Obsessively checking her page to see if she’s posted an update

In Burma  it is common for teachers salaries for primary education to be  $40 u.s for a year.

Eugene and min lee cho sacrificed a years wages to help those in need.

They started a charity called one day’s wages.

The kids had to give up soccer camps and piano lessons.

It took them $ 68 000 to start a charity.

They rented out their home to a guy from the uk for  $10000

I’m often smarter in hindsight than I am in the present moment.

I hear that little voice in my head saying stay away from her but my hormones scream louder than my conscience.

Still i have enough of a conscience or wisdom enough to swim away when she starts to get flummoxed by my close proximity to her body or the fact that there’s a whole bunch of eyes only a few metres away watching our every move.

Mum brought back eggspoons.

They cost her 1 euro.

Do i want to change myself as well as the world. ?


Do i feel like I have the capacity to avoid beautiful teenage girls who demonstrate an interest in me or just throw a smile in my direction. ?

Not at present to be honest.

Maybe i have a fetish for dark skinned,  caramel or Polynesian girls.

I find it hard to talk to them without falling in love.

They are my strength as well as my weakness cos they also challenge my faith to dig deeper into the bible and they encourage me to express my faith through song through showing their appreciation  for what I do.

Aunty judy told Rachael she’d be a widow cos her husband risks his life every time he gets on a bike.

Mum got a wilkommen ( welcome in German ) door hanging and a woman in gold plate.

It’s a copy of an original by Gustav klimt.

Maybe i should only check jenisyz’s page once a day.

I keep hoping she will post something new.

She hasn’t replied to my messages yet.

I didn’t say anything dirty or romantic to her.

Rachael has fake eggs hanging from her Christmas tree.

I couldn’t resist getting jenisyz something from the shops.

I’m not always very frugal when it comes to spending my money.

Contrast. ? mum got a tea towel for one euro.

Mum got dad a book about Martin Luther sheltering in coburg

She only found out when she’d bought it that it was in German.

She had specifically asked for an English version.

Mum took Rachael and Steve for lunch in an orange grove.

She said the staff were rude ( not recommended then)

I would never take relationship advice from anyone involved in the occult or atheism cos they are coming from a different world view and i wouldn’t want theirs to influence mine.

Mum bought egg cups with feet for 1 euro.

When dad asked about my relationship with alice it made me scared and jumpy.

Aunty Helen gave mum fake snowdroppers to take home.

Sinead has another rival for nates affection named jess.

It’s ok for tv shows to show abortions as long as they show the grief suffered by a woman as a consequence and the long term damage done to her body which affects further pregnancy, increasing the likelihood of miscarriage and having a similar affect to ceasereans by causing pain in childbirth in excess of the usual amount.

Mum brought back a Strauss cd for dad.

The last time home and away tackled abortion the poor chick who got up the duff out of wedlock chose to keep her baby.

It’s amazing how people who kill a fully grown human get tossed in jail for decades yet doctors and nurses, governments and police who protect the proliferation of the baby murder business are allowed to carry on regardless.

You can say I’m irresponsible with my words.

I only retract statements that contradict God’s character.

Yes we can all learn from each other regardless of religious preferences but as christians our primary sources for influence should be God’s written and spoken word.

To some degree i can say what I want with impunity.

I’m only held accountable to God.

If we had to eat our words for real would we be more careful about leaving a nasty taste in our own mouths as well as a putrid disturbing sound in someone else’s.

Woe to the man who doesn’t take a position on anything cos he’s too afraid of offending other people.

It’s frustrating not knowing if she’s online or not.

Mum bought me a beano.

Rachael bought me asterix in Britain in German,  an African Moorhead bag , a chocolate bunny and a German calendar featuring various scenes of whimsical country life.

My friend Richard got baptized by his brother.

Praise the Lord.

His brother is studying to be a pastor.

He does alpha courses helping people to understand Christianity and the bible better.

He says most of the people who start the course finish up as christians.

I told mum to buy me a comic after she’d already hopped on the plane from Melbourne to brisbane.

Mum told me not to say bad stuff about Muslims to Rachael.

I will obey her even though I don’t want to.

Rachael had an anxiety attack when she was with mum.

When Rachael was walking with mum and aunty pat she was ready to take mum away from aunty pat when aunty pat upset her.

Jenisyz went to the city at night for the first time on Sunday night.

She had been in the daytime before.

It’s unlikely that anyone will ever stumble across this blog by accident.

I can’t just say live and let live when it comes to people who don’t believe in Jesus.

I am commanded by God to tell them about Him otherwise their perishing souls rest heavy on my conscience.

Should I take Brian houstons approach and wait for people to invite me to discuss religion. ?

What if fear of rejection by others overhearing them is holding them back. ?

I did eventually wean myself off contacting this girl every day or checking her page.

It’s a hard habit to break.

Does the fact i am the polar opposite of mr popularity give me virtual diplomatic immunity. ?

Possibly maybe.

The indisputable facts are sean carter cheated on beyonce.

The only debatable fact is with whom.

It’s funny how she wanted a private wedding and now she is selling wedding video footage via one of her mvs displaying scenes from it.

I know anyone can give relationship advice regardless of their religious background.

I just think the best people to give me advice are those who are deeply in love with Jesus.

I have found that to be true in my own life.

I know my behavior online and offline would set alarm bells ringing in some people’s minds.

That doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

If it did you would see some sign of repentance  ( turning away from my sinful ways) or remorse ( just sorry i got caught red handed with my pants around my ankles ) displayed in the things I say and the way i live my life.

Ok I did get good advice via a book by a very spiritually confused women.

She told me via her writing that blended families may face difficulty combating the situation where the kids of both partners from previous relationships fall in love.

This is obviously not God’s best and why He doesn’t approve of divorce except on the grounds of adultery so couples can avoid being forced to face these kinds of issues.

I was thinking on the train home i would be better to concentrate on women closer to my age so I don’t get in trouble with my church or the law.

Should I be more worried about getting in trouble with the Lord. ?

Yes i definitely think so.

I know pastor kaipati told me years ago i have to learn how just to be friends with young teenage girls.

I see some of them more like potential wives than sex objects.

I don’t agree morally with the temporary marriage sex hook ups permitted by islam.

There’s no respect for women and no love or security to be found in that system.

God tells husbands to love their wives like Christ loves the church which is more than He loves His own life.

I don’t necessarily agree with biblical submission cos I was raised by parents who believed in consultative and joint decision making.

Sometimes this resulted in dad having his way but often mum gets opportunity to speak her mind and steer our family in the direction she wants to go for example dad chose for us to come to Australia but mum chose to stay in Australia over us becoming missionaries in Hong Kong China.

Hk is the only country i know who wants to be British besides gb herself.

Canada is probably on that list as well as most commonwealth countries and countries like Rwanda who want in on the Commonwealth.

Stay in love with Jesus.

Stay in love with life.

Nobody else can be you and no one else would want to 😁


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