religious and self abuse

Abuse in churches is sometimes more obscured than at other times.

People who are being abused don’t necessarily recognize what is happening to them especially when they are willing participants in the moulding n reshaping of their minds.

Its easy for us to agree that a church that demands its members to abide by a certain dress code to avoid forfeiting their salvation is clearly a case of the clergy power tripping and using the laiety as pawns for their bidding for no good reason.

It’s far less obvious unless you are yourself a diligent student of Gods word to detect when a pastor is speaking the truth.

I consider it abuse if a pastor is teaching the opposite of scripture on crucial issues of sexuality, who is the right God to follow,  where we go When we die and how it’s possible to be saved from torture post demise.

If a pastor is constantly demanding money from his parishioners they may feel like they are only atm machines and not precious potential or current children of God with needs n problems n feelings n talents besides being blessed with a fully loaded wallet.

If people are serving the Lord out of obligation or duty its not the same as doing it with a loving attitude because they have a genuine heart to minister in their specific area of expertise.

Some people are shoved into platforms and areas of ministry God has no business them being in so they don’t shine best cos it isn’t His calling for their lives.

If a singer only sings praise n worship on stage or in practice time something is seriously wrong with their relationship with Jesus.

If they only sing worldly songs the rest of the time you have to question their passion and commitment to heavenly principles.

To be a worshipper requires a life of complete devotion.

I wouldn’t say if you can’t be 100% souled out for Jesus don’t bother coming at all but for those who are supposed to set the standard and usher us into the presence of God it’s reasonable to expect them to have an anointed lifestyle and not just be Sunday christians.

Churches that control who their members hang out with may be preventing them from living out our calling to shine God’s light bright in the darkness of this world.

If the people in the church are wearing rags and the pastor is driving a nice car something is wrong.

Its not just an issue of good stewardship of resources but also not making unreasonable demands on people for how much time and money they are willing to give.

Young families feel the biggest pressure in this regard towards coercion.

There is an endless requirement for nappies, food and the strain of keeping a cool head when baby is restless or disturbed by mothers absence.

It can be abusive to continually berate a mother on how she can raise her kids better and it’s confusing when there’s so much contradictory advice out there.

Often those who abuse themselves are themselves first abused.

Cutting or taking pills are often used to give temporary relief to a seemingly permanent problem but they always make things worse rather than better.

Some argue they cause pain to themselves cos they can’t cause pain to others due to their lack of strength or the other persons position in relation to them being comparatively vulnerable or someone who they have been placed in a position of trust over.

They may want freedom from their nightmares of pornographic lust, the attack of loved ones or being plagued by demons.

It’s not often that suicidal thoughts make someone want to kill themselves straight away.

Genuinely speaking it’s a gradual process.

Kids at school get constant bullying online and offline.

Sometimes they take drugs to try and numb the pain.

Of course what goes up must always come down.

Including moods and states of mind.

Eventually the seeker of release from internal agony will come crashing back to earth at breakneck speed.

It’s ironic that people call drugs a fix when it doesn’t fix anything it just locks you into a hellish destructive no hoper lifestyle.

People feel the allure of drugs cos it gives them a temporary happiness.

Let’s be honest that’s why some people go to church.

In the euphoria of that holy moment they want to forget the troubles of their week.

Unless their faith is built on something stronger than those floating on clouds of joy instances obtained in the soul cleansing presence of Jesus then they will fall apart time after time as soon as they hit a wall of boredom or anger at someone n they turn to lust to fill the hole in their hearts caused by a lack of Gods abiding influence in their lives.

If we only see Him as friend not Lord we tend to see Him as an in case of emergency break glass rescuer from trouble and not to give Him the rightful place of authority His bloodshed for our salvation so richly deserves.

Part of the problem with gaining freedom from abuse is not believing we have the ability to do it.

We see the outlet for pain as being more comfortable than the possibility of change and freedom cos we are so used to the manacles of our self indulgence or stewing in the miserable pot of unresolved conflicts which push our heads down into the ground under the heavy weight of our own bitterness.

We see our self abuse as part of our self identity instead of properly identifying it as an attack by the common enemy of humanity.

There is no such thing as a perfect church or person only a perfect God .

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t aim to attain perfection in ourselves.

The key to remember is we are not fighting alone.

We have an almighty God assisting us both through the wisdom pearls He places in the hearts of friends to be dispensed by mouth or by the far more wonderful and mind blowing method of His direct communication by whispers heard audibly or detected with the ears of our hearts.

💜👣#weneverwalkalone #untilwereachheavenfleshisalwaysteamedwithspirit



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