Michigan girls inspired this post

what is it about this world that makes it so impossible to figure out?

why do we delude ourselves that we are able to have a relationship that lasts for the entirety of our lives without running into any sign of trouble?

isn’t it that very trouble that helps mould and shape us?

if we didn’t have any challenges to overcome how can we truly claim to be in love?

if neither partner is ever required to compromise to keep what they have alive then we are basically just sharing the same roof we may as well be in a business meeting unless we make it our business to merge our lives together with theirs.

I don’t know what it is that convinces us we can carry on living our pre couple lives when we are in a relationship with somebody.

do we need to consult with them about everywhere we go and everything we say and do?

as far as i’m concerned that job belongs to Jesus before my spouse but obviously I wouldn’t make any decisions that affect them personally without consultation.

it’s not good enough to just crack an Abraham and say all right wife let’s get going to the promised land.

she might have a few things to say to him first.

we are not all of us  called to a moving tent ministry thank God.

I can barely handle life on the road for a month or 7 yet alone a year or more.

try 40 years wandering around the wilderness cos of your disobedience.

now that’s a tough concrete apple to swallow worse than the bitter waters of marah made polluted by the people’s complaining , a consequence of not checking their attitude at the door when they come into the presence of the Lord.

we need to have that attitude of gratitude for God giving us life everywhere He happens to find us on this planet.

just like the tree purifying the waters of marah once tossed in by moses  in exodus 15:24 God can make our lives sweet tasting and pleasant to His sight as well as appealing to others who may be potential converts for His kingdom.

God can uproot the bitterness of our hearts and transform our minds so we are no longer looking back with longing for the past like lot’s wife or with contempt upon those who have wronged us but are able to perceive them with the redeeming eyes of Jesus who always views us as capable of changing until we have no breath left in our lungs.

right now i”m listening to ce ce winans beautiful life transforming song about letting the world fall in love with Jesus.

that is my prayer for all of you if you are not head over heels infatuated with Him already.

whatever my foibles as a writer that is insignificant compared to the glory of God which He is able to bring out of all our lives.

let us not waste a single second of our time complaining but let us switch our focus tracks immediately as soon as complaint comes by nipping it in the bud and quickly counting our blessings even if we have to dig around for a while inside ourselves to find something worth rejoicing about.

we will always find something even if it’s only that thank God I woke up this morning

even if we wish we didn’t- God had a reason for allowing us to breathe another day

and even if all you ever did to interact with the world was smile at the postman and wave to your neighbour walking the dog past your house God can use those tiny interactions for His glory.

so don’t complain about God not rewarding you with a major ministry cos He only gives us what we are capable of handling and He makes everything beautiful in His time.

I used to complain about not having babies or a wife until I figured out just how much hard work was required to maintain both.

now I just wait on the Lord to bring that perfect partner across my path and like adara butler says actively seek while remaining in His will .

we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us- philippians 4:13

Jesus said who of us by worrying can add a second to their life

in fact our complaints have the opposite effect on our ability to sustain life.

they draw us closer to death by the minute.

all of us want to have a long and happy life but we don’t all want to do what is required to bring us to that place of lasting joy that can only be found in the loving arms of Jesus.

hidden within you is the potential and power to change the world if your will is aligned with the maker of the universe ❤



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