have seen pastors name and shame their daughters to humiliate them into godliness in sermons.

It doesn’t work.

It just drives them into the arms of the devil and pulls them further away from God.

As God’s servants we should be fighting alongside instead of competing with and murmuring against one another.

We should be building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

My friend told me i should write about God in schoolies week  ( senior year break up week) at a scripture union camp at tambourine mountains.

I haven’t been able to justify talking about anything else since.

Since then I have been motivated to include God in my writing.

I aim for it all to be coming from a godly perspective even if I don’t specifically mention His many names or the personhood of the trinity.

Sometimes I fail at this being human as i am.

But God in His grace and mercy always brings me back to the power of His accomplishment on the cross winning victory over sin and hell and making a way for us to be restored to His father by the bridge to heaven of His glorious blood.

A newspaper columnist once failed to see the irony of idealizing the new age movement for their originality and failing to see how their ideas were most often recycled from ancient pagan religions rebranded to hide unsightly ugly truths like the promotion of bestiality, cannibalism or pedophilic sexual practices used in worship of all false deities but never our one true Elohim.

One tactic the evil one does is encouraging us to devalue our differences.

Yes we must embrace diversity but not at the expense of sacrificing the elements of our culture that glorify God or by compromising our beliefs.

Even the most stubborn seemingly unrepentant sinner may still claim a connection with church through their cultural heritage,  family background or the benefits yielded through friendship groups.

We should be known as the kindest most loving people on earth.

Why has the embracing of diversity based on Christ’s principles of loving your neighbor been twisted to such a degree that we have allowed protection of perversion and risked exposing little ones to traumatic experiences and h.i.v /s.t.ds by pulling all forms of toxic behavior under the umbrella of acceptance of what is abominable and intolerable to God’s nostrils.

Don’t be deceived.

He doesn’t find lukewarm fence sitters tasty.

He spits them out of His mouth.

We forget there are 2 parts to Jesus’s commandment.

If our neighbor is doing something that isn’t loving to God then we aren’t loving God or them by avoiding confronting the necessary changes in their character that must take place if we want to spare their wings from getting singed by the fires of hell.

We are supposed to do more than just bring new faces to church.

If you take a lion out of the jungle how bewildering would it be to shove them in the city without preparing them for what to expect first.

Yes people’s tongues need not be tamed before they are allowed through the doors of our churches but if their lives are not being radically transformed by the teaching they are receiving from the pulpit and encouragement from their fellow church goers then something is seriously wrong.

Let’s be honest.

We need more than just a place to get together before we plant ourselves in front of superbowl Sunday or our kids game of whatever.

We need to be built up spiritually with psalms hymns and spiritual songs and meaty teaching to tear down the walls of opposition we build around our hardened hearts through the week by hugging grudges against God and others and letting bitterness fester inside us until we feel like we are being choked even when the tide is turning and things are looking up in our lives cos we are untrusting of God and suspicious of them going pear shaped again.


My friend has lost his grandparents on both sides just like me so he doesn’t have family get togethers at special times like Christmas and ressurection celebration anymore.

I was blessed to go to school in an environment where being a Christian was the norm.

However the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit was treated with suspicion especially when it happened in massive numbers and conveniently corresponded with an opportunity to miss a period of class that wasn’t an easy bluff or bludge subject.

The reason I say blessing instead of luck or talk about God’s hands moving behind the scenes instead of writing things off as coincidences or fate is because my destiny is entwined with my obedience to Him.

This manifests itself in my verbal output as well as my physical activity.

I don’t feel compelled to obey a distant or impersonal cosmic force but if I know the truth that there is an intelligent designer of the universe who loves me enough to lay down His life for me then my motivation to walk in His will becomes radically increased.

When I become a Christian i hate to do the things that displease God.

My motivation for hanging out with non christians changes from just hanging with my bodies to intentionally challenging them to focus on the pockets of light God has inserted into their lives before they were a notion in the ocean of their parents minds.

We spoke to some maoris who used to keep chickens and pick lettuce cress when they were kids.

They were also extremely polite a lesson today’s kids can learn and yes I am including myself in that statement.

They can remember lego constructions with millions of bricks being built at indooroopilly shopping center.

Their son just caught his 1st fish a whiting.

He said look mum a fishy when he landed it.


Our regular ron got an eagle cap from his buddy who toured America.

He reckoned going to bribie island or sandgate is the same as going overseas.

He used to live at sandgate.

He remembered when you could get heaps of chips for a couple of bucks.

Those days are long gone.

Now a kilogram of tomatoes in independent grocery association stores costs 5 smackeroos.

He told them you can keep them.

My crude coworkers would tell them where to shove them.

Our other regular ian is forcing himself to drive even though he experiences mental problems.

Some people are better off getting deep and personal and dropping God’s truth in a conversation that way.

I am kind of like that.

I’d rather confront evil upfront and uproot it than beat around the bush and allow it to consume the life of my friends or self.

I rejoice with christians in new York City and London that an archaeological society changed their mind about constructing a temple of baal’s archway in reaction to the action of Islamic state in destroying the temple of baal in Syria.

Little do both the terrorists or error riddled promoters of this preempted blasphemy know they are both supporting the same false god as baal is a more ancient name for allah.

This false deity is represented both as the moon and a bull.

If you wonder how you get a moon out of a bull yank out its horns after grilling, then turn them to one side and suddenly all will become clear as the crystal waters of an unpolluted pond.

There’s no better way to test the proof of my Christianity than my internal or external response when asked to obey my parents.

Here’s a clue they should match His heartbeat.

Remember Christ always did what He saw His father doing and never spent a day out of His presence.

It’s misguided to throw in your oar with a political party in the misguided belief they will make it a priority especially when they have no history of doing so in the past.

People do change but seldom at the turtle like pace of the policies of their parties.

It’s not necessarily true that appointing a person from a particular ethnic background will lead to the interests of that people group being represented in the decision making process regarding the future development of structures relating to or forwarding the progress of that particular culture.

Should we as christians get involved in politics and the legal system. ?

I believe so.

Currently in the west our legal and political systems are controlled by those who oppose Christianity,  who respect it only within the limits of the law that have already been pushed past breaking point in how they relate to the judeao Christian heritage of the 10 commandments on which all the current laws of our land were originally based.

It’s ironic that we live in a world where you are looking at hard time for the crime of breaking into someone’s house and shooting their newborn baby on sight yet if you call yourself a doctor and you exterminate them in an agonizingly painful process in hospital or some shady backwater clinic some elements of society mistakenly credit this foul behavior even a chicken wouldn’t approve of with legitimacy.


Do you think there is a difference between people choosing their sexual identity and people being forced into a certain sexual identity through being teased by their fellow classmates as a child, forced to wear clothes of the opposite gender by parents or teachers , being called a name that’s the opposite of their God given gender by one who is their parent and/ or a poor substitute for the other half of the 2 opposite genders that brought them into the world or the both of them or not having their gender around in the form of a parent or parent like figure of their sex accompanied in God’s perfect harmonious design by a member of the opposite sex married to said person  to teach them how to negotiate the world?

It is telling who people use to promote their business.

If a person is associated with a particular cause or known bullying lobby group one may question the judgment of allowing such a person to be associated with their products especially one known for publically deriding individuals who disagree with their misguided beliefs regarding issues of sex , religion and politics.

I’m happy to cop flack from hellbound individuals if it results in others on the fence waking up to themselves and running harder after heaven




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