How do we stop regret from destroying us n find worth in who we are in Christ instead of other people’s opinions or comments of approval

I am one of those people who still cries years later about the apple crumble I made in my freshman year of junior high that got gobbled up by my dog cos it was burned in the oven.

Not that I don’t like giving my dog treats.

She found ways to help herself n grab things off the side of the table til she got old n her legs got bunged up.

I fished coins out of the mud cos I was desperate for a little extra cash.

Mum and dad aren’t the types to just give you something you didn’t work for unless it’s threads n shoes when yours get worn out but overtime they have mellowed out n buy me coffees or tasty treats every now and then.

I’m not stupid though.

I don’t push for jewelry or expensive stuff.

I mostly get them to take me places n use them like a taxi service.

Sometimes I’m more civil and more willing to interact with perfect strangers or cabbies than my own flesh and blood.

I know that’s not a good thing but it is what it is.

I have tried to change to please people when I can recognize that obeying godly leaders is the same as obeying God whose opinion ultimately matters to me more than any human cos His opinion of me dictates whether i qualify for heaven or hell.

There is no relativist negotiating of what exactly constitutes truth when it comes to God.

His word is bond n law.

There’s no ifs ,buts and maybes about it.

It is a liberating thing to be freed of the oxytocin injection addiction that comes whenever someone expresses delight in what we do.

We love it when it happens but we don’t go seeking it out.

We must concentrate more on what matters most instead of what matters less.

If you are freed from the obligation to please people you will be more bold in standing up for righteousness cos you will care less about being on the top of their friends list and more about their eternal destination.

I am not foolish enough to think God’s approval of my behavior is related to my ability to enter through the pearly gates.

The only behavior that matters to God is having a heart of repentance, being willing to make things right with Him n get back on track when I slide off it N those souls He uses us to nudge towards His celestial domain n hopefully pull them out of the flames instead of out of the frying pan into the fire with false teaching and /or hedonistic living.

Because of the fear of being led astray many a good modern Christian has forced him or herself into a lifestyle of holy lone wolfishness.

It’s easy for our faith to die in total Isolation yet occasionally withdrawing from the world n its influence can be beneficial to our spirits.

Lets be honest.

Both God n the devil can reach you when you’re hiding in a cave, strolling through a ghost town, bush landscape or deserted beach.

If we can get away from all the noise of our electronic distractions we are more easily able to hear God.

We may also be more able to fight the devil when he has less tools at his disposal which he wasn’t smart enough to create but which he uses to manipulate n bend to his will.

We need to remember there’s no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus for the love of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set us free from the law of sin and death.

We can’t continually allow the devil to assasinate our character and remind us of our past sins and mistakes.

Not all failure can be automatically linked to morality or intelligence.

These are our failsafe go to explanations most of the time when we mess up though.

We need to replace the words of the devil which tear us down with the words of Christ that build us up n guide us towards a better future.

God can use high or low self esteem.

As long as we keep our eyes on Him and remember His position of authority over us .

He is never less or equal to us but always above us n beyond us yet ever willing to get intimate with us.

He came down to our level n wore our skin so He knows the scourge of temptation yet unlike us He never caves in.

We don’t know if Jesus was able to prevent Himself from having dirty dreams.

Being God He should be able to prevent Himself from being tempted as well as giving into it even on a subconscious level.

Perfection is something we are able to grasp on the other side of heaven.

Note we don’t become christians to ultimately sign up for a God replacement program.

That was satans mistake.

We are always subject to God’s will n authority.

We will simply soak up the presence of Gods glory for all eternity n praise n worship Him in every language.

This side of heaven we wrestle with complexes of inferiority or superiority in regards to our race.

Of course some are able to simply view their true identity as souls in skin suits with tickets to heaven or hell.

I know what I’d rather have.

Culture shouldn’t be negated but celebrated when it matches the heartbeat of Jesus.

There is no song , dance, painting, play , sculpture, musical instrument or performance piece that can’t be turned from self or Satan’s glory towards His glory.

Although the bible appears to forbid tattoos by Banning the cutting of flesh in memorial of the dead i know people who have felt God calling them to get tattoos after getting baptized.

Who am I to doubt someones personal interactions with God.

If i never walked in their shoes inside their body, owned their struggle n processed their thoughts in their brain i have no right to assume i know the intentions of their hearts.

We have traditionally been taught to presume innocence until proven guilty but often in our self talk n the way we perceive others we do the complete opposite.

We need to replace the lies of the devil with the truth of Gods word.

When we do good things for others by offering gifts of physical things or contributing our time or say something to them to make them feel good about themselves we are doing the Lord’s work whether we believe in Him or not.

In doing this we are also helping to defeat depression which rears its ugly head most often when we make an error in judgment but in perfectionists always leaves them unsatisfied n lacking in contentment with their effort or performance.

If we do good things simply cos of the benefit it yields in lifting our mood we will care less about getting people’s tick of approval n more at peace with the fact we are making Jesus proud.

It is better to do good deeds in secret than to do them in a way that’s drawing more attention to ourselves than Him.

If we do good deeds in secret our father in heaven who sees what we do in secret shall reward us openly.

If people tell us how much they love what we do on earth we have already gotten our reward but its a far better thing to store up for ourselves treasure in heaven where moth n rust can’t destroy n where thieves can’t break in n steal.

Is our treasure n heart located in our maker.?

If that’s the case we are treasured by His heart.

We must not keep beating ourselves up over what happened in the past even if it was only a second ago.

We must not allow our past to define who we are as a person.

We must place our future in the loving nurturing guaranteed safety fortress of Jesus’s hands.

T.b.c 😊


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