disturbed repose of the supposedly settled mindset

This is inspired by a comment on my previous post.

It’s possible that the devil is trying to convince me i hate my sister to try and keep the wedge between us intact.

Some people grow apart from their siblings.

I grew up alongside mine.

Is caring about her going to hell for believing different things about sexuality n sometimes barely even believing in God yet maintaining her curiosity about angels the same as loving her.

I don’t know.

They say caring is sharing.

I say you love the ones you choose to spend time with.

I never chose to spend time with my sister.

We were just lumped in together and forced to interact with each other.

There were moments we did foolish things together like getting the hose and turning the sand pit into a mudpit

Or stealing mum and dads champagne as little tykes.

That was me leading her astray.

I think once we developed our own friendship groups we started drifting apart.

It didn’t help that she was at beauty college and I was away living on base for mission school.

I probably didn’t endear myself to her by trying to hook her up with my friends.

Ironically one friend married a girl of the same name but spelt Slightly differently.

Another one had a pastor marry him who used my sisters name in his wedding scriptures.

If you know your bible she was jacobs first choice not the first one he ended up with.


I have tried the Amish technique of shunning to shame my sister into godliness.

I forgot it doesn’t work unless you communicate to the person why you are avoiding them or being quiet around them.

My sister tried to make me proud of my achievements but I see that as vanity and chasing the wind.

I would much rather boast of how amazing Jesus is n how He has changed my life.

My sister is ashamed of her art for the same reason I’m proud of it because she attached a Christian meaning, interpretation or symbolism behind it back in school days when her heart was blazing with fire for Jesus.

It’s funny to think of myself the way i was back then compared to how I am now but when my sister and I went to groundswell Christian music festival i spent all the time in the chillout tent and she went to all the outdoor concerts.

You can get a glimpse of how different we are by our reactions at that festival to a guy who said our family email address was arrogant cos wiseinxs suggests we have an excess of wisdom.

It was actually a pun on Michael hutchences former group.

My sister took great offence to his comment like he was slapping our family in the face n I just blandly stated the facts.

My sister stubbornly refuses to believe the connection between al Jazeera and terrorist groups like hamas.

I don’t care what the United nations says.

A terrorist is a terrorist whatever color you paint his face or monkey / penguin suit you put him in.

My sister only thinks islam is a religion of peace cos she hasn’t familiarized herself with the war verses in the Quran.

Perhaps her fear has tried to rationalize her situation by telling herself she is out of harms way but truth be told theres noone or nowhere on earth that’s safe from the scourge of terror and evil.

We don’t have to fear the future though cos it’s in God’s loving hands.

If we believe in Jesus we have nothing to fear in death.

Yes I am familiar with the scripture that advocates getting things right with your siblings before you enter God’s house to worship Him.

I am aware some of yall might define God’s house as God’s world so you could go to church by reading the Bible on the beach or singing hymns with hers and hims 😁

I have cried over my sisters salvation n being unequally yoked during a service at a church in perth where my ghanian friend was preaching about who’s report will we believe. ?

We will believe the report of the Lord.

He was riffing off God calling to adam and eve for his title -who told you you were naked

Then he took it to who told you you were sick. ?

Reminding us that it’s never too late for God to heal us even after we’ve breathed our last.

Then he reminded us to pray for unsaved relatives.

I have given up on my sister sometimes but I know in my heart of hearts that God isn’t finished with her yet.

I know perhaps my attitude has pushed her away from God but I don’t know how to be anything other than me neither do I have any desire to be anything but an uncompromising Christian.

Yes we must be real about our flaws but also stand firm on our foundation of truth and hold fast to our convictions which are more precious than 100 carat gold ingots.

My sister has more to lose than me by standing up for truth.

It’s possible that she could lose business as a manager of bike riders if she takes a bold stance for righteousness n refuses to publicly condone wickedness.

In my view if I was her i couldn’t live with myself.

How can you turn your back on your upbringing, reject your faith and deny that part of yourself that longs to assign God responsibility for creating the universe if growing up the truth is all you have ever known.

Im mad at her college for teaching her to swallow the lies of evolution.

Her husband never forbade her from praying but she stopped doing it in front of him cos he couldn’t or wouldn’t join in.

She did convince him to take pornographic pictures off their freezer so thats the preachers daughter in her coming through.

May that part consume her heart with holy fire anew



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