Jah b me antidote to g

I hate it when chicks lie just cos they’re angry at a fella for breaking up with them so in their minds they manufacture up a criminal activity to involve him in.

For the record as if I need to defend myself i have never been charged with a crime nor was I involved in the specific activity this hateful ex accused me of which was to blast our private business or more specifically words she had shared for my eyes only with someone else.

I value others privacy even though my own clearly means nothing to me or else I’d never get involved with the confessional world of unpaid professional social networking.

I know why the devil is attacking me through my ex cos my music career is just starting to take off .


So I just learned something from scripture in my devotion time.

Of course i knew that part of romans 5 in verse 8 that talks about Christ loving us while we were yet sinners but my mind previously deviously ignored or refused to hold onto the truth contained within the same passage that God  also called us friend even when we remained ignorant of His existence or intentionally rebelled against Him or called Him enemy.

This means whether you like it or not whether you acknowledge HIS existence or not God considers you to be His friend.

The difference between christians and non is we are more than friends of God.

We are far more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him.

We are His beloved His bride His betrothed His intended His marriage partner His precious adopted kids and He is our exceedingly great reward waiting for us at the end of loves tunnel scattered with sprinklings of darkness n light.

He is sitting with us in our love boat keeping it from sinking by the power of His breath alone.

🐀 selah

It’s amazing to think when we become christians He automatically makes us pillars in His temple.

His temple is constructed from HIS body which is us and His soul redeeming blood.

He doesn’t Dwell alone in temples made of bricks and stone but in the heart of every human who desires to surrender their will and desire  before HIS SACRED majestic throne.

🐶 selah

I eagerly await that glorious day when heaven comes down to invade earth.

God doesn’t love how we love.

We don’t love anyone who we would consider a perfect stranger to us yet alone love our enemies in the way that He prescribes and desires for us to follow.

Yet if we hope to be  known as imitators of Him and walk in His presence that is precisely what God requires for us to do.

It could be as simple as a smile or a wave or 3 little soul saving potential filled words Jesus loves you.

We make sharing the gospel so needlessly complicated.

We malign or condemn others for how much of their flesh they reveal in church or the character attributes they choose to display in front of us forgetting man can only view other humans from the outside appearance but God sees beyond even that part of us that is revealed to the world via x-ray machines.

🐕 selah

Only God knows the thoughts and meditations of the heart.

Sometimes you can catch a clue by the comments people connect with their own pictures.

For example the super controversial naked selfie may be an attempt to bait and trap a man into a relationship then be a female panda or it could simply be an exercise in self empowerment for a suicidal girl who falsely think she needs other people’s praise to build her self esteem instead of the Lord’s unconditional guaranteed approval of her physical appearance if not every aspect of her life particularly those areas that flout His law, spit in the face of His grace and contradict His will for our lives.

His desire is that none should perish without knowing Him.

We are all on a journey.

I prefer honesty to dishonesty.

I know God does too.

If you can only think of Him as friend but not groom lover and Lord you are further along on your journey and closer to heaven than those who have completely rejected Him but you are no less in need of salvation while your heart and soul still remain undeclared as belonging to His ownership.

Because we are in a state of war while we live and breathe our only certainty of salvation is how recently we asked Jesus to forgive us for our sins and meant it sincerely from the heart.

We shouldn’t just be sorry we got caught.

There must be a strong desire in us to turn our heels round away from our wicked ways and begin an abundant life in relationship with Him.

We must beware of the wicked one who prowls around like a roaring lion seeking yet another souL to devour.

As if he hasn’t already got enough of them in his clutches that nasty old greedy guts.

His appetite will never be sated til he destroys every last one of us.

But he will not succeed in his evil devices.

He will be caught n tossed in the same fiery lake / pit/ trap he lays out for us.

Do not be too comfortable in your own state of holiness lest you should slip into the many ambushes he has waiting for us attempting to trip us by slipping us pride pills often under the guise of discovering some amazing incredible new fangled method of doing Christianity.

Ever heard of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? .

Of course you have 😃

There i go again making assumptions about people that may or may not be true.

🐰 selah

I’m just going to be totally raw and real.

Without mentioning any names (which is a mistake my homie r advised me against but I chose to ignore his sound advice to my own moral detriment perhaps )i would like to discuss my personal trauma resulting from the actions of 2 so called friends who misused my name n tagged it on Facebook.

If you follow me on Facebook you would know who i am talking about anyway through my notifications.

One of these people has apologized which is awesome as this perverted post was the one that rattled my cage and disturbed my spirit the most cos it suggested that I might possess an iota of attraction to the opposite sex n that I would be the type of guy who openly solicits sexualactivity in a public forum which I’m not.

Anyone who knows me personally knows how shy and reserved i am around girls.

I use gift giving as an excuse to get them to open up n talk to me.

Some people paint a false image of me as a player but I’ve never made a virtue out of owning a cheating heart not that even such a thing is possible.

Which is not to say i don’t possess those proclivities and inclinations cos I do.

But God helps me in my struggle to become a truer reflection and better representation of imago Deo.

Just the other day my friend was instagramming about being an ambassador for Christ.

To do this we must cause the world to focus on the oft neglected fear of the Lord which is wisdoms beginning as well as the freedom from the consequence of our sin if we ask Him to release forgiveness to us that is the most valuable n mind boggling gift of His grace

🐱 selah





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