Catching 40 winks worth of zeds or zees ðŸ˜€

Jesus said come unto me all who are weary and I will give you rest.

The Lord gives His beloved sleep.

Reading in frankie magazine about drink concoctions to assist with our sleep got me thinking how inadvertently our temperament or ability to stay peaceful is affected by our lack of sleep.

That’s why the devil robs us of sleep by distracting our minds with temptations, worries for the future or unresolved conflicts.

This is why Jesus said don’t let the sun go down while you’re still angry and don’t give the devil a foothold.

The more we allow anger or unforgiveness to grow inside us the more it festers inside us and eats away at our contentment replacing it with bitterness and resentment.

If we have one thing against someone it’s easy for our once rose colored spectacles to become clouded over making our view cracked by false judgement seeing everything that person does or says as being wrong or being motivated by an imaginary vendetta against us.

If we cannot it at a table with someone without fretting that they are going to smash your face in like a crushed soda can if your lips make the slightest utterance that contains a whiff of unsavory flavor something is seriously wrong.

We must not be motivated by fear.

The media or society at large tries to set us all against each other.

We may experience prejudice because of our skin pigmentation, religious beliefs or sexual preferences.

The tv shows n movies we grow up watching are a massive influence on the way we see the world.

This influence has diverse effects both adverse and beneficial on shaping how we perceive other cultures and our own.

If you understand that culture and worship come from the same root word ethnos you should have peace anywhere on earth.

Our cultures have been corrupted from their original intent to praise and glorify God.

Even songs that have been used to glorify the wrong God or making a god of self can be redeemed for His higher purpose.

Some people think peace can only be brought at the point of a sword but that just creates corpses it doesn’t build bridges of friendship.

As christians we want people to know God’s peace but we want them to decide to invite Him into their hearts for themselves we should never force them into it.

Jesus is known as the prince of peace.

In His other nature the Holy Spirit He is represented by a dove of peace or in ancient celtic Christian lore as a goose.

He is known as our helper and comforter.

They say it’s good to have a little bit of stress to keep us from making foolish decisions and bringing harm upon ourselves.

Sometimes a trusted friend can help us find solutions or assist us in decision making however far away their distance may be from us.

Sometimes in the stress and anxiety of a whirlwind of confusion we lack the clarity to be able to see our situation through the correct lens.

We don’t see beyond our problem we just see the walls closing in on us.

Sometimes the further removed people are from our situation the more they are able to speak into it and help us out of our muddy puddles cos their lives are not so deeply entangled with ours that they won’t automatically take our side or someone else’s.

Clarity is the most amazing thing and it can arrive at us from the most unlikely sources.

You may get to the point in your relationship or friendship with someone when you run out of stories to share with one another.

Don’t let that be an excuse to throw in the towel.

You can always sing together or engage in some other frenetic activity that occupies your minds while still building Intimacy and fostering companionship.

Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.

That’s the way the cookie crumbles my friend.

Just ask God’s forgiveness and if done with a sincere heart you will be flooded instantly with joy and peace.

You can’t change the past but you can change the future.

God can prevent the bad habits and behavioural patterns of the past from leaking into your present and robbing you of a future.

Just because you started out in your relationships as a dirty rotten cheater cos of the example shown you by one or both of your parents it doesn’t automatically follow that your footprints will imitate theirs exactly step for step.

It helps to bear in mind those things about your parents you do and don’t wish to replicate when you interact with others.

You are your own person even when you find yourself adapting and adopting parts of their personality.

Don’t try to resist this natural replication or inexact transference unless their behavior contradicts our savior.

Although I believe God can get His angels to stand between us and potential murderers, rapists , robbers or all round general exploiters or time wasters who just drain our energy ,steal our joy and use and abuse us i also see the wisdom in the pearl given me by my friend and fellow rapper grace -peace for your mind peace for your soul and a piece in your pocket get some peace for your home

You can interpret this as a Jesus piece if you wish but I wear a Jesus less cross cos He’s risen from the dead.

I have no beef with you if you do though cos I’m all about focusing on what unites us rather than what unties us.

I just see the necessity of pointing out flaws in people’s logic and I welcome people to do it to me if they are loving, accurate and don’t stoop to low blows of insults which gets up my nose.

Say what you want about me but leave my God and my family alone.

Do birds have happier families by isolating themselves from each other earlier in life. ?

Maybe the secret of being happy together is focusing primarily on each other’s happiness above our own.

What do you think. ?

3 cheers for a more selfless healthy and peaceful world

Let us rest in peace while we still breathe



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