Kindness is treating others how you want to be treated

Kindness is treating others better than you expect to be treated

Kindness is conforming to God’s expectation of your behavior rather than your own

Kindness is turning the other cheek and responding to insults with compliments

This is sincere encouragement not false flattery

Look for genuine good qualities and godly characteristics in a person’s personality and amplify them until they encompass their entire being

I recommend 1 corinthians 13 for the ultimate guide to kindness

Kindness is a creed I swear allegiance to that is higher and nobler than any pledge affirming nationalistic fervency

If cruelty is the enemy of kindness and the perpetuation of alienation or keeping strangers enstranged is the enemy of friendship if war is the opposite of peace and hate is the destroyer of love then God is the cure to our inborn devilishness and the answer to every question that might arise in the course of our travails upon this temporal plane of existence.

Kindness is not the gagging of truth but the loving expression of it.

I do not believe truth is relative but that we can all relate to each other and we all have something to learn from each other

If you know a man will fall into a pit if he continues down a certain road it’s kindness to advise him to make tracks elsewhere

The way our parents treat others and think about the world influences how we think about and treat others for better or for worse

We take on board their loyalties and prejudices and make them our own though we may rebel against the seemingly inevitable process of finding ourselves becoming like them

I tried for years to escape taking possession of my father’s belly laugh that fills the whole room like a mighty cloud of joy and his tendency to cackle like a crow at his own jokes but eventually threw up my hands skyward in surrender

I make this point solely to illustrate  the difficulties faced by those who strain to find a single act of kindness given to them by their parents other than the bare minimum of food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment, education, breast or bottle feeding and nappy changing.

I consider it an act of kindness on the part of my parents who following the biblical edict of train up a child in the way he or she should go and when they are old they will not depart from it diligently spoke and prayed scripture over us every morning before they sent us off to school.

Not everyone disciplines their children the same but my parents spanked me as a kid teamed with an explanation of why they were punishing me.

Dad only whacked my bum with the wooden spoon once enough to make it visibly sore

He never gave me welts or left me with a scar

I consider this punishment beneficial because it taught me the value of honesty which served me in good stead for the future

Some may be comfortable with a relationship built on deceit and dishonesty but I consider that to be a catalyst for disharmony and a recipe for disaster

I consider the legalization of drugs that cause brain damage and prostitution to be an act of unkindness on behalf of governments worldwide

I believe this leads to more harm than good.

I believe the ultimate act of kindness a parent can offer a child is to give them life and loving parents in the form of another husband and wife if they can’t afford to provide that secondary benefit themselves


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