Dealing with the cold hard cheesy truth

Just because someone is dating someone doesn’t mean they’re going to marry them.

It does bring them one step closer to wedding bells and altars though.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that my work place crush now has a man.

I just wish she wouldn’t flirt with him in front of me.

I wish I’d never asked her out.

Sometimes it’s better to not know rather than suffer through rejection that’s right up in your face every day.

She still talks to me about how smart her kid is.

Even though when she does this she is inadvertently planting false hope by making me think if she opens up to me that she wants to be with me outside of office hours I’m sure i would prefer it to the alternative of being frozen out which she also may have a tendency to do but I’m also a mutterer and under breath mumbler.

If you get too close to some girls they want to slowly grill you over a hot flame.

Some girls won’t even let you sit next to them without kicking up a stink.

When she does i jump straight to she must like me instead of she wants to sit next to her bud and you just happen to be occupying the seat next to them.

I probably wouldn’t assume she liked me if I didn’t find her attractive.

I don’t mind how much a woman weighs as long as she’s got a massive heart for Jesus and those who suffer in the world.

I can understand why i got beaten out by a guy who cooks and drives but surely being married to someone else is a deal breaker.

He has kids too.

I can only imagine how traumatized and self blaming they must be right now.

If he says he loves his boys he should stick around and watch them grow up which he can’t do if he’s messing around with another woman either behind his wife’s back or in front of her face.

I hate hypocrites who say they are good and know God who destroy the lives of their children through their selfish actions.

I know I need to keep my feelings and emotions in check.

It’s hard not knowing all the details but being aware of just enough information to make my head steamed.

At least they manage to keep their hands off each other at work.

I think the real thing that upsets me is my own inability to hold down a relationship with her when I stood a chance.

I would have said something really erotic to her if I knew that’s what she was into.

I was raised to detest that kind of smutty talk though so whenever I do it i feel guilty as if I need to get my mouth washed out with soap.

She didn’t apologize for swearing today so I think she’s beyond the point of caring what i think about anything.

She said she loves techno then she says she hates it.

Shes too schizophrenic for me to keep up with her.

She’s his problem not mine.

I just wish she’d get out of my life.

I wish they both would.

She acts like her brain is made of pudding sometimes but she can also be extremely hilarious.

She has moments when she exhibits high moral standards and other times when she seems completely debased and devoid of deductive reasoning.

Seems like all the chicks that want me are too young, they live overseas or they speak in a foreign tongue.

If I tell my kids not to poke their ears with anything bigger than a fist do you think they will listen to me or ignore me and call me old stupid man who doesn’t know what he’s saying until they too wake up with a pain in their ears that has no cure and makes no sense.

I need to let go of my right to claim a woman who doesn’t belong to me and concentrate my efforts on the one I’ve got before she isn’t mine anymore.

Today she said she needs someone who’s on the same page as her.

She needs to read the pages of the bible.

As a matter of fact so do I,  I haven’t done so in a while.

The thing about being a side chick is you can never hold your head up in the sun.

Why does my boss tell people at work to tell me what to do when I’ve been there longer than them.

It’s so insulting it makes me vomit with rage.

I think he assumes all people with aspergers or autism are stupid.

Doesn’t he know there was an African English dude who can fly over a city see it once then make a map of it from his photographic memory.

I don’t have a photographic memory but my point is some people refuse or ignorantly fail to see the potential of those of us with mental issues.

At least i know she’s not wary of me cos of my mental illness unlike my friend in fiji who was warned by her cousin to stay away from me cos I have a reputation for latching onto pretty women.

I can attract a woman’s initial interest.

That’s the easy part.

For me the hardest part is maintaining it for the duration of a lifetime.

To be honest i don’t know why I bother sometimes.

I get sick of waiting for my fiance to say she is ready for me to come visit her but I have too much emotionally invested in our future together to give up on her altogether.

We have lots of reasons to be happy about each other.

For starters i can be brutally honest with her and she doesn’t run away.

She doesn’t demand that I give her things.

In fact she demanded i don’t until she eventually accepted that we are meant to be together for life.

When I try to toss her away i realize pretty much while I’m doing it how pointless and meaningless my existence is without her in my life.

I tease her when she says lah at the end of her sentences cos she sounds like a Singaporean smurf but secretly I think it’s sweet and cute.

If you see a guy blow up in his women’s face you always wonder when he’s gonna explode again like a time delayed bomb with the clock face covered.

I wonder why women make excuses for guys when they hurt them, bruise them and make them weep.

It’s easy for me to get on my high horse when I just cause my woman mental and emotional pain instead of physical pain.

Of course I will be causing her pain when she coproduces our kid with the help of Jesus and I but that agony is intermingled with the joy of seeing a little teeny human who looks just like us.

I can be absent minded sometimes.

I left milk in the garage then came back hours later.

I was amazed it hadn’t gotten sour.

Sometimes people are talking to me and I blank out.

My head goes wandering off somewhere while I’m wide awake.

It’s funny how some women will pretend to be independent but they secretly crave the company of men.

I’m not saying they all do.

But those who don’t once did.

Something happened to break their trust and lock up their hearts away from the gender God intended them to be with.


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