Don’t stress the brain outta ur head about insignificant things

I don’t know why it’s so hard to please people sometimes.

I know I can always strive to become a better person.

We don’t always see the purpose behind getting a growling from our parents.

The Lord disciplines those He loves and cares about.

I’m sure we would much prefer His gentle caress than loving rebuke but both are necessary for our growth in the process of becoming the people He intended us to be back when the world was 1st breathed into life.

I don’t care if I die of natural causes or by someone else’s hands as long as I do it with a clear conscience.

Jurors in a case against a pornographer were forbidden from taking part if they were  church goers.

People erroneously write churchgoers off as closed minded, bigoted or intolerant.

We know the difference between right and wrong.

The difference between christians and non christians is we just choose to listen to the promptings of our conscience more often and we have hope between the grave.

God can fix the damage caused to my imagination by pornography.

If we are beyond the ability to feel guilt we are treading on dangerous ground.

It’s not enough to know what we shouldn’t do.

We need a strength beyond ourselves inside us to resist the will to do it.

Only God can provide this supernatural set of muscles.

God’s word is like a gym to strengthen our spirits.

When our natural inclination is to lash out at someone we need the input of Christ to develop within us restraint and calmness.

We need His transformative ability to open the eyes of our hearts and see people the same way He does.

We need to see the good in people instead of the bad.

All of us have the potential for redemption til our last breath.

We may test the limits of each other’s patience just to see how far we can be bent before we start to snap.

Some of us may have been cracked up already.

The pin might have already been pulled on our hand grenade minds.

We could be one frayed temper or bruised ego away from completely exploding all over the place.

We never know how God is working in the lives of the people around us to bring them closer to Him.

God can surprise us with gifts that enthrall and delight us just around the corner from our hurt and disappointment with the thoughts or behavior of ourselves or others.

I know I’m a fairly greedy person.

I love winning prizes.

If there are 10 food options if they meet my requirements for tastiness ( which is just about anything ) i will most likely have one of each if I can get away with it.

You will never change my mind about what I find disgusting or delicious just about whether a particular food item will physically induce vomiting at the mere thought of it or pass through my digestive system  without causing any harmful side effects.

It’s easy to grow impatient and give too much of yourself away if you buy the devil’s lie that you lack the ability to obtain a partner without changing your personality, debasing your self,  losing respect for yourself,  compromising your morality or letting it drift whichever way the political or social wind blows  and using violence or manipulation to get what you want.

Some people seem to love starting fights.

It’s like they’re not happy unless they’re causing major dramas in the lives of others. They get a rise out of it and become more thrilled the greater tension escalates around them.

For some this can be a way of dealing with pain both at those who have wounded them physically and emotionally and those who have left this world due to their own stupidity or someone else’s.

We can not blame adam and eve unless we can honestly say we’d do better walking in their shoes.

Sometimes something doesn’t happen in our lives cos God doesn’t want it to happen.

God allows people to be killed by the devil but His original desire was for us to never die and be  with Him in mortal form forever.

Sometimes it’s a case of us exercising our free will and God wants to bless us but we are not correctly positioning ourselves in a place of obedience and humility.

In the choices we make we either save ourselves from disaster or plunge ourselves bombdiving headfirst into it.

I find myself living vicariously through other people’s scintillating, interesting, fascinating lives.

It’s always a challenge not to be antisocial butterflies when it’s time to worship God in service and your homies want to say hi or how incredible their week was or get you to weigh in on their 2 way stoush with their siblings or spouse.

Why do people assume we even care about their personal problems. ?

When you are in church and you step beyond the meet and greet area just outside the sanctuary,  apart from the designated yak time 100% of your concentration should be focused on God.

Even in that time of sharing your conversations should still be uplifting and God honoring.

We shouldn’t excuse having a sense of humor as a license to allow putrid profane puerile garbage to flow out our mouths.

It’s such a shame that we don’t hold each other up to a higher standard across the board.

It’s easy to see how someone would be reluctant to grant privileges or look the other way when someone is indulging in devious mischevious if that person has broken their trust.

Once broken trust is an awfully difficult thing to fix.

Jesus’s love is the glue that brings us all together regardless of denominational differences or habitual lifestyle discrepancies.

We are all fighting to overcome the contradictions in our lives.

If we can live debt free and own a healthy body and we have a fantastic future beyond the grave then we’ve got it made.

Luxury for me is the freedom to worship Jesus and talk about Him everywhere i go unlike those of us in the body of Christ who have their genitalia hooked up to give them electric shocks, their bodies steamrolled like sushi,  those who  get heads full of lead  and those who are made to feel  disgust or hate for themselves.

The  legal system should be designed to protect freedom of religion  but clever misinterpretation and twisting of words have often resulted in humanism being the only religion recognized by the courts if not protected by the constitution due to its inconsistent morally dubious duplicitous doublespeaking nature.

It’s not always a craving for evil that pulls us over the edge but a love for adoration and affection from others.

We must not fish for compliments but let our treasures be stored up in heaven alongside our hearts where moths and rust can’t destroy them and thieves can’t break in and steal them.

We may think we suffer in silence but we are not tuning in our spiritual ears to Jesus speaking to us through others and quietly and lovingly guiding us on the paths of righteousness by gently whispering inside our heads.



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