Order hidden within the fabric of my random thoughts

Racism and sexism we all hate em yet we all indulge in them.

It may surprise some that even those who are constantly promoting the superiority of their own race over others to their own detriment hate racism cos though they themselves have no problem with being racist they despise it when others display racist attitudes towards them.

It may not need explaining to most people that racism is not merely the prejudiced attitudes of some of us with pink skin towards other races neither is it exclusively superiority.

It is also manifest in an inferiority complex or cultural cringe that manifests in denigrating ones own culture and exerting undue pressure on others by pigeonholing them in an expectation of their abilities and attractions that may not necessarily fit them comfortably or be a true expression of who God made them to be.


There’s a way of speaking English called eubonics that most of the earth’s population indulge in the luxurious linguistics of without even realizing it.

Hiphops influential spread and particularly its sub category culture of gangster rap has cemented forever in many minds the association of African American culture with ghettos n criminal activity but this was not always the case.

Sad to say the spread of afro linguistics has always come about as a result of slavery.

This is also how we get the global reaching impact of guitar and drums.

African Americans invented just about every style of modern music beginning from the merging of African culture with European influence.

The earliest I can personally date this cultural ingenuity in a musical vein back to is the call and response field hollers and soul stirring gospel hymns of the first arrived slaves.in 1619 ado domini

Similar to native American culture ( tomtoms ) they brought their talking drums ( djembe, conga, tin pan, kettle) and dance rhythms.

Styles of music African Americans and the african diaspora claim credit for include jazz, soca, rock and roll  ( originally a metaphor for sex) , blues, calypso, reggae, r n b ( rhythm and blues ), triphop, hiphop, soul, gospel, funk, pop and heavy metal.

The meanings of genres have changed, cross pollinated and merged over time.

Ghetto used to mean ghettoization what the Germans did to the jews in nazi Germany and the dutch french and British did to the zulus xhosas n san of south Africa by segregating every aspect of their lives and making them have separate drinking fountains, separate places to sit in the cinema, separate laundries, separate places to live, separate colleges and workplaces and separate churches.

The separation of church was the most unequal cos there was a long time where african Americans had to worship God n preach in secret except at Christmas time for the entertainment of their owners.

There’s nothing wrong with sending a Christmas card with the individual letters of merry Christmas to you spelt out on people’s bodies but when they have no choice in the matter it strips them of their dignity and makes a travesty of the gospel we claim to represent.


I am not too knowledgeable about dance styles but I can say with confidence the Charleston was created by afro American people as well as krumping which is like a gumbo of styles mashed together by the Christian clown dancer tight eyes which later morphed into animation which is like a more realistic way of doing the robot that finds echoes in the martial arts styles of the matrix trilogy n crouching tiger hidden dragon which was itself influenced by shaolin monks imitating the body movements of animals.


Writers such as William Faulkner and mark Twain were the first to popularize the adoption of gullah or african influenced English.

This can also be described as patois.

It’s true that wherever English is spoken it has the tendency both to cannibalize and transform the language of its surroundings.

This can be seen in india with the addition to our lexicon of jodhpurs for horse riding gear or in the Australian bush where indigenous fellows would find someone by calling out coo-ee

Isn’t God a genius the way He designed sound effects for finding someone. 😁

In my case He didn’t use sound effects just a single imperfectly crafted tweet 😂

It’s funny to witness language coming full circle with pidgin English or modern afro American twists on English switching meanings but using words almost identical to medieval English in phraseology minus the thees and thous 😃

We have had africans in the uk since the 1700s so its highly likely many of our famous poets and playwrights have closer bloodlinks to the african motherland than some may be willing to give them credit for.


If anyone think donald trumps influence came from nowhere just look at triumph the insult dog or akhmal the dead terrorist


the best way to deal with people’s differences from us isn’t laughing about them behind their backs or stabbing them in the face but questioning within ourselves what is it about them we find so disturbing. ?

Is it our fear we might have been them having been born under a different location during earths rotation round the sun?

There is a valid fear of the loss of cultures that results from their mingling but we need not fear this taking place as long as it doesn’t cause our beliefs to be abandoned or oppressed by ourselves or others.


Beyond our cultural background what draws people together is who or how they worship or what they believe.

Worship is whatever we give the majority of our time and attention to.

Whether or not you are in a church building when you do it all of us are called to worship God in spirit and truth.

My ex workmate did it subconsciously when she breathed a huge sigh of relief and exclaimed thank God we got through that busy rush of human traffic.


Tell the truth and shame the 😈

he is scared of people knowing the truth cos it sets people free from remaining in his chains


My honey makes me want to read the bible more simply cos she’s so passionate about its contents.

It’s got less to do with the fact that she’s sexually attractive and I want to impress her than the excitement her face displays in anticipation of heaven and the gratitude and joy she finds in His presence that inspires hunger and thirst for righteousness within me.

She’s got a sharp intelligent mind.

She’s quick witted, has a passion for athletics and fitness sadly lacking in me and is switched on and politically engaged.

She has the rare ability to display bipartisanship and agree to disagree when necessary.

She has taught herself to let go of the nasty things people said and did to her.

It is this godly politeness and living out Christian principles of turning the other cheek that rubs azealia banks up the wrong way when she ruminates too broadly stereotyping all afro Americans as dealing with rage in the same way.

I hate the turn of phrase black attitude.

An attitude cannot be exclusively owned by just one race.

What some Americans call ghetto names us ozzies call bogan names.

These names are traditionally known for being misspelt but can also include those named after a pop singer or a god just because the name sounds nice not cos the parent has any conscious devotion to that superstar or deity.


Some questions that may die unanswered til my bones return to dustmites:

When does someone become a celebrity. ?

Why do we fool ourselves that someone famous will instantly choose to marry us or even some time between now and death just cos we own all their albums watch every movie they appear in even as an extremely optional extra or attend all their sporting events even if we know through the grapevine they’re getting benched just on the offchance they randomly pick us to sit with them or we accidentally brush fingers in the middle of a frenzied blooddrop in a shark tank like autograph signing. ?

Yes i know sharks don’t just get stirred at the sight of our burst corpuscles but please just permit the beauty of the illustration to breathe unhampered by needless critique.


Why do we feel we have the right to publicly dissect every single detail of celebrities lives. ?

Surely this is a sign we have no life of our own the simple fact we live so vicariously through the trash and treasure resplendent in the lives of others.

We are just as fascinated by downfalls and uppity folks being taken down a peg or two as we are by the glitzy and glamorous lives of those who falsely shimmer 24/7 in the light of lime solely within the illusory realm of our oft predictable pathetic lives.

Let’s be honest how many of us video blog or blog exclusively with words purely for the purpose of gaining attention for ourselves?

I would do this to make money if I could.

I don’t know if it has helped anybody.

I know it’s personally a therapeutic exercise.

Ultimately my life goal in everything i do is making Jesus famous.

To be honest i do not possess the mammoth mountain of faith required to live without government benefits or cupping my hands in begging bowl format pleading for assistance from a largely indifferent world to the cries of far more desperate and deserving souls than I could ever hope to be.

I do not currently support any charities other than my own churches benevolent fund and even then in irregular amounts.

Still i would urge everyone to heed the advice of their own better angels and live and give generously not so you can take selfies of what a wonderful warm hearted person you are but to store up treasures in heaven and display the goodness of God through the way you live your life.

Matthew 25 reminds us of how frequently God attempts to speak to us through those in need challenging us not to neglect our duty to show His love to our fellow human creatures in gratitude for His death on the cross for us.

Ours are just the boots or heels He requires for the task both of unmasking the tactics and deception of the enemy and spreading His love like a warm blanket wrapped around the world.


What is it that makes me convince myself i am capable of making independent decisions and resisting the temptation of the enemy other than the obvious fact that I wasn’t assembled in a factory for automatons?

Why do I tell myself i am the exclusive origin of my evil thoughts and devilish inclinations. ?

It is only when I start submitting to God’s will for my life that I realize i am in an unceasing state of war against the enemy til the day my casket plonks into the dirt.

I wasn’t raised to be a racist or chauvinist.

Parents, teachers and preachers have a strong bearing on my creative output but I am motivated and inspired by what I oppose as much as by what I condone.

Supernaturally if it honors God I’m all for it.

I say supernaturally cos in the natural man my carnal fleshly sin bound self wants only to do the things that dishonor and displease God.

I know I am ripping this Japanese motto out of its cultural context but I would personally prefer death by slow cut rusty axe blades sliced about my neck than death by dishonoring God denying His existence living comfortably sitting pretty on the mountaintop for a minute but suffering for eternity as a consequence of gratifying and valuing the wants of the flesh over the needs of the spirit.

How about you. ? What do you live for. ? What drives or compels you in the non roman guard butt whipping jewish heiny sense to get outta bed in the morning. ?

For me it is bae n Jesus almost always in reverse priority order!



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