The artsy fartsy types of people

It’s funny how people who you would presume to be the most open minded caring members of the community are often in reality the most close minded self focused people you could ever possibly meet in your life.

We are called by God not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought but to daily humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord.

Godliness doesn’t occur within us automatically.

It must be practiced and lived out on a daily basis.

I find myself seeing as misdemeanors n sins habits and patterns of behavior that did not previously bother me the more I become awakened to the awareness of the war that’s going on for control of my mind body n soul.

Lord into your hands I commit my spirit.

I am currently working through the wait by devon Franklin n meagan good


I don’t normally answer questions posed in books in my online blogs but I thought in this case I’d make an exception.

The authors ask what makes me make reckless decisions n push me into bad relationships. ?

The simplest answer is of course the devil made me do it

But not being a fan of horror movies, ouija boards , horoscopes or satanism I find myself unable to blame my behavior on impure adulterated bad old fashioned demonic possession.

I have to accept i have some responsibility n part to play in the consequences of my actions.

I think having one long distance going nowhere relationship made me desperate n dateless for some girl any girl willing to take me from the caustic toxic grip of my definitely not by choice lifestyle of hermitude n loneliness.

I prefer to look for a woman in the church not just because they would automatically meet with my earthly parents approval but most crucially with my heavenly daddys as well.

I know those who pray together the same way to the same God with the same burning passion for making His name known globally inevitably stay together.

Is it dolphins that mate for life. ?

I’m happy to be proven wrong.

I never jumped into a relationship cos I needed comfort over the grief of a death in the family but I can see how having a sick dad and a dying grandad in the early stages of my relationship with my ex could have been a catalyst for her attraction to me.

She never applied her principle of jobs to relationships.

Never jump the boat unless you’ve got another one to jump into 😆🛁🛀🚣⛵


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