hobnobbing with eaglehawks

why do so many television programs, movies and music albums and videos and people’s mouths and ears have filthy words in them.

why do we make excuses for evil behaviour.

does restricting the overseas travel of registered peadophiles have any bearing on the reduction of kids being sold into sex slavery or young women being exploited by the pornographic and modelling industry, the former being so interlinked with the later they become almost interchangeable and indistinguishable.

it’s possible that it does but it might be better simply to track their movements as it doesn’t take into account compassionate leave cases such as when a sex offender needs to visit their dying or already departed relative or perhaps redeem their lives by using them for humanitarian purposes.

nobody is beyond Gods redemptive power even if society writes them off.

to completely eliminate sex slavery western governments must be more vigilant in imposing trade restrictions as punishment for exploitation of women and children .

one major evil that currently exists in the world is the public slaughter of known criminals by beheading in Saudi arabia.

is it any wonder jihadists imitate this kind of behaviour when it is a common place form of punishment in the Arabic speaking world.

to a certain extent we all must rely on help from government but ultimately all of us are dependent on Jesus for our breath and everything else.

if anyone can confirm whether as planned the holy bible was removed from American public libraries en masse please let me know so I can pray and believe with you for the reversal of that notorious decision.

if I had listened to my girlfriend when she said to just kiss her on the cheek and nowhere else and not to touch any part of her body that wasn’t covered up with wool or cotton thread we might still be in a relationship and I wouldn’t have wasted money on a ring for a fiancé that no longer exists in the form of my heart’s better half although compared to me she is still better by half. 🙂

I know there are far more deserving cases and faces worthy of attention than mine who don’t get the recognition they deserve for all the hard work they do on a daily basis diligently plugging away at their keyboards trying to blog on something that will stir the soul into activity, acting as a positive Christian alternative or more wholesome direction for our minds and eyes to turn as opposed to the nonsense that passes for entertainment with endless rehashing of clichés and in depth analysis of the inside of people’s eyelids.

sometimes when we speak people hear us wrong then we resent them for it and get angry bitter and twisted about it like a jagged metal krusty o cutting the insides of our stomach as it turns with every churn of our brewing belly of vomit.

the correct response of course is obviously to try better next time to make our voices clearly heard and understood and if even the mice in mexico( when youre all the way tucked up in Alaska) can hear you then you know the problem is them and not you.

some people are just jerks.

that’s all there is to it.

of course that’s not all there is to it cos like Gregory boyd says inside every child is a monster and inside every monster is a child.

when the receptionist gives you a hard time of it she has probably been at the receiving end of grouchy kids who don’t want to go to school or who are grumpy cos they didn’t get an extra fifty spoonfulls of sugar in their cereal bowl which was already more shiny from frosting than a small snow capped dwarf rival of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

is it stereotyping or just effective marketing to label all females who have kids and blog as mommy bloggers?

its like soccer moms.

they aren’t always ultra conservatives.

some of them actually have tattoos and bright pink hair and piercings everywhere.

yes I mean everywhere.

visible to the naked eye, the general exhibition  rated eye and otherwise

of course some of those people are conservatives too

if anybody thinks that patriot is synonymous with racism they obviously don’t know what it means to be a true embracer of the concept of nationhood with its necessary recognition of a multiethnic society which is practically anywheresville.

we have got to find a way to combine the compassionate nature of Christ’s heart which takes in the widow and the orphan and shows kindness to the stranger with the obvious strain on society by adding extra burdens of welfare payments with every illegal mouth that needs feeding which isn’t attached to a body that’s prepared to work for a living.

perhaps they could subcontract the jobs usually filled by hardened criminals in chain gangs to illegal immigrants.

often overseas contractors get major project jobs for infrastructure and transportation module systems and main roads anyway so you are just fast tracking the process.

I also think permission to build mosques and temples and houses of worship should be reserved for those whose own home countries permit Christian churches to build recognisable houses of worship and gather together in the name of Jesus to worship Him in spirit and truth.

also I don’t believe madrassas should be legal anywhere.

if muslims want to teach their kids about their religion they can do it at home like Christians are forced to do in their countries.

when they allow open evangelism on their streets then they should be afforded the same kindness but while a contradictory law exists in india and some parts of the middle east which allow for conversion by ex pats or prosletyzing to natives but not changing of religion such an outbreak of Holy Spirit transformation of people’s hearts and minds is being hampered by the selfish motives of people who would prefer others minds go blind into the grave rather than being permitted to be challenged by an alternative way of looking at the world.

I don’t believe homosexual education has any place in any school in any country under Gods sun.

not just in those countries that have openly declared allegiance to Gods son some of which seem ironically to be backsliding as fast as humanly possible away from the influence of His rays.

let them try His reach extends beyond the galaxies and is able to destroy any obstacle in the path of His truth’s progress if He so desires.

but He refuses to destroy us completely despite our occasional hearts of disobedience.

He has promised to always preserve a remnant of His people til He returns to take us home.

speedy come the day of your return sweet Jesus.

let us be ready for the moment of your revival to transform our world and perspective of ourselves forevermore

let heaven collide with earth as all our expectations for the future become superseded by the present reality of your presence infiltrating the atmosphere and clearing the path for your triumphant return as lumberjacks do the forest floor with a chainsaw’s grinding yell.


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