Fragile friendship

When I start a new friendship with a girl i am walking on eggshells a little bit.

I’m constantly afraid of losing her because of my track record in the past of pushing beautiful women away by wanting to know all their secrets.

I don’t care what she wears or who she hangs out with as long as she’s willing to spend a little time with me at least once a week unless something comes up which she can’t avoid.

Right now we don’t have to make excuses to see each other cos youth group makes it possible for us to do it every week.

She doesn’t have a loud voice but it’s just the right volume for me.

What is this power God gave a woman to completely take over a boys brain and make it melt into a little puddle at her perfectly manicured feet?

I am always worried about my inadequacy considering the threat of competition from other eligible bachelors.

I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.

I’m stunned and amazed that a lady as gorgeous as her would want to be friends with someone like me.

I hope it won’t bother her when she finds out i don’t drive,  cook or know how to fix anything that gets broken around the house.

Hopefully we can combine our creative abilities together to make something magical and beautiful.

I  hope I am capable of giving her a baby and being a good husband to her someday.

That’s way further down the track from where we’re at right now.

We have only just started to get to know one another so I won’t be too hasty and declare my love for her in the first week apart from in this secret place which noone bothers to check out.

Honestly I’m dying to tell the world about her but there’s not a whole lot to tell re our relationship just yet.

Still I’m happy to shout from the rooftops and write her name plus i love you across the sky cos something tells me she’s a keeper worth fighting hard to keep in my life.

I have got to stop myself from moving too fast with her.

I feel there’s definitely a connection there but I still have to explore whether the smiles she throws me from across the room mean more than just a natural expression of her God given friendly nature and magnetic personality.

I’m not ready or willing to cut off my old relationship until I know she feels the same way about me as I do about her.

The way she’s got me going the heart in my chest won’t stop beating at a million miles an hour.

She stirs me up something chronic.

I love her more now i know her name.

Before it was easy to dismiss her from my mind now she has completely taken over my brain.

My workmates can do what they like.

I don’t care as long as she’s part of my life.

Even if we die just friends I’m happy to have the privilege to know her just a little bit but I want to be so much more than friends with her and give her the best of my love for the rest of my days my heart will be set ablaze by her mesmerizing tequila eyes.

I wonder if she has ever read the book named after her.

I’m sure she has heard most of it already.

It’s deeply embedded in the brain cells of most of us church going kids.

I would do she loves me she loves me not with flower petals if such an act would yield the slightest clue about the contents of her mind and heart.

Her voice is sweeter than ice cream.

Watching her is more entertaining than television.

When she’s sitting next to me with a full hand of cards it’s hard to believe i could ever love anyone else and the only thing that would make it more perfect was if her finger wore my ring.



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