Satyagraha ( non violent resistance )

Mahatma mohandas gandhi bapuji tried his best to create peace between hindus and Muslims but he didn’t succeed cos it wasn’t enough that they had a common enemy of the oppressive British colonialists, they also had their own age old conflict between each other going way back to the invasion of monghul Muslims from asia.

Some people who think they are prisoners are really free and some people who think they are free are really prisoners.

Not all who are resting now will sleep forever.

The dead in Christ shall rise and meet Him in the air.

I don’t think hiring strippers or lapdancers is a good start to any man’s marriage.

He will always compare his future bride unfavorably against one of these ladies.

That’s not even how they look all the time.

The weaves and make up come off at night.

They have to swap their sparkly g string and kitten heels for a pair of pjs and a baby angry for milk.

They have to wash off the mud, honey, milk and sticky icky degrading disgusting things they are made to rub on their bodies as men undress and caress them with their hands or eyes.

How many collection plates are piled high with donations from whores or drùg dealers or crooked cops who got given a golden handshake under the table .

Do they think emptying their pockets will absolve them of their sin or are they wise enough to know that money only talks when it comes to human gates not the pearly ones.

It’s not a good thing to love or lust after more than one woman at a time.

It’s not like I can just turn off the tap of my feelings for a woman when I’m in a relationship with another one.

I could ignore her but I don’t want to be rude.

It’s not like she ever initiates conversations with me.

I know the fact i can’t drive or fix things is a deal breaker for most women.

I like that she is respectful of my faith and tries to watch her language with me although that probably explains why she said no to me cos she probably feels like she can’t be herself around me.

We aren’t necessarily wrong about music being bad just cos it’s popular.

There was a general rule of thumb that music with swearing doesn’t sell as much as clean tracks cos most radio and television stations abide by codes of conduct that do not allow for swear words or smutty talk either at all or during certain hours of the day.

A total ban would be the best option.

Any music that can be played by any member of the family from the smallest baby to the tallest adult or beanpole sibling results in a healthy happier family that is less stressed out, lives longer, does better in school and work and is generally more harmonious towards those inside and outside of the family unit.

If I wind up with egg in my face cos I keep hoping for a wedding day that never arrives that’s better than getting fined ,fired or locked in jail for cracking onto girls old enough to be my teenage daughter or getting accused of harassment by making unwanted sexual advances towards my female coworkers.

It’s funny that people that don’t follow God in the policies of their party inadvertently acknowledge the spirit world by making reference to ghosts.

I know there is light waiting for me at the end of this dark tunnel.

When things in life don’t go the way i want them to it’s a battle not to swear out loud but I choose to count my blessings instead.

It takes a lot to, make me reach boiling point like an angry kettle or an exploding volcano.

It’s hard when you choose someone to change your affection towards them even though they wouldn’t choose you if you were the last man alive and it was your job to repopulate the earth together.

Imaginary conversation : man waiter this food is funny

Waiter: is it wearing a clown suit, riding a unicycle while juggling squirrels. ?

Man:of course not

Waiter: then it’s not funny is it.


I can hear the chirruping of crickets.

To some degree a mother has the right to impose her desires for what her daughter or son does with their lives but in a divorce or split up situation the perspective of the father and what he wants for his child must also be taken into account.

As long as he is not putting his child in a position that might jeopardize their safety or compromise their morality there must be room for a little bit of give and take.

It can’t be the mother having her way all the time.

Perhaps i feel protective of vulnerable women and it’s as much that manly impulse that drives me to watch out for the woman i care about as it is the pull of hormones throbbing inside me with passionate intensity constantly driving me round the bend.

I don’t just want to know if a woman thinks I’m spongeworthy.

I want to gauge her opinion and beliefs on religion, politics and relationships and know how she handles the pressures of the world and navigates everyday life.

When she lacks the self control to hold back from lashing out against those frustrating situations that drive her nuts i want to be there for her to give her a shoulder to cry on and someone she can rely on.

I don’t know why I obsess over the girls that don’t want anything to do with me and ignore the one who actually cares whether i live or die.

It’s hard when you have so much in common with someone.

You both talk to yourself, sing and make funny little noises when you think or hope no one is watching.

You both have similar taste in music and movies and a similar respect for not hurting people’s feelings and being intentional about encouraging others.

I don’t think i would be kind to others if Jesus’s love for me  ( enough to die on the cross ) wasn’t my major motivating factor.

I find i can be myself more around christians cos I’m scared how nonbelievers will react when I talk about spiritual things.

People these days are open to talking about spirituality but less likely to promote spiritual exclusivity which means to be as devoted to one God as you intend to be or remain towards your future or current spouse.

There are parts of me i am scared to share with the world in case they judge me or criticize me for it.

I occasionally get the gender of a man or woman mixed up when I see them from behind or only view a tiny picture that obscures the intricate details of their faces.

I would love to say I’m a smooth talker who women find completely irresistible but actually I’m terribly shy and it takes a lot of patience and convincing to drag me kicking and screaming out of my shell.

Once I mentally latch onto a woman i cling tight like a leech.

It’s hard to break myself free from that attachment.

If she burns me i just jump right back onto her leg wincing as my flesh sizzles from the pain and the heat of her fiery refusal to get to know me deeper than the shallow surface skimming of work will allow us time for.

It takes time to get over being hung up on one woman before you are ready to move on to the next one.

Sometimes a woman can seem interested but she is just humoring you, passing the time, using you to kill her boredom like a game of chess or tetris.

Generally if she has opportunity to look in your eyes and doesn’t and she cuts off your voice every time you talk to her she probably sees you like a horse sees a fly buzzing round its eyes and wishes she could swish you away to a distant planet and never bother her again.

We can be paranoid for genuine reasons as well as bizarre irrational ones.

It’s hard to untrain your brain when as a kid before you had any hope of landing a woman you say every one you met as a potential romantic conquest including off limit ones like jailbait chicks, teachers or ladies of ill repute.

My friend wants to see a movie about a lady who falls in love with a physically disabled guy she’s caring for  ( as a job) who ends up dying on her ( not literally ).

I know my honey only means it as a joke when she says i love you more but I take it as a challenge to always show her i love her more than she loves me.

I love her more each day.

I intend to prove to her i love her just as much as she loves me.

The only way I can do this is to wait patiently for her, to make myself available to her and to take every opportunity to show her i love and care for her.

Maybe my kids won’t know their dad as well as other kids but I will do my best to give them everything i have and raise them to be godly examples for the rest of the world to follow.

As a Christian blasphemy and premarital heterosexual sex should bother my conscience more than it does.

The more our conscience becomes numb and deadened the more evil will be called good and normal.

I don’t even know how to begin to have a conversation with my workmates about morality.

Why are some people determined to deny the truth even when presented with clear evidence that what they have previously believed about creation, God and virtuous living is a lie ( if they think the opposite of what the Bible says ).

I like smart people like ravi zacharias,  Gregory boyd and ray comfort who can easily dismiss the misguided and convoluted arguments of atheists.

There’s no evidence that conscience has a purpose if God doesn’t exist.

We naturally tend towards selfishness as a result of the fall of man.

It’s Christ living in our hearts that transforms our minds so they conform to His character.



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