I don’t let silence scream holy truth loud in my heart nearly as often as I should

This blog post will be written to the soundtrack of lecraes anomaly. You probably won’t pick up any references to Christian hiphop from this post other than this entry point even subconsciously. I just thought you might like to know what is influencing me to say the things I say and do the things I do. Mostly it’s Jesus. Sometimes it’s the devil. I aim to make hip hop on a higher level but sometimes I stay on the lowest one just because I talk myself out of being bold and courageous in expressing my faith when filtered through the healing power of music.


When she calls me baby love sweet heart dear papi or daddy i think we are in a relationship when maybe I’m just buying my own illusion from the dream factory created solely within my own overactive imagination.

Some women and men use terms of endearment so regularly and flippantly they start to lose their specialness,  resonance, significance and ability to impact us with their original intended tenderness.


I don’t wanna be that dude that makes promises to women i don’t intend to keep or lack the wherewithal and follow through to pursue from start to finish.


People try to cut my lyrics up in stanzas they were never meant to be squeezed into.


It’s true bad company corrupts good character or morals.

Ditto for books, art and music.

I only talk about what I do.

I haven’t preached enough in my life to call myself a preacher.

Going to Zambia changed the standard for me about what it means to have a pastors heart.

I saw a pastor take in a widow and her kids into his own home.

Being a pastor or  padre means so much more than sharing sermons on Sundays as important and significant and beneficial as that is as a tool to turn the foolish into fountains of heavenly wisdom.

It’s doing things I’ve hardly ever almost never done like visiting the sick and prisoners clothing the naked and feeding the poor which going by the standard of Matthew 25 should be a regular part of our Christian experience.


I’m far more adept at dishing out advice to others than taking it from them.

I do try and take my own self prescribed tough pills to swallow though.


If it’s arrogance to presume that it’s possible to preserve my innocence go ahead and call me puffed up in the head like an ego tripping peacock flaring out his feathers but hold up before you stick your dukes up the provisio for the maintenance of my purity is contingent entirely on the depth of my affection for Jesus.


I boast of nothing save of that which Christ has managed to achieve through my life.

Can we differentiate between prayers and wishes or is a wish just a prayer that may not necessarily be directed at a specific deity but nevertheless manages to reach the ear of a divine benevolent source of comfort and protection despite the possible presence of incorrect motives in our asking

people used to call me a player long before I displayed the attributes of a callous cold hearted dude who uses women like snotrags and disposes of them just as easily.

I know I’ve gotta stop being that rotten dirty corpse like scumbag that continually habitually tries to convince a woman to leave her boyfriend.

Be careful when you tell yourself i could never be that person lest you fall in the same trap you scoff at others for slipping in.

There but for the grace of God go we – William Bradford English British martyr

I do not point out others sin merely for the purpose of paying them out or kicking them when they’re down but shining the light of Gods truth in their eyes to reveal His nature deeply embedded within themselves often deeper than any of us are consciously aware of.

God has hidden His word in the heart of all humanity.

That’s why when we act humane displaying kindness care or compassion especially to our self proclaimed enemies who kill our families, rob our possessions, fire us from our jobs cos of our faith speaking just as loud through words as it does through actions it is then in that cosmic moment we reflect the heart of Jesus like heavens truest most reliable mirrors.

When trust has been destroyed by lust pride or greed it takes time to rebuild and maybe it never will be reconstructed in humans again for me but it always remains in God the stable foundation of my faith who never alters with times passage but reminds us in His living life giving word that He remains the same yesterday today and the ever returning boomerang of tomorrow which is promised as a certainty to noone in this mortal form yet lingers trapped in the Carbonite of eternal hope that it shall always arrive in some shape or form.

Some people ask for contributions of your viewpoint when truly all their bones joints and marrow demand of you is a meaningless ticker tape parade of false flattery for the dubious achievement of continuing to breathe.

I know none of us are without struggle but some of our struggles are more obvious to the eyes of the world than others.


2nd spin

Given that lecraes album goes for 58 minutes that should give you some indication of how long it takes me to compose a blog post

I know my life would be richer in experience and understanding the way the world works if I did more traveling.

I usually don’t go overseas without receiving an invitation but sometimes I practically invite myself.

I’ve never legally out stayed my welcome except for once in fiji where my air ticket gave me permission to stay 7 months yet the government only officially gave me 2 weeks cos I marked business on the spot on the arrival form that said purpose of visit instead of scribbling down holidays cos I thought doing volunteer work for a pastor qualified as business.

Little did I know most government departments view the world through bureaucratic eyes and look at things differently to the rest of us.

I’m trying to start practicing giving all my attention to just one woman now to serve me in good stead practicing for when I eventually get married.


Yesterday a woman told me i should wear an apron with nothing on underneath.

She was on the older side if she was middle aged.

Some say I’m middle aged already.

She was significantly further up the hill than me.

I don’t condemn her for talking horny and acting inappropriate towards a customer.

She condemned her reputation already with her actions.

Now let’s analyze for a second what would possess a woman in her right mind to hit on a customer even in jest.

For the record she initiated i didn’t ask for it or even speak first or bat my manly eyelids in her direction.

Perhaps she’s lonely desperate and dateless but that’s still no excuse to cut loose from ladylike decorum like that.

Manners maketh the man or woman.

It’s so much more than just not swearing or avoiding putting your elbows on the table and crossing your knife and fork splaid across the plate although that’s part of it.

Man looks at the outside appearance but God looks at the heart.

He views us from the inside out.

I have to keep reminding myself of that.

We have to learn what to save and junk in our culture habits and lifestyles when we come into a relationship with Jesus.

Anything that doesn’t glorify or honor Him in what I do say or think must go right now.

Any part of me that tries to exalt itself above His holiness must be extricated from my personhood Pronto.

It’s not that I don’t want the world to change it’s just that I’m not prepared for what might happen if and when it does.

Are you prepared for the return of Christ. ?

Sometimes I question if I am either.

Come quickly thief of my heart.

Don’t depart in my time of war or peace richness or poverty.

Why do we doubt your presence in the circumstances of one of these scenarios neglecting our souls hidden knowledge He is our ever present help in troubled times.

Seek Him first always homies😃


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