I can live without snapchat but I can’t abide existence without Jesus

If you want to be a male nurse in Pakistan you can only work with men.

If someone blows themselves or someone else up over there many will turn a blind eye because it has become an almost daily occurrence.

Pakistan has many secret believers and those who sympathize with Christianity within the military, government and wider civilian society.

There is pressure from Muslim clerics and other members of society to more strictly apply sharia law to Pakistani society.

A Muslim man can marry a Christian or a jew but never a hindu.

Muslim women are forbidden to marry anyone outside their faith.

Some girls are killed upon birth in Pakistan.

This happens to such a large extent that there has now become a severe shortage of available brides.

Another reason for this is honor killings where a woman is killed for allegedly dishonoring her family.

This supposed crime can be as simple as merely conversing with someone outside her family who she hasn’t been betrothed to.

Arranged marriages are common in many parts of the world today.

Child brides and sex trafficking are a notorious scourge upon our world.

Sad to say those men from traditionally Christian European backgrounds or countries are among the biggest destroyers of the innocence of little girls and boys.

Many police are more interested in making a fast buck by ignoring sex crimes than pursuing the scoundrels to the full extent of the law.

There’s some native kuwaitis coming to Jesus.

Praise the Lord.

One couldn’t understand the language of urdu he just came for the worship music but God opened his eyes and increased his understanding and he became a Christian soon afterwards.

His family thought he was crazy and sent him to a mental hospital .

They drugged him to prevent him from hearing the voice of God but they didn’t succeed in their quest.

Praise the Lord. 😃

It is possible for our country to recognize the existence of a homosexual relationship without giving them the right to marry each other and turn a house of God into a house of blasphemy.

It is not right that any pastor should be legally obligated to ignore their conscience.

Neither is it right that they be locked in jail or fined or gag ordered into suppressing themselves from standing up for what they believe in.

I do believe when a homosexual dies their partner deserves an equal share of their inheritance along with their families in accordance with the wills and wishes of the deceased.

This is a privilege afforded us straights so it’s only right that they should get the same chance to claim what rightfully belongs to them.

Please correct me if I’m on shaky ground morally but I don’t think this point of view contradicts the bible.

Some people get scared if they hang out with homosexuals too much they will become them.

This view affirms and confirms the biblical truth of by your friends you shall know them.

It’s possible to remain yourself in that situation but it’s also easy to persuade yourself to cave into curiosity and allow it to absorb your personality to the extent that you struggle to see yourself as behaving or thinking any other way.

If you seriously consider how you might be selling yourself short by pursuing a homosexual lifestyle and robbing yourself of the chance to raise a family that has emerged divinely and naturally from the loins of you and your partner miraculously combined within the sacred sanctuary of the marriage bed you might think twice before you increase your risk of sexually transmitted disease ( there’s no getting away from this fact though p.c police have often attempted to smokescreen its truth ).

I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a pastor to preach about his vasectomy.

I wouldn’t recommend he make it the entire subject of his sermon as the aim of preaching should be encouraging your brothers and sisters in Christ to pursue holiness and godliness not to become a mere megaphone for getting your tubes tied or being a shill for drug companies advertising the benefits of viagra or Valium.

The former of which can shrink your winkydink ditto for steroids and the latter which provides a euphoric state of being we should be able to achieve by supernatural means simply by concentrating on worshipping Jesus.

Some don’t agree with me that christians are allowed to drink wine.

None have actually told me it’s sinful.

The closest we get to a commandment against it is not to be winebibbers which I interpret as wisely forbidding excess drinking of copious amounts of alcoholic beverages in one sitting  ( yes this includes chocolate liquers  ) instead of merely having the occasional snifter or meager dram.

Obviously alcohol is responsible for a lot of the carnage that goes on in the world.

So is gambling and smoking.

Alcohol in excess may damage your liver.

Cigarettes may make you skinny but they also control your mind and make you cranky varying from mild grumbling to a full blown hot headed steaming psycho volcano without them as well as giving you heart and lung cancer.

We should depend on Jesus not drugs and alcohol to solve our problems for us.

Some people’s poison can’t be guzzled or inhaled.

Some worship women to the extent they are willing to throw their morals down the toilet for them.

A godly woman will encourage the godliness to come out her man even if he takes a million years to emerge from the chrysalis.

She who perseveres in patience and faith shall reap reward


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