Body wrapped up inside an alfoil head

It’s hard for a mother to know how to raise her child when she’s hearing contradictory advice from all over the place.

Rachael and Steve gave mum stollen bread for the 3 wisemen ( mum, dad and I ) but she ate it all herself cos she said she wouldn’t like it.

How many chances should I give someone before I withdraw my friendship.

I’m facing a real test of forgiveness right now especially when my online reputation is potentially damaged and my friends minds have been influenced by a perverted individual who should know better than to push the boundaries with me when he knows i am a hardcore Christian and I will not tolerate his disgusting lust crazy attitude which is disrespectful to all women past present and future regardless of the looseness of their morals or their willingness to push the envelope of public acceptability.

If beyonce can forgive jay z I can forgive his sins.

Bigger and better than that if Jesus can die in my place taking the punishment i deserve i can extend the hand of friendship and forgiveness to him.

I mustn’t think God is punishing me even though I deserve it when I step outside to take the bin out and it starts pouring cats and dogs down on me til I am utterly drenched and soaked to the skin.

I may decide to walk away from something but then I find myself being pulled back into the same old ancient addictions.

I feel like my protective bubble has been stripped away from me.

I know I was using my desire for jenisyz to distract me from sinead.

I will try to concentrate exclusively on alice but I think my resolve will dissolve when I see jenisyz again at youth group.

We will see what happens.

I might have scared her away after Sunday night anyway.

I know the best way to stop thinking about sinead is simply to concentrate on Jesus.

I made a decision on Tuesday to only sing songs about Jesus at work.

I still find myself reverting to my own spontaneous songs about girls and songs about the lives of my workmates patched together through eavesdropping on their conversations.

Previously i would just sing whatever comes into my head so I’ve been fighting hard within myself to prevent ungodly or worldly lyrics from popping out my mouth.

The last couple of days i have found my brain switching tracks in the middle of my sentences.

Mum ate asparagus in Germany.

She says lederhosen are very popular in the shops over there.

Some British people were drinking beer in Munich airport which is a forbidden activity.

I had a call from my job service provider helper anne marie from help enterprises.

She checks up on me to see how many hours of work I’ve been getting and if I have any problems at work.

She thinks she can detect reluctance to discuss a problem in my conversation.

Maybe she’s right.

Maybe she’s wrong.

Either way I’m not shedding any light on the subject.

Not to her anyway.

I told her about my bosses criminal negligence when it came to my molested workmate and she did nothing to report it.

I may as well have been sharing my life story with a brick wall.

A brick wall might have provided me a more animated response.

Mum saw live chicks being fed to birds of prey.

Part of me doesn’t want to give up my relationship and part of me just wants to toss her away.

It’s interesting in China there’s a goddess of mercy and a human worshipped as a god who supposedly made other humans out of mud.

This is similar to the genesis account of God making man from a combination of His breath and the dust of the ground.

Mum says the trains in Germany are heated and they give you blankets so you can keep warm.

Some Chinese and Koreans worship Confucius as a god.

I pray one day the whole of China will pay attention to the proclamation given in ancient China that China would be a Christian nation.

The church in China is growing all the time.

There’s already over 100 million believers in Jesus.

Government crackdowns on church gatherings come and go in waves.

Some churches get burned down then dedicated persistent believers build them up again.

The most ancient and common mistake we as humans can make is to attempt to steal God’s glory for ourselves.

We might be the best Christian leaders in the world but there still might be areas in our lives which God needs to redeem.

Some people only help others when it yields an immediate benefit for themselves instead of waiting patiently to receive their treasures in heaven.

We can’t always predict the future so we should hold onto those we love and care about before we no longer have them with us.

Gone are the days when you had to hide your sexual preferences when you marry someone so there’s no justifiable reason why anyone would do it today unless they live in a country where they risk imprisonment or decapitation for choosing a morally unacceptable sexual partner.

I don’t know why Jesus would love me.

I’m such a dirtbag but His love isn’t supposed to make sense is it?

That’s what makes His grace so amazing.

I’m the kind of person who has to get everything down as soon as it happens otherwise it slips straight out of my brain.

It’s a different dynamic having both my parents back in the house.

Switzerland, Singapore and Norway have compulsory military service.

My friend was riding bikes for the swiss army.

My dad and my swiss female friend on ywam both gave me swiss army knives.

I think people should be able to choose whether they go into the military but it might be a necessity to force them into it in my birth country uk where the brits volunteering to fight for Islamic state or daesh outnumber those fighting against it.

It’s common for some people to suffer so others are enabled to have a better life.

My friend emily is used to waking up at 5am but on anzac day she has to wake up at 3am to travel to a 5am dawn service.

Her schoolmates slapped her in the face with her own hand to wake her up when she fell asleep.

I don’t think I should be asked to help out at work after I’ve officially finished unless I get compensated for my extra service.

Of course I should consider if I am not getting paid to work i am showing God’s love to people.

I hate people taking advantage of me.

I hate to see women getting exploited for their bodies.

I know some people just let information they disagree with pass them by but I feel divinely compelled to fight against it.

I know I can’t say I love my best friend completely unless I’m prepared to forsake all others but I know that short of a miracle she’d never make that sacrifice for me.

Most of the things I do in life are my futile attempts to save me from myself yet i know in my heart only Jesus can do that.

Rain is like love.

It sneaks up on you unexpectedly and snatches you from behind.

Love is a tiger lurking in the darkness of the night.

I hate not being able to read the mind of the one I love but I suppose life is more exciting that way.

It would help if I could partially detect what’s on her mind by learning to read her facial expressions though.

Everybody deserves someone to love except some people love themselves so much they can’t make room for anyone else in their lives.

I swing between obnoxious overconfidence and a quivering self deprecating worm.

I can’t seem to get the balance right.

One day I’m gonna rip out every last remaining hair on my head cos my work and parents force me to tie it back which results in it being tangled up in knots.

I know some women don’t like guys with long hair.

Alice doesn’t.

I’m not sure what jenisyz thinks.

I wish I was.

I’m afraid of marrying the wrong person but the more I see the godliness in alices personality the deeper i fall in love with her.



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