love for others doesn’t mean the suppression of free expression of our faith

I wish I knew what it was that keeps pulling me back to my old way of life.

I cant blame chicks for posting pretty pictures of themselves cos I’m the one who chooses to look at them.

I have a sister so I have no excuse not to relate to members of the opposite sex.

but of course you relate to the woman you choose to marry differently than how you should ideally in a godly setting of the world to the fellow sharer of your mothers womb who knows all your business inside out and is always the first to call you on it when you mess up or display signs of spiritual or physical weakness.

they should also be one of the first ports of call when you need a shoulder to lean on or somebody to rely on when you are going through trouble in your life.

if your brother or sister or mother or father or aunty or uncle or some kind of relative cant bail you out of jail when you get on the wrong side of the law then its a poor show indeed.

still sometimes we get more love from those who are supposed to be our enemies than those who we would consider to be our fondest friends fighting on the same team as us.

its hard to figure out where people are coming from sometimes.

ive had a daughter of a witch and Buddhist having a crush on me who thought that people were still Christians if they swear.

I know some Christians who think that obviously they have never heard that scripture that goes whatever things are pure whatever things are lovely whatever things are of good report if there is anything excellent or praiseworthy meditate upon these things

philippians 4:8

she wanted me to lick the cream off her fingers.

I didn’t obviously not just because i’d probably be fired for doing something that would be considered publically unacceptable and inappropriate behaviour towards a workmate yet alone a young teenage girl who should have been old enough to know better but wasn’t but also because my Christian beliefs wouldn’t allow me to subject her to such demeaning of her personhood.

it’s funny how some girls can see it as a credit to you that you behave nicely and by the same token others can see you as boring for the same reasons.

still those who we may consider boring may still have something exciting to offer.

do we find safety and stability and dependability exciting.

if not then we should.

these are highly prized assets in a society that devalues relationships and gives up on people too easily.

some people cant see beyond their own skin cos they never traverse beyond their own immediate surroundings.

\we are becoming far more insular and decentralized destabilizing earth inhabitants.

of course if we are Christians we are ultimately citizens of heaven whose loyalty extends beyond geographic and artificially created boundaries.

does anybody who likes drinking or gambling ever listen to the warnings that they do so responsibly

maybe Kenny rogers knew when to walk away from the poker table but id haphazard a guess that most hardcore slot jockeys wouldn’t know restraint if it painted a black spot on their noses.

just because somebody has an original thought doesn’t mean you should celebrate it or emulate it.

not every idea is worth repeating.

not every thought benefits the world from being spoken out loud.

I just want everybody in the world to love each other and embrace their identity in Christ.

this is my dad’s heart also.

both my dads

earthly and heavenly

some of my homies spend all their romantic time together watching movies

then when theyre married or hooked up with babies all the memories they have together are based on somebody elses regurgitated celluloid experiences of real life which doesn’t always reflect real life cos it proposes a skewed view where almost anything that’s morally right is relegated to the sidelines of society and mocked into suppression or virtual non existence.

why is it that Hollywood had an age of moral purity then it just seemed to retreat into the shadows again and never come back to what it once was.

they talk about the golden age of Hollywood but it was never golden to me at that point in time.

that was the height of moral depravity and decay in celluloid.

the only thing that has changed is the amount of skin being shown and the excess of profanity has increased with the passage of time.

while there still remains girls in chobok forced into marriage to muslim terrorists I wont waste your time complaining about my pet peeve of people mispronouncing the year as twenty seventeen instead of two thousand and seventeen like a person who has completed their 12th grade education instead of short changing their future for flipping fries in a burger barn.

we also see the dumbing down of days being shortened to thirty one instead of thirty first. et all…

I guess my problem and conversely my greatest asset because of Gods presence in my life exclusively is the fact I don’t know where to quit.

I wish I had a girlfriend.

getting a relationship off the ground is the biggest problem for me.

the second biggest is maintaining it once we have taken off from the dizzy heights of initial honeymoon periods misty eyed surprise where everything is fresh and new and everything the other person says is exciting and wonderful and full of hope and promise and it seems like rosebuds hang on their every utterance and every syllable they utter is magical and miraculous and full of prophetic tingling and happy energy and the expectation of future snuggling as the sun collapses into the gaping mouth of the horizon.

I don’t know how I’m gonna handle having babies with my wifely woman but I’m sure God will help me step up to the plate and adopt the necessary maturity and responsibility when the time is right.

of course that time may never arrive if I never have a steady job and rely on words alone to make my pay all my days.

I don’t even know if my art has the potential to appeal to anyone who would actually consider the possibility of paying money for it.

they wouldn’t do so when I wasn’t making a red cent from it and it was intended to advance the causes of my local church.

maybe they would if my churches had bothered to promote it.

I’m hesitant to go back to a church that doesn’t believe in the wrath of God but only His loving merciful side.

if you only love half of Gods nature you don’t really love any part of Him cos its on the cross where justice and mercy kiss.

God is always just and always merciful.

you cant separate one part of HIm from the other and only love the parts of HIm that don’t make you feel responsible for your actions and guilty and willing to make a change in your life and do what pleases HIm instead of pleasing your own sad sorry self.

may God have mercy on our souls

may all of us whatever we believe reach out to Him wherever we are at in life

and know He is watching over us, caring for us, providing for us

even if He never slides into our notifications

take notice

He is always and ever will be with us ❤ 🙂

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