Shredded paper hearts

Can a woman be as big as Rihanna without selling her body. ?

Some guys used to just buy Britney Spears singles for the pictures on the outside.

That’s when singles had their own individual chart and were everywhere offline instead of appearing once every blue moon.

I don’t mind annoying those who already hate my guts but I hate irritating those who i genuinely love and care about.

Sometimes it’s a necessary task though when people’s behavior conflicts with the light and salt flavor they claim to represent 100%.

I get more annoyed by hypocrites like myself who go to church who i expect a higher standard of than people in the world who pleasantly surprise me with occasional displays of godliness even if they just write it off as human nature when humans are not naturally kind and selfless.

That’s what established Jesus as such a radical in the minds of all who knew Him.

For starters as a kid He took on teachers much taller and older than them and amazed them in the temple by displaying a wisdom greater than the portion of genius grains He had dished out to their brains at birth.

If I was the son of God i would be itching to reveal my identity especially when my parents said clean your pigsty of a room .

I would be like don’t you know who i am? I have the power to destroy you with my breath.

That’s just one of many reasons why I’m glad He’s not me.

I could never swap shoes with Him cos the universe wouldn’t be big enough to fit them yet alone little old me.

I’m not always intentionally neglectful or disobedient.

Sometimes I just get distracted by video recommendations on YouTube and binge watch trashy videos for hours on end.

I feel like if I don’t try to beat myself up for this i will readjust my thinking mentally to make acceptable what God calls unacceptable.

I have tried to establish rules for myself such as avoiding secular videos altogether but I always end up breaking them.

The trouble is i get curious about what I’m missing out on in not watching the videos of all my favorite artists.

I generally don’t just watch booty popping videos.

I need songs with some kind of message or story behind them preferably a Christian one.

I know if I had never watched a music video in my life I probably would have less difficulty overcoming my mentality of thinking of women as sex objects.

This is easier with my female friends who are married or more interested in work than finding a guy to catch their eye.

I  get easily disillusioned by people.

Someone can wow me or astound me by their amazing creative output then disappoint me when I spot a flaw in their character or hazardous influence hovering over their life.

Sometimes we fear bad things happening in our lives and it’s all for nothing cos the terrible event we thought would occur ends up not existing or not causing as much damage or devastation to our lives as we predicted it might.

It’s funny when we prioritize what is really important in life how God gives us the things we’ve been craving without having to chase them or work hard for them all the time.

I am happy to do promotions for money.

Send me your music, books and food or beverages and I will happily give you feedback for a reasonable fee.

I also promote restaurants and movies or theatre shows if anyone is offering.

I know what it’s like to struggle to get your pet projects off the ground.

That’s practically the story of my life.

Some people have ideas in the pipeline 24/7 and they’re constantly on their grind pushing their products.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Everybody’s gotta make a living as long as you’re not promoting something sleazy or shoddily produced.

I know i am too pushy with people sometimes.

My mind is just constantly buzzing with questions and I need to establish certainties in my life.

Sometimes I’m planning for the future so in that case a question needs to be asked.

In other cases i am simply trying to satisfy my seemingly insatiable search for knowledge.

If we do not feed our kids every day they have a tendency to die.

Praise the Lord pot plants aren’t always like that.

We can get away with giving them a few days of neglect without the end result being murder most mulchworthy.


I am thinking of little kids in png whacking long reeds against each other and seemingly beating the wind and young ones in fiji rolling tyres around in the dirt.

I recall kids in fiji getting boils all over their skin from playing on the ground.

The only women ever keen to jump my bones were older fatter or in terms of their countries g.d.p ,poorer than me.

That’s if you don’t take into account how much the haves would own compared to the have nots if c.e.os , politicians and sportstars and moviestars didn’t get paid exorbitant amounts of money.

It would also make a difference if all the debts owed the poor countries to the rich ones would be instantly cleared and canceled.

Also if developing countries were paid what their products are really worth it would address the imbalance caused by buying raw materials cheap then repackaging it at a prettier penny.

Some people like to be secretive.

They don’t want anyone to see them coming or going

I know a language warning should be enough to make you want to play keep away from the cinemas or television.

It’s not that I can’t help myself i just convince myself i lack the will power to rise above my addictions and make something better out of their life.

If you are a bad listener like me and someone challenges you now repeat back to me everything I just said assuming they’re unfamiliar with your schedule  you can always cover your tracks by saying sorry I’m too busy for that right now gotta run bye and leave them safe i  the knowledge that you didn’t have to own up to possessing a mind that wanders over hill and dale and is mentally incapable of staying glued to the topic at hand.

Don’t give anyone a reason to hate you if it’s at all possible to do so.

You may have come into someone’s life at the wrong time.

It’s possible they might have been receptive to your romantic songs, thoughtful gifts and kind words before some dude left them holding a baby that he wasn’t prepared to help with the handling duties essential for a newborns survival.

Or they might have copped an inappropriate and unlawful touch from a family member or close personal friend who should have known better than to exploit the feelings of a poor innocent child.

You can always find just as many reasons to hate and despise someone as you can to love and adore them.

It’s easy for companies to be in denial when it comes to sexual harassment.

We only know this takes place in prison because of video evidence and handwritten reports.

Obviously things have improved from the days when you were strapped to the wall of your cell or squished like a toad into a tiny hole in the ground.

I don’t think people in prison need television.

They are better off with books to improve their minds preferably but not limited to Christian literature yet excluding any writing glamorizing crime or featuring bad language.

I am an extremely paranoid person.

A little caution can be helpful but not if it prevents you from leaving the house or living your life to its full potential for adventure, whilst avoiding those activities most likely to land you in gaol, hospital or 6 feet under the earth in bodily form while your spirit either glows or burns.

I am torn between planning my next trip and waiting for my friend to be ready to go which may forever remain pie in the sky although it’s looking more likely than ever cos she doesn’t have a car like grandmother’s stubborn old goose anymore that refuses to listen to anything you tell it.

It’s funny how some people can fall asleep in any possible position or environmental situation including noisy roaring crowds and piranhas slicing through their pastry fresh flesh.

I don’t always force myself to see the blessings in life instead of the curses but maybe I should.

I will never be anywhere on earth in its current unredeemed model where I can escape the reach of the toxic arms of temptation.

We can upon occasion deliberately put ourselves in dangerous situations that threaten the perpetuation of our virtuous track record.

It’s funny how you can get used to sticking your feet up and doing nothing.

I wouldn’t mind a 2nd job but I love the flexibility of my current one cos I am free and available to hang out with my buddies on more days than I’m not cos  of my current part time arrangement.

I get so used to doing nothing that it takes some mental adjustment to be suddenly plunged into the deep end and expected to perform your duties at 100% mental capacity.

I was actually at the point of mentally preparing myself to be asked to leave my job.

The hard part is going to be avoiding looking at the physical assets of my female coworkers and concentrating on their mental ones instead.

That’s easier said than done when they joke about sex or lament their perpetual single status ( of their own volition ) all the time   and I’m the only guy at work who doesn’t crack onto them or treat them like dirt or a piece of meat.

I believe the customer is always right unless there’s 2 customers disagreeing about something other than the product we provide or they are obviously lying about not ordering something or paying the right amount or disliking something they’ve already consumed or want something repaired or replaced for free outside of the warranty when it’s obviously been broken as a result of their negligence and incompetence.

I would care a lot more about my topsy-turvy schedule if I was able to exploit my creative abilities for personal gain instead of just benefitting God’s kingdom once every blue moon.

It’s funny when we hear the word worship we almost always think of something poppy and rocky or an ultra mellow snoozefest but it’s so much more than that.

It includes every style of music and every aspect of life.

I couldn’t live on  $2 worth of food a day.

I know I spent the bare minimum in canberra the last time I was there for a week.

I just had tinned tuna, pita bread and bickfords every day.

I bought them from the Woolworth store across the street.

I made my liquid laundry detergent from aldi last a week even when sharing it with other dudes.

I know once I have kids I’m going to have to completely pull back on my spending so I can bring them a care package once a year.

That’s if my sperm are strong enough swimmers to make it down uterus river without drowning.

Ive gotta have potential for at least one little champion inside me.

I hope to God i haven’t already flushed him down the toilet but if I have i can only blame myself.

I wonder why people pressure the church to act like the world.

People don’t pressure the world to act like the church.

They despise, disown, disenfranchise, desert or disassociate from them if they display kind words or actions towards us.

My misunderstandings of what’s going on in the world can  occasionally lead to problems for me r.e communication but it’s never caused me to come to blows with anyone or experience physical harm to my person.

I would be happy to hear from anyone that either proves my doctor wrong about asthmatics over 30 developing jaws that crack or pop in and out or anyone who can tell me that this horrible pain eventually goes away.

My dad is in his 60s and the horrible beast hasn’t quit on him yet.

I will not sacrifice the joys of a life lived to the full for the sake of keeping people happy who don’t deserve my love or assistance.

Oh wait neither do I deserve the grace and mercy Christ shows me.

Scratch that.

I don’t like people pushing me around and telling me how to run my life when God never appointed them to do so.

I don’t think Christian stations should play secular songs especially ones with swearing, sexual themes or the artists are known for promoting beliefs contrary to Christianity.

We can become so involved in looking for problems in the world around us that we miss out on the good things.

Some people respond to musical artists almost asif they are praying to them or worshipping them especially when you bow down to them.

Why are people so disparaging of silver or bronze medal winners.

They are place getters.

It’s more than us average slobs can accomplish.

Dad could shave 10 minutes offhis daily walk but he prefers to slow down so he can spend more time with God.

I think backwards running should be an Olympic event but it might become a good recruitment ground for paralympians.

Sometimes it’s easier to fill pools than positions.

It’s not like my brain is ever completely blank it’s just like sometimes I have all my tv channels playing memory tapes simultaneously so I can concentrate on none of them.

And yes I know the brain contains areas of analysis, rationalization, imagination,  literal or lateral thinking, history, spirituality, control of nerves and fine motor skills , emotional response, immune system control  and the development center of coping mechanisms of suppression,  denial ir revisionism to deal with trauma.

If we tell ourselves a version of events often enough it’s possible to plant false memories inside ourselves.

The actions of our past or present don’t necessarily control our future but God always does.

It kind of surprises me that Kerry Washington understands less of the lyrics to rihannas work than I do  ( source jimmy fallon).

Of course i don’t know as much as bajans or Caribbean people.

Just because I might be able to successfully replace my fiance with another woman closer to home doesn’t mean I should.

One benefit of having a fiance is like george in Seinfeld women can see me as someone they can talk to without fear of getting hit on cos I belong to someone else so I wouldn’t dare to have a crack at them.

Of course in real life jason Alexander probably has models swarming all over them like bees when you attempt to steal honey from their hive .

The closest I can claim is to have female models i can call friends.

I just admire them from a distance and perhaps secretly long for them to hold me but I know my lifestyle isn’t conducive to anything approaching their definition of excitement.

I’m sure there’s some models that just want a nice quiet 2nd life in the countryside running side by side like a parallel universe to their glamorous existence of dodging cameras, sleazy photographers, exploiters of their body, grabby assustants, little hitlers and obsessive deranged lunatic fans everywhere they go.

They are treated like the only purpose of their existence is to give guys pleasure but they forget they have brains and personalities and like to be known for being more than just a pretty face but someone with a lot to offer the world.

Does it occur to these fans that they might also be artists or poets ir the next resident of the Oval Office. ?

I hope so though I may have my doubts about the willingness of the general public to look beyond Hollywood’s stereotypical image of models as brainless sexually available stepford wives types with loose morals visible ribcages and a tendency to swing politically whichever way the winds of popularity blow.

But my friends are deeper than that and that’s why they’re changing the world.








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