Our oneness with our creator is not against the universe but a force n voice for goodness in it

I dreamt i went out the train straight into a body of water.

In Australia our Canadian designed trains have a tiny gap between the platform and the train.

In my dreamstate this gap was wide enough to incorporate a river.

Consequently my phone n 2 p.cs were soaked yet in the beautiful land of fantasy they worked perfectly without needing to be dried out under an air conditioner unlike the device i am currently cradling pon my open palm.

My dad was there to greet me in a blue n white chequered shirt

Looking grumpy yet slimmer n more well endowed with follicles above his monocles than before.

It is possible i went wandering without permission.

My mind does that frequently especially when a beautiful woman is attempting to convert me to a worthy cause that enables her organization to empty copious amounts from my bank account on a regular basis.

We are rebels with a cause.

Sorry james dean.

Your romantic idealistic suicide n self silencing n ability to b an effective influence on our generation has been robbed of its power.

Plenty of us flirt with danger n death n put our lives on the line on a regular basis.

Our battles are just spiritual and mental rather than just physical.

It’s liberating to know the battle belongs to the Lord.

Say to yourself i am Israel

God is prevailing and winning victory over the obstacles and demons in your life.

I no longer fear persecution from humans.

Even though the antagonism and attempts to confuse my mind n distort my vision are far less than those in some countries who find it near impossible to escape it is still a real wrestling within n without to overcome the threat on my wellbeing posed by ill will.

There are many who secretly sympathize with the cause of disputed territory yet desiring to be independent nation states currently being claimed by multiple countries .

To be compassionate towards those travailing against injustice doesn’t make you unpatriotic or a traitor to the common wealth and livelihood of your country.

It just makes you slightly more humane than those humans who choose to attach kind to the end of human without adding the essential suffix ness.


Many today would frown upon a forced marriage or a marriage of convenience yet we think nothing of being in bondage married to our conveniences , slaves and chattals to our electronic devices unable to think for ourselves for fear of the ostracism resulting from holding a different belief or opinion to the norm that more closely corresponds with God’s design for our galaxy.

For some this is a more life threatening choice than others.

Let little girls become educated n wed before they get knocked up n pregnant.

Let them have limitless choices for career paths in life.

Let opportunities be made available for them to pursue any option they might consider fits their personality like a bodyglove.

Some dreams are achievable in our lifetime.

Others wait to exist beyond it.

I don’t know about you but I’m living for heaven and in the meantime trying to make this earth look more like an expression of His holiness instead of a pungent stench to His nostrils.

Yes you can be wheelchair bound or bedridden n God can still use you as an effective tool of ministry.

Not all of us know sign language but deaf people can communicate with us by using pen and paper.

This is why we must not become the dystopian future my homies envision where no child is able to write even his or her own name.

Imagine the security risk if all cheques were signed with a few clicks of  a button.

We don’t see how the more convenience increases the more danger we impose upon ourselves.

Of course there is great benefit from the increase in convenience of our modern world compared to the ancient one.

Communication is instantaneous.

Travelling long distance at most takes a couple of days flight compared to many months by boat , camel, train , foot or horse.

As the world becomes more frenetically fast paced when we can’t even spare an hour to be apart from our electronic devices so some genius minds eliminate the risk of impatient kids frying their brains while their phone or tablet is recharging by creating a charger that does the job within a matter of minutes we have forgotten the purpose of pausing to reflect on how life is.

We have lost the art of selah.

The most effective and productive meditation comes from sitting still eliminating all distractions n going somewhere God can speak to us.

This may look like swimming or jogging or mountain climbing or simply lying on a beachtowel with your earbuds blasting urban hymns in a futile attempt to postpone the apocalypse.

The element of control that exists with us is our ability to select our own eternal destination not based on the balance of our virtuous deeds versus our villainous ones but by the miraculous combination of faith and repentance.

Focus on what you do have rather than on what you don’t.

This is the path to true happiness and contentment.

A woman may desire to show love without desiring to have a relationship with someone.

I never expected my ideal dream bunny woman would just fall out of the clouds into my lap.

I will burrow deep inside myself before that ever becomes a reality.

In Japan geisha originally meant the same thing as artist.

Though she was an artist with her fingers in many pies.

A calligraphy artist, musician, operatic dancer , tea pourer and carrier of s.t.d.is rolled into one.

Often thrust into this life through human trafficking she would be forced to buy her way out of slavery ironically ceremoniously upholding the honor of a glorified more glittering house of ill repute than some which only exist for the purpose of satisfying physical pleasure which exists in greater quantities within the sacred boundaries of the marriage covenant.

Never lull yourself into a false sense of security.

You could lose your woman to another player anytime so you’d better treat her right.

I’m not a player in the form of being faithless but all of us are players in one way or another in the game of love.

The only difference of substance is that some of us have hope beyond the grave n the possibility of reunification with our loved ones whereas others do not.

Our response to this knowledge shouldn’t be smugness but getting down on our knees for those in the second category.

We need to work out our salvation with fear n trembling on a daily basis.

We need to be the face of Gods love so we don’t chase others into the scorching shadowlands where the fire and torture doesn’t ever cease especially when they would otherwise be piqued in their curiosity and potentially handpicked by divine digits for paradise.



One thought on “Our oneness with our creator is not against the universe but a force n voice for goodness in it

  1. Dear friend…I had no idea. I am glad I had the momentary clarity of thought and rare use of my memory to come read a bit after a long while. Boy, would I enjoy a face to face chat with you! Your articles are profound, my brother. ♡


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