How peace relates to demonic activity

My net bud david posted a blog about ugliness that contained a quote from this other famous king David in Psalm 139:13 – you made all the delicate inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.

We can draw peace, inner strength and comfort from knowing no matter how little we perceive worth in ourselves, our minds can’t conceive how intricately God has made us nor how precious we are in His sight.

When we are tempted or tormented by demons it’s easy to take our eyes off God’s peace.

Yes we are at war against the enemy but we mustn’t obsess too much or become too fascinated with the occult or else just like a kidnap victim with Stockholm syndrome we will forget what we are fighting against and allow our accuser and destroyer to forge our pathway.

My friend was made aware of the presence of a spirit touching her shoulder.

She cast it out in the name of Jesus then her spirit became restored to a state of serenity and exuberance.

We more readily remember the physical feuds we temporarily engage in than the war in the spirit realm which is occurring in the ever passing moment.

Its only once you become a Christian that the eyes of your spirit are opened to the flame throwers our common foe is constantly tossing in our direction.

Just when you think you’ve conquered one mountain there’s another one right over the hill but the more you train your spirit to resist the devil the more strong and godly you will become.

Don’t Dwell in self defeat city.

We are often our own worst critics and the first ones to beat ourselves up when things go wrong in our lives.

As much as I want to move on with my life and start a new relationship i think part of me will always be gripped by grief due to the fact I couldn’t seal the deal of signing away my heart with a loving family linking matrimonial smooch.

I can allow this sorrow to turn me inside out with anger and lust and make me even more introverted and disconnected with people than i am already or i can choose the far more healthy route of resisting the tormenting spirits that tell me i’ll never find another woman to make me happy again and force myself to go fishing in the sea of love.

I know its devils at work messing with my peace with God when they try to make it sound like it’s my own thoughts deciding to go too far with my girlfriend before marriage and ruin the purity, beauty and specialness of the romantic voyage we are about to embark on together.

We do not always recognize the devil cos we confuse his voice for our own voice cos he is skilled in the art of mimickry.

Everything God has created he has a poor substitute counterfeit version of.

That is why we need God to give us discernment so we can tell if it’s heaven or hell that’s attempting to communicate to and through us.

If we obey the devil he won’t stop attacking us.

He simply changes his mode of attack by switching from the allure of lust to the stab of guilt immediately afterwards unless of course his grip on us is so tight that we barely hear the urgent whispers of God cracking through our consciences.

Some objects such as books, art, ornaments, jewellery and music can be used as gateways for the devil to attack us.

Satanic influence doesn’t always come in the most obvious form.

It may even come from those we expect to be godly upstanding citizens.

There are hostile elements in the media and legal profession that do the devil’s work for him by enforcing suppression of religious expression.

Let’s do the opposite my friends.

You may not immediately perceive the results of choosing to walk in obedience to God but you have to keep your long-term goal in mind.

I think we all want everlasting happiness we are just not all prepared to do whatever it takes to get through heaven’s gates.

If you want to be among that blessed multitude it requires a lifestyle of sacrifice.

God may be causing a shift in your spirit asking you to lay down things that were previously pleasurable to you.

He may be changing the tastebuds of your spirit so what once delighted you now utterly disgusts you and vice versa.

Note we are also doing the devil’s work if we are disgusted by human behavior to the point where we disassociate from certain individuals because of their sexual preferences, religious beliefs or lack thereof.

God calls us to be a light in the darkness.

We are meant to be influencers of the world not to be influenced by the world.

This is an important distinction.

Amongst those who we would easily dismiss as lost causes there is a great deal of soul searching and God seeking going on perhaps even to a more fervent and personal degree than that which takes place behind the 4 square walls of the church.

It disturbs my peace to see spirituality disconnected from religion.

In my view the 2 are inseparable.

You cannot sever your conscience or find a purpose for it that doesn’t have its deepest roots embedded in a religious context.

I’m not someone who will deny i am a proud proponent of the healing benefits of religion which for me is defined as being in a right relationship with God.

Note i didn’t say being perfect.

We are called by Jesus to be perfect as i am perfect.

This doesn’t mean just add salvation instant god nature but it’s an ongoing process of sanctification.

Think of your spirit as a room which God dwells in which must regularly be swept clean of undesirable elements.

If this task seems overwhelming just remember we are flopping against the crutch of His strength not our own n drawing energy joy n sticktoitiveness from it




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