Tuff gong chile

I dreamt one of my school chums had herpes.

I heard a dude whisper about her thinking i couldn’t hear his words but in my dreams i have ears like a dog able to pick up low frequency volume.

In another room in the same place aforementioned rumor was uttered I saw a wooden sculpture made to resemble a stereo system of record player n speakers with a rendition of Robert nestor marleys face plastered on one corner.

Some people were mad at me for overhearing the secret but they should know i would have no intention of spreading it even amongst the dream replicants of real world inhabitants who offer the dubious pleasure of action without consequence unlike how it is in real life.

The guy who spread the rumor in my dream is a youth group leader in real life so maybe he was only telling someone else about this girls problem for the purpose of praying for her.


Some people prefer to travel in their dreams or their minds than they do in real life.

There was a show about horrible stories which happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

One guy was turned into a head fed intravenously through tubes n connected to the Internet playing games 24/7.

Actually I think his body was cut off just below his hands.


Lack of preparation combined with my willingness to yield to temptation is quite often my biggest weakness.


When you have friends with babies who have to rise at the cow milking crack of dawn n cock crow hour to lead worship an hour down the road or you have ministry requirements that demand your attention before the television breakfast crew but not the radio equivalent you revel in the luxury of being able to stir from slumber at an hour of your choosing when the occasion permits.


An angry God can still be a loving God.

When a parent punishes a kid for doing wrong they still love them.

They are still being loving towards them.

If they don’t punish them they are being unloving.

Our God showing His wrath is just as much an expression of His love for us as His greatest act of grace and mercy bleeding to death in agony over our sins on the cross.

We cannot say we love God if we only love Him for the ways He spares us from the legal requirement of sentencing in the belly of the beast for our errors in judgment that allow the devil entrance in our minds and control over our lives.

We have to love every aspect of His character n personality.

We can’t just pick n choose the parts of His nature we wish to accept n junk the rest.

You wouldn’t do that with your friends and family.

You love every part of them the good you know exists in them as well as what you perceive as the bad and the ugly.

Far more many are comfortable with calling Him homie than Lord.

Acknowledging Jesus as my homie doesn’t require me to make a sacrifice of my time n money or put His desires and will above my own.

We don’t however tend to call our friends liars.

We believe them when they tell us something about themselves.

We don’t require that they prove their existence or provide us evidence of the truth of their statements.

So why do some of us do this in regards to Jesus. ?

He said in john 14:6 – I am the way the truth n the life noone comes to the father except through me.

In another verse He says i am the ressurection n the life.

In other words if we want to experience the best kind of life beyond the grave n we want to live in our mortal bodies with joy and peace ever present we need to have Him living in our hearts.

We cannot call Him friend unless we also call Him Lord.

A friend doesn’t stick their fingers in their ears when their buddy is giving them advice especially when it just might save their lives.

We would consider it foolishness to ignore that kind of wisdom but so many adopt a different attitude when it comes to where they plan to spend eternity.

They put off until tomorrow what they should be dealing with today instead of making hay while the sun shines cos tomorrow may bring fire, flood, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, blizzards, desert storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis or monsoons.

Or something as mundane for the rest of the world yet devastating for you personally like your cat or other best friendly pet falling out of a tree.

We should not wait until we’re crestfallen to call upon the healing soul cleansing delivering powerful mighty wonderful unconditionally loving name of Jesus.


As long as we live we carry the potential to shoulder the burden of sin on our backs as much as we vainly attempt to shift responsibility from ourselves onto others spinal cords.

We play with fire then shake our fist at the sky cos God didn’t see fit to plant a wall of angels in between us and our mommas oven.

While rules exist it’s the nature of man to try and break them but what we fail to recognize is God’s borders and boundaries exist around the edges of our lives for our own protection just like an electrified fence prevents a cow becoming a mashed up freeway burger.

Why is it that we try to run our own lives when history proves to us time and time again that we are always better off when we simply trust that our heavenly father knows what’s best for us.

Is it a lack of gratitude for what Christ accomplished on the cross or a lack of awareness of His availability to purchase our freedom while blood continues to pump through our veins our brains are technically functional and we still remain breathing.

Should I be thanking God that government policy isn’t determined by the ever shifting tides of public or minority represented majority ignored media opinion but mostly based on the 10 irrefutable commandments which govern our social structure and overshadow every area of our lives. ?


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