Gobbling my soul

Rachael n Steve have blue tits and robins in her village.

Mum ate strudel at the bike show she went to.

She bought a bottle of santa Emilia( saint emily) water in Munich and her stewardess on the Etihad plane had the same name as her bottle.

On Sunday night i got to sit next to jenisyz in the park at south bank.

She was doing star jumps on top of the fitness platform.

She likes my handwriting.

She didn’t want to sing my song cos she didn’t know it.

She told me to sing louder.

She stopped me in the middle of another poem cos it was time for us to go.

I’m glad I didn’t get her name tattooed with the wrong spelling on me.

She was comfortable being alone with me in the pool but she preferred her own company so I left her alone.

Her sister preshyz was telling the others to stay away from us cos we were having a private conversation.

I don’t know if preshyz likes me more than jenisyz does.

I hope jenisyz doesn’t hate me.

I hope I didn’t scare her or make her sad.

She put her hair up in a bun for church.

I love all her hair styles but I love to see it down and loose best of all.

She has beautiful curly ringlets.

They cascade down her neck and stop just past her shoulders.

She got blonde foils for her 13th birthday.

It was the first time she had dyed her hair so she was scared going into the experience.

She didn’t want to get on my shoulders to play the game where you try and push someone off someone else’s shoulders when you’re both in the water.

I wanted to sit next to preshyz in church but she was sitting at the opposite end of the pew.

Jenisyz received Jesus as her personal savior in church.

I thought she already was a Christian.

I’m still not sure if I was wrong.

She stopped singing everybody backstreets back when I started singing it.

I asked if she was hungry and she said she wasn’t.

Maybe she thought i was offering to fetch some for her but im not spontaneous like that.

I did want to pay for her maccas but I didn’t get a chance.

She had a cornetto ice cream cone.

I love her funny faces and spontaneous dance moves.

She plays guitar with her thumb.

She didn’t like it when I was joking about nuts.

I’m still trying to figure out her sense of humor.

She knows how to stand up for herself.

She fights with her words not her fists and she’s smart and godly so she does it in a polite way.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about her since I learned her name.

I have tried to stop myself from thinking about having sex with her because she doesn’t belong to me yet.

I wouldn’t do it with her unless we were married first.

I want everything to be pure and holy and right between us.

The ambulance is on hand in Germany for night of the jumps.

One of the bike riders hurt himself and had to be taken away by the ambulance.

My sister Rachael prayed for him.

I don’t know if I want to dump alice but I know it’s not fair on her and jenisyz to love them both at once neither is it possible cos you can’t love anyone properly with a divided heart.

Does part of me love God and part of me love the devil.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible for me to break free from being enslaved by my bad habits or sinful lifestyle.

I know with God’s help all things are possible.

I can move on in my  affection for someone pretty quickly unless I know for sure that a girl is as hot for me as I was for her.

I’m not a patient guy who’s prepared to wait for a woman to be ready to make me part of her life but maybe I should be.

I find jenisyz attractive cos she plays hard to get but she still throws me bones of affection with her sweet smiles and kind words every now and then.

Her sister asked if I was married.

I told her I wasn’t.

I didn’t tell her I was engaged.

Maybe i should have.

If my fiance isn’t willing to advertise our relationship online why should I be.

Unlike her i didn’t used to care if others know we have a relationship but it wasn’t a burden before cos there was no chance of anything happening between another girl and I until now.

Maybe there still isn’t a chance.

Call me cold hearted if you must but I like to make myself available for future options.

You know you’ve got it bad for someone when every little thing you see reminds you of them.

A maccas cup reminds me of her perfect lips sipping frozen coke on the train to morayfield.

I feel like the old man crushing on lolita.

Her sister preshyz said i look younger than my age.

Jenisyz said that was embarrassing when I was about to board the wrong train.

It wasn’t actually the wrong train but it wasn’t the one my friends were intending to travel on.

I thought Hannah was her cos they were both wearing hoodies with grey on them even though hannas was all grey and jenisyz’s was grey and blue.

We sat down at the tafe college and then we realized we were in the wrong place.

We went to the courier mail piazza where Reggie dabs will be speaking in may for isee boom night.

I was getting kinda mad at this chick from isee youth.

Im sure my words sailed completely over her head when I was trying to tell her   that my youth was headed to hungry jacks so we wouldn’t be able to come to her youth hang out time.

She was talking a mile a minute.

I couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

I  saw amanda n sulis aunty from isee Westside but only amanda saw me and we didn’t have time to chat.

Ritah didn’t get to test out the mock criminal court at her uni.

She wants to seek another kind of work before she goes into private practice.

She wants to work with kids facing juvenile detention.

She said Reggie dabs impressed her cos of his ability to articulate the gospel and make it relevant to every day life.

Mum was mad cos the neighbors next door have a noisy mower.

I’m a bit shy to talk to them since they forced dad to cut down his flower hedge.

Sometimes a woman will start off cold before her heart becomes warmer and sometimes she will stay frozen solid for life.

Sinead has to leave the country in July unless she gets a visa before then.

Nate wants to join her in nz.

He doesn’t see that going down too well with his current wife even though their marriage bed is cold as ice.

Jo reckons his wife is ok with him sleeping with someone else.

He has a son named Jackson.

I don’t buy caged or barn raised eggs because the chickens have a horrible life.

They have no room to move and make dust baths and maintain their pecking order and their eggs are greyer than the bright yellow yolk they would naturally have if they lived in freedom like the way we used to keep them.

Mum was staying in Bavaria county.

I know alice well enough to know she wouldn’t like it if I used her photo to win a competition cos she hated the idea the last time I suggested it.

Jenisyz had a go at using a drum kit but she hasn’t played it on stage in front of others.

Because she is part of my life i wasn’t upset by the possibility that sinead and nate had sex after their date.

She was talking about getting morning sickness.

I’m ready to call jenisyz my true love but I know she’s far from being in that place yet.

Maybe one day she will be ready for my love.

I’m not going anywhere but I may be forced eventually to choose between waiting til she’s old enough and leaving the country to marry alice.

I don’t know if it’s over use of computers or my lack of sleep that makes me act dumb.

When I’ve got plenty of sleep i can only blame my brain cells or hunger or tipsyness on those rare occasions when I have more than 2 standard size drinks in one sitting.

I rarely have more than one.

I don’t like to lose control.

I don’t want to wake up with no knowledge of what I did last night.

I don’t want a splitting headache or a vomit stained toilet bowl from overindulgence in libations.




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