Credible alternatives to an incredible mind numbing loss in my life

She told me she doesn’t like horror movies but she chose to watch them with her friends.

She’s a fan of jurassic park and white collar blue.

She doesn’t like dogs which might have been an issue once but isn’t now since mine is dead and she’s long gone.

She prefers to live in the Solomon Islands to Australia.

She doesn’t think people are as friendly over here.

My pakeha new Zealand friend said the same thing about his country.

I don’t know what i can do or say to get her to come back again.

I haven’t put in much of an effort during the whole entire course of our relationship.

I’m a real slackbutt so I’m not surprised that she left me in the end just that her departure from my life didn’t come sooner than we did.

We had a good run.

She was bound to put her foot down and crush my head like the slimy snake i am eventually.

I probably shouldn’t have told her I dated African ladies.

She might have been wondering if I value her color more than her personality.

That wasn’t entirely true but it was a major drawcard in my initial attraction to her.

I wasn’t sure if I should step in and break into a conversation in the boat museum when it looked like one of the workers was clumsily hitting on her by asking all these questions about her country like he was grilling her for a research project.

I embarrassed her that day cos I was having trouble finding my disability card.

I put my bag on the concrete and took things out of it to no avail.

They took my word for it and let me in for the cheaper price.

I’m not sure if alice liked the audio commentary but she did appreciate seeing boats from her country.

She also approved of the cartoon we watched about captain cooks interactions with the maoris in atearoa.

We saw different stories unfolding simultaneously on different parts of the screen.

This was at Queensland art gallery the last day i saw her face to face.

I didn’t know then I was going to nail the final coffin into our relationship a mere 7 months later.

I didn’t have the will power to deal with her distance from me both physically and emotionally.

The last thing I ever bought her was a yo-yo.

It was a good symbol for our relationship.

The last meal we ever shared was sandwiches to go from a caf upstairs at central station.

She didn’t like me to buy her scarves and wouldn’t let me purchase presents for her every time I saw her.

She did let me use my cash for our meals after suli insisted on her eating.

She was reluctant to admit when she was hungry.

She was worried about me spending too much money on her even though I’ve always had more than enough of it except for one Christmas when dad was temporarily unemployed.

She got along famously with mum and dad.

She was scared theyd be strict and mean to her.

She still loves my parents because they didn’t break her heart.

Only i am guilty of that crime of dispassionate neglect.

It’s only once she slowly drifted out of my life that I realized how much in a sweet subtle way she was the glue holding everything together for me emotionally spiritually mentally and physically.

Now I am humpty dumpty and nobody but God or her sweet loving lips can stick me back together again.

I know I could have planned our times together better.

I put too much pressure on making the perfect date and having everything just so when initially she was happy just to hang out at the bus stop and eat sandwiches.

It’s almost tragicomic that we started and finished with a sandwich.

She very sweetly sheltered me under her umbrella when it rained.

She was always more of a giver than a taker.

She was always more disapproving of her hair than her figure.

She was a fairly strict dieter when we weren’t together.

She gets along more with her father than her mother but she lives with neither


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