is my exposure of abuse an abuse of my privileges as a blogger or merely a therapeutic cathartic exercise which may assist anothers healing process

I haven’t seen people bruised and bloodied beyond all human recognition but I have seen people bruised internally by vicious words that were far less easily fixable.

I have seen people being threatened with a flower pot face smashing.

I called the police but the family said not to worry about it so I called them off before they came.

They probably thought I was just another time wasting jerk instead of a concerned friend genuinely disturbed by the impending prospect of being an eyewitness to domestic violence.

I was scared witless or trapped by my outsider status in Tuvalu when I saw a man bash a woman next to a water tank and stood frozen solid uno momento.

My friends have been smashed with guitars by their dad.

I wish I could say their broken strings were the result of poor playing but like most Samoans they can hear a song once on the radio and then play and sing it almost perfectly.

I have seen play fighting or scrapping after watching wrestling on tv turn ugly and nasty to the point of crying.

I have heard a man bash his pregnant wife downstairs while I was upstairs calling the police at the request of the same family.

Yes I am a coward.

The womans brother stepped in and tried to break up the fight.

The wife basher called his sister in law a bundle of sticks.

I would say she’s struggling with same sex attraction cos she has divulged without any prompting on my part how she wrestles with her identity, her family background tustling with her present convictions about what exactly she is and wants for her future / out of life.

The wife basher put his wife in hospital before.

His wifes brother not the one previously mentioned was playing around with his girlfriend and he smashed the bathroom wall.

Is this evidence of abuse.?

Hearsay only allows me to draw my own insubstantial conclusions.

The sister in law was bashed by her girlfriend.

She had to go to hospital.

Her bones were briefly broken.

Her brother not previously mentioned was yelling at his girlfriend when his dad was dying in hospital.

I did step in to break up that fight.

My friend thinks there was an evil spirit in the house that made them all abusive to one another.

There is incest in my dads family.

This is usually the result of abuse

One person wielding their power over another

We are often harmed by the ones who God placed in our lives to shield us from harm.

My uncle squeezed my sister on the butt

My mums bum was squeezed by her boss

One guy i work with was touched up in the groin by a female relative when he was a youngster.

He always has women flocking after him but he never gives them his number no matter how hard they flirt n beg cos he remains loyal to his dear darling wife.

It’s possible we can plant false memories inside ourselves of being abused.

I don’t know why anyone would willingly do that to themselves even to jazz up an otherwise boring existence it wouldn’t be worth the pay off of publicity for the shame and embarrassment you bring upon yourself.

There is a false mindset in the minds of some Australian judges that those who are abused are asking for it.

How can a kid who has never experienced sex know the implications of what is about to be inflicted upon them.

One girls relative abused her and consequently topped himself post exposure of their dirty little secret.

It’s not given coverage by the media but there are homosexual gangs which rape and abuse straight people just as there are neonazis who kill homosexuals which is ironic considering the open secret of the so called pink swastika with forced homosexual weddings taking place in nazi concentration camps.

I can proudly say but for the grace of God stepping in between me and another person i have never hit a woman or laid a fist upon a fellow males cheek with intent to render harm in my life.

The closest I came to sexual abuse was tickling the thigh of the previously mentioned sister in law when she was a young girl of 12.

I stroked her hand when no one was looking too.

Did I contribute towards her current state of sexual indecision

Only the good Lord knows the answer to that one but I do feel guilty about it sometimes and the unwanted introduction i gave her to phone sex.

The only reason I’m not in jail right now is  the power of God preventing me from bringing harm upon myself and others and my parents control over my life.

My lack of ability to drive severely limits my movements outside the home.

As a Christian i know what crimes we commit in our thought life we will be held accountable before God for just as any judge worth his salt would lock up a rockspider and throw away the key in a heartbeat assuming he had grounds for conviction in his possession.

There are loopholes in our legal system that allow for relationships with minors as long as you don’t have sex with them.

There was a woman collecting paychecks from our government who was having sex with her son.

Do I need to mention he was underage.

Do I need to add it was consensual for society to see it as wrong.

I’m sure people beyond my faith family would agree it is.

I met a guy on a Christian camp who told us about pedophilia.

Before then I was ignorant of this evil destroyer of childhood innocence.

He was groomed with candy given to him by an elder man who was a wolf in sheeps clothing.

He was given pornographic videos and magazines to read and watch then the old man touched him up.

I wish this was shocking for me still.

In this world we live in such things are becoming increasingly more frequent occurences.

When I first heard this i remember crying and being angry for him that someone could rob him of his purity.

They didn’t however destroy God’s purpose for his life.

Somehow he escaped that rat wheel of death and destruction.

If you are in this trap you can too.

Just talk to God He cares about you

You don’t have to feel guilty

Its not your fault

You didn’t lead him or her on

Even if you wanted or admired them they still should have treated you with respect

They were meant to take care of you not abuse or violate you

Run away if you can

Call the police or a trustworthy priest or elder friend or relative

They may threaten you or your family with death but God can make sure both you and your family end up in heaven

Yes even the rock spiders and wife bashers if they repent of their sins and turn their lives around.

He is that good kind loving and gracious.

Remember if you are locked in the house or locked in chains you always have access to communicate with your God in heaven even if your mouth is gagged and you’re locked in a dingy basement without phone reception.

I was held n hit hard by my Fijian friend for walking down the street without telling anyone where I was going cos I was sick of the pastor i was staying with.

He called me a hungry dog cos I made a bee line for this chick at church i tried to greet with a hug but she was having none of it cos it wasn’t part of her culture.

I will let you be the judge whether it was the influence of her indian blood or her Fijian environment or something else entirely.

When I was on the gold Coast a demon possessed African man bashed my head against my African born European American friends head

His friend said he always gets like this

He actually told us he was the devil

My friend and I were there to tell people about Jesus during the Australian equivalent of spring break  ( schoolies week).

Abusive rock spider types who hang around this environment are known as toolies.

I probably don’t need to explain it’s a derogatory reference to a mans anatomy.

To push a crude analogy sex within God’s design is a man utilizing his tool in the wisest most effective n beneficial way in terms of pleasure yielded through incomparable releases of oxytocin as well as a guilt free existence through deciding to make his woman his one and only sexual experience.

When I was pushed down to the ground when I was sitting on the corner of a petrol station waiting for my charity job ride to take us back to our temporary accommodation wearing my skullface hoodie I felt like a victim of police brutality cos I was stupid enough to reach in my bag for my identification lanyard and they were dumb enough to think i would take a weapon with me on my job and not conceal it well enough so they could never find it.

The only reason I ever carried a weapon was my absent minded kleptomaniac like magpie tendencies of picking up just about anything with a modicum of usefulness off the ground and shoving it in my bag and not at all related to me fearing for my life.

Although I did once when an angry muslim in kuraby said knock on my door again and I’ll annihilate you.

You don’t forget those experiences in a hurry but it does help if I picture him as a muscly German American governator with a bad English accent.

Child abuse can contribute to bed wetting well into adolescence, nightmares about monsters ( yes some kids don’t need to watch horror movies cos they’re living in one), sexual talk in the conversation of infants and nervousness around familiar adult faces.

Some kids kill their parents at threat of gunpoint in warzones.

Some parents kill their kids futures by gobbling up their innocence with their indecent actions.

If a woman has to leave home and start over with the kidsher elder son or daughter may assume an over protective mother  ( for girls ) or husband  ( for boys) like role over her.

Oprah Winfrey taught me to get out of relationships if you are being verbally abused cos it will inevitably lead to physical abuse.

I am sure you all know the story of the woman who kept herself from being killed by reading her captor and would be assassin the purpose driven life by rick Warren.

Trauma is often linked with abuse for good reason.

They are kissing cousins.

I personally consider the use of foul language in any form to be verbal abuse particularly on trains with strangers where the loudest volume setting shy of permanently damaging my hearing will not prevent my mind from being further contaminated by their verbal filth.

Changing carriages is no guarantee of a noise pollution free continuation of my otherwise pleasant journey.

In this regard i have abused others when drunk on coke n rum when sharing a drink on the bridge in redcliffe when I was trying hopelessly to be a good witness to some Samoans with my 4 square youth group before I joined a samoan church cos I wanted a more multicultural church experience.

In a samoan church i went to the treasurer abused the trust placed in him by his fellow parishioners by sticking the offerings in his own pocket without anyone giving him permission to do so.

Of course many wives and husbands inside n out of churches have had their trust abused by spouses who put their own physical desire to satisfy their lustful cravings above the well being of their partner and family.

Use your abs to help the hurting

Don’t abuse

Or you will damage every life you touch including your own



2 thoughts on “is my exposure of abuse an abuse of my privileges as a blogger or merely a therapeutic cathartic exercise which may assist anothers healing process

  1. I’m thinking it’s cathartic and can be helpful to others. Some of my most widely read posts are of a personal nature: hard times, failure and renewal. I think these resonate with people and helps lend some perspective.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If we fail to succeed have we succeeded at failing. ? Do we measure success as being the winner with the most toys or being able to impact others in a positive way. Does positivity look like examining the negative aspects of ourselves so we are able to see them for what they truly are. Once you let someone into your inner world its hard to shut them out. This can be beneficial or detrimental. Sharing your experiences n perspective on faith helps me grow as a person n fall deeper in love with Jesus 😀


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