1 john 4:4-6

but you belong to God my dear children because the spirt in you is greater than the spirit of those in the world.

those people belong to this world so they speak from this world’s viewpoint and the world listens to them.

but we belong to God and those who know God listen to us.

if they do not belong to God they do not listen to us.

that is how we know if someone has the spirit of truth or the spirit of deception.

I had to back up to the previous verses in this chapter for clarification on what this first verse meant.

in this chapter we are given a method to test whether someone is speaking false prophecy or is the genuine article of somebody sent by God to comfort or warn us.

a false prophet will not acknowledge that Jesus came to earth in physical form.

all who are true Christians and or true prophets will be the first to admit that He did.

not only was He born in a virgin’s womb but He died and rose again for the salvation of the world in which we participate when we repent of our sins and believe in HIm.

we are urged not to lose heart but to take courage because God’s spirit is greater than those who are worldly minded or who have the spirit of satan in them.

no matter how many people are deceived in this world their influence will not spread and cast a net wide enough to embrace the whole world.

faith is not a numbers game and might doesn’t equal right but the majority of people in the world do believe in Jesus.

one reason for this is statistically the angels on Gods side outnumber those on satans so obviously they are capable of being far more affective in their conversion strategy to holy ideology than our severely depleted foe.

there is far too much evidence that proves Jesus was is and always will be God who once walked around in a flesh and bone body to ever take any claims to the contrary seriously.

nobody would lay their life down for a lie.

nobody would risk losing their job or being disowned by their family or being tortured in the most painful ways imaginable , humiliated even in death by sadistic killers who show no mercy if they didn’t have cold hard facts on their side that Jesus died and rose again and there were eyewitnesses who had every reason to discredit HIm or spread a false report as He threatened their tentative hold over the people’s hearts and minds ( the Pharisees) by setting themselves up as default authority figures in the absence of an unbroken generational line continuing in the Levitical priesthood brought about by the forced exile of the Israelites and their subsequent glorious return.

of course for those of us grafted into the vine we await the doors of the new Jerusalem when heaven invades earth being swung open wide for us.

you can see speaking the viewpoint of the world as being either an advantage or disadvantage for us as Christians.

we need to get inside the heads of people and force ourselves to mentally if not physically walk in their shoes in order to be able to relate and connect with them but in doing so we must not lose what makes us different and unique.

God has called us to be peculiar people set apart from the world in our thinking patterns.

sometimes people are adopting Christian thinking patterns subconsciously as a result in living in a society that has subscribed to judeo Christian values for such a long time that they do not recognize when they are behaving like Christians in their moral choices in the things they are attracted to, in the ideas they propagate and their concept of family values.

we must remember that people in the world are drawn by the influence of God in us to our way of thinking which is HIs way of thinking which seems alien absurd or bizarre to them only because mass media has taught them to think of us as bigots, hypocrites or intolerant idiots when truthfully that describes potentially every human since the dawn of creation seeing as we are prone to flaws as a result of man falling  from grace and caving into sin.

what sets us apart as Christians from the rest of the world is not that we don’t sin but that we feel guilty and our consciences are pricked as a result of our wrongdoing.

if we have gone beyond the point of being able to discern the difference between right and wrong we are in serious danger.

many people would agree with me if I don’t bring spiritually related morals into the equation.

we know it is wrong to throw yourself in a pit of fire.

yet in our moral  choices we fail to see how we are doing exactly that at times.

if  people in the world listen to us it is because God has placed the desire in every heart to worship HIm so when we are walking opposite to our intended design there is a war that rages within us.

we may try to drown our consciences in drugs and alcohol but it doesn’t work.

deep within all of us whether we acknowledge His existence or not there is a hungry voice crying out for fulfilment that can only be derived from and supplied by God.

ideally everyone who knows God should listen to everyone else who knows God but sadly we know that is not the case.

often we are more close minded than open minded and we are more famous for infighting and pulling each other down than building each other up.

there are historical reasons for this.

there still remains some apologizing to be done for the way certain cultures have lorded it over other  cultures and suppressed those parts of their  culture that were able to be redeemed for Jesus such as language, singing and dancing, art and music.

there is much bloodshed and slavery that has taken place and there is fault within all of us for this occurrence.

acknowledging wrong has taken place may be the first step towards healing and for ears to be open to us that by all rights should be open to us cos we share the same faith if not the same skin colour ( for those of us whose ethnic identity is more obvious than others).

we know that the devil is a liar and the father of all lies so if we hear a lie we know it comes from him.

we should not blame others or get angry at them for speaking lies about us or to us instead we should be mad at the devil who is influencing them like a puppet whether they are  consciously aware of it or not.

we should target the lies with the truth of God.

the devil cannot stand the sound of the truth being spoken so the best way to get rid of the devil is not to insult him or the intelligence of his pawns cos they can be very smart people but simply to speak the truth of scripture and to counter the twisting of scripture with the truth of contextual accuracy and let scripture speak for scripture rather than adding our own external interpretation.

the test of a false prophet or one with an anti Christ spirit is whether or not they habitually speak the truth or a lie.

those who are pathologically addicted to lying cannot help themselves but to walk in the spirit of deception of themselves and others.

one of the craftiest tricks of the devil is to use half truths to deceive the elect or those who have been called according to God’s purpose who have chosen to make HIm boss of their hearts.

we can tell when people are not listening to us because everything they say will either be our words twisted against us misinterpreted beyond its original meaning warped beyond belief or else they will attempt to deflect or swerve us off the path we are taking in our conversation by throwing curveballs at us in an attempt to distract us and prevent the truth from penetrating bone and marrow taking root inside their hearts.

it is technically not true that a liar is not able to listen but we have to understand what is going on in the spiritual realm.

although they may be able to repeat back to us everything we have just told them the truth has not sunk down from their heads to their hearts and they remain deceived with the wool of the enemy pulled over their eyes ( in a spiritual sense with the eyes of the heart) unless they are actively aware of the presence of the enemy and are fighting within themselves on a  conscious level to break free into the understanding we are attempting to convey to them.

you see while we are speaking the truth to them the enemy is flipping our words upside down and telling them the exact opposite of what they are saying or he could be filling their heads with dirty images, blasphemous thoughts, profanity or mocking words to throw at us when they consider they are good and ready to be tossed back in our direction whether or not we have finished sharing our piece or not.

of course some liars can be polite yet in their disregard for the truth they are simply doing themselves a disservice.

it is not those with good manners who go to heaven but those whose minds are set always on heavenly things.

Lord forgive me for those times when I haven’t listened to my brothers and sisters in Christ when they were attempting to bring me your nuggets of wisdom.

I know I am guilty of not listening cos I didn’t always apply your heavenly wisdom to my life and heed the warnings of these prophet like voices of the consequences of my actions if I stepped outside the will of God in my thought life, in my romantic choices, in the places I spent my time and the thoughts I chose to share with the faces I saw everywhere.

people talk of the difference between hearing and listening.

supposedly if you just hear and don’t listen you do not follow the instructions people have given you, you appear to pay no attention and have cotton wool in your ears when they tell you something is the wrong thing to do or you are wrong about a fiction you considered as a fact and then continue to proceed walking in deliberate intentional ignorance deceiving only yourself.

it is true that somebody will only believe in Jesus if they personally want to believe.

all the persuasive arguments in the world will not convince them unless they recognize their need for HIm.

sometimes it takes a crisis to wake us up to our need for Jesus.

I pray that the eyes of understanding will be opened for the whole world that they may become enlightened with knowledge of the truth of Christ’s deity and HIs ability to undergo a transforming work in their lives.

when we do not listen to those who we call fellow members of Christ’s body HIs heart is grieved.

I personally would prefer to bring it joy rather than cause it to weep or bleed out of pity for those among us who are sending themselves to hell with their actions.

many people find it easy to see Jesus as a friend but they choose to walk a different path when it comes to accepting HIm as messiah or saviour of the world and those who do accept this much may still baulk at the idea of calling Him Lord and submitting to His authority as master over their lives but in truth the two identities in fact the three are interchangeable and have a symbiotic relationship.

unless we obey Him we are His enemies we are unfamiliar strangers to Him we are liars and deceive only ourselves.

the fact that we act like His enemies doesn’t change the truth that He loves us and cares about us but He is only our father if we choose to make Him boss over our thoughts and decisions.

it is my hope and prayer that the whole world may walk in truth and not falsehood and that those who are running away from God may find themselves encountering Him in unexpected places where they never thought He’d show up forgetting of course He is everywhere if not in everything in the sense that everything is god though HIs handiwork is smeared all over His creation ❤



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