the world and all its whirling pool of peep holes

I was convicted yesterday by the demonic nature of my own curiosity.

I found myself being drawn to investigate the sex scandals of pastors who I didn’t even know existed until yesterday.

it saddens my heart when a Christian rapper and well known gospel artist is caught cheating on their wives.

I can barely hold a relationship down for a year yet alone get married so I’m not gonna qualify myself in a position to judge others and their own private lives but I do think that people shouldn’t get into a relationship especially with all the pizazz of marriage unless theyre prepared to stick around for the long haul.

they shouldn’t expect it to always be a peachy beach or a bed of roses.

I may not be married but I learn from the example of what to do and what not to do in a covenant marriage relationship that’s right in Gods sight by observing the lives of my friends who are.

I don’t know why I keep getting drawn into long distance relationships.

I guess you could say its a lack of self control on my part or perhaps its the allure of excitement that compels me to seek the adventure of romance overseas instead of interstate or locally.

I was successfully enough with a dating/ friendship website to get a girl to vaguely commit to marrying me at some future date  but gained a firmer commitment from my former love who I dashed the hopes of just cos I expected something magical to happen with a lovely African American woman who though she may have been the perfect woman for somebody definitely wasn’t the one for me or maybe she was and I just stuffed it up by pestering her too much with questions and  commenting on everything she did or every picture she took of herself on social media.

big mistake.

have I learned my lesson.

do I know post with permission instead of without it.

not so much.

but I try to refrain from posting on every single thing they post just in case I get another furious response of blockage due to my ‘despicable’ ‘deplorable’ ‘laudable’ behaviour.

at least she was better than the chick who tried to say that I needed to have her permission before making romantic advances towards her.

I don’t think so.

she didn’t apply that rule to her own love life or pursuit of men so I don’t think its fair that she applied the do not pursue rule to me alone.

plus I didn’t even get to the fact that in her book she focussed more on how the abortion counsellor made her feel like a piece of poop when trying to convince her not to have an abortion which was illegal for her age in the state of new York more than she did the act of murder she committed at the hands of her offspring although she did call it wrong.

it’s easy to disconnect ourselves from our sins.

it’s easier for us to focus on the sins of others than our own sins.

we go away from the mirror and immediately forget what we look like.

we think our poop smells like roses when really it just smells like poop.

we should look at the giant tree branch poking out of our own eye before we focus on the tiny speck of dust in another’s eye as much as that needs to be extricated  so they don’t cause harm to themselves by its presence.

if we are living holy lives we will be in a better position to point out the sin in others or to bring them to a place of conviction through the Christ loving example of our lives that never says die and never gives up on their friendship no matter how much pain they cause us or themselves, no matter how far they stray from God’s covering of blessings, regardless of how much they criticize or condemn us, despite the fact they may not appreciate or value us anywhere near as much as we think they should.

the question we should be asking ourselves is are we being the kind of friend to others we want others to be to us?




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