It’s my God given right to be wrong more often than I’m not

I’m pretty much the opposite of secure and confident 24/7, 365/6.

People will always ask you for money.

Make sure you’ve got your own needs ( not wants) and debts taken care of before you give it to them.

So I found out it’s possible for someone to limit my access to their page to reshares of other people’s posts.

This means any compliment i give them would be robbing someone else’s opportunity to get credit for their original work.

So it’s kind of redundant to be friends with them unless I just use their page as a springboard to find new friends.

They say you can never have too many friends but I don’t have enough hours in the day to give more than a cursory glance of attention or toss a heart in the direction of my hard working friends, busy promoting themselves, the good Lord or something bigger than the sum of their parts.

You may not be able to give to every cause under the sun but it only takes a few seconds or minutes at best to promote the ones you love on the internet.

Life doesn’t always go the way we expect it to.

We do not always end up going down the aisle with our prep, kindergarten, preschool, primary or secondary school sweet hearts.

I’m definitely one of those people who can survive comfortably with clutter.

It’s a natural representation of my mind crammed full of information both useful and useless.

One major drawback to having a chillaxed attitude to my messy puppy lifestyle is i have a tendency to lose things in the piles i drag around with me from one temporary abode to another.

Wherever I go on this planet will always be my house.

Heaven shall always remain my true home.

Some girls i love like a sister and some like a lover and sometimes the line gets blurred between those two extremes especially if she is a very huggy and kissy person and likes to tease the boys even if she doesn’t appreciate her cheeky comments being used as a boomerang and thrown back in her face.

It’s funny how you expect everyone to possess the same level of intelligence as you, to love and know the same things as you and to think the same way you do even though God didn’t make us the same gender and it’s not part of His plan to turn us into clones.

We may occasionally be forced to interact with people against our will.

Smiling and giving monosyllabic answers will scare away all but the truly persistent who will hopefully be pulled off you by security forces or your own loyal pack of friends.

Knowing someone else is working up a sweat to stimulate their mind is a good motivational factor to keep my own active.

Seek love wherever it can be found.

Avoid hate like the plague.

You may find appreciation beyond your lifetime.

That’s the best legacy to leave your kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

So I failed in my quest not to lust after my female workmates but i Β didn’t give the game away.

I’m not trying to make a virtue of secretive behavior.

We don’t need to share every thought we have with everyone under the sun.

Some ideas are better off kept under lock and key beneath the sea sealed away from the sight of those who intend to use them for the opposite of good and right.

I’m glad I’m not a celebrity with my kids caught up in a custody war between mum and dad but it only takes my gaze lingering on a scantily clad lady too long for my feet to be dragged off the victorious shining path into defeat and darkness.

There are things i don’t need to be part of my life that I would still take a dumpster dive to rescue from the trash if I ever gained the gumption to toss them out in the first place.

Do I have enough inner strength, self control and meekness to be her man. ?

It’s only through God in me that I am transformed by the renewing of my mind on a daily basis.

He changes the desires of my heart from wanting to do the things that just please myself from gaining pleasure more from bringing Him joy than I gain from entertaining an audience or cracking jokes to impress pretty young things.

Do you ever look at a woman wrong and think the curve where her shoulder meets her armpit is the outline of her cleavage?

To be disloyal first you have to prove yourloyalty or nobody will ever notice your treacherousness.

Then you will be forgotten in the backpages of history cos you will end up doing what everyone expects you to do anyway.

People are more impressed by fame than a nobody who noone notices but I’m all about making Jesus famous.

That’s the aim of my life to use my talents for God’s glory instead of burying them deep in the ground never to resurface again at some inconvenient date .

Maybe some guys like to get their face slapped but I’m not one of those people.

It’s funny how we can skip out the most important tasks when we’re in a rush to get out the door.

Our heads become out of sorts and we leave problems and puzzles for ourselves so we can later on clutch at straws, bang our dumb numbskulls against brick walls, pace around like a lion at a racetrack and desperately seek God for answers to the complicated pearlers of existence.

I know i should constantly prepare to be surprised by the complicated twists and turns of this weird and wonderful realm we call reality.

When the bible says if your hands or eyes cause you to sin you should cut them off it doesn’t mean you should hire a chainsaw and prepare yourself for the agonizing pain of bleeding to death with empty weeping eyesockets.

It means you should be careful what you do with your hands, feet, mouth and eyes cos they were made to bring Him glory not bring Him shame.

It’s funny when people leave your life and you totally don’t expect it and you wonder if perhaps you somehow contributed towards the antagonistic attitude they now display towards others who have given them opportunities to spread their wings and shine in life.

Maybe some people are just braver than the others and the rest of us are rats too fattened on our cheese to see a better life remains to be seen beyond the walls of our laboratory prison.

We do not always know the best path we should take in life.

I was inspired by a sermon from new Philly i watched on YouTube last night about the importance of not rushing ahead of Gods timing.

Remember noah waited for years before God sent a flood to destroy the world.

While he was patiently waiting plenty of people would have mocked him saying look at that noah how useless is he building a ship in the middle of the desert.

Little did they know his prophecies of impending disaster would eventually come true.

They had plenty of time to get their hearts right.

Maybe some of them knew what he was saying was right and partially agreed with him but they kept putting off making a change until tomorrow until they ran out of tomorrows.

Don’t let that be you my friend.

Yes Sarah and Abraham rushed ahead of Gods timing when hagar was hired to sire the firstborn of Abraham but Ishmael was still used by God and blessed with many branches of the family tree he served as root of.

When you feel flustered, horny or frustrated it’s hard to make rational decisions.

Your head should control your sexual organs not the other way around but that’s not always the way it works for us guys.

When we were at school one guy used stevie wonder and babyfaces song how come how long to make a point about how guys abuse girls.

When I saw a guy shove a woman around and yell at her just near the water tank outside the house where I was staying in Tuvalu my feet suddenly became frozen solid.

I knew I should run and report the crime but fear had paralyzed me into inaction.

I responded in a similar manner when I saw Muslims preaching opposite christians in Birmingham.

My dad was bold enough to start a conversation.

I was going to say something about the leader of persia/iran declaring himself to be the Muslim equivalent of Jesus but I was too hung up on whether one dude with chocolate brown skin was originally born in Jamaica or Britain like me.

Not that I was stupid enough to share my speculations out loud.

I should be less fearful in my birth country than overseas.

I don’t know why I’m so afraid when it comes to the crunch when I know in my head and heart they can kill my body but they can’t kill my soul.

Perhaps cos I watch so many trashy videos i fear i have lost my salvation and I may not be in the right place with God when it comes time for Him to call me home.

I can only hope I’m wrong.

That’s why I live my life in fear and trembling of the awesome power of Gods judgment.

People do not always see that justice and mercy are simply the 2 sides of His love best expressed when they kissed on the cross.

It’s hard for us as christians not to live a double life.

We may be scared to stand up for the truth in case we get mocked, physically harmed or offend someone.

Think about this Jesus is our defender in heaven.

Every time we stuff up He pleads our case before His daddy please give them a second chance Lord.

We only get so many 2nd chances before it’s too late.

If we don’t stand up for God on earth He won’t stand up for us in heaven.

We do not necessarily know the positive or negative impact of our words so we must be careful to always speak the truth in love.

Yes the truth can make others irate .

It may even get us killed but i’d rather die with a clean conscience than a muddy one wouldn’t you. ?

It becomes easier to see my workmates from the inside out if I think of them as sisters and babies and present or future mothers or their husband’s current or prospective property.

Love demands exclusivity or it never really existed.

You don’t necessarily have to cut yourself off from all members of the opposite sex when you’re in a relationship just the ones she sees as a threat because you’ve been too sexual or forward with them or you have dragged out the friendship way past the point of reasonableness cos you still have feelings for them.

We may not necessarily see the logic behind our women’s forbidding us from contacting other women.

We don’t have to understand her logic to obey it.

We should just do whatever it takes to make her happy as long as what she is asking us to do doesn’t compromise the Holy scriptures- for example sticking a bullet through someone or cheating on our taxes.

We should value godliness more than ungodliness.

We should promote things that honor our maker not our potential destroyer.

We should value each other more.

It’s funny how we didn’t cherish the privilege of having a pool until we moved to a new place and no longer had one sitting conveniently in our backyard for our exclusive use anytime we liked.

We only used it when we had birthday Β bashes or visitors from places far and wide towards the end of our days left in that particular location of the world.







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