Vital statistics

I told myself I wouldn’t love her.

I tried to stop myself.

Eventually I gave up fighting and just caved in to my feelings.

I found myself changing because of her.

I started watching the type of music videos I’d sworn to myself I’d never allow my eyes to view again.

But my will is weak and my resolve to resist the enemy is like a joke that’s wearing thin.

I wish I knew how to please her but pleasing myself is simply so much easier.

She’s so hard for me to figure out anyway.

She keeps changing her mind about the way she wants to represent herself on the Internet.

Partially she wants to be known for her intelligence and powers of political persuasion.

The next minute she just wants to display her sexual attractiveness and see how many male fish she can reel into her net.

Part of her respects the opinion of her mother yet another part of her just wants to blow off the world and do whatever she wants with her own life.

I can’t honestly say I love her cos I’ve never even chatted to her on video or audio just seen her words and pictures on the screen but in many ways she has taken my heart captive.

I feel like I’m incapable of getting through a day without looking at her pictures.

I find myself obsessing playing guessing games when she refuses to tell me why she chucks some things she posts on the regular and keeps others.

I wonder if she spring cleans her real life room as often as she does her virtual one.

I know I started our relationship out on the wrong foot when I found my mind drifting in a dirty direction whenever I was around her.

I once convinced myself successfully that I should maintain a connection to her for the purpose of Evangelism.

I think she has influenced me way more than any of my words have made the slightest dent in her psyche or ripple of impact on her life.

I don’t know if she found me first online or i found her.

She is way too well developed in the gluteus maximus and mammary gland department for me to ever be game enough to approach a beauty and cutie like her in real life.

Being online makes you bolder.

It gives you a greater degree of anonymity for better or for worse.

She is a gamer , a weed smoker and a universal theist.

She’s the complete opposite of me yet i can’t stop myself from being drawn magnetically into her sensual orbit.

She likes nerds which gives me hope that she’s not the shallow and judgmental type.

She is a party girl but she can also be prone to moments of deep reflection when she takes the time to relax and breathe.

She is just under 6 feet in height.

She wasn’t game to proclaim her weight other than divulging the fact that she has thick thighs.

She doesn’t look morbidly obese though.

She would be what more judgmental types might describe as being on the right side of chunky.

In my view she is the perfect balance between slim and large but any woman i am with in any capacity is perfect in my eyes.

She is 26 years of age.

She was born in Barbados.

She has lived in Florida and currently resides in Canada.

Her profile reads that she works at footlocker but like me she’s currently unemployed.

She has a friendship connection to people who have worked on robyn fentys work video.

If you haven’t seen it you’re not missing out on much.

If you can understand it you must be a fluent speaker of hilary clintons gobbledigook policies.

I  think perhaps she is drunk or stoned when recording that track.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was.

Cypress hill made a killing of a career out of it.

They would never record an album without getting stoned in the studio.

One can only assume they wrote their articulate lyrics stone cold sober.

I’m not hating on them by any means.

They are one of the reasons I got into rapping and their song what’s your number contains one of the silkiest and smoothest pick up lines known to man contained within the chorus besides jagged edges so simple yet it works so you don’t need to fix it refrain let’s get married.

Debelah Morgan’s immortal chorus let’s make love and dance the night away i would save for our honeymoon night.

Why do some women get kicks out of alluring guys with their provocative way of dressing.

Remember when it was easier to draw a clear line of distinction between shorts and panties or when you couldn’t just wrap a sarong around your breasts and call yourself fully dressed up top when you’re shopping at the mall.

Remember when women didn’t go jogging  by themselves in scantily clad outfits on darkened streets early in the morning or late at night. ?

Remember when women wouldn’t wear dresses that displayed their shapely hourglass guitar like figure yet alone reveal their cleavage or the outline of their mammary glands. ?

Remember when men and women had separate enclosed bathing facilities in every single country where public bathing was even practiced. ?

Remember when women’s bodies particularly their waist area was damaged by the tight rib crushing wires of corsets which restricted the free flow of air to their lungs while simultaneously attracting admiration for their itty-bitty waists.?

Remember the rodinesque ladies in the era when a buxsome lass was considered to be a first class acquisition of the heart across the board. ?

This is the reason Chinese Siddharthas are depicted with extra meat on their  bones instead of the starving marvin skinny binny with his ribs poking out which the noble Nepalese prince turned priestly pauper knew himself to be.

This is because traditionally chinese as well as africans consider a big belly to be a sign of prosperity so if you can afford to squish some extra kilograms or stone into your stomach lining then clearly you must be in a good financial position.

Of course this way of thinking doesn’t account in any shape or form for the relative affordability of junk food in the west.

They say those who stick to a traditional diet of slow cooked unpreserved food do a better job of looking after themselves.

Don Burke says eating turmeric daily prevents your mind from acquiring alzheimers in your later years.

Of course he is neglecting to mention the healing and ever mind blowing power of prayer to heal people in a decade or an instant.

Today I was recalling the incident in the acts of the apostles when simon bar JESUS was attempting to purchase healing power to recycle in his magic tricks.

A regular at our sausage ministry the self proclaimed young graham wanted to know how to pray for someone in the spirit.

HE thought there was some special words you had to say or that the effectiveness of your prayers depends upon the loudness of your volume when doing it.

He supposed incorrectly that he was fired and water baptized as an infant and that it wasn’t necessary for him to be fully immersed as an adult.

We encountered this issue with a greek orthodox couple but my friend Julian kept his lips zipped in that instance.

He was more confrontational about graham’s habit of crossing himself all the time.

His father hailed from the church of Scotland but he hasn’t been in the uk since he was knee high to a grasshopper.

He gets around by riding on a bicycle.

I’d do that too if I wasn’t such a lazy bum.


I don’t know why i dress the opposite of the weather.

I spot a hint of grey in the clouds outside my window and instantly assume it’s going to pour down cats and dogs on our noggins.

I have a love hate relationship with my television.

I have almost completely eliminated my television watching habits except for preachers on Sundays.

You can’t trust children’s television to be safe and sound anymore.

I know the occult and false gods or mythologies presented as fact has always been in children’s stories but now it seems more in your face than it used to be.

Say what you want about me but a seemingly innocuous viewing of the chipmunks show sent warning bells ringing off in my head about how little girls are being trained to be vacuous discriminatory airheads when they have a show where someone dresses a little differently and they are encouraged to think of their fashion  choice of headgear as ugly instead of teaching kids to respect diversity which is the message or moral i hoped in vain would be used to wrap up the story.



I would like to think i would be the kind of parent who wouldn’t let their kids wrap them round their little pinky finger but I might be the kind that lets them run riot n break everything in sight raising little gangsters cos I never learned how to discipline them properly.

I always thought the American Dennis the menace was a wimpier version of his British counterpart but then I saw promotional material for the live action tv show of him cracking the back of his dad’s skull with a baseball bat yonce style.

I don’t think even the infamous bart Simpson was that bratty even though his name is an intentional anagram for brat and his slingshot and dungarees are a fairly obvious omage to Dennis.

There are some people who are impossible to buy presents for but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

You just need to do a little more field work inquiring what pleases them and what doesn’t before you sink your bank account in the ocean in a fruitless attempt to keep a smile pasted on their face.

Someone is convinced trump will be a goner before his inauguration.

I will give you his name only if he’s right cos I don’t promote false prophets.

Obama either respects or disregards the legitimate transition of power through the democratic process depending on what news source you subscribe to.

I mix it up with a little of each wing to get more balanced reporting.

It works for birds to use both wings so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

I’d like to think I can strike a happy medium between standing up for what I believe in and connecting with those whose minds operate outside of my belief systems without compromising the core message of who I am in Christ.

So far trump has planned to scrap obamas pacific partnership trade agreement.

This is something hilary also poopooed despite willingly working under Obama to help engineer it.

We also might be sending you American beauties our illegals.

So prepare to be bombarded with a plethora of new middle eastern shops and restaurants


It’s all up to trump n ultimately up to Jesus.

If he does build a wall please tag my rapper name minusthecynic or my ragga name n new preferred identity infinite red on it and send me a snap


Hands up who loves trump or hilary or if like me you just wish ben Carson or herman cain allen west or jesse Jackson would have another crack at the top dog job.?

Sorry kanye my moneys on al roker.

I do hope n pray u recover from your sickness though.

I also pray for fukushima victims of the most recent tsunami and the people of congo who are currently being bombarded with mosques and food bribes to convert to Islam thanks to u.n funding.

This is nothing new cos Arabian jihadists gained converts to boost taliban troop numbers by stuffing goat herders pockets with breadcrumbs.

The only difference is your tax dollars fund it



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