Flabbergasted flamingosflaming for dingos

If a woman shows part of her body like her thigh or her eye it can be just as if not more compelling than if she reveals all of herself at once to the menfolk of the planet.

A little mystery goes a long way.

The less we see the more we want of her.

It’s true what they say absence makes the heart grow fonder but familiarity breeds contempt.

If we see our loved one every day or in a setting where it’s hard to be romantic like church or a noisy bus where you can’t hear yourself think yet alone your loved one, we have to work harder to make ourselves fun exciting and interesting.

I don’t know about you but I have to work harder than most.

We can’t just expect the woman we love to naturally find our conversation scintillating and our jokes hilarious.

If she acts that way around us all the time we may reasonably suspect she may be faking it.

Of course i might just have extreme trust issues based on my own personal experience of busting a woman who acts like she’s into me one minute then goes about some skull duggery behind the scenes to ruin my rep and kill my dreams.

A woman might be involved with a man years before she’s willing to admit to it even to her so called closest friends.

The test of true love is whether you are willing to cut off from your life all those members of the opposite sex that cause you to stray in your affections from the one you claim owns your heart.

I may legitimately be accused of being a double minded man who is unstable in all his ways if I say something in public then contradict it by making a statement which presents a message that heads in a completely opposite direction behind the scenes.

If I tell myself I’m just going to see all women apart from the one God has chosen for me to be my future wife as my sister or friend then I should change the way i think act and speak when I’m around them or checking out their pictures online.

A smart woman leaves no traces of her existence for she knows the ways of men that we are prone towards lust and revenge and if she won’t give herself to us, some of us will use the beauty of her face or body against her to spoil or ruin her reputation but none of us are beyond God’s redemption while blood flows warm through our veins.

It’s funny how desperation can make a woman more willingto allow her body to be captured on film or ordinary digital camera.

A woman may be simultaneously scared of and excited by your interest in her so she wrestles with wanting to stay and the desire to run away as fast and as far from you as her little legs can carry her.

If a woman still keeps one window of access to her open to you then there’s still hope that you might be able to have a relationship with her somewhere further down the track.

Events like people can sneak up on us and take us by surprise.

It’s easy to lose track of time, days, birthdays, dates, anniversaries, important appointments, due dates for assignments, possessions and relationships not tenderly nurtured like a prize winning orchid claiming victory at innumerable county fairs.

How can you say you love someone in all honesty unless you’re prepared to give them all your time and attention.

The best way to get rid of me is if you get another dude to put a ring on it cos I have zero interest in fighting another dude for ownership of a woman’s heart when she’s already made up her mind.

Even if i know I’m in the wrong i still want my woman to pretend like I’m not and take my side when I am rightfully accused of being disrespectful and neglectful in my duties as a son, lover, Christian or friend.

Guys have such fragile egos.

We crack like eggshells at the slightest bit of pressure that’s why we need our women to soothe our wounded spirit by comforting us in her loving arms and bringing back our confidence and manliness.

It’s easy to feel incompetent as a man like something in us just doesn’t measure up.

We compare ourselves unfavorably against all the muscly pecs for days meatheads in the media and think that is what a woman wants from us but most of those guys are way too into themselves to give our golden princesses the time and attention she deserves.

If it’s not my disobedience that causes me to miss out on wonderful opportunities in life it’s my foggy memory.

Some women are afraid to dance in public in case their mother calls them a prostitute.

Of course if a woman is already a whore though she may not be beyond caring what other people think attracting a guys attention for the purpose of engaging in unwholesome activities is simply part of her job description.

Can you still call a woman easy if her services cost a lot of money. ?

Just because a woman is a looker it doesn’t make her a hooker.

Women who have sex with multiple partners outside of marriage are more likely to develop sexually transmitted diseases than those who choose one man for life.

Technically an escort isn’t morally wrong as long as you don’t sleep with someone but it must be a huge battle not to cross the line when you have already made your body a commodity.

I was challenged to the point of teardrops by lee strobels book what Jesus wouldsay to Madonna, bill Clinton, rush limbaugh, mother teresa, murphy brown, bart Simpson and you.

I was thinking about how bart saw God as his pal when suddenly it hit me my sin makes God my enemy til I beg Him for forgiveness.

Adam and eve didn’t try fruitlessly to hide from God until they sinned and felt guilt and remorse flooding through them.

How different are we these days when we attempt to justify or excuse our bad behavior either by comparing ourselves to others or by attempting to shift blame or make excuses pinning responsibility on the events that led up to our misdeeds.

We forget we have the powerful weapon of prayer available to us.

God says call upon me and I will answer you.

He has not promised to deliver us from trouble but He helps us keep our eyes focused on Him during turbulent situations so our concentration is on His comfort and love not our circumstances.

Perhaps i only help others cos it’s the right thing to do even though I don’t necessarily have any love in my heart for them.

I love them cos Christ died for them on the cross and that’s a good enough reason for me cos Β He poured out His blood for me too.

When we suffer we should remember the agony we endure is nothing for what Christ went through on the cross because He loves us.

I know some people in the world who have a deep love for helping people.

Perhaps they are motivated by the fact that they got screwed over so they want to prevent others futures from going down the toilet or maybe God is speaking to them trying to get their attention and they don’t even know it.

It’s funny how God can use people who don’t even believe in Him to twist our eyes towards Him.

More folks exist who are expert at needling others than there are skilled knitters in the world.

We can afford to be late for everything in life except the 2nd coming of Christ.

There was a man whose vision was healed when he fell over his dog.

If an artist started out taking a stand for Jesus even if they never produced explicitly Christian music it’s easy to see why it would be a huge internal struggle for Christian radio stations to avoid playing them when they suddenly decide to give up on God and compromise their beliefs because they have fallen in love with their sound to the point that their minds are blind to the faults in their character.

They are trapped in time forever seeing them for who they were instead of dealing with who they are right now.

Seemingly good music can be used as a tool for darkness if the artist who produced the work has a spirit corrupted or submitted to control by the enemy.

God can work despite people’s straying from the righteous path or increasing warping and flipping of evil as good.

Some people’s moral code barely extends past the end of their own face.

They hesitate to decry such evils as cannibalism or call idol worship stupid cos they think they would do the same thing in a different cultural situation.

But that’s not the point our morals are not governed by our culture or society but given us by God.

Before the tower of babel all of us humans had one united language.

Mother Teresa said she wouldn’t help the poor for a thousand dollars but she’d do it for the love of God.

Why is it that as christians we know better than to act like or copycat the world yet we still do it anyway.

Do we think cos we’ve said the sinners prayer it gives us an open license to sin as much as we want without having to clean up our act or humble our hearts and walk away from addictive habits and lifestyles that destroy our souls.

I hope my heart has not become cold and numb to sin.

I hope i have not reached the point of no return where I can no longer tell the difference between the devil’s way to live and God’s holier more purposeful superior way to live.

Do illegal immigrants think European countries have a bottomless bucket of money. ?

There’s more people wanting jobs in the world than there are jobs available to meet their needs.

There’s no point in beating ourselves up over godly experiences we didn’t have.

Instead we should focus on what God is doing in our lives and what he’s going to do in and through us.

It’s not always possible to turn up your music loud enough on the train to drown out the swears without incurring hearing loss.

Too many people in the world want something for nothing.

We get handouts in our country from the government just for the grand contributions we made to the world by being born.

Look to the ants you sluggards.

If an ant can lift 40 times its mass what’s our excuse not to pull our own weight.

People can save money by entering competitions to win movie tickets.

You can also buy your fruits and vegetables from market stalls towards the end of the day when they’re desperate to get rid of it.

If you can live without tv and computers you can also save a huge amount of clams on electricity bills.

I am one of those people who wastes water by leaving the tap running while I wash my bathroom sink.

I have over time weaned myself off the habit of having the water running when I brush my teeth by postponing washing my brush until just before I brush my teeth.

I don’t know why I find it so hard to save money.

I did manage to save money for my trips overseas, missions trips and music festivals by forcing myself to save half the money in my account.

I tend to save for a while and then splurge when I see something i desperately want.

Man looks at the outside appearance but God looks at the heart.

We should focus more on what we stick in our minds than what we shove in our mouths.

I’m sure most christians know about the eye and ear gates.

The things we watch and listen to are important.

They can influence us for the positive or the negative.

They can make us slaves or willing servants to wickedness or righteousness.

Before we say or do anything we must ask ourselves the question what would Jesus do if He was walking in my shoes. ?

Would He read that book, watch that movie or listen to that music artist?

Would He stick that packet of gum under His robe and walk out the door without paying for it?

Would He pass on that juicy information about who such and such was sleeping with when they told us in strictest confidence not to share their secret with anyone. ?

Would He say that thing to your spouse or loved one that stabs their hearts as well as His own. ?

If we knew our actions would hurt or help Jesus would we think twice about doing or not doing them?

I’m glad I don’t earn enough money in a year to qualify for a credit card.

I hope i can have my room one day cleaned up to a standard that pleases mum.

I think the jury is out when it comes to the existence of aliens but I reckon they are most likely to be devils in disguise.


I used to be fascinated by them.

I loved the movie space jam cos it combined the 2 greatest loves of my life at the time -basketball and aliens.

The main drawcard was Michael Jordan.

He was my hero .

I never saw one of his games.

I just became aware of him through collecting basketball cards.

At the time there wasn’t too many players with shaved heads.

We weren’t allowed to do that at our school which might be why we thought he was cool.

Of course Charles Barkley and Shaquille o neal were baldies too but they couldn’t do airtime and hang off the rim or soar through the sky like Jordan can.

I used to get magazines with basketball posters in them too.

I never thought baseball was cool until I saw mj had a brief stint with the barons and new York Yankees.

I don’t know why I ever thought tupac was cool.

Maybe nailing himself to the cross for makaveli made me associate him with Jesus even though he had a filthy mouth.

I was never into him as much as will Smith aka the fresh prince of bel air.

So far his kids have stayed true to his clean shaven image and not sworn in their lyrics though his daughter looks like a hindu in one of her clips and his son believes in aliens.

If I was a celebrity i would want to hide my family as far away from the limelight as humanly possible.

It must be terribly humiliating and slightly frightening to see everything you do and all your associated friends and family end up in the papers.

I am in favor of everyone in the world throwing away their weapons and living in peace and harmony with one another.

There are some religions however that tell their followers to kill nonbelievers.

Simple solution you say just tow the line and everything will be fine but you are forgetting if we turn our backs on Jesus He will not accept us in His kingdom.

Yes the old covenant in the old testament advocates stoning fornicators and homosexuals to death but since Jesus shed His blood on the cross we have a new covenant which advocates loving our neighbors into God’s kingdom.

Some people adopt a sinful lifestyle because they have been victimized by those who call themselves believers in God but truly their only master was their father satan cos they were busily preoccupied doing his bidding.

Others have had a bed of roses of an upbringing and just allowed themselves to overindulgence their curiosity r.e evil and succumb to its putrid lure.

We must try our best not to shove the whole of humanity into the same box.

Why is it when politicians get the vote they think they have the legal right to interrupt each other and behave worse than kids in the classroom. ?

I wouldn’t say admit to an emotional affair only if you have a clearly reciprocal relationship with the person you intend to move on with unless God blesses the relationship due to your spiritual unsuitability with your current partner when you have made every possible attempt to reconcile your differences and been through a suitable cooling off period to make certain you are not going into a new relationship blinded by lust without thinking through the possible repercussions that result from this person combining their life with yours.

God only knows what is around the corner for your love life.

You may give up on someone only to figure out that life is miserable without them and get back together with them hours later cos you can’t handle life without them and you regret your hastily made decision too much.

Hearing a rumor that your relationship status might be the only reason someone isn’t going for you all guns blazing isn’t a substantial enough reason to break a contractual obligation which your heart has made with another heart.

Perhaps if I was patient with women to grow accustomed to my face hanging around their house the landscape of my relationship would look different right now but as things stand i have a good thing going i just need a Holy Spirit inspired boost of enthusiasm for my relationship as well as tenacity and patience while playing this seemingly endless waiting game.

It’s not worth compromising my beliefs just because I find a new flame who is a younger model closer to my age or maturity level with a hot face.

Any woman can look amazingly gorgeous if you take time to get to know her and allow God to cause the beauty of her personality to emerge more each minute until by the end of the first date she has completely captured your heart.





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