Skating past her blindly in the night

Why do I find it so hard to let go of those old contacts in my phone even though some of the girls i know don’t ever respond to my texts and hardly ever contacted me through instant messaging when I still had the option of accessing them before they blocked me.

If a woman gives you a gift it makes it harder to let her go.

Every time you look at her gift or wear it or smell it or taste it hear it or touch it your mind will be pulled back to that happy place when the world seemed full of possibility before she knew the despicable behavior you were capable of.

My john flynn almost went flying in the wind today.

Quite appropriate for a banknote bearing the visage of the founder of  the flying doctor’s service.

The mosquito tribes have taken over our backyard.

We can’t step a foot outdoors without the tiny little vampires attempting to drain a pint of blood from us.

I get so paranoid that the woman i love is gonna dump me as a friend.

Why am I ruled by and crippled by fear.

This is why some people convert to Islam out of fear of becoming the next headline in the newspaper for a terrorist victim.

There’s also some stupid women who think western society is pressuring them to take off their clothes all the time.

Wake up and smell the coffee nobody in the west sticks a gun to a woman’s head and commands her to dress a certain way.

If women are forced to cover their faces their identity and personality gets swallowed up behind the veil.

A woman should be able to express herself in public without fear of persecution.

They should be encouraged to have minds of their own and not live like a virtual slave to their husbands.

As long as people are getting executed, crucified, decapitated, tortured,  taxed ,ostracized, stripped of homes and possessions, kidnapped,  made a non citizen, prevented of speaking or acting because of their faith this world can never be free.

If people have no jobs and they are living a hand to mouth existence they are easily tricked by those who promise them endless celestial sex after death and a guarantee of entry into heaven not found in their own scripture.

This guarantee of salvation is only found in Christianity.

I can’t tell if I’m holding onto my relationship because of guilt, fear or simply because I’m lazy.

Or maybe it’s because she’s genuinely good for me.

We don’t always have to get along like a house on fire to love each other.

We do however have to stay hot for each other even when we feel like dropping off the planet from tiredness.

We can do this by thinking of the positive contributions we have made to each other’s lives and concentrating our energy on the areas of those we love which tickle our fancy the most often.

It may also help to consider the things our partner has taught us spiritually.

In ignorance sometimes we talk about issues we haven’t bothered to research cos we are seldom likely to experience them.

Ditto for books we haven’t bothered to crack open but scribble down a mental cliff notes version based on the rave or scathing reviews of our friends.

If you hardly ever go anywhere or do anything it’s quite easy to get bored out of your gourd.

I wish I had a time machine so I can unsay and undo all the stupid and cruel things i did and said to girls.

I told my friends my boss is looking to hire new staff.

It would be awesome if I ended up working with them.

I was going to pass on his contacts to another lady who is also my friend but she got an interview for another job which scuppered my opportunity to tell her.

For the cheap price of  $600 dad is getting a guy with speaking problems to cut his flowers in order to keep the neighbors off his back.

Some girls look so cute it’s like they’re little baby dolls with movable parts ,optional accessories and minds of their own  ( unlike the plastic kind which hasn’t quite mastered a. I yet.

I respect a woman who stands up against the exploitation of her body by the media or others.

Some guys ask or force girls to kiss them or have sex with them as a birthday present.

That kind of behavior physically repulses and disgusts me.

It’s funny how people prolong their ancient hatreds and grudges even thousands of years later.

People forget why their countries were fighting but they still carry on doing it just for the sake of it.

I know the woman i love is capable of great humor and intelligence.

She also has more than her fair share of heavenly wisdom.

It’s funny how you can notice some women straight away and fall in love then your mind blocks out all other thoughts but her alone and everyone else in the room becomes insignificant blurry shadows.

I want her to know that she will always be in the drivers seat in our relationship unless she grants me permission to make a decision re our future together.

She is so perfectly shaped and crafted it’s like she stepped out the pages of the best storybook I never read.

I want to know her history.

Right now i just know she’s been through pain and I wish I could fix it so she never has to blame herself for the problems of her parents.

Dad wouldn’t like it that I’m crushing on a girl half my age but there isn’t even an us yet so he doesn’t have to stress about her and i being an item even if we were it wouldn’t be a problem cos she has good morals, heaps of self control and I have no opportunity to let my desire for her take over my brain to the point where I cross the line.

I’m hoping by the time she’s ready for a relationship i will be in a secure enough financial position to look after her for the rest of our lives together.

It’s crazy to have such a strong desire for a girl i hardly know.

Maybe it’s her mystery that makes her so intriguing and sexy.

If she actually belonged to me would i still want her this badly.

I don’t want to have impure thoughts towards her until we get to date each other.

That’s probably a few years down the road if we ever get to that point assuming some other brother doesn’t snap her up before then.

I thought she was cute before but now desire for her has completely swamped me.

She is in my heart and head 24/7.

I know I’m not exactly faithful.

There’s too many beautiful woman sharing their pictures .

I find it hard to stop myself even though I know i have a choice.

I may be occasionally oppressed by demons but I’m not completely controlled by them.

I still have some degree of will power.

Even if it’s an extremely small amount as evidenced by the fact that i burn the midnight oil on social media from dusk to dawn ( almost ) when I should be busy sleeping allowing my body to recharge its batteries and recover from the busy events of the day.

It’s a lot easier to succumb to temptation if I am tired.

The voice of reason God has placed within me becomes dulled.

I forget to use the door of escape God has always made available to me.

I used to care about people getting the message behind the music now i just want to entertain them.

It’s funny how the girls who act like snobby princesses can be the down to earth ones i.r.l and the approachable ones are sometimes the ones that  are standoffish and keeping their distance from the opposite sex cos they bought the hyperbolic feminist lie that all guys want to treat women like meat or toilet paper and toss them out when they’re done with them.

It might be a good move to wait for a particular woman to come around to the possibility of my suitability as a partner.

But I could die before she’s ready for me to be hers.

It’s cool when you sing a song just before you hear it on the radio.

Almost prophetic even.

I love it when she answers on my behalf.

She’s like my back up brain when my regular brain has gone on a permanent vacation or is simply napping or out to lunch.

It’s good to see chicks dressing modestly and decently.

It gives me hope for the future.

If I protest with my wallet against all the evil companies that use good artists like puppets I would probably never buy a cd from a major label artist again which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

It makes me sick that people say they are doing free worship when they are really sticking to a script and only allowing the Holy Spirit to move inside the tiny little cracks they allot to Him between formulaic chunks of sonic cheese.

People don’t always know they are worshipping something.

Few people would pray to their cheeseburger to heal their broken relationship but plenty of people make their belly their god.

I want my woman to be the main attraction and my major focus not a side piece or supporting actress.

I want her to support me but I don’t wanna force her to share loves lime light with anyone else.

My friend taga is a fan of princes song purple rain.

Sineads daughter knows all of 1999 off by heart.

I feel sorry for the people of Romania who are banned from euro vision due to unpaid debts.

They should just start their own comp called global vision and make them irrelevant.

Most of our current crop of tv talent shows is just euro vision on a smaller scale.

Nate lent ministry of sound to sinead.

She doesn’t like techno.

I can see the most convicting sermons are those which point to our need to change our ways before God accepts us into His heavenly home.

Believe it or not this doesn’t happen in every sermon these days.

It’s hard to know if it’s the exception or the rule.

I need to retrain my brain not to swear inside my head.

It’s easy for me not to do it out loud.

We have to be careful not to include all of the church in our spotlighting of its evil.

Yes there is such a thing as identificational repentance but dragging the past up all the time doesn’t help us construct a healthy future.

It’s funny how kids who live in the streets don’t always advertise.

They could be dressed to the nines and you wouldn’t know they spent last night sleeping under a bridge scared they might get jacked, raped or stabbed.

I want to be able to make tracks that are of the same sound quality as the ones I hear on the tv and radio.

The best way to make a difference in the African American community isn’t to hate on cops or euros but by encouraging your own community and everyone else to be fubu.

During the time of segregation people were fubu by necessity but now they’ve got a choice they either exercise their right to distance themselves from their culture in their purchasing decisions or they neglect to build bridges between cultures by becoming more insular and bubble like.

As christians we are called to be fubu for the kingdom.

There’s plenty of us in the world so there’s no excuse why Christian albums shouldn’t be soaring up the charts or Christian movies shouldn’t be smashing records at the box office.

Of course some cinemas have had to suffer protests and ugly court battles for simply showing movies that only show straight couples.

So we may not always get the opportunity to get to see every movie ever made if studios are forced to squish them before the production or release date.

We do need to know history but we can share it without pointing the finger if we just stick to spitting tracks.

Does it really need to be said that not all mixtapes are free?

I made one for my friend a couple of times but didn’t give them all away.

I want to get along with everyone i meet but it doesn’t help when I’ve got hearing and mental problems and we all have different personalities, junk we’re going through, ancestry and spiritual beliefs.

We can all find common ground on ancestry though if we’re willing to do a bit of digging first.

We can find common ground on religion too if we know the connections between all the belief systems of the world.

I love it when my woman inspires my faith and makes me move closer to God.

That’s why I know she’s good for me.

That’s why I want her to be a constant part of my life.

I know I need to be more committed to the woman i love.

Just because I don’t hear from her every day it doesn’t mean i can use it as an excuse to cut her out of my life.

When she doesn’t talk to me i just use that time to think about how much she means to me.

I thank God for the blessing of her love.

I practice what I’m gonna say to her when I see her again.

At least I can see her online anytime i like.

Boys should use boys toilets and vice versa regardless of what gender they think they are,  because little kids specifically little girls have been exposed to male genitalia.

They will now be traumatized for life and those in authority in America in the education and government system are protecting the rights of criminals instead of the innocent.

Lord protect your precious little ones.

Let them relieve themselves without fearing for their lives due to risk of rape, molestation or being coerced into a life of perversion.

Let our country not lose its foundation of holiness.

Don’t let anyone control your thoughts by intimidating you into silence through citing a case for intolerance or bias.

Everyone is biased and prejudiced.

As christians we just love what God loves and hate what He hates re actions never people. Don’t get it twisted. 😁



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