Harmless fun? – Guest post by Daniel

This was edited for greater clarity by lene. All images are sourced from her. We do share the same perspective on this issue. We serve a miracle working God. The more time we spend in His presence the easier it is for our nature to be transformed. Romans 12:1

Song of Virginity

It’s a privilege to introduce to you Song of Virginity’s next guest blogger, Daniel. Throughout the process of this guest post I have come to know Daniel a bit and his open and honest attempt to share his own shortcomings as well as his desire to protect the innocent, quite frankly overwhelms me. Daniel struggles with sexual sin and this is his urge to parents and young girls out there, to be careful when using the internet. You can support Daniel by prayers and encouragement on his blog Minus the Cynic.


When I was a young kid my parents freaked out when they saw I was looking at pictures of scantily clad supermodels on the internet.
They installed technology to only show sites with certain content, but got rid of it when I was unable to access an innocent site, because of the software’s programmed response to block sites based on key…

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I dreamt mum was in a trance like state.

She thought she was somewhere else.

She was preaching on a street corner.

Dad wanted to just leave her but I insisted we take her home.

Then when she got in the car she started laying into dad about how he was as a person.

I felt sorry for dad and I started to feed him words of encouragement.

Before mum joined us dad and I were sitting at a bench in the park.

As far as I can recall all we were doing was eating but apparently we were doing something illegal cos we had to hide the evidence of our eating before the park ranger came around.

When she stood there in her cap and uniform looking sternly at us we just acted nonchalant and pretended as if nothing had happened.

I can’t explain how I got from one event to another cos it seems like there’s a scene missing in this movie like dream but if anything ended up on the cutting room floor it’s not immediately evident to me what it is.

I shouldn’t have hesitated so long over giving this post a title.

A number would have sufficed if a name wasn’t forthcoming.

I like to offer my followers craftsmanship even if i do struggle with my tendency to repeat myself.

It’s ironic that the woman i dream of being with didn’t show up anywhere in my dreams.

Maybe if she had been available for video chatting or i wasn’t half an hour late for it i might have been able to catch her before she presumably fell asleep as she intended to do.

We don’t always plan when or where we choose to rest.

I hope she made it to her bed.

I don’t even want to go there with the nightmarish possibilities of that scenario but my friend in north Carolina knows people in her home state and haiti  who weren’t so blessed as to dodge the blast of a bullet from heaven in the form of Hurricane Matthew.

I will let my north American friends quibble over whether the response time was better with Matthew, sandy or Katrina which issue was raised by Obama in his statement of response to the crisis.

Then of course the Midwest gets hit with a flood.

I have to counter the superstition that I make real by believing in its legitimacy of bad things coming in twos.

When I actively resisted thinking it was inevitable that one bad thing would immediately follow another it stopped occurring in my life in such an obvious pattern.

Praise the Lord.

I can make myself avoid throwing up by thinking i won’t while simultaneously flopping on God and instantaneously asking His divine presence to invade me and prevent it from happening.

I wish other people would get healed because of me.

My friend said that i was praying for a lady about something else and she got healed.

Praise Lord Jesus.


I can’t remember everyone i pray for physically face to face.

I don’t do it that often and hardly ever spontaneously or on my own.

I get this war in or around my head of conflicting thoughts that contradict each other.

I don’t always have to be silent like 21 pilots were with my broken car stereo serving as a catalyst for me to hear my thoughts with clarity either although that can help me stay focused.

Personally I find the radio best for inspiration as if I listen to the same cd over and over while in the midst of writing i tend to plagiarize it which is something I attempt to avoid as possible as Solomons argument of nothing is new under the sun doesn’t hold too much weight in court.

He was good at settling disputes over baby ownership though.

Any judge trying his method today would probably get locked away in a home for the criminally insane but you can’t deny the effectiveness of his judgements even if you disagree with his methodology.

I don’t believe any idea is born in a vacuum.

Our inspiration is either sacred or profane and most commonly a mixture of both.

It all boils down to who we are consciously or unintentionally glorifying.

I don’t really have the excuse of busyness to justify procrastinating so much when it comes to responding to my followers requests for blogs about specific topics.

I have been doing some poetry which has been keeping me away from the blogosphere.

I am capable of doing 10 full paged single spaced smallest possible sized poems in one day if I care more about quantity than quality which I know I do more than i should.

I know I should reverse those two but short of anyone in my life caring enough about the product of my imagination to bother paying for it besides the handful of CDs I have sold i lack the motivation to truly push myself to rise above the cesspool of my own putrid self indulgent tripe factory.

I find it easier to write about women than Jesus.

Although the way i love Jesus is a lot like the way i love women with a burning hot intense passion which often scares them into keeping their distance from me.

I think my problem is I’m so addicted to a challenge in relationships that often i will find myself drifting away from a relationship if I feel she is failing to stimulate me intellectually or if she makes herself too easy or obliging for my sake.

Is the fact that my mom is a difficult woman to love the reason why I’m attracted to the kind of women with a strong assertive personality whose height does nothing to detract from their power or pre- tyra banks meaning mangled fierceness.

I never intentionally had a conversation in caps lock to get angry at somebody.

I always just stumbled upon that keyboard setting accidentally.

You would have to have been sleeping under a ginormous boulder not to notice the samsung galaxy 7 note phone has a treacherous habit of blowing up in people’s faces which is why it has been banned from many plane companies in Australia usage on their air vessels.

They are not the only company to suffer as a result of incompetent designers.

Apple also released an iPhone that had a tendency to overheat and imitate a rather nasty fireball in the location of your living room.

Society legitimizing certain forms of love doesn’t in any way eliminate the ordinary arguments that come with any committed long term relationships.

I should mention before my computer blips this post off to never land with its complete and total lack of power that all relationships at times feel like a blessing or a curse.

But the only true curse is sin which adam n eve brought upon themselves with their disobedience to God but the second adam Jesus broke the power of the curse on the cross.

We are no longer doomed to burn in hell providing we repent of our sins n believe in Him.

Scripture tells us a curse without cause will not alight.

Consequently we need not be frightened when others curse us though we may feel we have a right to take umbrage and express our angry upset provoked selves.

Though in that moment we have a choice to get involved with the conflict or leave them in the hands of God.

I hope to always choose the second unless they’re dissing my dream bae (s.j.w) or Jesus 😍