The artsy fartsy types of people

It’s funny how people who you would presume to be the most open minded caring members of the community are often in reality the most close minded self focused people you could ever possibly meet in your life.

We are called by God not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought but to daily humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord.

Godliness doesn’t occur within us automatically.

It must be practiced and lived out on a daily basis.

I find myself seeing as misdemeanors n sins habits and patterns of behavior that did not previously bother me the more I become awakened to the awareness of the war that’s going on for control of my mind body n soul.

Lord into your hands I commit my spirit.

I am currently working through the wait by devon Franklin n meagan good


I don’t normally answer questions posed in books in my online blogs but I thought in this case I’d make an exception.

The authors ask what makes me make reckless decisions n push me into bad relationships. ?

The simplest answer is of course the devil made me do it

But not being a fan of horror movies, ouija boards , horoscopes or satanism I find myself unable to blame my behavior on impure adulterated bad old fashioned demonic possession.

I have to accept i have some responsibility n part to play in the consequences of my actions.

I think having one long distance going nowhere relationship made me desperate n dateless for some girl any girl willing to take me from the caustic toxic grip of my definitely not by choice lifestyle of hermitude n loneliness.

I prefer to look for a woman in the church not just because they would automatically meet with my earthly parents approval but most crucially with my heavenly daddys as well.

I know those who pray together the same way to the same God with the same burning passion for making His name known globally inevitably stay together.

Is it dolphins that mate for life. ?

I’m happy to be proven wrong.

I never jumped into a relationship cos I needed comfort over the grief of a death in the family but I can see how having a sick dad and a dying grandad in the early stages of my relationship with my ex could have been a catalyst for her attraction to me.

She never applied her principle of jobs to relationships.

Never jump the boat unless you’ve got another one to jump into 😆🛁🛀🚣⛵


Obligation vs the motivation of appreciation for Christ’s safe haven

It frustrates me that some people think they are better people or superior christians the more they are willing to share all the filth that encapsulates their thoughts.

I do not approve of christians using profanity cos God commands us to meditate on things that are pure , noble, lovely and of good report.

I get how people get frustrated by being told the same old thing by christians but sometimes there’s only one way to phrase the truth.

It may be necessary to be seen as insensitive to hammer home the message.

Sometimes we are called to be blunt and obvious.

I don’t think we can afford to beat around the bush.

People are dying from depression, anxiety, poverty and human greed.

God’s word says my people perish for lack of knowledge.

Too much knowledge can puff up your head but Jesus turns knowledge into wisdom and guides it into application with its actualization.

When paul said to become all things to all men so that we may indeed win some he wasn’t saying all roads lead to rome.

He wasn’t talking about compromising the gospel for the sake of avoiding confrontation n keeping the peace.

I believe what he did mean is that we have to challenge ourselves to articulate the gospel in a way that will bring those opposed to God, ignorant of His truth and accustomed to the darkness into His glorious light.

The more we interact with the world the more we will find ourselves getting influenced by it.

We are all both simultaneously influencers of others and influenced by others.

The best illustrations to illuminate heaven on earth can be hidden in the pockets of our own little lives.

It’s easy to be intimidated by the well rehearsed dated arguments of those who are unwitting  or willing slaves to the antagonist of mankind.

How can we show the world our motivation for yearning for a life beyond this universe is love not fear.

It is fear in the holiest sense of awe for the wonder and majesty of God but not merely our fear of hell that keeps us holy but gratitude for the love of our savior who willingly laid down His life for us.

It’s easy to do something for so long that it becomes stale, ritualistic n force of habit n u forget what got you started down the straight n narrow road in the first place.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment our destiny appears to shape itself whilst invisibly n inconspicuously being formed by the mighty hands of God.

There is a longing within all of us for hope meaning and purpose.

I often wonder how many people who claim to deny God’s existence secretly believe in Him cos He is always the first one to bear the brunt of the blame when things go wrong in their lives.

Some don’t notice the incongruous inconsistency of subscribing to opposed worldviews, believing in luck, coincidences, wishful thinking n fate as well as miracles n God’s divine hand moving behind the scenes of our lives, orchestrating things so we avoid trouble n receive undeserved unearned blessings 24/7.

You may say well that’s alright for you but when’s God gonna give me my blessing. ?

Well He woke you up this morning didn’t He. ?

N He died on the cross for you didn’t He. ?

What more does He possibly have to do to prove His love for you lasts beyond your terrestrial lifetime. ?

How could He ever do anything more greater for you than He has already done. ?

Who could ever possibly love you enough to suffer abandonment from His daddy for you, to be tortured by demons in body n soul for you, to endure the agony of crucifixion for you, to have nails driven through His arms and legs for you, to be whipped 39 times  ( just one short of death) with bits of bone n glass for you, to be stripped naked and humiliated for you, to carry the cross we all deserve to die on for you, to be spat upon n pierced in His side til blood n water flowed from His world wearier corpse for you, to give up the ghost for you and place His Holy Ghost in n on you, to gift His comforting presence to you, to give restoration of relationships to you, to restore the hearts of prodigal sons and daughters back to the father for you, to be a dad and mom to you when noone would have a bar of you.

Yes He sparred with jacob n He promised to make His descendants more numerous than the stars and when we repent of our sins n in believing make Him boss and Lord as well as redeemer, teacher and friend, healer n protector we become coheirs in that blessed celestial inheritance.

Every day is a struggle to rise above our fleshly desires n choose unnatural godliness over our natural inclination towards wickedness.

It’s funny how people will be deliberately provocative n even stand up for a cause they don’t believe in just to get attention.

I don’t believe any pastor would be completely in it for the money when there are so much easier ways to get paid.

Even the wealthiest televangelists are barely in the financial ballpark of an Oprah Winfrey or a bill Gates.

Why is it we expect a higher standard from Christian role models than we do from the rest of the world. ?

Yes it is important to listen as well as talk n don’t just pretend to listen but just be secretly holding your thought until you get a chance to release it out in the open.

We should try to avoid cliches but we should never shy away from using God’s word for comfort or rebuke when required delivered in as loving a manner as the situation warrants.

You cannot say you believe God is love unless you also believe Jesus was loving when He called the pharisees n saducees whitewashed tombs full of dead mens bones.

To quote William Bradford martyr for Christ – there but for the grace of God go i

It is in writing off people’s hope for redemption that we are pretending to be sinless n  perfect n casting the first stone not when we live out the biblical unction to encourage one another daily towards greater heights of godliness.

Those who humble themselves will be exalted and those who exalt themselves will be humbled.

Some people forget there are always exceptions to the rule when they attempt to classify people n shove them into tiny little boxes.

It’s possible the things we are striving to attain n obtain in life may be a noose around our necks that wreck our chances of eternal happiness instead of bringing us closer to the sight of it.

You can justifiably liken an evangelist to someone trying to give away a fire insurance policy for free.

The difference between us and the desperate salesman that decides to throw in the towel and just give away his business is some of us who believe in Jesus have actually been to heaven n hell n back again so we have good reason to believe in their truth n attempt to convince others to rinse their soul in the blood of Jesus n spare themselves the pain and misery of eternal damnation, torment n separation from God.

Yes some of us may be attempting to win brownie points with the luscious pastors daughter but most of us know the seriousness n gravity of our situation, the shortness of our time on this planet n the urgency to act before we have no moments left to hesitate, procrastinate n deliberate over whether we should do something to convince our neighbor about the need for speed when it comes to safeguarding your eternal residence.

It can be a scary, sobering or encouraging thing to recognize elements of yourself inherent in others.

It’s funny how some people with low self esteem n a plethora of insecurities seem to get their kicks out of tearing others down yet they would kick up a stink if anyone attempted to administer to them a taste of their own medicine.

There are some people we reject as being among the burning ones cos they don’t fit our cosy cookie cutter mould of what a Christian should look or act like.

Here’s a clue a Christian looks like anyone from anywhere.

They always aim to act like Jesus even if they sometimes fail.

They are honest about their mess ups but they don’t wear them as badges of pride like look how grungy , gritty n with it i am just because I caved into temptation and compromised my convictions sacrificing them on the altar of convenience n rationalization.

God has no sliding scale of one sin being more worthy of hell than another.

Those of us who may be unnaturally attracted to parents, siblings or prepubescent kids are equally as sinful as the man who cheats on his taxes n  hops into bed with his secretary when he’s sposed to be working late at the office  , the ones who feel torn by same sex attraction n those who shamelessly revel in it, those who lie under oath or so frequently in everyday conversation they don’t even know they’re doing it, those that sub or consciously blaspheme or take the Lord’s name in vain, those that have sex with animals and those who worship idols out of wilful defiance or ignorance.

I don’t believe the urgency of the great commission is negated by the fact that God has written His word on each one of our hearts.

There’s a huge difference between our one true God demanding our willingness to sacrifice our children as a testimony of our obedience to Him n a fake idol people pretend is god whose followers toss infants in the fire with no hope of reprieve or last minute replacement of baby offspring human with far less burdensome beast.

For those who see no difference between humans n animals consider this – only humans have been created in the image of God.

We are not born His children.

His character develops within us over time the more areas of our lives we surrender to ownership by Him.

Although the blessing of radical obedience may not appear to be immediately obvious it is always located just beyond the horizon of our last breath.

We are not always meant to be pleasent, docile n obliging.

Some people will completely dominate a conversation n even shove their opinion in when your unfinished thought is dangling halfway out your mouth.

Some people think they are pleasant and easygoing yet always when you see them they are angrily fuming n endlessly rehashing the bitter events of their recent past.

It’s funny how easy it is to get caught up in that trap of letting hatred, jealousy n unforgiveness take over our lives.

We would be wise to spit out sour grapes of resentment before they put down roots within us n strangle our hopes of ever trusting humans again  or of getting involved romantically with the opposite God given gender.

We may habitually find ourselves passing the buck of responsibility or  putting too much confidence in our own ability n not enough in Christ’s.

You don’t want your life to be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

If you must argue with servicemen make sure you can guarantee they have completed the task you assigned them to do before you send them packing with your cleverly crafted retorts.

I hate wasting anything, particularly my own life.

When God makes certain individuals with freakish physical deformities or mental incapacity it doesn’t mean He isn’t planning on using your infirmity to confirm for anyone still wrestling with useless doubt that He exists.

We will not all sleep forever like an  old man snoozing his way through the seasons n sermons.

Some people are like helpless lost  sheep  leading others in the wrong direction yet seemingly incapable of heading full throttle in the right one.

Some people in the world assume bible believing christians don’t think about sex.

We do we just try our best to think about it in a mature and godly manner n don’t contradict the character of Christ when we claim a spouse as the catalyst for  our potential progeny.

My ex used to say people who obsessively rabbit on about sex all the time r clearly not getting enough of it.

Perhaps it’s not its discussion that should be forbidden by polite society but its acceptance outside the confines n context of marriage according to God’s intended design.

There is a way that seems right to a man or lady n that way may lead them to an eternal reward or a ghastly punishment for a sin left unchecked  , unrepentant, undealt with yet.

We can’t expect others to treat us like kings and queens if we constantly treat others like paupers or a person whose paws were full of paper  yet their heart was darker than the inside of a chimney pot.

We must attempt to deal with others less dirtily ours do

If our bodies are truly the temples of the Holy Spirit we’d better start acting like He’s living inside us instead of just dangling off the edge of our cross necklaces.

I wouldn’t pretend to be the most understanding dude in the world just because I get why you’d be upset, craving Intimacy yet being held back by the agony physical contact inflicts upon your body.

Some people make their belly god then fail to deliver solid evidence their prayers have been answered when they get into debt up past their eyeballs  n their god doesn’t pump their poisoned stomach / but our true God always sends along ministering angels to assist us.

No help comes our way without Him first blowing the whistle for assistance on our behalf.

It is not liberating but disheartening for me if there is no hope beyond the grave.

But I know in my heart that simply isn’t true cos whenever I’m beset by worry, lust, pride and doubt i can feel Jesus replace them with hope and joy and removing all obstacles in my path.

He has gotten me out of troublesome situations when it seemed like i was seconds from being mashed to a pulp.

He holds back people’s fists from smashing my face in n He puts a protective seal around my skull so it isn’t crushed like a can.

He inspires people with curiosity about God when they have no idea where that soul searching question came from that stirs up the desire for godliness within them.

It is only present where Christ is involved in the process of its installation inside us.

Anything else is the opposite of holy.

We can’t rationalize away the existence of a better place beyond this life just because we fail to acknowledge the logic behind an infinitely complex universe having a designer who must have designed Himself in order to be Himself who couldn’t be created cos He is the eternal initiator of all subsequent creations that follow in the footsteps of His masterful craftsmanship.

Why do we as christians build dividing walls between cultures and musical genres thinking one superior to the other or more morally acceptable in His sight when Jesus loves all cultures and musical styles with equal measure.

Why do we mentally impose limits upon God’s ability to work miracles in n through our lives. ?

It is not so much our potential for greatness that matters so much as His far reaching capacity to develop His nature within the most stubborn heart n transform our character chipping away the ugly distasteful morally repugnant bits until the glorious day of His return arrives n we more closely mirror His likeness