A few rapworld mysteries

On his remix to fanatic lecrae name checks Spurgeon in a positive or neutral sense. Later on church clap without explanation he switches loyalties by mentioning Spurgeon amongst practitioners of incorrect doctrine. I personally have no issues with Spurgeon. I haven’t studied him in depth but he has some useful bible verse commentary on biblehub.com . I wonder if tasha cobbs is inviting a curse upon herself by getting nicki minaj to bless her wedding. It makes me laugh as well as cry to think that nicki prefers to listen to gospel music and advocates that little girls avoid her music like the plague yet she continues to cultivate an image that’s a mixture of cutesy pie quirky kiddy bait mixed with her more raunchy risqué sexually provocative side. She can actually make a good Christian rap. So can lil kim n d.m.x . Yet though they see the need to cry out to God they see no wrong in simultaneously being purveyors of sonic n visual filth.


In more positive news t i and charlie Wilson have a song about how God provides for our everyday needs and blesses us.

I feel conflicted when I see Christian music videos featuring folks using alcohol and drugs.

I am especially shocked that any Christian artist in name or practice particularly a seminary educated one would use a rude word for poop in their raps or refer to females as dogs.

Worst of all possibly is a Christian rapper who wears an occultic symbol of an upside-down cross in his video.

Here’s hoping he’s either identifying strongly with peters fabled choice to be crucified upside-down rather than die exactly the same way as Christ or merely acting out of plum ignorance.

I am also on the fence about lecraes involvement in the soundtrack of a blasphemous movie called the shack as it contadicts his faith and the lyrics of his own song heaven and hell from his first album real talk.

He has previously discussed being pressurized by the Christian rap culture into writing in a certain mould.

I can relate to that dilemma.

There can be freedom n joy found within the confines of restrictions and boundaries.

For example we hear the old story of the young lady who wanted her momma to prevent her going to the party with kids boozing, shooting up or sniffing substances harmful for insertion in any veins or orifices cos she didn’t have the gumption to stand up to her homies and tell them she wasn’t interested in opening doorways in the spirit realm for demonic possession, getting strung out with stinking clothes and addled brain cells or waking up with a hangover or facedown in vomit gulch.

There’s a widely propagated misconception by attempted social reconstructionists to falsely impose their own values on millenials and deny the obviously widespread influence of conservative ideologies primarily rooted in Christian values.

As much as mainstream hiphop flirts with satanism or sexually exploits women and treats them as commodities rather than valuing their character, personalities or focusing on the positive contributions they can make towards creating a more compassionate and Christ focused society there still remains a vast majority of rappers who subscribe to the promotion of Christian iconography, attend church services either regularly or sporadically and frequently thank God for their success although this practice appears to be fading in popularity outside the dove awards and other gospel music award ceremonies.

One Christian rapper was known to joke if you gave that album as a sacrifice to God He’d probably dog you out like cain and toss it back again. 😂

ce ce winans quite rightly said an album by a genuine bloodwashed Christian instead of self confessed by lifestyle and lyrical evidence hypocrites like kanye n yonce should win album of the year.

After all most Americans of all religious persuasions 9r the complete lack of them has some kind of gospel related artist in their personal music collection.

The previously mentioned artist who let’s say accidentally flirted with satanic imagery has an album cover where he’s sitting on a desert island with what appears to be women he is both in a relationship cuddling up close to him.

Again evil is implied not overtly displayed.

As christians we are called to be above reproach in what we promote as much as in what we do behind the scenes in our own personal lives where only God’s eyes can reach us.

It boosts my spirit to see chance the rapper talking about how Jesus has changed his life.

I kind of think modern Christian hiphop needs more artists like cross movement.

The uks best equivalents are probably Dwayne tryumf or green jade.

In oz we truly have no match.

One guy purified is probably the best we have to offer even though he’s got a dirty mouth on him when he gets riled up in rap battles but hey everybody makes mistakes and probably 99% of the time he’s chilled with it.

We all gotta watch our gobs don’t become volcanoes of the non dormant kind though cause we’re surrounded by a great cloud and crowd of witnessing observing how we select to live out our faith everywhere we go.

Has a Christian rapper ever won scribble jam.?

An ozzie once did but he wasn’t a believer in Jesus

I think the Christian rap scene has more support in atearoa.

This is due to strong support and cross pollination from the dance and club culture.

The fast and the furious is probably the last major movie to give any love to Christian rap back when hitting curves was hyped in stadiums and grits were still tight with the mackalicious toby.

Christian female rappers domes are getting more shots at the big time from the Christian rap industry but it’s still a slow steady climb from the bottom of the valley to the peak of equal promo mountain.

Spoken word has probably been kinder in hyping the poetic musings of Christian females but most radio stations areyet to catch onto the commercially exploitative potential of even the most mediocre inoffensive poetry yet alone souled out life challengers that advocate daily crucifixion of selfishness, exposure of evils like slavemade clothing and child prostitutes globally or being willing to lay down your life for the sake of the gospels furtherance.

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