The last thing I ever wanna do is pushing her away by getting too close

The word of God advises us do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.

I’m afraid of pushing her into a relationship before she’s ready for one and also of being woefully inadequate husband material for her future needs.

The fact that she’s capable of loving people with the love of Christ who struggle in the same areas of sexual temptation as me proves to me that we are able to have a long lasting relationship if only I am able to climb over this massive wall of insecurities and fear of losing her.

I talk myself out of relationships as easily as i can talk myself into them.

Just because in the past the old adage of hurting people hurt people has proved prophetic for me doesn’t mean this vicious cycle of self destruction n self sabotage in relationships has to repeat itself in the present and future.

If i can love her with the love of Christ and Philippians 4 : 13 proves I’m capable of doing so then that unconditional love should chase away my worry and fear perhaps not automatically but Ecclesiastics 3 : 11 tells me He makes everything beautiful in His time and His perfect love casts out all fear.

His love covers a multitude of sins.

That doesn’t mean He keeps them secret from the eyes of the world or that we should hide our dirt from the one we claim to love the most who has staked their life long claim on our heart even if we never share it with the rest of the universe.

We should definitely take our problems to God before we vent our spleen squirting it into human ears and eyes like misdirected juice from a fresh oyster in the process of cracking it open.

I believe in complete openness and transparency in relationships.

If they can’t handle knowing all your moral discrepancies and still love you regardless and be willing to help you progress towards becoming a better person then they are definitely not the one for you although I would advise seeking pastoral counseling before jumping straight out one love boat and into another’s arms.

We have to be careful not to just throw ourselves into a relationship with someone just cos they’re ready and available we must keep our feelings and emotions in check until we can ascertain that our hearts desire is inspired by Christ our redeeming messiah and reflects His love in their speech and actions.

I know my bae does.😍

Just because someone calls u bud as well as sweet heart doesn’t mean your relationship has gone one step forward then 2 steps back.

I tend to second guess myself and over analyze everything she says way too much.

I love not having to feel guilt or fear anymore about my sins finding me out when she knows all my garbage and she still refuses to toss me in the trash.

That’s the kind of priceless Christ like love this whole world needs.

She never tells me what not to do.

She just shows me through the example of her life the best path for me to follow cos I know her footsteps are always treading on Alpha and Omegas track.

The best women can do that.

They can encourage the exorcism of hatred and bitterness in you and provoke the expression of forgiveness and turning the other cheek even when you’d rather bury the hatchet in someone else’s back than stick it in the dirt.


I do believe in the mantra of healthy mind, body and spirit but I do think as a world we focus way too much on how we look and keeping trim, taut and terrific rather than focusing on the far more important matters of the future residence of our hearts and souls or the inner us whatever you want to call it besides the maker of the universe cos I’m sorry that position is already filled by the most High God and we can never slip into His bigger than a mountain massive shoes.

Some people are better at massaging our egos than soothing the kinks in our fingers and toes.

To be neglectful in a relationship is to be disrespectful of it almost to the point of denying its existence.

We can kill a friendship and win a convert to Christ.

Despite the temporary pain the long term gain is worth the sacrifice of explaining truths exclusivity to an ignorant world that relativizes itself into non existence.

The best argument for believing in God is His unconditional acceptance of us no matter what we do or say and also that He loves us too much to rot in our sin stench riddled living carcasses.

Words that may appear to wound may in fact work as a stinging balm of necessary rebuke to steer us back onto the right track.

It’s amazing how God has time n the ability to converse with all of us simultaneously 😻


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