We still search for love but we Google for lust

When I could see her face anytime i wanted at the click of a button it was easier for me to take her for granted but now that she is completely inaccessible in this virtual realm i am    less likely to undervalue her contribution to   my life.

She hates it when people take her photo.

I wonder if she believes like my south African afrikaner school chum did that if I take her snap i will steal her soul.

I think it’s ok to give girls compliments when I’m not in a relationship with them  as long as it’s about something they say or do rather than a critique of their physical appearance.

Some women crave attention from men.

Some appear to prefer affection displayed towards them by women.

This could be because they have been used and abused by guys in the past or they could just be naturally shy creatures.

Yes it is important for a woman to guard her heart in case she gets it broken or connected with a guy whose contribution to her life is detrimental to her spiritual health.

I convince myself women need my comments on their photos but it’s probably more true to say that I benefit more from their photos than they benefit from my comments.

Women who exclusively post words instead of pictures tend to appreciate compliments more because they are also someone who digs in their brain to scoop out the best of themselves to share with the world like premium quality ice cream.


Is loving a woman in this modern world choosing to never look at another woman again even though you want to cos it’s hard for a guy to look at a woman without wanting to jump her bones especially when she dresses as if she’s ready to hop into bed or she is online and animated mostly in fun loving displays of herself at her happiest moments.

She may show the most erotic side of herself online subconsciously or consciously creating the illusion of sexual availability feeding the fantasies of men whose senses are dulled by the visual candy of her lurid seductive charms.

If we are going through turbulent times in our relationship it’s better to vent our stress without calling out names which may come back to bite us in the butt further down the road.

Atheists may try to prevent us from speaking our minds cos they feel threatened by the truth we represent.

Some not all of them would deny us the right to free speech protected in some of our countries by court rulings  ( loose guides to follow suite not binding contracts) or the more solid and certain constitutional law ( which can still be messed about with through amendments that render them as worthless as monopoly money in terms of practical value ).

We must remember God’s laws don’t change even if society’s opinions or beliefs about them or biases for or against them do.

When a little boy sees a bunch of women wearing hardly any clothes in the middle of winter unless he’s been groomed to be perverted he will most likely think of them not as sexy and desirable but simply feel sorry for their goosepimply skin shivering from the cold weather.

It’s possible to avoid disappointing most of the people in our life most of the time if we bear in mind their individual needs or wants.

What is appealing and entertaining to one person may be annoying frustrating or downright offensive to another.

The laws of the land often change with the mindset of society.

Prostitution has only been allowed to make inroads into our society because police failed to consistently prosecute when it was illegal everywhere in our country instead of just in some states.

There’s more women getting their wages withheld by pimps who are working against their will and who were forcibly coerced or tricked into the porn and whoring industry than there are willing participants.

Even in the lives of those women who don’t have to work the street but have the luxury of operating behind closed doors they still run the constant risk of danger to their mental spiritual physical sexual and emotional health by contracting sexually transmitted diseases or being abused or killed by guys who always want to push them into demeaning and debasing themselves a little bit further.

If you think models have it any easier most of them are pressured into doing nudie shots , having relations with seedy photographers who falsely perceive themselves as God’s gift to women or pushed into starving themselves to waif, wafer or rake like thinness even though most of what we see on tv or magazines is digitally altered before our eyes view it anyway.

Sometimes as guys our attempts to be sensitive to a woman’s plight can be misunderstood or misconstrued as a clumsy attempt to get in their panties when all we really want to do is show them that their voice is being heard and the cry their hearts scream out to God bounces back off His into our own.

Women if you want guys to say good things about you behind your back like how godly, modest, mysterious, compelling, intriguing, interesting, fun to be with, deep or kind you are, present an image of yourself to the world that doesn’t compromise your character or make them lose respect for you due to willingness to expose parts of yourself or draw wanted or unwanted attention to the sacred and precious areas of your Holy Spirit temple which God intended to be reserved exclusively for the eyes of your husband not every tom  dick and larry.

Some women have bought into the lie that flashing their body gives them power.

It doesn’t.

It just strips a little bit more of your soul away the more compromises you make, the more lines you cross and the more of your tender treasures you expose.

Some women get tattoos to bury their pain by causing themselves another kind of temporary pain to shift their focus off the far more agonizing grief of losing a loved one through death or someone more sexually appealing, a better listener or just the owner of deeper pockets.

Yep it’s not a huge newsflash that sugar mommas exist and guys can be golddiggers in a way that has nothing to do with panning in the rich fields of California too.

In jhumpa lahiris debut collection of short stories and first published work the interpreter of maladies one of her characters a small child remarks sexy is making love to someone you don’t know.

I hope this statement isn’t true for any of us.

If it is its a pretty sad state of affairs.

The one you are married or engaged too should be the sexiest, most exciting, most interesting person in the world.

Why are we so aroused by danger, strangers or the threat of loss?

Why is it knowing that someone might not be good for us that keeps us hanging off the edge of our seats ,climaxing with titilation begging for more.

We remain ever hungry and never satisfied.

We always desire something more risky, more thrilling more painful until we wind up dead or in hospital.

We think noone loves us ,cares about us or truly knows who we are deep down inside so we don’t give a monkeys if we live or die.

We are addicted to the adrenaline rush of escaping from the grave by the skin of our teeth.

Perhaps we see no hope for ourselves beyond our next meal so we put ourselves in situations where we are as likely to career out of control as we are to gain prestige for our tomfoolery and recklessness.

Unless i knew Jesus i wouldn’t be able to stare death in the face and smile.

If I traveled around the world i would want to see more of a country than an amphitheater or a concert venue but for some all that matters is the thrill of the crowd and having your limbs and lungs insured so you have something in the kitty to tide you over when the world crumbles down around you, you become yesterday’s news and the world moves on to a newer greater sensation,  when your tricks are all tired and your throat is a raggedy old Clydesdale long overdue to be put out to seed.

Just because someone quits loving you, it doesn’t make you unlovable.

You should try your hardest not to project those hateful feelings someone has shown towards you onto someone else.

Just because you have a family history of sickness it doesn’t mean you are going to get that ailment that bumped off your dear old wrinkly prune gran.

Remember we serve a miracle working God who is in the business of healing and rejuvenating us.

We all get bugged by different things but sometimes our likes and pet peeves match up with each other.

We may not necessarily have the smarts to build a rocket ship but if we have compassion in our hearts for the countless lost souls burning in hell unless they get God to reroute their final destination that’s just as useful.

We may not see the intrinsic worth in others that God sees in them.

We may be more inclined to see it in a merciful widow than a kamikaze terrorist but God has a plan and a purpose for all of us.

Some of us will die not knowing how much He values and treasures us.

How often do we judge people by their physical appearance. ?

Perhaps referring to his own prejudice against hellenic or greek uncircumcised believers james the bro of Jesus spoke out against hypocrites giving the best seats in the church house to the man with the largest sized bank account.

We are meant to treat everyone equally.

In Christ there’s neither jew , greek,  slave nor free.

We can include ourselves in the greek category as it was a term that could refer to all non jews and slaves hailed from the furthest flung regions of the Roman Empire be they africans or from the former republic of Yugoslavia.

We are not meant to esteem ourselves too highly.

We must often recall Jesus’s words- those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted.

A great example of this is in the life of king nebuchadnezzar who was foolish enough to proclaim that every success he had obtained in life came about through his hands alone.

He went from living like a king in the royal palace to crawling around on all fours living like a wild dog and eating off the ground.

How often do we act like wild dogs in our sexual appetites or behavior towards others or simply the way we fight tooth and nail with our brothers and sisters always fighting to be top dog and climb to the top of the pile instead of rejoicing when others succeed and helping them become even better.

We must learn to be content with our lot in life.

Someone always has it better and worse than us.

Some people work in sweat shops or carry heavy loads as little kids working til breaking point to dislodge a debt they will never be able to repay.

Instead of patting ourselves in the back for someone else’s efforts helping us reach a place where slavery is illegal we should concentrate our efforts on eradicating the slavery that still exists in the world through child brides, prostitution, the construction industry  ( qatar soccer stadium ), chocolate,  coffee, clothes and mobile phones  ( rare earth ).

We may think we have come a long way as humans in just over 3000 years of recorded human history but the hearts of mankind are still exceedingly wicked.

We are born into sin so without Jesus it becomes an inescapable part of us.

Why does modern society mock the sacred and revere the trivial and profane. ?

As so called modern actually ancient, regressive progressive pretenders we have detached ourselves from the one who holds together the moral fabric of society.

Consequently we are cast adrift on a sea of wild directionless madness.

We do not know what violence we are capable of or what unspeakable detestable sexually depraved acts we are capable of committing when the toxic mix of peer pressure, drugs and alcohol clouds our judgment and infiltrates our senses.

We want to hang the consequences but we find that unlike guilt they have a strange habit of rearing their ugly heads up from the pit where we thought we had left them dead and buried.

As our faith drifts over to the mainstream will our focus shift from our glorious creator onto the temporarily thrilling but not permanently fulfilling pleasures of this world or will we keep our eyes firmly fixed on the one who poured out His blood in redeeming sacrifice for us, to atone in totality for all the sin that ever took place and all the filthy deeds yet to occur in the whole of human history?

When all our jobs are taken over by robots will we finally find time to read the bible and apply it to our daily lives. ?

The bible has 66 books for a reason.

The extra 22 couldn’t be verified by independent literary sources and they veer widely from what we know as gospel truth.

The literature of the world has great things to teach us but nothing compares to the bible in terms of the earth shattering impact it has made on every area of society either in support of or reaction to it.

Most major scientific breakthroughs have been achieved by christians.

The majority of schools and hospitals in the world were founded by followers of Yeshua.

Our systems of law and governance were based on the 10 commandments in every area of the globe with a stable economy or colonial connections to one.

Christians are responsible for making slavery illegal in most countries after selling themselves into slavery to teach the slaves the way of our common master and greatest servant hearted friend to all sinners and saints Jesus Christ.

If He lives in our hearts we are transformed from losers into winners whatever society thinks of us cos we have won the greatest prize that can ever be sought or fought for, our salvation in Christ which is too priceless for us to afford yet it has been bought by the nails hammered into His almighty palms and feet and the crown of thorns pressed in His skull until it was oozing with the only blood type pure enough to deliver a galaxy from its own misdemeanors.

Just like tom cruise in minority report we are judged for the crimes we have imagined doing in our thought life as well as those deeds recognized as crime by the law of the land and those good things God provides opportunity for us to do yet we neglect in our busyness and or lethargy.

It’s impossible to know all the good music artists in existence that’s why it helps to have tv and radio stations to make us aware of all the creative individuals out there pursuing their dream of impacting lives through singing the stories of the trials and triumphs of themselves and others or using the stage as a platform to preach religious, political or environmental messages.

Unless we are able to articulate the truth of the gospel and know why it is we believe what we believe we have a huge battle on our hands to avoid being influenced and corrupted by the world instead of impacting the culture for heaven’s kingdom.

It’s no longer good enough to say this is the way to keep on doing things cos this is the way we have always done them.

We have to make sure our traditions line up with scripture and if they don’t then we should reject and junk them.

God calls us to be in the world not of the world.

Jesus turned water into wine and He ate bread dipped in wine and wine mixed with vinegar on at least 2 occasions even if He didn’t take a sip of the sweet stuff at canaa.

This was also an act of preparing His disciples for His death even at the advent of His first miracle.

Jesus permitted divorce but only allowed it on the grounds of adultery.

I believe God in His grace and mercy would also include physical or verbally abusive relationships in this category.

The bible permits us to have as many wives as we like but here’s the catch 22- we must love them all equally.

Because it’s impossible to love unless you give 100% of your heart to a woman this is clearly an unachievable task.

It was only permitted because God knows the hardness of mens hearts, how our eyes stray to greener pastures which may turn out to be more dry and yellow in the long run than the grass growing on our side of the fence.

I used to get told my art was too busy now i wonder if it has become too simple.

I wish I knew how to attach wires for hanging then I could be commercially successful but God didn’t bless me with those skills.

I have always been better identified as mr dreamer rather than my practical.

I can no longer make the excuse that I’m chasing girls cos I don’t have a relationship with one.

I just have an insatiable appetite for pretty young maidens both near and far that can only be cured by Christ’s renewal of my mind on a daily basis  ( see romans 12:1).

We may not always be able to easily identify the people God is working on and tell them apart from those using the doctrine of grace and being a work in progress as an excuse to justify their sinful unrepentant lifestyles  ( not equitable with occasional slip ups instantly set straight by a heart redirected to the grand plan of the great i am).



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