How hate n fear blast cannonballs through our peace

There are many things in this world that threaten our peace.

Sometimes it’s the very things people or concepts we think should be preserving it.

Technology can disturb our peace or assist it.

We find it hard to discover a place in this modern world where we can find breathing space.

In moments of quietness and solitude we find it spooky and eerie.

We have attention deficit disorder.

We get bored and restless easily.

We are like busy bees and butterflies almost impossible to pin down.

Maybe we are afraid in the silence to hear ourselves think.

Maybe we are terrified to discover who we truly are when we are removed from all our electronic distractions that disable our ability to analyze the fast flowing digital river of information and visual / aural stimulation that speeds constantly past our ever blinking eyeballs.

Perhaps what disturbs our peace so much is precisely how far we as a modern society have drifted away from God.

If we try to become our own gods we find no harmony and tranquility when burdened with the responsibility of attempting to run our own universe.

God’s word gives me peace when my mind is troubled by suicidal thoughts or lust is threatening to tip me over the edge of a precipice morally speaking.

The benefits of keeping busy is you have less time for naughty behavior.

I feel more peaceful when I have less reasons to be worried and stressed.

It is not taking a deep calming breath alone that relaxes me but resting assured in the truth that my God is large and in charge of the universe.

I find that the best cure for my nightmares is to pray and read the bible.

We have to really chew over scripture several thousand times for its honesty to resonate with our spirits and sink deep down inside of us.

As christians we are supposed to look after each other and God’s beautiful world.

When Jesus sees people hurting or killing each other it makes Him cry.

His heart breaks for the suffering in this world and so should ours.

We can’t afford to turn a blind eye while this world goes to hell in a handbasket.

My ex workmate was asking in confusion christians Meditate don’t they

We do but it looks different to what I understand of Buddhism where the goal is to empty out your head

For christians we focus deeply on God’s love for us or what we want Him to do for us and a wellspring of peace and joy bubbling up and bursting out of our souls is the result.

As christians we should be disturbed by the evil that occurs in the world.

Our prayer has such power that God can connect with it and literally cause trouble to be prayed out of existence.

We are His hands and feet in this world.

One of the names of Jesus is Jehovah Shalom literally meaning God our peace.

This is often expressed by jews and christians in the expression shalom aleukum or i give you God’s peace.

Regardless of religious affiliation we should all aim to be bringers of peace to this world.

I have found in my personal experience that the love of Christ enables me to keep my peace with others.

Naturally i am a very angry, lust driven, prideful person but God enables me to transcend my worst self and drive it out of my character and personality so only His glory and goodness shines out of my life.

It is the ultimate giver of the peace that passes all understanding that assists my behavior to align with His will and desire for my life.

Just like it says in Psalm 37:4 – the more I delight myself in the Lord the more I see the desires of my heart come to pass without me really having to strive for them other than being persistent n consistent in my prayer time.

My instagram friend kady seeks God first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I can’t explain how it works but when you talk out the whirling mess in your head God has a way of settling your thoughts and giving you calmness and peace and enabling you to see His potential to bring out the best in people when you can only see the worst in them.

I have often wondered why God asks us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Maybe there’s a blessing attached to caring for those traditionally known as God’s chosen people.

Of course we are made a part of the inheritance of Gods kingdom when we become believers in Jesus.

In Christ there is neither jew, greek, slave or free.

This doesn’t negate our differences it just switches the focus from us to Christ.

We live in harmony when our lives move to the rhythm of His heartbeat.

Don’t allow despair or difficult circumstances to cause you to abandon your hope and faith.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Mlk said a dream deferred is a dream denied.

The traumatic experience of disappointment or the loss of loved ones or the mindless slaughter of our fellow believers can cause us to want to end it all but God keeps us from falling apart at the seams.

His word feeds our spirits with life and causes our worries and fears to melt away when we spend our time focusing our attention on His love for us.

We must become fixated and obsessed with Him like a couple of honemooners who haven’t yet recovered from the intoxicating euphoria of tying the knot.

I know theres life beyond that glorious day of wedding bells ringing in display of Gods stunning ability to enable 2 people to come together and join their lives like 2 halves of a statue forever fused together until God calls them home but right now im on the other side of that blessed experience since my actions moved the goal post further away,  seemingly making it less achievable but for our God nothing is impossible.

T.b.c 😂


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