Funny how a few hours with godly people can totally help you gain perspective

I wish I could take my friends with me everywhere i go.

That way i wouldn’t have to think about all the trash people talk and my stupid feelings for girls who don’t love me cos I would be surrounded by people who like me for me who I can be myself with and be a Christian with.

It’s hard when you see someone who has always been strong and in control who has always been the one you turn to when you have problems suddenly become weak as a baby kitten.


It really hits you for 6 when tragedy happens in your family and you have no control over the present or future.

You wish you could turn the clock back to happier times when the one you always looked up to, the one you always wanted to be like was still a mighty pillar of strength.

If you are a weak person like me it’s really disturbing to see the one who inspires you and fights your battles become a shadow of their former self.

We are coming to a time in history when it’s even harder than ever to be a Christian.

Be strong my friends.

This world is coming to an end.

When it does we want to be on God’s team to avoid being thrown into the lake of fire

πŸŒ‹it will be heaps worse than that


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