The devastating impact of waking up with the unshakable truth that your life drastically needs to change

I set unrealistic goals for myself then I wonder why I fail to accomplish them.

I think the reason why I fail to achieve them is a lack of trust in God to make them happen.

I rely on my own strength too much but I have realized over time that I am nothing without God’s help.

I don’t see any shoppers trampling over bodies to buy a perfume that smells like garbage juice anytime soon.

This gym tried to pull the wool over my dad’s eyes and charge him for an access card into the gym even though they were offering ย $350 worth of training which could only be used at the start of a month and didn’t roll over into the following month.

One of my favorite authors terry mc millan writer of the modern classic how Stella got her groove back listens to music as she writes.

De la soul are among the artists that comprise the soundtrack to her literary genius.

When a woman finds herself becoming single especially when she’s a celebrity she probably gets swamped with offers from eligible bachelors hoping to be prospective partners to a stunning spinster who has freshly arrived on the market for love.

I fear having nothing to offer to my woman.

I fear being woefully inadequate and insufficient to supply her needs both inside and outside of the bedroom.

I would like to win free accommodation but I would much prefer movie tickets as traveling to and from a destination is just too much of a bother unless I am visiting loved ones then suddenly it becomes exciting and motivational.

I’m not one of those people who is happy being single.

That is one reality of being me i never wish to embody again.

For as long as I can remember i have always been chasing after a relationship or in one.

For me the former situation is more common than the latter.

That’s why I hold on tight to my woman even as I try to overcome my wandering eyes, my fickle heart and my tendency to turn a clean conversation dirty with my obsessions and desires.

It’s not blame shifting to say it isn’t always my fault.

I know the excuse she was wearing a short skirt or a low cut top doesn’t hold water or weight in court.

If a woman dresses modestly and covers up her baby feeding and breeding areas she’s more likely to garner respect for herself.

Guys are less likely to take advantage of her or see her as a mindless vacuous dummy with jaw droppingly gorgeous looks and cotton wool for brains.

Women who wear glasses aren’t necessarily more intelligent or sophisticated than those who don’t .

They are just more myopic.

This probably means they strained their eyes too much when they were younger or they exposed themselves to some other component like too much sun , lasers or the sparks that fly during the usage of glass and metal cutting equipment.

Why are some women such scaredy cats on the internet?

If a guy asks you to send nude pics refuse his amorous intentions as though you may trust him his friends might not be so respectful of your privacy and he only has to share your photos with one friend out of pride for owning such a beautiful woman before it spreads like wildfire to the whole neighborhood if not a global network of shame that destroys your reputation and creates havoc everywhere you go.

It is inadvisable to send pictures of your private most intimate parts as promoting those areas devalues the rest of your body as well as puts your personality and abilities in second place.

Also it’s a much more special thing to be able to say on your wedding night my darling i have saved these secret sections of my body to be sealed with your loving kiss and reserved them for your eyes only.

From past experience i would advise against indulging in homoerotic literature as it tends to warp your mind and cause you to question your sexuality if you are a person like me with a wild imagination who wrestles with differentiating the devil’s alluring tones of temptation from God’s voice and my own partially obedient conscience which needs to be dipped daily in Christ’s blood and guided by His holy orders.

Love is like coffee.

Sometimes we procrastinate too much and we allow it to grow cold, ย gross and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot poleish.

At other times we strike while the iron is hot and make the most of those golden opportunities that come our way to seize the day and spend the maximum amount of time alloted us by God with our loved ones.

Cold coffee can still yield nutritional benefits but unless it’s designed to be an iced coffee it’s better gulping at tongue scorching blow quick before your mouth melts temperatures.

We allow coffee to become cold through neglect.

A woman’s heart works the same way.

We must work hard to keep her hot for us before her lukewarmness becomes a cold and frosty snowball.

We mustn’t take it for granted that she will always stick around just cos she promised she would at the altar even though statistically once a woman has committed her heart in a defacto or God honoring married relationship she is less likely to leave even if baby papa drama induces trauma and gives her more nightmares than dazzling displays of love and affection where she is treated like the royal princess her little girl self always dreamed she would become.

We are less likely to open up around people who have closed themselves up to us like the petals of flowers plunged into permanent night.

If a woman calls a guy honey, baby, darling, dear, love, boo, babe or bae I think it’s reasonable for him to see himself as being in a relationship with her if she starts using these terms of endearment after they have been seeing each other for a while.

If she doesn’t use these words all the time it makes a guy more hungry for the treasures she decides to share with him.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to get credit cards.

Jesus said owe no man nothing and neither a borrower or a lender be.

It doesn’t make sense to spend money you don’t have.

Jesus also said not to charge ursury or interest.

Many people in developing countries are held in debt to creditors for an indeterminate amount of time.

They work in virtual slavery barely earning enough to feed themselves yet alone get back in the black.

If anyone wants to employ me as a columnist for their newspaper I’m happy to throw in a few freebies , poems and cds prior to commencement of payment for services rendered.

Yes I am mostly living in a fantasy world birthed of my own self aggrandizement but at least I entertain my friends.


Have you ever had a song you could listen to over and over again and never get sick of it?

I want to make songs like that.

I can’t play instruments though and it’s rare that God gives me words which seem to crystalize others experiences to the point where they say yes i can totally relate. This song was made for me to sing til my voice breaks.


I’ve been trying to put together a jazz rap rock reggae fusion group but so far it’s just at the endless. ? pipe dream development stages.

I’m over the guilt inducing side effects of obsessively scrolling through infinite pictures of various stages of female undress.


I prefer to be spiritually uplifted on the net.

Don’t get me wrong the human body is a beautiful thing.

I just feel like my needs are changing.

I need a deeper connection and love for God so in order to reach that place of perfect joy and peace inside myself i must feed my heart, ย mind and soul with visual stimulation that makes God smile not sick to the stomach.

I need to make myself healthy not sick in the spirit.

I think I always needed this it’s just taken me virtually half a lifetime to realize it.

It’s natural to compare ourselves to others but it’s not a healthy thing to do both in ย terms of feeling inferior or superior to someone.

I used to talk to ย my sister in the commercial breaks but then I discovered i could watch one show in the ad breaks for another.

Of course this meant i missed out on a deeper level of fellowship with my sister as well as watching 2 complete shows cos of poor channel flicking timing.

This is well before the invention of technology which records shows live and allows you to watch them later in a queue on your cable screen.

We live in a world where we are being dictated to by social media community guidelines.

In some ways this is a good thing when it prevents little kids from being exposed to hardcore pornography.

Loopholes that allow for pasties or nipple coverage only garments blur the lines between soft and hard as well as body paint and the exposure of naked flesh by pregnant women supposedly to boost their self esteem.

Hmm ladies have you tried Jesus. ?

Ask Him what He thinks about you.

You can bet your bottom dollar it’s more beneficial and wholesome than anything the culture vultures of social media who thrive and survive on picking others apart and feast upon their fleetingly corroding carcasses can come up with.

If you drop everything you’re doing to spend time with your woman providing your job or someone else’s life isn’t hanging in the balance you will show her you truly love her and care about her.

Why do some of us stubborn souls live in denial about our nodding off or starting to fall asleep on the couch. ?

Are we afraid the dream police are going to come and take us away when we close our eyes before a certain time of night. ?

If it’s outside of office hours what are we stressing about. ?

We can’t diss the bible if we’ve never read it.

It helps to read it several thousand times before it sinks in.

The truth contained within its pages has the ability to bring you fresh revelation every time.

Why do so many comedians struggle with depression. ?

Is it they try so hard to make other people laugh they have detached themselves from the certainty that it’s possible to take anything seriously cos every time they open their gob people expect them to be attempting to cause a fissure in the landscape of chuckle county.

If a guy gets down on his knees to propose to his woman it shows the world he is humbling himself or lowering himself to exalt her above him.

This is intended to be an honoring thing.

To claim the crown of his house a man must first become her servant.

He must cater to her every need as if the ground she walks on becomes holy when her feet tread upon it.

Why are we so fascinated with others unfaithfulness. ?

Does it make us feel holier than thou if we have desperately managed to cling onto our marriages with our buttery fingers. ?

Do we never ask ourselves the question there but for the grace of God go i?

We shouldn’t be too quick to give up on the bible just because we can’t understand it.

Websites like give us instant access to a variety of translations and transliterations to increase our understanding as well as explanatory commentaries from world renowned teachers.

There’s a definite art to being a compelling public speaker.

You need an arsenal of jokes, stories, divine insights or intriguing things to say to get people hanging on our every word, seemingly eating our vowels and consonant combinations like baby lambs nibbling kibble from our hands.

You will need to be expressive and sound as excited about what you have to say as you want the audience to be.

They can tell when we are just phoning it in or wanting to rush through it to get to our next coffee break or engagement with our cushy comfy beckoning pillow.


There’s gotta be an abundance of genius minds living in the desert.

They say cold climate breeds genius.

I guess people who live in the desert become geniuses at night cos during the day they are too busy dripping buckets of sweat to try to come up with a cure for cancer and make every charity under the hemisphere broke as a joke in the process.



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